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African Lions Striking Strength:

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Topic: African Lions Striking Strength:
Posted By: Prime
Subject: African Lions Striking Strength:
Date Posted: 28-Feb-2016 at 19:43
Heres some of the sources that show the lion has one of the strongest striking feats of all carnivorous prredators, from scientist, biologist, zoologist, hunters, eye witnessers ect.


The Three Strongest Things In The Animal World -  

Let us fancy that we are looking at those terrible front paws with which it strikes the blow. The leg, or forearm, as it is called, measures 19 inches around, and is made up of the hardest of hard bone, with muscle and tendons as strong as the strongest wire. The foot measures 8 inches across. When this foot strikes an animal the lion shoots out its terrible claws, which are hidden, when it walks, inside the joints of the toes. These claws are like great hooks made of yellow horn. They tear the flesh off an animal as we would strip the peel from an orange. The force with which these claws are driven in is almost more than we can believe. We are told that the three strongest things in the animal world are these: first, the blow from the tail of a whale, second, the kick of a giraffe, and third the blow from a lion's paw. The forearm of the lion is worked by great muscles at the shoulder, and the blow which it makes is really like the blow from a steam hammer. No wonder that it can kill a man or a big animal with ease. 

The lion and the tiger are the largest of the cat family. They are really great fierce cats. Your pet kitten is simply a young lion or tiger on a tiny scale. Notice the kitten's claws: they are made in the same way as the lion's. Notice how rough its tongue is upon your hand. The lion's tongue is like that, only much more rough. On it's tongue little hard points, like fragments of horn, stick up, so that with these the lion can tear pieces of meat from a bone just as if it were using a file. The Lion's Roar In The Forest And How He Gets His Supper Another thing in which the lion is like the cat is that it cannot run fast for a long distance. It can spring a long way, and it can bound along at a great rate for a short time; but, just as a dog can race a cat, so a deer can easily race a lion. So the lion has to be very cunning to catch swift animals for its supper. When the lion goes out to a pool to drink at night, he knows that other animals will be coming to the same spot. So he puts his great mouth to the ground and roars. There is no other sound in the animal world like the roar of a lion. It is so loud, so deep and so powerful, that it terrifies all the animals which hear it. It seems to send them wild with terror. The lion knows this, and he keeps on roaring. The result is that the animals which hear it forget everything in their terror; they rush madly to and fro, and one of them generally dashes straight into the mouth of the lion. That is one of his ways of catching a supper. There is another way. 
Suppose that there are deer right out on the plain. It is of no use for the lion to go galloping out there, for 

The lion Is the king of beasts, the lord of the forest. A blow from a lion's paw Is one of the strongest thlngs In the world, like a blow from a steam-hammer. -  

Lets see another reason why the lions strike is much stronger, superior, and more powerful a blow: 

(Andrew. Jackson. Howe M.D.) 

http://booksgle/booksid=LxugAAAAMAAJ&ie=ISO-8859-1&output=html&pg=PP1&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&q=&sig=ACfU3U3W4j8CJ925wK3gUfhVlVt5jLt4yA - http://booksgle/booksid=LxugAAAAMAAJ&ie=ISO-8859-1&output=html&pg=PP1&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&q=&sig=ACfU3U3W4j8CJ925wK3gUfhVlVt5jLt4yA  

The "king of beasts" does not possess so many fine points as his confrere, "the Royal Bengal tiger," yet he has the world-wide reputation of being at the head of the felines—a cowardly, treacherous class; and of personifying courage and magnanimity, qualities almost worshiped by mankind. The average tiger weighs a few pounds less than the lion, yet is more supple of limb and lithe of body. Its hide is golden, striped with black, and presents a handsome marking that begets a feeling of dread. That tail, never at rest, suggests snake-like coils. The tiger lurks in jungle and never gives its victims fair play. Having such a variagated and lustrous coat, it must keep out of sight if it would not scare away its prey. 

The lion has a dull, tawny color, which prevents him from being discovered until its victims are within reach, hence he lies down in the open grazing grounds of the antilope, or by the paths that ruminants make in going to food and drink. The lion lies in wait by the side of a bank of yellow earth, or in brown weeds, that the color of its skin may correspond with the surroundings of its lurking place; and it bounds upon its victim with a terrific roar which paralyzes the timid creature about to be devoured. 

A distinguishing feature of the lion is an accumulation of weight and strength in its anterior parts, although the lion's neck is covered with* thick mass of hair and mane, giving the beast a formidable appearance,there exists beneath this innocent hump a muscular development that surpasses the same parts in the tiger. The osseous and muscular structures of the lion's head are superior to those of the tiger; and the fore-legs and paws possess greater strength than the tiger's anterior extremities. The structures constituting the pelvic girdle of the tiger are perhaps larger and stronger than similar parts in the lion. In all other respects the average lion is more than a match for the average tiger -  


In many parts of that continent his dimensions considerably exceed those which have been mentioned as the average in the preceding part of this notice, the length being sometimes more than nine feet, and the height nearly five

The mane of the lion is not confined to the upper part of the neck, but surrounds it on the sides, and even on the chest below. It is very closely set; and the hair of which it is composed is, in the largest specimens, more than two feet in length. This formidable clothing is with difficulty penetrated with any ordinary weapon. When the animal is prowling or using only his - common  powers of locomotion, in the use of which he is generally slow and majestic, this mane lies a considerable way over the back,
 hangs down over the shoulders, and thus protects the powerful muscles which put his destructive arms in motion from all changes in temperature, 
so that they are never stiffened by cold or relaxed by heat, even when he finds it necessary to prowl in the open deserts, either during the night or during the day. 

