Stargate - The Battle over Abydos

  By Rider, 15 June 2007; Revised
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The Battle over Abydos was fought in the finale of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1. In this battle, the combined fleets of the System Lords bring up a force of several Ha’tak (Goa’uld motherships) that surround the ship of Anubis. Although not being the most important part of the episode, it allowed us to get a glimpse of the power Anubis wielded through his wisdom as a half-ascended being.

What about Abydos?

Abydos is, itself, a desert planet inhabited by humans and previously in the domains of Ra. Anubis had sent his ship to Abydos in search of an ancient relic, the Eye of Ra, which, when acquired, would have given him immense power over everything. The SG-1 and the System Lord’s tried to stop him (although they hadn’t planned it in advance and they weren’t allies at Abydos) and, therefore, sent their fleet to Abydos while SG-1 was on the planet taking care of the Eye of Ra. Anubis, however, got the Eye with a promise that he would leave the planet alone. When he received the Eye, he managed to power up a superweapon...

The Battle

The fleet of the System Lords was led by System Lord Yu. They arrived in orbit around the planet subsequent to Anubis, and encircled his ship. They gave him time to think about surrendering. During the time, Anubis managed to get the Eye and power his superweapon, as stated before. It sent a charge from a spire on Anubis’ ship to the other Goa’uld Ha’tak. All Ha’tak opened fire instantaneously, but their weapons were no match for the shields of Anubis’ vessel. A number of Ha’tak fell momentarily, but many continued to fire as well. When only a few were left, the Ha’tak retreated. Lord Yu was aboard one of the vessels that managed to flee.

After the Ha’tak fled, Anubis turned the weapon of his vessel towards the planet. As he had promised not to hurt the Abydonians, ascended Daniel Jackson (who had formed the transition of the Eye to Anubis) tried to assault Anubis, but was stopped. Anubis then annihilated everything on the planet with his superweapon.

The Battle of Ager Falernus

There is one battle in history that is quite similar to the one over Abydos, in terms of situation and outcome. The Battle of Ager Falernus was fought in 217 BC between Hannibal and Quintus Fabius Maximus, a consul and dictator of the Roman Republic. The Roman forces surrounded Hannibal on the plains of Falernus, from which the only way out was cut by hostile forces (guarding a river and mountain passes).

Quintus Fabius kept a clear line in not engaging the adversary, so this is where the situations differ a little, but not much. Hannibal thought of a way to get out by sending rampaged cattle up the hillside with a few protectors (around 2,000 men along with the cattle). Romans guarding the pass left because they thought it was the main Carthaginian army, but the consul didn’t move out of his camp because he thought that night battles were too treacherous. The main army of Hannibal, thereafter, left through the pass and the people that had remained along with the cattle were also saved due to the actions of the Spanish warriors. They also managed to kill many Romans who were at the pass trying to stop the Carthaginian from leaving.