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BREAKING NEWS: The Vatican Killed Mohammed the Pro

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Topic: BREAKING NEWS: The Vatican Killed Mohammed the Pro
Posted By: Guests
Subject: BREAKING NEWS: The Vatican Killed Mohammed the Pro
Date Posted: 29-Jul-2017 at 18:34
  This story disappears as fast as it's posted.

  Last week, a Bishop in charge of the Vatican Bank was charged for stealing from the bank.  He is now being held and charged.  But, this Bishop isn't goping down all by himself.

  Today a leak from the Vatican exposed a letter wriiten by Muhammed to the Church.  Basically, Mohammed said that he wasn't going to kill innocent people anymore (Jews and Christians) and that the church should probably train a different Prophet to take his place.

  The response form the Vatican was swift and final.  On June 8th, 6332 A.D., the Vatican poisoned, and killed, Mohammed the Prophet, then proceeded to "build up" his "life as a Prophet" with nothing more than fabrications.  It was decided that it was better to have a dead Prophet who couldn't "spill the beans" than to train another, and then get the same results.

  Mohammed stated that he didn't want to be the one who is remembered for leading his people into the gates of Hell, not for the Church or anyone else.

  I will post a copy of the letter released by the bishop as soon as I get a copy from my sources.

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 29-Jul-2017 at 21:04
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Thread closed

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