There is a beautiful adaptation of nature in this particular part of the covering of the lion. On the African deserts, the heat, even far without the tropics, is excessive
 during the day; but during the night the cold is often much greater than would readily be supposed. During the night, those animals do not, and cannot run very far, 
because they are in so far benumbed with the cold, and that cold exhausts them on their inarch, as cold is observed to do with horses during a keen frost. The lion, however, protected he is by the mane, is subject to no such calamity. 
The muscles which he uses in his prowling march are strong, and they are so slowly used as not be in the least heated or fatigued, when those which ho has to use with greater effort 
while he springs, are secured by the thick covering of matted hair, which invests the neck, shoulders, and chest. The Hoie-s, in general, prowls less in the open desert thai the lion, and therefore the same kind of protection is not so necessary in her case

Though the lion has probably more powerful muscles than any other of the mammalia, those muscles have not the same firm and rigid character as those of the eagle. The reason of this is, as it should seem, that their powerful action is much more momentary. 

This figure is not in the attitude from which the tiger takes its spring, but in that of advancing in a low and crouching attitude in order to gain the distance at which he shall take it; and this is perhaps the best for displaying both the litheness and the symmetry of the animal. It will be seen in the figure, which is equally faithful and spirited, that the tiger is a much more symmetrical animal than the lion; that, though the fore paws are still stronger and more firm in their texture than the hind ones, yet, that the strength of the tiger is more uniformly distributed over the whole length of his body than that of the lion; and consequently, that he is much more an animal of chase. 

The absence of the eyebrows and mane indicate a difference of habit in the animal, and this difference is farther pointed out by a difference in the structure and appearance of the eyes themselves. The shaggy mane of the lion defends him, as already observed, from the great changes of temperature to which the nature of his haunts exposes him; and as, during the dry season, even the bushes among which he resides afford him but little shade from the rays of the perpendicular sun, the projecting brow makes up the deficiency. The richer vegetation and more expanded foliage in the haunts of the tiger, render those protections unnecessary in his case; and thus, as nature is never redundant any more than she is defective, the tiger is not furnished with these. -  


(From smallest animals to biggest in order of the lions feats specifically killing with paw blows)

Paw swipe comparison:


A small list of feats comparing who has harder striking strength, in this we do not compare mythos like assumed, or uses the words, probably, could, would, should, maybe, perhaps, I heard, hear say...only genuine first hand accounts can be acceptable in terms a scientific fact.....

Personally. I am more afraid of a lions paws than I am of his jaws. Talk about uppercuts, left hooks and that sort of prize-fighting fancy shots! A lion is wonderfully clever and he does it without gloves. A lions claws take hold like a fish hook. A tiger or leopard gives with the paws a side slash that cuts like a knife.,1149737&hl=en -,1149737&hl=en

(From smallest animals to biggest in order of the lions feats)


The poor dog was destroyed in a moment: a single blow from the lion's paw rewarded his generous devotion with death -  


Lion breaks hyenas back with one swipe: -  

Lion hits dog so hard the brains and guts come flying out: - fight &dateFilterType=yearRange&page=2

Lion breaks female hyenas back with one blow: - lion paw hyena&f=false

Lion kills hyena with one blow:

One of the hyenas, engrossed in the feast and slower to retreat than his
fellows, was killed by a single blow from a lion's paw. -

dikkins easily killed a sturdy hyena with a single blow of his great front paw -

Lion breaks leopards back with one blow:,2940704&hl=en -,2940704&hl=en

Lions paw blow flys man 15 feet, and kills another with one blow:

Stone flew 15 feet through the air, while the lion sprang to its feet and made off. A native bearer ran up. The lion killed him with one blow of its paw -

Lion kills female jaguar with a few blows from the paw:,3977562&hl=en -,3977562&hl=en

Lion hits lioness all the way across the cage with one blow of the paw:

A full grown lioness is a large animal, and more than proportionately heavy; yet I once saw a lion, with the very slightest imaginable wave of his paw, dash his mate from the corner of the cage, where she was rearing against the bars, and send her sprawling on her back as if she had been a little lamb -

Lion kills lioness with a blow from the paw: -

Lion kills siberian tigress with a blow from the paw breaking its back:

"detroit finally hit her with his paw and broke her back",5557564&hl=en -,5557564&hl=en

Lion breaks another male lions back with one blow of the paw:

broke his rival's back with one swipe of his paw during a performance yesterday. Several hundred persons, including many children were witnesses to the killing.,2470922&hl=en -,2470922&hl=en

Lion crushes tigers skull with a blow from the paw:

Screenshot (57)
They grappled and rolled and roared and bit each other. And finally in a split second the tiger dropped motionlessly to the ground. Far too quick for the eye to see, but just at the right moment, this lion, delivered a well-timed blow to the side of the tigers head, and crushed his skull. The lion is a mighty beast. - got in a fight?&btnG=Google Search&gbv=1

Seriously, have you ever wondered what would happen if a lion and a tiger actually got in a fight? Which would win? Well, this happened once in India and it was actually caught on film. In India there was a fight between a lion and a tiger that occurred down in a pit. These two mighty creatures circled each other and lashed out at each other, and spit, and snarled, and leapt lightly as only catscan do. They grappled and rolled and roared and bit each other. And finally in a split second the tiger dropped motionlessly to the ground. Far too quick for the eye to see, but just at the right moment, this lion, delivered a well-timed blow to the side of the tigers head, and crushed his skull. The lion is a mighty beast. -

