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Looking for parallels to the bible

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Topic: Looking for parallels to the bible
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Looking for parallels to the bible
Date Posted: 24-Oct-2019 at 09:53
Hi all

The bible is a long and detailed history of the Jewish nation, stretching over well over a thousand years. Yes there are a number of contradictions, but it is overall remarkably consistent. It features detailed accounts of victories and defeats, with the names of cities and nations involved. It documents a vast amount of interactions with the surrounding peoples, including some of the most powerful and well known nations of the era. They were located in what is sometimes referred to as 'the crossroads of continents'. Any false claims of wars and conquests involving other nearby nations wouldn't have survived too long.

Now obviously, I know this is a hotly debated topic, with bible maximalists and bible minimalists. My question is this: Is there any parallel to the bible which is accepted as false? Can anyone point to a detailed historical record of a nation, which was widely accepted as their history, which was subsequently discovered to be false?

Thanks in advance!

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 16-Nov-2019 at 11:01
Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniaeā€Ž. 
Plato's history as contained in Timaeus and Critias.
Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.
Livy's early History of Rome.
Movses Khorenatsi's History of Armenia.

Most nations have produced an epic historical account, mixing myth with pseudo-history. It is a common way of filling in the gap before genuine documents existed.

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