Ancient Near East Forum Highlights

Thread discription  rating
The Battle of Kadesh, 1275 info on battle  ****
Population of Hebrews during the biblical exodus Very good  ****
Chinese Mythology Chinese myths good info ***
Circumafrican expedition good discussion  ***
Oldest civilization in the world? good info ***
Who where the Etruscans? some copy and paste /links ***
Population through History good discussion  ***
THE ORIGIN OF ALL CIVILIZATIONS discussion and links ***
Found: Europe’s oldest civilization started with copy and paste - usefull ***
Sea Peoples good topic ***
Gothic Origins good talk ***
Parthian and Roman relations with Han China useful info ***
The case for Veneti useful info ***
Egypt Origins good ***
Ancient knowledge!! discussion on ancient technology ***
Poll: Ancient Armies opinion thread some good info ***
Good Sources? short collection of links **
Poll: Which rulers were better:Sassanians or Achaemenians opinion thread , some useful info **
Poll: Was Shapur I overrated? opinion thread , some useful info **
Critically Evaluate Korean prehistory. copy and paste article + comments **
Mesopotamian Mythology some useful links and discussion **
How could the Power of Assyria fade away so fast?? some useful discussion **
Rome a threat? Rome **
Mummification good links **
Where are good sources of information? good links **
Hyksos Vs Egypt what if thread some links and info **
The Plagues of Exodus   **
Did Egyptians know Indians before the Achaemenid period? good info **
Is this a believable map? discussion on validity of linked map **
Map of Achaemenid Empire nice graphic and discussion **
Standard of Living, Minoans vs........ comparison thread **
ancient global flood good discussion  **
Were the Picts Indo European or pre indo euro? short **
Poll: Greatest Egyptian Pharaohs opinion thread , some usefull info **
Poll: El Dorado- Fact or Fiction? opinion thread, some usefull info **
The origin of Phoenicians some copy and paste /links **
Minoan archive article??? good links **
Ancient China? short  **
Did Ancient China have a good Army lots of info **
New Babylonian Military??? some info **
Prophets, Reformers and Heretics some copy and paste /links **
ALEXANDER, where should I start with the historical inaccuracies movie discussion **
Poll: Ancient Civilizations opinion thread some good info **
Who is the Greatest Military leader of the Ancient period? opinion thread some good info **
The forgotten early civilizations of Europe some copy and paste **
Sassanids Used Commercial Labels: Archeologists link thread *
Cyrus the Great vs Alexander opinion thread *
What do you think of Rustam Farokhzad? Persian-Arab Wars *
Alexander the great?The great what? tolling type start on Alex *
My pics in the world’s oldest Ziggurat Good pics *
Academy of Gundishapur short  *
Oliver Stone’s Alexander, Shame on Persians of Iran!   *
Egyptian Crowns info on possible origins of Egyptian crown *
King Labarna of the Hittites   *
Parthian Chain of Command/Rank structure short *
Ancient Babylonians had wrist watches! copy and paste article + comments *
World’s Largest Ancient Buildings some copy and paste /links *
Sitchin’s theories discussion on Sitchins theories *
War Elephants short *
Moved: New Study: Tutankhamen probably related to Sinead O’Connor copy and paste article + comments *
Who were the Picts and who were the Celts? short *
World views of ancient Egypt and Japan short *
hanging gardens of Babylon? nice pics *
marriage customs some links *
Ancient times maps links *
Egyptian Creation Myth short *
Most Ancient Wine Production   *
Russians some links *
World’s oldest backgammon copy/paste *
Egyptians-operation of brain short *
Poll: Greatest Emperor opinion thread  
Egyptian Tomb found short ,link   
The myth of Artemis single post