Total Quiz IV

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Introduction: Total Quiz IV was a one-part "Christmas Edition" held on December 28 2001. Unlike the past three series, participants answered questions through email rather than answering directly by posting in the forum. Answering through email solved the "first come, first server" problem with answering questions directly on the forum. Thus, scoring now became independent of the chronological order in which users answered questions. Later Quizzes used a more sophisticated method of retrieving answers, by a web form, but the new idea of allowing all users an equal opportunity to answer questions within a larger time frame regardless of answering order became a permanent change in quiz format. Another new addition was bonus point allocations for participating users who also submitted questions to the quiz. The questions of Total Quiz IV are listed below.

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: Serge_L

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Total Quiz IV

1. The Scythians sent Darius the Great, king of Persia, a box containing a bird, mouse, frog and five arrows when they learned he planned to invade Scythia. What did Darius think of the "message"?
2. Who finished Magellan's journey even tough Magellan himself was killed?
3. Zeppelin airships are named after which German count?
4. What was the name of the ship on which Charles Darwin traveled the south seas?
5. It is reputed that the Ark of the covenant lies in Ethiopia on the island of Axum. Who is its keeper? (See note on the answer key)
6. What was the name of the people's tribune (tribunus plebis) who vetoed the Lex Agraria of Ti. Sempronius Gracchus and was put out of office after that?
7. Columbus sailed out to discover the sea route to India. He rediscovered Americas and believed until his death, that he was in India. Now, who at least discovered the sea route to India and when?
8. During the 14th-19th century, parts of Africa were conquered by Europeans and the Muslims. In tha time, when people conquer or discover a new territory, they would (re)name the country, the mountains and other landmarks. In Africa, there have been various names given to shores - four of them are still popular. One of them remained as the name of a nation today. What are the names and which is the nation?
9. Which famous leader got the nickname 'The Black Nero'?
10. The first geopoliticians gave the special name to the pivot region in the world politics (obviously, according those geopolitics). What name was given?
11. This king bought the independence of his land by a payment of 10000 marks to his "heart". Who was he?
12. A famous philosopher had to travel a lot during his life, mostly escaping because of his religious ideas, which were considered heretical. He was imprisoned and eventually executed in an auto-da-fé in Rome on 1600, after having been denounced by a Venetian patrician who had hired him hoping to learn from him the mnemotechnique (and maybe also magic!), but was unsatisfied of what he learned. Who was the philosopher and who was the Venetian man who caused his death?
13. A great medieval king was killed on Good Friday during a battle his army won. In that same battle (also one of his sons), other parents, friends and allies of his died, so his kingdom eventually passed back to the one he had deposed. Who was that great King?
14. What did abbot Bato allegedly found on 495 AD?
15. Finally, a new kind of question: one about a not-happened-yet historical event! As you all should know (shame on you if you don't), on January 1st, 2002, the new currency Euro (€) will replace the local currencies in many European countries. The Euro coins will have a common side, equal for all countries, and a "national" side. Out of 15 countries, which are currently part of the European Union, only 12 will replace the former currency with the new one. Nevertheless, the national versions of coins will be 15, and not 12. Why?
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Cyrus Shahmiri; 2. Marcus Petrius Caesar; 3. Marcus Petrius Caesar; 4. Marcus Petrius Caesar; 5. Marcus Petrius Caesar; 6. Marcus Petrius Caesar; 7. Targan Khan; 8. Targan Khan; 9. Targan Khan; 10. Kolovrat; 11. Kolovrat; 12. Serge L; 13. Serge L; 14. Serge L; 15. Serge L;

(The questions have been edited from their original state for grammar and clarity.)

Sources: The original quizzes can still be found on Heavengames' history forum: