Total Quiz VI

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Introduction: Total Quiz VI was the first TQ to be held directly in All Empires Forum rather than Heavengames' forum. Incidentally, moving the contest to All Empires meant that many of the Total Quizzes first held in AE would eventually be lost when the old AE forum was abruptly shut down. The sole remaining record of this series is TQ VI Part 2 which was also held simultaneous in both forums. The Total Quiz eventually returned to a state of joint promotion between the two forums, but many of the early TQ's held in AE were never posted in Heavengames and hence we have no record of their results or questions. Questions for Total Quiz VI are listed below for your enjoyment.

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Total Quiz VI-2   April 2002  TJK  Cyrus Shahmiri

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Total Quiz VI Part 2

1. What is the name of Hannibal's (the general) father?
Answer: Hamilcar Barca
2. What city did the settlers of Carthage come from?
Answer: Tyre, A city in Phoenicia
3. The Thirty Year's War started and ended in what year(s)?
Answer: 1618, 1648
4. A little culinary history: There are five sauces often credited as the base of all other sauces. What is the collective name for these sauces? What are the five sauces? What sauce is often included as a Mother Sauce, though is usually a base for a more complex sauce instead of being used on its own? Which of the five sauces uses a roux as a base? Which of the five sauces uses egg as a base?
Answer: Alternate names appear in parentheses: The mother sauces. (Leading sauces) Espagnole (aka Brown Sauce), Bechamel (aka Cream sauce, or Balsamella), Veloute (aka Fricassee), Hollandaise, and Vinaigrette. Tomato Bechamel, Espagnole, Veloute Hollandaise
5. Which Persian ruler had the longest reign? How many years?
Answer: Shapur II (the Great), 69 or 70 years
6. What famous historical war leader was rumored to have had three testicles?
Answer: Bartolomeo Colleoni
7. Which Parthian king sold the Parthian client kingdom of Osroëne? Who was the buyer?
Answer: Pacorus II, Abgar VII
8. What are the name of "province" and "provincial governor" in the Sassanid Empire?
Answer: Padhgos and Padhgospan
9. What was the last Iranian province that became a country? How many years ago?
Answer: Bahrain, 32 years ago!
10. Who was the greatest afghan conqueror?
Answer: Mahmud
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