Lion kills zebra with one blow of the paw: -

Lioness crushes black bears skull with a blow of the paw:

e:,1785493&hl=en -,1785493&hl=en

Lion caves in donkeys neck bones with a blow from the paw: - devoid donkey&f=false

A lion can kill a zebra with one blow of its sledge-hammer paw. An incident was observd where a zebra was dead in half a second. A hunter who performed an autopsy found one lethal blow had dislocated the zebras neck. -

Lion kills horse with one blow of the paw:

'These he had endeavoured to dislodge, but, insufficiently armed, he was compelled to beat a retreat, after losing one of his horses by a single blow of a lion’s paw. -

King of swedens Barbary lion kills a european brown bear with one blow: -  

The king, of whom I have just narrated so many anecdotes, had a very large lion‘ presented to him by one of the Barbary powers. There were at this time several bears kept by the butchers about the shambles in Stockholm, and his majesty, being anxious to witness a rencontre between one of these animals and the lion, ordered them to be brought into contact with each other. lu the lion's den there were two apartments, into one of which the bear was introduced. On the lion, however, getting access to that animal, he found him posted in a corner; when, going up to him, he gave him a slight rap with his paw, as if to see of what materials his visiter was composed. The bear, not liking this kind of salutation, growled, and endeavoured to parry it. This made the lion angry: when, ‘ with one- fell swoop,‘ with -his paw, as the story goes, he laid the bear dead at his feet. - q=african+lions+paw+blow+bear&hl - =en&sa=X&ei=6zR_U8D1HNDdoATcioFI &ved=0CAYQ6AEwADg

Lion kills bear with one blow: 

Lion Kills Bear. In a phorl battle at the carnival grounds in Corry Monday night. bettween members of the bear and the lion families the latter was returned the victor an Having delivered a vicious assault on the bruin's head quarters. There was nothing to the skirmish, for the bear was outclassed outgeneraled and outslugged and never had a ghost of a show with the African jungle King, it was all over in the twinkling of an eye and the bear lay quite dead on the floor of his cage which the lion had invaded in making the attack. -

one killed by a single blow by a lion 162 -
and one from aesop:
This so angered the lion that he killed the bear with one blow. -

A few years ago an Englishman who had hunted lions In Africa ventured, upon a visit here, to express the opinion that an African lion could whip a grizzly in fair fight. His' opinion was so warmly disputed by partisans of the grizzly that he determined to settle the matter. He brought a full grown lion to this Park and it was put into a cage'along with a grizzly. The lion at once sprang to the attack^ leaping upon the bear's' back and trying to dig in with claws and teeth. The grizzly sincerely shook him off.The lion again sprang and was again shaken off. A third time it was shaken off, but this time the lion, annoyed, gave it a swipe with one of its paws, and broke its back. killing it with a single blow. -

Lions paw blow shatters ox's back limb to peices:

But whatever the lion's object, the result of the attack was sufficiently patent, and I have never seen clearer evidence of the marvellous strength of these brutes than the terribly crushed condition of that ox. The great bones of the leg were splintered and the flesh a mass of black pulp and extravasated blood; and yet there was scarcely a claw-mark upon the skin,—all this injury had been done by the mere force -

Lion smacks down and stuns a female eland with a blow from the paw:,+a+mighty+lion:+he+seemed+to+ricochet+from+the+ground,+so&hl=en&sa=X&ei=SrocVMXpDYjYoASKqIK4AQ&ved=0CAgQ6AEwAQ -

A traveller in South Africa once saw a magnificent male lion strike down and kill a 

zebra with a single blow of his huge fore paw. Instead of tearing it in pieces he 
stood beside the carcase waving his tail, raised his head to look around, and ... -

he came up to the zebra, he made a sudden spring and with his right paw 
struck the animal a terrific blow on the neck. The zebra dropped instantly.
lion did not renew the attack. He walked a little distance away and then stood 
there -

As he reached the zebra the younger lion swung around with a savage snarl and 
with one terrific blow of his paw sent the old fellow tumbling end over end at least 
ten feet out in the grass. -

But the lion crouched on in the position he had formerly adopted before leaping 
on to a zebra and dislocating its neck with one swift blow of his pawWhen the 
time came it was all done with the utmost simplicity, with no difficulty and without -

A lion can kill a zebra with one blow of its sledge-hammer paw. An incident was observd where a zebra was dead in half a second. A hunter who performed an autopsy found one lethal blow had dislocated the zebras neck. -

The exhaust fumes mask the warning scent of the lion and he can pounce on the 
oblivious antelope before it has time to flee. A lion can kill a zebra with one blow 
of its sledge-hammer paw. An incident was observed -

 A fierce king-lion raided the herds of the Bamangwato, crushing the skull of an ox with ablow of his terrible paw. -

As the buffalo turned, the lion gave it a single slamming blow with its paw, 
dropping the buffalo instantly with a broken neck. -

