First Victory of a Swordmaster

  By Rider, 15 August 2007; Revised
  Category: Japan: Edo Era

Miyamoto Musashi was a small boy – not more than twelve years old when he went to his first duel. He had been training with the wooden sword for quite some time already and he was skilled.

A great swordsman – Kihei – had just come to the village that Miyamoto lived in. He called the local samurai to a duel. Refusing it would have meant losing honour and he had little chance of winning it due to the fame and skill Kihei had.

Kihei was on the marketplace trying to get a samurai to fight him when Miyamoto went forward to accept the challenge. Kihei said that he would crush the boy as an ant and spit on him. Musashi used this single moment to attack his enemy and charged. His wooden sword crushed into Kihei’s skull and the man was dead. He then destroyed Kihei’s head completely for being so insolent.