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Last Words uttered by kings and generals

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Topic: Last Words uttered by kings and generals
Posted By: ArticWolf
Subject: Last Words uttered by kings and generals
Date Posted: 05-Aug-2016 at 03:49
This will be a list of last words uttered by Generals during the heat of battle, and others not so glamourous.

" I still live! Help me! " - Caligula after being stabbed numerous times by assassins, screams for his loyal guard. 

" Let's end the Romans anxiety " - Hannibal quickly drinks poison after being surrounded by Roman  soldiers, rather then be captured alive, knowing they would torture him. 

" To the strongest" - Alexander the great after being asked to whom he will leave his vast empire, could .  barely utter any words, due to sickness.

" Don't give up the ship, fight till it sinks! - Captain James Lawrence screams after being mortally  wounded by British musket fire, during the war of 1812. 

" France, The army, Josephine! - Napoleon Bonaparte on his deathbed after weeks fighting stomach  cancer. Autopsy reports claim he had mercury in his system due to poisoning.

" Everyone remain calm" - last words uttered by Montezuma emperor of the Aztecs before being killed by angry crowd after Spanish soldiers killed some Aztec nobles. Native sources say he was killed by the Spanish instead due to outliving his usefulness to control his people.

" Hurrah Boys! Forward! " - General Custard Charging at a Lakota and Apache village, before being stupidly sorrounded by 2000 angry native soldiers and killed to the last man. Found days later after the battle reportedly naked and mutilated. 

" Come and take them" - King leonidas of Sparta yells to a Persian captain, after being asked to lay down their weapons, before being showered in a hail of arrows with his last remaining men. 

" The curse of Allah falls upon the Jews and Christians for they worship at their prophets tombs" - Prophet Muhammad after angrily renounces anyone who worships him before God. 

" Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! " Joan of arc feeling the heat of the fire slowly reaching her feet, before being  burned at the stake as a witch, by the British. 

" Jesus help me" - Francisco Pizarro after being stabbed in the throat by assassins and then helplessly hacked to death for failure to share gold stolen from inca natives. His bones belonging to him were examined to have had over 80 stab wounds. 

" By God please Wait for the sign" - Charles I of England after telling his executioner to wait for his signal to behead him, after his prayer is finished. 

" Why are you weeping, did you imagine I was immortal? - Louis XIV after seeing his attendants crying at  his bedside, before dying a painful death due to gangrene. 

" charge men! We will die fighting! " Emperor Constantine XI after charging at a group of Turk soldiers who had breached a section of the wall during the siege of Constantinople 1453, during the carnage his body was never found. 

Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 05-Aug-2016 at 04:21
Give us Roman in Latin please.Have a nice time here Arctic Wolf!Smile

Posted By: ArticWolf
Date Posted: 05-Aug-2016 at 18:01
Thanks mendenaywe! Doesn't seem like a lot of people come across here anymore 

Posted By: Xenophon
Date Posted: 11-Mar-2017 at 04:25
The Yankee general, John Sedgwick, warned to take cover from Confederate sharpshooters said, "Don't worry. At this range they couldn't hit an elepha---"

Two time CMH recipient Sgt. Major Daniel Daly (USMC) said, "C'mon you SOB's! You wanna live forever?!" He, however, was no general and outlived this battle by twenty years. Twice offered an officer's commission, he said he'd rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.

Victrix causa diis placuit, sed victa catoni

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