Heres another one, a paw blow drops an ox:,4510683&hl=en -,4510683&hl=en
and one of a lion killing a camel with one blow: -
a sheep is nothing to a lion, he can kill a 800 lb ox with onw blow:,2512771&hl=en -,2512771&hl=en
what of our king of beast the lion? The wallop it dishes out with its paw is one of the hardest thrown punches in nature. With a single blow it can kill an ox, antlope or zebra.,3317534&hl=en -,3317534&hl=en
the whole article of a lion killing a cow with one blow:,277529&hl=en -,277529&hl=en
George keller:
Lesson of the Lion Tamers
A large male lion named Regal had a dominating presence in the center ring, but that did not stop a puma in the same act from showing his resentment. At the end of every performance, as the big cats returned to their cages, the puma passed Regal’s pedestal and reached up, quickly clipping Regal on the leg. This continued for many weeks. As the lion tamer described: "I knew that real trouble was building, but I couldn’t think of any way to stop it. The animals are trained to leave the arena in a certain order; I couldn’t send Regal out first and so get him out of the puma’s way. I was afraid to interfere directly between the two animals; if I should chase Regal down from his seat, there almost certainly would have been a fight."Ultimately, "Regal decided to end the annoyance." "This time, when I cued the puma to go back to his cage, Regal was ready. Just as the puma was passing but before he had time to reach up and clip the lion, Regal leaned down and swung with such a haymaker as I have never

(continued) The Top of the Food Chain 67

Before seen. He caught the puma on the side of the neck, striking with such force that he severed the head from the body as cleanly as though it had been cut off by a headsman’s ax. The puma’s body fell limp at the foot of Regal’s pedestal, and the head flew across the arena, struck the bars on the far side and rebounded, to drop on the ground like a spent ball… "Regal was still on his seat. I cued him to go to his cage, and he got down, stepped across the blood that was flowing from the puma’s body, and returned to his cage. His attitude was that of one who has performed a necessary, though perhaps unpleasant duty. He had removed an annoyance, and there was nomore to be said on the subject. When he returned to the arena for the next performance,he never even glanced at the place where the puma had been." -
Lion has the strength in striking to bare brains. -

its interesting, since even lionesses has similar striking strength: -

Both the elands fell, struck senseless by the blows of the lionspaws and by the grip of the powerful teeth just forward of the shoulder. -

The lion is part of the 4 big cats known as the genus Panthera, which includes ... It is the tallest of all known cats reaching a height of 5 feet 5 inches -
Bengal tigers (panthera Tigris Tigris) are smaller than the Siberian tigers. A male 
stands between 2 and 3 feet tall at the shoulder. -


Screenshot (110) -  

The Bengal or Royal Tiger (Jig. 614.) is the scourge of Asia and the Indian islands. Equal in size to the Lion, though generally inferior in strength, it wants not courage or ferocity to attack the king of beasts; a temerity which generally proves fatal. Ferocity cannot be more horridly developed than in the Tiger: it may, indeed, be termed a sanguivorous animal, for it will suck the blood of its victim previously to eating it, and will seize on any other that may come in sight; treating it in the same way. Its horrid avidity is such, that, while so engaged, it will almost bury its head and face in the reeking carcase of its prey. According to Marsden, the tigers in Sumatra are so abundant, that whole villages are sometimes depopulated by Bengal Titer. them. Yet, from a superstitious prejudice, it is -  

Tigers are bigger than lions, but lions may be stronger. Who would win in a fight? Most experts say that the lion would kill the tiger. -  

In a fair-shake showdown between a full-grown male lion and the same-size, same-sex tiger, animal handlers mostly bet on the lion. Although the tiger is regarded as being more bloodthirsty, treacherous and untamable, the physical differences between the two big cat species are slight, being mainly those of hide, skull and mane. he tiger has no mane, but old male tigers  have long, spreading cheek hair. Much of the lion-tiger difference is in - family  relations: a lioness never destroys its young; the tigress often does. The lion helps rear his offspring; the tiger forsakes  his lady love for gamier affairs. Physically, the lion has better forequarters and the great advantage of his mane because it protects the carotid artery and acts as a tangle for attacking claws or jaw. -

The lion, equipped with the most powerful killing arm in the animal kingdom, Zebra and Kongol are the lion's main food. He races alongside his intended victim and kills it with a single blow of his paw. -

The general form of the lion is stronger in front, than the proportions of his kindred tribes; and his broad chest and -


The lion's great flat paw came whacking down — but she had wheeled away, gulping and choking over the chunk of meat. ... He roared, and caught one of the other hyenas a glancing blow that bared white ribs - 

From that time until now I have seen a great many lions, shot some and handled nearly fifty specimens, so that I have made a fairly extended study of the measurements and anatomy of the king of beasts. I have tried also to study his living characteristics and habits, but that is much more difficult. After all, perhaps the most impressive thing about a lion is his fore leg. The more you know of elephants the more you regard the elephant's trunk.The more you know of lions, the more you respect the lion's fore leg and the great padded and clawed weapon at the end of it. It is perhaps the best token of the animal's strength. It is probably two or three times as powerful in proportion to weight as the arm of a man. He can kill a man with one blow of his paw. His other weapon, his jaw, is - strong  enough to break a zebra's neck at one bite. These are a rather rough measure of an animal's strength, but they give some idea of it. -

Carl was on badass of the week - -  

(Zoologist: Francis trevelyan Buckland) -  

The "pat" Of A Lion's Paw. 229 
A pat with this formidable weapon is positively a fearful blow; the Nasmyth's steam-hammer, working with elegant ease, will strike a blow which the spectator would hardly expect without seeing its effects. The lion's paw is the Nasmyth's hammer in nature 

(Nasmyth Hammer) -,_1st_Baronet -,_1st_Baronet  

I have myself," says Mr Barrow, the well-known African traveller, " witnessed an instance of a very young lion conveying a horse a mile from the spot where he had killed it: and a more extraordinary case has been mentioned to me on good authority, where a lion, having carried off a heifer of two years old, was followed on the track for five hours, above thirty English miles, by a party on horseback; and throughout the whole distance, the carcass of the heifer was only once or twice discovered to have touched the ground." The strength of the animal is still more fully exhibited, perhaps, by the manner in which he kills his prey. To effect this, he seldom or never uses his teeth or claws; a stroke of his paw is in general sufficient, and one of his blows has been known frequently to break the back of a horse. It is true, that at his first onset the whole - weight  of his body assists in bringing the prey to the earth; the attack being always made by a spring from a considerable distance—such a distance, indeed, as is alone sufficient to indicate his great power. For this spring he lies couching and preparing, in the attitude best fitted to give force to the exertion. Even when the prey is on the ground, he still uses his paw, till his stroke is mortal. -  


As a cat claws at a mouse which moves, not to kill, but merely to retain it, so the lion strikes with his sledge-hammer limb at the at head or leg or hand which his victim moves. As the bite is not necessary to kill, the blow from the mighty paws having already destroyed all power of resistance. 

