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Facts & Pix: Lors & Lorestan Great thread about Lorestan province, the Lors Tribe and Bahkiari tribe *****
Archeologists to Explore Buried City of Persepolis (Parseh) Excellent thread re city of Persepolis. Great photos . No source of reference mentioned. Should be posted in archeology *****
Empress Buran (Purandokht) Excellent thread about women in the shade of Islam with a good link *****
Sharia (The King’s Law) Excellent post on King’s law and  link with photos of Tehran. Source listed   *****
MAPS OF PERISA Excellent links (7) to maps of the Achaemenid Empire; Parthian Empire; and Sassanid Empire *****
Scythians (Tigraxauda, Paradraiya, Haumavarga, Parasugdam, ...) Excellent and informative  discussion about Scythians. Good links, photos and sources listed. *****
Abyaneh, an entrance to the Parthian history! Excellent article, photos and links re cities of Abyaneh, Kandovan and Masuleh *****
Puran Dokht, the Queen Who Preached Egalitarianism Good article on a woman in history, Puran Dokht who became queen  of Sassanid empire with link ****
The Baloch Peoplec Everything there is not know about the Baloch People. Good references and photos. ****
Alans in China Good article on the Alans ****
New Ship of an Old Fleet Made in Shiraz Good article about battleship during Achaemenid dynasty ****
Bolaghi Gorge Was a Rich Achaemenid Neighborhood Good article with link and photo re archeological discovering indicating rich Achaemenid neighborhood ****
Where Have All The Parsis Gone? Article on where have all the parsis gone ****
Ancient Persia Exhibition - An Iranian Perspective Article on British museum exhibit of Ancient Persia ****
The Skythian War Contains a link with a long article on everything to know about the  Persian Wars ****
Ossetians Excellent article re Ossetians with source listed and link. ****
Just how could Persia lose to Greece?  Civil discussion about Alexander the Great and Cyrus the Great. Informative, good links  ****
The Bakhtiari Tribe Discussion on Bakhatiari Tribe. Good photos and good references. Lots of research material. ***
History of Iranian Dance Lots of info here about Persian dance - good photos and references. ***
Surviving Pahlavi Dialect: Awramani Discussion on the survival of the dialect, Awramani ***
takabara or takabaran?  Discussion on which is the correct one, takabara or takabaran ***
Scythian elements in Old Iranian by Alexander Lubotsky Link containing a journal which traces words in old Persian to their scything root. ***
Mullahs follow the path of Alexander. This thread is part of the Bolaghi Gorge above mentioned. More info supplied ***
2500-year-old Agriculture Survives in Uramanat Good article about Uramanat ***
Sangesari people Discussion about the sangerari people ***
Bigger than Elvis Article on the tomb of Khajeh Shams ed-Din Mohammed ***
US forces should take a lesson from the Persian kings Discussing an article on why US forces should take lesson from Persian kings ***
marriage costoms Discussing marriage customs of iran ***
Congratulations to our Afghan brothers Discussing the Afghan elections ***
The greatest Iran’s Mysteries: Phartia’s Battery  Discussing the Phartia’s Battery ***
Persepolis Recreated "Shokohe Takht-e-Jamshid" Discussion on Persepolis film. Good photos ***
Identity of Croatians in Ancient Iran Great article on the identity of Croatians in ancient iran, but no reference given. ***
Evil Empire?!  Discussion about the british museum’s exhibit of history of Persian empire ***
Women’s Lives in Ancient Persia Article on lives and roles of women in ancient Persia ***
What do you think of Rustam Farokhzad? Good article re commander of the Persian forces, but no source of reference listed. ***
Iranian Woman’s roles in the military Great story about Admiral Artemisia, first woman naval officer, but no source of reference listed. ***
Academy of Gundishapur Discussing Academy of Gundishapur in Khuzestan, Iran. Source: wikipedia ***
the seven Parthian clans Discussing the 7 Parthian clans.  Good thread. Informative  No source mentioned. ***
Oliver Stone’s Alexander, Shame on Persians of Iran! Discussing Stone’s movie. Link on Mumbai. Informative ***
Stony Keeper of Orleans, the one who finally defeated Attila Good short story on the Battle of Chalons. No source listed ***
Sacking of Jerusalem Link re sacking of Jerusalem.  ***
The National Archives of Iran? Link to Nat’l Archives of Iran..  But it is not in English ***
Why didn’t Persia send for help?  Discussion about why Persia asked China for help  against the Tazi  ***
Sassan, Papak and Ardeshir Short piece on Papak and Ardeshir. No sources listed ***
The only city remaining from the Achaemenid Period Informative piece on the city of Dahaneh Gholaman. No sources listed ***
How important is it to learn to write Farsi? Discussion on how important it is to learn and keep the Farsi language around for generations **
Ever wondered how Farsi sounds like to non-farsi speakers? Discussion on how Farsi sounds  to others **
Origins of Khorasan Discussion on when Khorasan was first used **
people in kashan Discussing the ethnic group who live in Kashan **
people from babol Discussion on Mazandaranis people **
Books Discussion on books about Persian history **
Petition to the UN to save Pasargad from destruction A petition to save Pasargad from destruction **
Writing Iranian History For 3000 Years A poem summarizing the history of Iran **
pahlavi Eran Discussion on how Sasanians wrote Iran (Eran), in Pahlavi script **
What would this be in Farsi? Discussing the translation in farsi of empire **
Dr. Derakhshani: Aryans were not Immigrants  Contains excerpts of an interview with Dr. Derakhshani **
Cyrus the Great vs Alexander Discussion about who was greater - Cyrus or Alexander. Some good points but no source of reference. **
Sassanids Used Commercial Labels: Archeologists Short story about latest excavation near Suleiman historical site. Source link does not connect. **
Data on Persian empire needed A link with info re Alexander’s conquests and a Persian map. Not much else here **
hello There is nothing here. Just one post  *
Old Persian and Avestan Nothing here. Two posts only.  *
Need help for Wikipedia Discussion on editing on Wikipedia *
Three dumb questions There is nothing here *
Iran and the chance of adopting a latin alphabet Not much here to discuss. *
Cyrus the Movie There is nothing here. The link posted did not work for me *
Ancient Persian Armies There is nothing here. The only link posted did not connect  *
Alexander the great?The great what? There is nothing going on here. Nonsense *
Treasures of Persepolis There is nothing here. No response *
Did Attila ever fought Sassanid persia? Not much is being discussed here. Just  1 response with no source of info. *
my grandfather Starter posted a photo of his grandfather to see if all thought he looked Iranian. Nothing else here *
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