21st Century

The world from the year 2001
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The arrival of the year 2000 ushered in a new era in World History. The 21st Century, which has proven so far to be one that is both full of turmoil and optimism, and filled with both new potentially destructive conflicts and possibly fulfilling promises. The history of the 21st Century has started out very tumultuously with the destructive terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurring in the United States, -the world’s foremost superpower in the Post-Cold War era- which has soon found it’s self engaged in a conflict with Islamic extremism, mainly concentrated in the Middle East. This has also been a time where globalization has begun to have an ever increasing effect on the connectivity of the world through ever advancing technology. In addition to this, the 21st Century thus far has been a time of economic uncertainty and turmoil at times, in certain regions of the world. The ushering in of the 21st Century has also brought even more geopolitical circumstances, with the United States of America unlikely to remain the World’s sole superpower for long with economically booming China and India likely to join their ranks, plus a more united European Union and possibly resurgent Russia waiting in the wings. The 21st Century is promising so far to be just as exciting and dangerous for many, possibly more so than the 20th Century in terms politics, conflict, culture, society, and technology for better, or quite conceivably for worse.

21st Century
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