~The book of popular science vol 2 Grolier Society, 1957 

"The weight of the lion's body, as compared with its size, is very remarkable, and is accounted for by the singular density of the muscles and the compactness of the - principal  bones; which latter, like the teeth of the hippopotamus, will produce fire with steel. The force with which he must alight after a bound of fifteen or twenty feet is, therefore, sufficiently obvious, and his massy paw will batter in the skull of an ox quite as effectually as if a sledge-hammer had been employed." To once again institute a comparison of the lion with the tiger, the average weight of the former, so far as can be ascertained, is considerably greater, and though "record" weights cannot help one much in finding an average, it is interesting to note that the heaviest weight authentically recorded of a lion is 583 lb., and of a tiger 54o lb. -  

(Steam hammer) -  

Antelopes, zebras and wild asses are much sought by them, but in those regions where wild game is being exterminated by the white man, they attack domestic cattle, goats, pigs, ponies and camels. Their powerful forelegs, nineteen inches around, and their great feet, armed with sharp, horny claws, constitute a terrible weapon whose striking power has been likened to that of a steam-hammer. Sometimes they kill their victim with a single blow, but if not, the huge paw may grasp the nose of the animal and jerk back its head so as to break the neck, or the cruel teeth may fasten themselves on the blood vessels in the throat. When several lions take part in a slaughter the leader usually consumes a "lion's share of the feast," while the others help themselves to what may remain. 

The lion is generally supposed to be a fearless creature, possessing those qualities one expects to find in a king of the animal world. -  


But a terrible explanation followed. This creature, having got to the skirt of the wood, expanded, by some strange magic, to an incredible size, and sprang into the open, with a growl, a mighty lion; he seemed to ricochet from the ground, so immense was his second bound, that carried him to the eland, and he struck her one blow on the head with his terrible paw, and felled her as if with a thunderbolt: down went her body, with all the legs doubled,~and her poor head turned over, and the nose kissed the ground. The lion stood motionless. Presently the eland, who was not dead, but stunned, began to recover and struggle feebly up. 

Then the lion sprang on her with a roar, and rolled her over, and, with two tremendous bites and a shake, tore her entrails out and laid her dying. He sat composedly down, and contemplated her last convulsions, without touching her again.,+a+mighty+lion:+he+seemed+to+ricochet+from+the+ground,+so&hl=en&sa=X&ei=SrocVMXpDYjYoASKqIK4AQ&ved=0CAgQ6AEwAQ -,+a+mighty+lion:+he+seemed+to+ricochet+from+the+ground,+so&hl=en&sa=X&ei=SrocVMXpDYjYoASKqIK4AQ&ved=0CAgQ6AEwAQ

There he is indeed a monarch, for, dreaded by all, he has nothing to fear from any living creature, save when by chance some solitary hunter, aided by his death-dealing arms,  wages unequal war against him. I have lived in his domains for months and months together, and have encountered him at all times, and under all circumstances; and the more I have studied his character and his habits, when in a state of nature, the more am I convinced of his right to royal precedence amongst beasts. 

His strength is unsurpassed by any animal in creation, not even excepting the tiger, for I have known him to break the spine of an ox with a single blow of his tremendous fore-paw; I have seen him stop a horse in its full career, and throw him back on his haunches; I have witnessed the skull of a living man crushed to pieces as if it were an egg-shell, by a lion already in its death-throes; and at night I have heard a marauder leap over the wall of a^cattle-kraal, seven feet high, taking with him a bullock, which he carried off as easily as a cat would do a mouse. Add to this terrible strength, the fearful gripe of his flesh-rending fangs; his peculiar faculty of being able to see in the dark; the noiselessness with which he is enabled to approach, and the distance from which he can spring upon his prey; and it must be confessed that in the darker hours of night a hunter, however experienced and well-armed he may be, stands but a poor chance against such a formidable antagonist. - -

The huntsmen arm themselves with shield and spear, and shield and sword. The shield to be used to partly ward off the glancing blow of the lion's paw, and to break its force and prevent its claws from getting home when dashing past the animal at a great pace and at an angle; no shield that was ever made, or no human being that used it, could stop a direct blow or meet a blow from a full-grown lion, so it is never ridden at direct -  

Young male lion, with one arm body slaming a wildebeest: 


(Trevor carnaby) -  

Some large lion kills, e.g. buffalo, giraffe, hippo or elephant, could take up to ten days to finish off completely. I know of a lone, large male (blind in one - eye ) that jumped onto the back of a large male wildebeest and broke its neck by pulling the muzzle back with one paw. -  

