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Hector was the son of Priamos son of Laomedon son of Ilus son of Tros. Ilus was the founder of Troy and his sons had ruled the city until Priamos, the youngest son of Laomedon took up the rule. Hector was the oldest son of Priamos and Hecuba.



Hector’s wife was named Andromache and they had a son, Astyanax. They were frightened over Hector’s life and Hector was of their’s since he knew that when the city would fall, they would most surely be killed.


In the Trojan War

Hector was magnificent in every art of war that demanded the use of weapons. He was feared by his enemies and there were few who could oppose him. Hector was, in the Trojan War, the main commander of the armies of Ilion. It should be noted that he did not like the war but was ready to fight for his homelandland.

When he saw that Paris, his younger brother, didn’t wish to fight, Hector was enraged and wished for Paris to head to battle. After some time, Paris did so and went to duel with Menelaos. They agreed that the winner has also won a great prize. Paris was no match for Menelaos and he soon escaped although still alive. Menelaos said that the war was over and they had won but the Trojans, guided by Athena, assaulted Menelaos and the Greeks.

After that, Hector calls any Greek to a duel and by a lot, it is Ajax. The duel still remains inconclusive as neither can best the other. The next day, Kronion gives the Trojans the upper hand in battle and so they press on. They fight near the Greek ships themselves and only due to a desperate rally of Agamemnon are the Trojans pushed back.

Soon after, Hector leads the men inside the camp of the Greeks themselves. He kills men by ten at a time and none can stop him. He even reaches the Greek ships and wants to set those on fire but is unable to do so.

Then, what seems as Achilleus, enters the combat and slays many Trojans. Hector challenges him and they duel. Hector kills the other but then understands that it was Patroklos and not Achilleus and realizes that his death is close although he mentions that he will do his best in trying to kill Achilleus.

Again, Hector has to duel with Ajax who stands in defense of the body of Patroklos and the Greeks manage to push the Trojans back. Hector took Achilleus’ armour (from the body of Patroklos) and now Achilleus needs a new one which is created by Hephaestos himself on the requests of Thetis, the mother of Achilleus.

Achilleus routed the Trojan army and remained to fight with Hector alone. Hector ran three times around Troy in hopes of escape but then he decided to stand strong and die as a man. He dodged Achilleus’ spear but the gods were against him and brought another to the hands of Achilleus. This one stuck into the shield of Hector and Hector drew his sword and desperately charged against Achilleus. Achilleus threw his spear through Hector’s throat and so the man died.

Achilleus then drove, with the body attached to the chariot, to their camp. King Priamos himself came to reclaim the body of his fallen son and he was given it.


The Kills of Hector

Hector, as a great swordsman and warrior and hero, slaughtered many persons, of which a few are named below.


Anchialos and Menesthes – fighting alone against two persons.

On a spree, he killed Teuthras, Orestes, Oinomaos, Threchos, Noemon and Oresbios.

In a duel, he killed Eioneus.

In a duel, he fought with Ajax but it remained inconclusive.

When he was riding with his chariot, Diomedes threw a spear against him but missed and hit his charioteer, Enipeus, son of Thebaios, instead.

When he went against Teukros the archer, arrows missed him and killed his brother Gorgythion instead. Second arrow Teukros shot missed again and killed Auheptolemos.

Being helped by the gods, he slew Aseios and Dolpnos, sons of Klytios, Opheltios, Autonoos, Agelaos, Opites, Oros, Aisymnos and Hipponoos.

Soon after, he killed Amphimachos.

After, he dueled with Ajax but neither could best the other once more.

He also killed Stichios and Arkesilaos.

Ajax soon dueled again with Hector. Both lived to fight another day.

Hector killed Lykophoros and Schedios and Periphetes.

After those, he dueled with Patroklos (who he thought was Achilleus) and after a wound inflicted by Euphorbos, Hector killed Patroklos.

He slew another Schedios after that.

He then fought with Achilleus but the fight remained inconclusive.

And Achilleus met with Hector once again, at the walls of Troy and killed him.

Homeros, 'The Iliad'