The Avar Khaganate

  By Gursoy Duzenli, 31 May 2007; Revised
Two of the Y dialected Turkish tribes left the Zhuan Zhuan's [1] in 350 to follow  other tribes which built kingdoms in the west. They were found by the estabilishment of the Hephthalites and emigrated to east Europe on the same time as the Zhuan Zhuan's were defeated by the Tabgaches (458-459). These tribes were called War and Khon but they were named on the lands where they built the  base of theire country by the Europeans Warkhon, Abar, Apar or as we know Avar.[2]

There a differend opinions about the rulers of the Avars who reign more than 250 years in Europe. As they came from the dark points of Asia, they united with other tribes and races into a  big mass. In this mass were Ogur tribes, Mongol tribes who flee from the Gökturk Empire[3]and Alans. Under this condition it is naturaly to be differend opinions abouth the rulers. But the Avars used Turkish administrative names like Tudun, Yugruş, Tarhan, Boyar and others, that left no suspicions the Reigning tribes were Turks.

As we came to the year 558, the Sabar lands who  filled the Caucasus  chrushed under the Avarian horses. In 562 they became neigbour to Byzantine. Theire Khagan Bayan conquered Hungary[4].

After 568 were the Avars the biggest kingdom in middle Europe. From this point they attack to west and south. They defeated Frank king Siegesberg in west, in south they took Singidunum(Belgrat) and Sirmium(Ezsék) from Byzantine (582).

Under the leadership of Bayan Khagan the Avarian Horsemen show themselfs in every corner of Europe.From Don river to Galia and from the north Slav regions to Italia were Avarian soldiers.

They besieged in 617, 619 and 626 Istanbul. After the last siege begun the fall of the Avar reign. Charlemagnes crusade (791) gave this kingdom an end. In 761 was the Avar capital invaded by Pepin and 805 were the Avar Khaganate a part of history.

Avar tribes dispersed in Hungary and Balkan lands. Even the end of theire state the culture of the Avars influence Europe for centuries so that a few memories are still alive. Avarian administrative names are still in use in some balkan regions. Avarino and Avarorum are the real names of the cities Navarino (Greece) and  Antivari (Albania) . The Merovingian Dynasty use the Turkish art in theire own arts. They draw todays ethnic map of the  Balkans.They teach the Slavs agriculture, gold and silver occupation,riding and warfare. Thats why terms  in these fields are still Avarish.

It's acceptable that the grandchilds of this Turkish tribe who left deep signs in Europe  lives in Caucausus.


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