Samuel Baker: -  

The head and neck are larger, although, when boiled and cleaned, the skull does not exceed in size that of an ordinary tiger. It may be safely stated that a lion which measures 9 ft. 8 inches in length would weigh heavier than a tiger of the same dimensions. I have already described that the tiger when springing to the attack does not strike a crushing blow, but merely seizes with its claws. A lion, on the contrary, strikes with terrible strength, at the same time that it fixes its claws upon its victim. The force of this blow is terrific, and many a man has been killed outright as though struck with a sledge-hammer. -  

The tiger does not, like the lion. strike a heavy blow with his paw. 
~Chicago Tribune - Jan 4, 1905 -  

It is important to remember that there are two British emblematic animals. The lion, a natural king of beasts, does not much overestimate himself when he is at his best and sobered by occasional defeat. Many beasts are afraid of him — not the eagle, far aloft! The lion can strike a blow so swift that you lose sight of his paw. He is a cat as well as a lion. When he closes his jaws upon his prey he does not easily unlock them. He has persistence, power, "pluck," as the British say. I have great respect for the lion: he has done wonders in the world. -  

Like this source says, ask 9 out of 10 people who strikes the heaviest, and they will say the lion: -  

More accounts of lions killing hyenas:

The Warden heard a hyena calling very near his house one night, and ... One of the hyenas, engrossed in the feast and slower to retreat than his fellows, was killed by a single blow from a lion's paw.
~,+and+...+One+of+the+hyenas,+engrossed+in+the+feast+and+slower+to+retreat+than+his+fellows,+was+killed+by+a+single+blow+from+a+lions+paw&dq=The+Warden+heard+a+hyena+calling+very+near+his+house+one+night,+and+...+One+of+the+hyenas,+engrossed+in+the+feast+and+slower+to+retreat+than+his+fellows,+was+killed+by+a+single+blow+from+a+lions+paw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=tCZYVaaQFcSMyASxtYCYAw&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA - -  - ‎1969 - Snippet view - q=The+Warden+heard+a+hyena+calling+very+near+his+house+one+night%2C+and+...+One+of+the+hyenas%2C+engrossed+in+the+feast+and+slower+to+retreat+than+his+fellows%2C+was+killed+by+a+single+blow+from+a+lion%27s+paw&tbm=bks&oq=The+Warden+heard+a+hyena+calling+very+near+his+house+one+night%2C+and+...+One+of+the+hyenas%2C+engrossed+in+the+feast+and+slower+to+retreat+than+his+fellows%2C+was+killed+by+a+single+blow+from+a+lion%27s+paw&gs_l=heirloom-serp.3...50395.52391.0.52653.
One of three lions Jones, lulu and dickens...dickens kills a hyena:
Dickins easily killed a sturdy hyena with a single blow of his great front paw.
~ -  - ‎1961 - fly vulture -
Lioness kills hyena:
the cub into safety, Umnandi literally fell  upon the hyena, and with one blow of her great paw blotted him out of existence.
~The national review 1926 -
hyena may occasionally get killed by a blow from a lion's paw ; but on the 
whole they seem to find this risk worth while, for lions rarely touch meat after it 
has been contaminated by scavengers
~ - - Rennie Montague Bere  - ‎1966 - Snippet view -
Later the camera moved to show that the lion had, in fact, with one swipe of his 
paw, hit one of the hyenas and broken its back.
~ - - John Croyle  - ‎2013 - -


Straight up knock out power: 


Most powerful paw swipe in action: 


(What makes the tiger not have a broken sometimes is because of there flexability and agility in movements, still the tiger feels the pain) 

(Lion with one paw slaps a massive eland down) 

(Straigh up knock out power) 

Okay, so lets see it in action: 


Everland throne was occupied by the male lion over 10 years 

Yongin Everland Zoo know what it is, who fights and lions and tigers. The grow it as a lion and a tiger. 

Once the average weight, but the lion is slightly ahead of the level, is not a decisive factor in the game. The male lion is 200kg, females 140kg, a male tiger 180kg, larger than the tiger with a female lion 130kg. Is squirming around Cedar Lake. Lion boasts a stable posture to balance the total weight placed on both front foot and back foot. While the tiger is the weight mainly because your body can soon be put on the back foot rotation jeompeuryeok is excellent. There is also a slight difference between primary weapon. If the lion is massive paws straight from the stable posture primary weapon, the tiger is swift and quick jab Tapping value. Teeth attack a decisive role when the fight is similar to both. Digging deep into the flesh with sharp fangs are costs to 3ÜB length. film Showdown of the lion and tiger tuck. See example their fighting skills and habits from jeongsangjo keepers watched their fight 24 years from Everland Zoo. -  

Frank bostock:
of his paws he can break the neck of a horse," says Mr. Frank Bostock -

Beatty flirting with death one blow of the paw would splinter the chair to cues, and some of them become absolutely uncontrollable -

The tiger dosen't have the knock out power to K’O a lion 
The lion has a harder strike, and is mentally wired in battle: 
It is in the hot and dry plains of Africa that the lion is chiefly found. It is the most powerful animal of the cat tribe, to which it belongs. All animals of this kind feed on other animals, which they take by surprise…The fore paws of a lion are amazingly strong, so that he is able to break the brick of a horse with one blow, and there are few animals that can resist him when once he attacks them. -  

Personally. I am more afraid of a lions paws than I am of his jaws. Talk about uppercuts, left hooks and that sort of prize-fighting fancy shots! A lion is wonderfully clever and he does it without gloves. A lions claws take hold like a fish hook. A tiger or leopard gives with the paws a side slash that cuts like a knife.,1149737&hl=en -,1149737&hl=en

