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Sacred Rocks

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Topic: Sacred Rocks
Posted By: Aeoli
Subject: Sacred Rocks
Date Posted: 02-Dec-2016 at 13:29
This is from Hittian capital

The earliest reference we have to a goddess worshipped as a cube-shaped stone is from neolithic Anatolia. Alternatively, 'Kubaba' may mean a hollow vessel or cave - which would still be a supreme image of the goddess. The ideograms for Kubaba in the Hittite alphabet are a lozenge or cube, a double-headed axe, a dove, a vase and a door or gate - all images of the goddess in neolithic Europe.

Deities of other cultures known to have been associated with black stones include Aphrodite at Paphos, Cybele at Pessinus and later Rome, Astarte at Byblos and the famous Artemis/Diana of Ephesus. The latter's most ancient sculpture was, it is said, carved from a black meteorite. -  

any reliable source about these rocks

Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 03-Dec-2016 at 00:22
They put rock on uterus=ground-element-ambiguity=duplicity=ambivalence=dualism and they have portrait=display of universe=body+head,virtual one!But real presentation was individual inside their heads.
Good job Aeoli. Stone=head is still on top of graves. That's the symbolism of III=The First-Superior-Supreme on Earth,beneath and above!You never knows where you go after death.
Probably the same is with this ///=Maternal=Sanctified on Earth,beneath and above!

Posted By: Aeoli
Date Posted: 03-Dec-2016 at 03:34
In the Turkic history, there are green sacred rocks; Yada stone.

Hittitians are step orginated people so Is there similar things in other step cultures; Alans, Sarmantians...

Sources mentioned about black stone in Near East.

Are all of them cube-formed?

Black symbolize - EARTH
Green symbolize - SKY     ???

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 03-Dec-2016 at 04:28
The Foundation Stone

Dome of the Rock...Jerusalem.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 03-Dec-2016 at 05:45
God=   Mo=uterus=Earth-element(element of God's body)-ambiguity+Ki=Space-expansion=extension-addendum(of uterus=Earth)!

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 04-Dec-2016 at 03:20

I guess the square and stone/rock and black and mother goddess all represent the Earth/world/planet (and tomb?) [and male fertility?] Black can also symbolise celestial/space.

(Great) Pyamid?
Clito of Atlantis city  (Tiahuanaco) may also be a stone in the centre?
Stone of Scone?
Jesus foundation/corner stone?
The 5th monarchy stone/rock of Daniel?
Grail stone?
Hoary rock in the wood [Dover] (Scilly/Lyonesse)?
Tarshish "region of the stone" [Megalithic/Tartessos]?
Stone Age?

(Ephesus church age in Revelation is Jerusalem church, Diana/Artemis virgin goddess.)

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