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Visigothic Spain good thread lots of usefull info *****
Bulgaria lots of good info ****
’Vandals" - a character assassination lots of good info ****
Poll: Greatest Emperor (of Byzantium) opinion thread lots of good info ****
July 25th, 1461- Conquest of Trebizond very good post ****
July,25th 1261-Recapture of Constantinople very good post ****
Paucity of Byzantine sources - a Latin conspiracy? very good thread lots of info ****
Justinian I- another character assassination very good thread lots of info ****
Baldwin IV - a little-known hero very good thread lots of info ****
The fate of the Emperors lots of good info/ good list ****
Continuity from the Roman Empire to Byzantium Llots of good info ****
Medieval Transylvania lots of info/links ****
Battle of Leignitz lost of good info ****
Poll: Most Effective Palaeologan Emperor opinion thread with lots of info  ****
Varna Crusade Lots of info ****
The Reformation Lots of good posts on Martin Luther etc. ****
Jews in medieval history lots of good info ***
The Knights Templar lots of info-some copy/paste good timeline ***
Medieval Europe and the Papacy some good info - some copy/paste ***
Polanie useful ***
The Great Migrations some good posts ***
Poll: Achievements of the Byzantines lots of useful info ***
The Fall of the Southern Kingdoms some good posts ***
The corruption of the Church. some good info ***
Chances for resurrection of the Roman empire some good inf- somelinks ***
Poll: Who is the greatest military leader of the medieval period? opinion thread some good info ***
English war bow lots of good info ***
Relations between the Fatimids and the Byzantines good thread lots of info ***
Who was the better general? opinion thread lots of info ***
Last Kingdom short but good thread ***
The forgotten Comneni short but good thread ***
"Slavic settlements in the Balkans" lots of good info ***
Vikings and the Sami (Lapps) good thread with lots of info ***
The Zenith and Decline of Byzantine Military Science lots of info ***
Norman’s ethnic cleansing discussing norman occupation of britian ***
Your bets medieval army? opinion thread ***
the wicked and evil Turks-1453 lots of info ***
Poll: Germanic Tribes opinion thread good discussion ***
The real Edward I of England lots of info ***
Question on the Magyars lots of info ***
Crimes of Crusaders long thread  ***
King Arthur good thread ,opinion and /links ***
History of the British Isles lost of good info ***
Richard I - my pet hate discusssion on king  ***
Feudalism and serfs lots of info ***
AL ANDALUS Lots of info  some copy/paste ***
Discovering Byzantium long thread with much insite mixed in ***
Favourite Medieval Heretics some really good posts ***
The Bogomils lots of info some copy/paste ***
Edward the Confessor discusssion on king  **
the magyars: the forgotten power. some copy/paste  **
William II of Sicily - SICILIAN POWER! copy/paste with some discussion **
Assassins some good info **
chivalry some good info **
The Crusades some good posts **
Pre-Christian Poland? some good posts **
Medieval English Kings various british kings **
Frederik II and the Muslims usful info some links **
Amalfi good post or teo **
Arquebuse and hallebards vs heavy chivalry, battle of Pavia short couple good posts **
Why did Portugal never join Spain? short **
need Primary Sources in English about the fall of.. couple good posts **
Mysterious leader and his forgotten empire some copy/paste  **
Ridley Scott’s(of Gladiator fame) new movie movie discussion Kingdom of Heaven **
Albigensian crusades good info **
Crusader hair short **
Arabians at Constantinople some good info **
Crusader Orders some good info **
Kingdom of Heaven Critique movie discussion Kingdom of Heaven **
Maps over Viking Age Scandinavia? some info/ links **
Poll: Greatest Bulgarian ruler opinion thread **
Byzantine Literature Comparison short thread good info **
Finland and the Dark Ages lots of info / some links/copy and paste **
Tatars In Poland some info **
Viking Christianization short **
John Tzimisces’ Levantine Campaign good thread some usefull info **
Sacking of Istanbul (Constantinople then) some copy/paste  **
Medieval War Chants fun thread **
Slavic Warriors some useful info later in thread **
Georgia in Medieval some nice pics **
Faithles medieval rulers. some copy and paste/links **
Aradia short *
15th century clothing & culture some links  *
Northumbria short *
Tuetonic Knights short *
Causes of Feudalism short *
Poll: Post-Roman British Kingdoms short *
Vikings and Western Slavs copy/paste *
Medieval Kings short *
Charlemagne short *
Poll: Greatest Medieval European King short opinion thread *
Battle of Liegnitz/Legnica - Need some help short *
Bubonic Plague short *
Medieval Swordsmanship short *
Catalan Company short *
Liber Tartarorum short *
Height of the Crusaders,Knights.. short *
Justinian short *
Vlad Dracula short *
Tiberius III- Apsimar some copy/paste  *
When did the term Viking start being used. short *
Most beautiful monasteries short *
Did Charlemagne really live? short *
Kladas Uprising! short *
Greatest Holy Roman Emperor short *
Byzantine Museums around the globe short *
The Relocation of Venice short thread  *
Poll: Normans & Plantagenet vs Capetians short opinion thread *
Anglo Saxons short thread maps *
Roman to Byzantine art short thread with some pics *
Templar Knights short *
Münster/Westphalia 1534 – The "New Jerusalem" short *
Timarion short *
The manuscripts of Mount Athos (Agion Oros) copy/paste *
The Vikings   *
Primary Sources short *
Ireland during the "Dark Ages" (476-1000) short *
Constantinople 1453- New Book short discussion on book *
vikings and finns?? some usefull info /links *
Where the Places of Coronations short