Personally believe, judging from qualifications I have seen them exhibit, that the lion could deal a more crushing blow with his paw than the tiger, but the tiger, being quicker, may be able to defend himself to a better advantage 293 than the lion. However, I would be the last person on earth to ever witness or encourage such a combat -

Louis roth:

Screenshot (106)

GENERAL CONSENSES -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= - - -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits= -  paw blow whales tail&searchLimits=


Lions strength in striking is usually always mentioned with him: 

Tigers greediness and savagery is always the highlight of him: 

No apex predator has the amount of practice on a vast diversity of prey as the lion does: 

Power paws…A blow from the paws stuns the prey: -  

A male lions shoulders and front legs are so strong that it can cripple animals such as antelopes and hyenas with a single blow -  

Immediate deatii follows a blow from its tremendous paw, and the prey is then dragged off to be devoured at leisure -  

In fact, it is the lioness that normally has to do all the difficult job of stalking and making a kill, and it is then that the lion, and usually a grumpy old lion, steps in and ... Dickins easily killed a sturdy hyena with a single blow of his great front paw. 
~I Walk with Lions: The Story of Africa's Great Animal Preserves, The Royal National Parks of Kenya, as Told by Their First Director Mervyn Cowie 
Macmillan, 1963 - Zoology - 245 pages 

It kills man and comparatively small animals, such as deer and antelopes, with a blow of its terrible paw, 
~ The Naturalist's Note Book: A Monthly Record of Anecdotes Reeves and Turner, 1868 - Natural hist 

The other lions follow, and the nearest brings the antelope down with a spring and a blow of its forepaw. 
~ antelope Rennie Montague Bere Arco Pub. Co., 1970 - Nature - 96 pages 

The lion's method of killing its prey is as follows : Small animals are knocked over with a quick blow of the paw, 
~J. L. Cloudsley-ThompsonG.T. Foulis, 1967 - Animals - 204 pages 

he came up to the zebra, he made a sudden spring and with his right paw struck the animal a terrific blow on the neck. 
~ Carl Ethan Akeley, Mary L. Jobe Akeley, Mary Lenore Jobe Akeley Dodd, Mead & Company, 1932 - Animal behavior - 260 pages 

blow from his terrible paw cun knock over the largest animals, and crush any of the smaller — a dog or an antelope 
~ 'New and old', ed. by C. Gutch 

antelope, for example, is either killed instantly by a sharp blow from the lion's powerful paw, or pulled down and 
~ Wild Life Illustrated: A Comprehensive Survey of the Animal Life of the WorldE. G. BoulangerOdhams Press, 1950 - Animal behavior - 512 pages 

blood, as the bite is not necessary to kill, the blow from the mighty paws having already destroyed all power of resistance. 
~The Book of Popular Science, Volume 2Grolier Society, 1957 - Natural history - 4294 pages 

That blow from the lion's paw may break the leg. If not it numbs it so badly the beast cannot use it 
~Nada: the Southern Rhodesia Native Affairs Department Annual, Issue 29 Southern Rhodesia. Dept. of Native Affairs 

an attempt to snatch a leg bone. The lion's paw, driven by coiling masses of muscle, caught him a blow that hurled his body twenty feet 
~ The way of the lion Alden Gifford Stevens Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1939 - Animals - 144 pages 

for, by a single blow, the lion can rip up the side of a horse or a buffalo. -  

A single blow with a lion's paw or an elephant's trunk will put an end to his existence. -  

him, but he was quite dead ; the blow with the lion's paw bad fractured his skull. -  

The strength of a full-grown Lion in his prime is prodigious; he can fell an ox with a blow of his paw, -  

a single blow of his powerful paw brought the antelope on its haunches, another struck almost at the same stretched its body lifeless on the plain -

Not only has the lion advantage of great courage—at least, except when comingin contact with those he feels to be his masters—and of great swiftness, but his strength is prodigious. He will fell an ox or an antelope with a single blow of his paw, -  

or I have known him to break the spine of an ox with a single blow of his 
tremendous fore-paw; -  

One enormous bound enables the lion to spring on its back, and one blow with his paw breaks its spine. -  
 he lion hardly uses his jaws in self defense, more so of his paws and claws: -  

strength of his jaw, terrible though it is, is as nothing compared to the force of his blows. With one stroke of his paw he can break the back of a bullock as he springs over it ; and the writer has seen a native with his head and neck literally telescoped by one of paws... 
~Idler Magazine 

(George Gilbert Goodwin) 

The lion hunts the larger game such as water- buck, wildebeest, and kudu, but it seems to prefer the zebra. ... In its attack on a zebra, an experienced lion will gallop alongside the animal and slap it on the neck with its mighty paw. Then the king of beasts slows down and waits for the zebra to fall. The lion's blow may not cut the skin, but it is delivered... 

(Charles Gutch) 
having learnt in our childhood that the lion is the king of beasts, a very type of fiery courage and princely generosity, ... blow from his terrible paw cun knock over the largest animals, and crush any of the smaller — a dog or an antelope for... 

