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origins of Yhwh/Jhvh?

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Topic: origins of Yhwh/Jhvh?
Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Subject: origins of Yhwh/Jhvh?
Date Posted: 07-Nov-2017 at 14:15

Does "Yahweh/Jehovah" (and Adonai and El/Elohim) of the Judaeo-Christian bible have pre-Mosaic origins, and if so then what may they be? According to some biblical scholars, in the bible the name of God is only Yhwh from time of Moses (maybe from "I Am"?), while it was Elohim before Moses. (Though the Documentary Hypothesis has J & E from Genesis 1 & 2 (and Genesis 9 where El is god of Japheth, and Jah is god of Shem). Some think Yhwh is related to the name of Eve/Havah. The same D.H. theory has Jhvh as god of south Judah, and El as god of north Israel/Ephraim. Some think Yhwh came from southern Midianite/Kenite serpent god.) Over the years i have sometimes considered the question of origins of Yhwh, and connections with gods/deities of other pantheons. From our own findings it is our opinion that the name of Yhwh was seemingly also early known in other cultures before Moses, and it may have been known from the beginning.

These are the possible candidates for Yhwh in Sumerian:
Im(dugud) (storm bird god).

And/or in Akkadian:

Am-heh. Am-mut.




At present i favour Imdugud as the most likely one? They say that reading of the name of Imdugud is uncertain. Io of Polynesian might come from Imdugud. Possibly Anzu(d) might be whence Adonai? Illuyankas of Hittite might possibly come from Imdugud? Zababa (&/or Ea) might rather be Japheth?

I'm not sure if Indoeuropean Yama/Yima/Ymir might be related to Tiamat (Babylonian) and/or Yhwh (Hebrew) and/or Yamm (Ugaritic/Canaanite/Phoenician)? (Yamm is also/alternatively similar to Nammu?) Hrozny thought Yhwh was related to Yima (Iranian) and Yi (Chinese). (Velikovsky thought Chinese Yao was related to Yhwh.)

(I wasn't sure whether to put this in this Intellectual Discussions (either theology or linguistics) subforum, or the Ancient Mesopotamia, Near East and Greater Iran subforum, or the General World History subforum.)

(I may not be able to visit and post here much anymore but i wanted to come and post before being off more.)

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Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 08-Nov-2017 at 00:38

After more careful consideration, it looks like i may have been wrong about Imdugud, and it seems that maybe Zikuum/Zimu(um)/Nammu is more likely to match Io/Iho and Tiamat/Tiawath and Yahweh/Jehovah (which is linked with Eve, & with Japheth) and Yamm? Zikum is besides An(u) as the earliest god/deity in the family tree of gods/deities.

I better try give some links to more info on the mentioned cultures mythologies just in case people don't know what i am talking about. Not all of them are very good links, they are just some quick ones we refound for starters:

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