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Mirror Image Writing

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Topic: Mirror Image Writing
Posted By: truecitizen
Subject: Mirror Image Writing
Date Posted: 21-Dec-2016 at 04:25

1.Mirror Imaged Shree Mad BhagvadGita (Pen)-

Piyush Goel has a unique art, he can write words in mirror image.Piyush Goel can write words in mirror image in two languages Hindi and English.He has completed “World First Mirror ImageBook Shreemad BhagvadGita”, all 18 chapters, 700 verses in two languages Hindi and English.Besides all of these he has completed “ShreeDurga Saptsatti” in Sanskrit Languages,ShreeSai Satcharitra in two languages Hindi and English,Sundar Kand (two times)

Mirror Imaged Shree Mad BhagvadGita

2.Needle Write Book “Madhushala”(Needle)-

To read a book in front of a mirror ,reading then mirror very hard.People asked Piyush to read your mirror imagedbooks,mirror is necessary, he replied “Yes”.After a lot of thinking an idea stuck into his mind “Why should i not write a book with Needle.Then he started writing “Madhushala”,abook of Harbans Rai Bachchan,father of Amitabh Bachchan,Legend of IndiaCinema,now no need of Mirror.(Mirror image but no need of mirror).


3. Book “Gitanjali”written with Mehndi Cone(Mehdi Cone)-

Piyush always think “DO SOMETHING NEW”,because of this thinking,he make a project and work on it.Whenever he has spare time and bring out the work at the end and this is the result of “Gitanjali”abook of Noble Literate Rabindra Nath Tagore,completed with the help of Mehndi Cone.


4. Book “PiyushVani” with the help of Iron Nail (Iron Nail)-I

magination and Creativity brings new things to the world, Piyush started writing “PiyushVani” one of his own published bookwritten on A-4 size Aluminium Sheet with the help of “Iron Nail”.(Mirror image but no need of mirror).


5. Book ‘Panchtantra”with the help of Carbon Paper (Carbon Paper)-

Recently Piyush Goel completed “Vishnu Sharma”,s “Panchtantra” 5 tantras ,41 stories with the help of Carbon Paper,on one page both the words(mirror/non mirror) appeared in front and in the reverse.(Mirror image but no need of mirror).

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 21-Dec-2016 at 11:30
Unique enuff. If this is who I think it might be.

Ntl  your not abiding by the rules. You post images of this alleged individual's work without providing sources or links to either establish veracity of him or the images.... or to avoid plagarising the work that may or may not represent him. That's a no no.

Review the Code of Conduct. Abide by it's dictums. If you do not Ill assume your not interested in that and then ban you.

Because in the end the burden of providing  links and references to establish the aforementioned is...yours. To simply cite a 'book title' is not enough. Tell me where it was published by whom when...etc. this then provides reference for others to examine the subject matter if so interested.

Thread locked. Suspected spammer.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 22-Dec-2016 at 09:02
Thread opened.

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

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