Although, by this time, the lion is well able to take care of himself, he does not arrive at his full growth and force until he is nearly eight years old, and then he is truly a fearful beast. The tales that are told of the strength of the adult lion are almost incredible. At the age of three years he can kill a horse or an ox with a single blow of his paw; and a full-grown lion has been known to carry in his mouth an ox as big as himself for several miles, trotting along the whole time and never once stopping to put down his burden or to take rest. 
The roaring of the lion is also terrible, and quite beyond description. The Arabs have but one word for it, and that is, 'thunder. -

Lions are exceeded in size among the cats only by tigers; they may weigh up to 6OO pounds and measure 10 feet, nose to tail tip. And, next to the kick of a kangaroo, the swipe of the lions paw is unquestionably the most powerful blow in the animal kingdom I have been with African tribes whose language contains no word for lion for fear that using it would call the lion's attention to themselves. -

Death From Blow of Lion 

St. James's Gazette. V Some men are naturally fitted to tackle a lion; others are doomed if chance brings about so undesirable a meeting. The unfortunate man whom lions have killed at Blackpool is of the latter category. It is by no means certain, however, that the three inmates of the den into which he so unwisely entered attacked him. There was a similar adventure at Astley's. A man entered the theatre in the early morning and foud to his horror that the four lions , there had broken from their cage. One gave him a blow with its paw, then took him in its mouth. . The blow from a lion's paw is said to be after the stroke of a whale's tail and the kick of a giraffe, the strongest thing in nature. So that the victim was dead when the keeper went to the rescueOnly one lion had concerned itself with the man, and. was now sitting" over him as a dog sits over a bone. -

The lion is so-such a large animal, the lamest specimens weighing' not more than 400 or 500 pounds. But in proportion to his size there is no other animal that approaches his muscular power. The blow of his paw is like tlie blow of steam hammer in a foundery. Here is a characteristic example of his strength. A trusty and experienced, Transval hunter of Laiargue's volunteers observed a lion on the bank of the Nile, he volunteered to attack it alone and was put shore, he was armed with a single-'imrnHed, rifle. He advanced unconcernedly toward the lion, which had been standing, but now immediately crouched. When within, a few yards of the lion the Xakroovl fired. With a loud roar the lion sprang ou the man. gave him a trifle blow on the shoulder, and fell down by the hunter, who over moved. Now, mark the force of the lion's paw. With a bullet through his heart, tbe lion had struck such a blow that the Takroovi's hand hung from his hip. It had actually been torn from the shoulder and carried all the flesh and muscles from the ribs and the side. The arm only hung by a shred to the hip bone' . - Sir Samuel says in conclusion about th lion: "I shall always admire the calm dignity of appearan've, the massive strength, the quiet determination of expression, and tlie noli me tangere decision of this noble animal -

A royal bengal tigress and a fully grown african lion fought to the death the other day in a small zoo at argatala bengal. The lion dodged the first attack, but soon leaped into close quarters and killed the tigress outright. The lion is protected by his mane-which grows longer in captivity he must use one forepaw to balance himself while the tiger can balance on his hindlegs using both paws as weapons. The lion normally weighs about a hundred pounds more than his rival, but the added pounds slow him up. The tigers speed also discounts the more powerful punch, in the lions shoulder muscles. - 


But whatever the lion's object, the result of the attack was sufficiently patent, and I have never seen clearer evidence of the marvellous strength of these brutes than the terribly crushed condition of that ox. The great bones of the leg were splintered and the flesh a mass of black pulp and extravasated blood; and yet there was scarcely a claw-mark upon the skin,—all this injury had been done by the mere force -  

Ask ten persons what Is the strongest animal force In the world, and nine will reply that it is the blow from a lion's paw 

(Bottom right corner) -  

Be honset to thy self!

Posted By: J.A.W.
Date Posted: 05-Mar-2016 at 01:57
Another interesting historical literature review there, ta Prime.

The Journal of Morphology 270:729-744 (2009) has a scholarly article that compares
the grappling skills of cats, as advanced obligate carnivore predators & notes the strength/power of skeletal structures naturally rises in proportion to cat/prey size.

Dogs & even the much vaunted bear - do not compare favourably with cats - in grappling ability.

Curiously the article did not mention the striking power as you noted, (& seen in numerous videos)..

& I have experienced (much to my surprise) just how hard  even a 7.5 kilo pet cat can hit when it is serious, I sure would not want to be on the receiving end of a strike from a cat anywhere near my own ~95Kg, let alone one of the real biggies..

Other sources do cite head bites to  snout, throat, cranial , & spinal, via nape & sacrum - as choice of kill type by cats, & sure enough, my pet cat left a large rat's face on my doorstep, with the cranium back from its eyes severed, brain slurped out & gone with the rest, as if to scale, just as a youtube vid graphically shows a lion doing much the same to a Wildebeest.

Lions are also shown to catch fleeing prey by hooking a claw through a hind leg tendon, & hauling it down to be followed up  by a crippling bite which snaps the tendon, preventing escape.

There is a brutal video showing a trio of prime male lions ambushing a large female buffalo with her
newborn calf.. two of the cats pull thug duty on the adult - with one leaping high on her massive back, clearly seeking to apply a spine bite to the sacrum,  while his partner takes over at the head..
..meanwhile the 3rd lion just charges in & smashes the calf down with his fore-paws & does the nape kill bite.

Even the largest grizzly bear caught in that situation - would doubtless also be taken out - with such shock & awe.. a comprehensively sacked quarterback.. caught with the ball in hand.. 

Having read about how even more ruthlessly aggressive the famed ( & sadly extirpated) Barbary lion males were, I'll bet the rare Atlas brown bear that lived in the same region avoided them - if they could..

That combination of high testosterone/adrenaline hormone release, high level (~60%) of skeletal muscle- with that fast twitch fibre matrix  , powering strong/dense bones featuring dynamic geometry
allowing follow through ( that even Mike Tyson would envy) together with a big-hearted primary will to destroy, does make lions fairly impressive.

Especially since they spend most of their lives - when not dedicated to dominance - asleep,
 & will allow their infant progeny to fairly share their meat, & take other liberties, largely unpunished..

Be Modest In Thyself..

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