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Leopard kills Tiger

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Topic: Leopard kills Tiger
Posted By: Prime
Subject: Leopard kills Tiger
Date Posted: 15-Jan-2015 at 21:42
Well according to most, leopards cant kill a tiger because the tiger is bigger, stronger, heavier, longer, with bigger claws, paws, harder bite ect ect...but one thing is fact, the tiger is not protected any more than the leopard is at the throat, belly and other vital insta kill spots. People assume the leopard would explode on impact if the tiger even nips the leopard, but this isnt the case, as leopards are the most current diverse big cat to have faced the widest diveristy of todays inter specific knowledge and experince is whats on his side. The leopard also can kill things that out weight your average tiger 4 times heavier than the largest sub-species of tigers, Giant eland:

So the whole power struggle argument is rather weak, it will depend on who can get to the throat first, the leopard being faster, having more dexterity, more flexible and alot more agile, seems to hold the leverage in terms killing the other. Here are a few instances leopards have killed tigers:

Leopard kills 4 year old tigress ~The hindu times -

Already within the steel inclosure was a great, heavy bodied tiger, and the look of searching ceasefed... struggling in vain as it sought to loosen the hold of a leopard at its throat, for Beauty bad attacked again. Five shots were left and Delaine fired them all at the two beasts which came at him in one. Beauty clinging grimly to the Bengal’s throat... Crowds. The madness of panic—then quiet. Beauty was back in her cage again, licking at the clawmarks on her shoulders and breast, yowling softly now and then with the pain of it, but in her brain the tugging pain had ceased and there was peace. Beauty had killed a murderer—

lions have killed polar bears, small leopard has killed a
large tiger. Usually a Polar bear can kill any of the big cats
page 204-205 -

Tiger killed by leopard in fight in circus arena at Peru -

Chita meant to hold on until he felt his teeth meet in his opponent's windpipe. And through all the terrible struggle. Diogenes, the Numldlan lion, sat on his pedestal, lazy, goodnatured, only calmly Interested in the life and death fight of his fierce fellow pupils. "When the circus men separated the two big cats the Bengal tiger was dead, and the black panther, torn In twenty pieces, was dying. Carmen was unhurt, except for a few slight bruises caused by her fall on the floor of the cage. - -
While being held down the leopard clawed the tiger's breast until there were great wide gashes in the big animal, which soon began to weaken. Continuing its clawing, the leopard, finished its enemy by tearing out the tiger's vital organs. Then the leopard, torn and bleeding, fell exhausted beside the dead body of its adversary. The trainer and other attaches of the circus say the growls and howls and howls of the other animals during the battle were terrific and the excitement was intense.,+and&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&prmd=ivns&strip=1 -,+and&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&prmd=ivns&strip=1 -

As I increased my group by bringing in new animals, of course, there were troubles. The creatures would fight, at times, and I had to make peace with the whip and the pistol. I have never used any red hot irons and don't approve of them. Sometimes a beast was killed. One of my very best performers is a leopard that has killed a cheetah, two boarhounds, a tiger and a polar bear,,+a+lion+kill+a+polar+bear.&hl=en&sa=X&ei=DiqRU67xMI74oASHnoLgCQ&ved=0CAYQ6AEwAA -,+a+lion+kill+a+polar+bear.&hl=en&sa=X&ei=DiqRU67xMI74oASHnoLgCQ&ved=0CAYQ6AEwAA

leopard disembowels tiger (Both shot after) -

Leopards are known to attack and kill tigers -

Leopard dominates tiger -

What about pound for pound," I asked the animal expert who has spent most of his life 'bringing 'em back alive.' "There's only one answer for that one," Buck said. "It is the black leopard, a pack of dynamite which is always looking for a fight, a lightweight that even the tiger ducks. -

If it truely was about a strength factor, then male tigers atleast would be undisputed to female tigers, who on a common logic would apply the male being the stronger of the two, but still, that did not stop tigresses from killing males:

There was a full moon on the night of 10 November 1981 when a tigress and two cubs appear to have been walking down the Lahpur vallet nearly 20 kilometres from Jogi Mahal. She must have spotted an adult male tiger walking the opposite direction. Indications existed of the cubs scampering away. The tigress seemed to have conintued towards the tiger then risen and gone to sit in the sandy part of a nearby stream bed. Obviously at this moment the tgiress was doing her best to be affectionate with the male and bid him a rapid farewell before any interaction was possible between him and the cubs. But it did not work. The cubs seem to have attempted scampering back to their mother, probably finding the insecurity of separation to much to take. At this moment there must have been havoc, and some incredible vocalization was even heard in a guard post some 2 kilometres away. It appears that the male moved in a flash towards the cubs, and the mother was forced to take quick action. With a leap and a bound she attacked the male from the rear, clawing his right foreleg before sinking her canines in and killing him. It was an amazing exmaple og instinctive reaction: a tgiress killing a prime male tiger to save her cubs from possible death. The make must have been caught completelyby surprise and just succumbed. Later the tigress proceeded to open his rump, and eat off his hind leg. Tiger eating tiger: this was a rare example of a fatal interaction between time.

Tigress kills male tiger -

The, tigress hurled herself upon her companion, and. seizing him by the throat, left him dead, stretched upon the crimson sand. The tigress knew he was dead.She evidently knew, too, that she would soon be dead herself, for. she was mauled beyond recognition. . As she sat there unsteadily upon tier haunches, rooted -

Chennai Vadalur: A four-year-old white tiger died of head injuries when an attempt by the zoo authorities here to get him to mate with a tigress -

Âs Keepers said the attack on Raiah was apparently a surprise, with one female going for his throat and the other attacking his hindquarters. Tried Drowning Zoo officials didn't Isarn of the fight until someone dashed into the main office saying "two tigers! arc trying to drown another one." When they reached the outdoor tiger grotto, Rajah was lying in a moat and the two females were snarling menacingly at the edge of thewater. The big tiger died shortly. The three had been together since they were kittens and never I had trouble with each other before, even at feeding time. -

Shenzhen Safari Park happened the day before yesterday afternoon, "murder" in the region beast Valley dissipate into the atmosphere more than just being playful slapstick Bengal tiger, which one male and one female Bengal tiger self-fulfilling prophecy when playing, to become a real fight, Breeder summoned for vixen veterinary first aid, but [because the wound is too deep, where he died.
Guangdong "Yangcheng Evening News" -

Tigress named Princess kills large male tiger: -

Tigress dominates male tiger: -

After the tigress realized her meal had been stolen, she laid in wait for the offending tiger to return. The Metro reports she surprised the male, then slashed him with her right paw. Seven seconds later, the tiger fight ended and--despite his larger size--the male fled. -

Q. Which is the fiercest fighter, the female tiger or the male? A. Female, evidently. When she has a litter, the male oftentimes tries to kill the cubs. But can't Not with her there. -

A tigress in India attacked and killed a male tiger that threatened her cubs -

The leopard to me diserves more credit as it actually is well rounded for survival, to where wild dogs and hyenas cant stand against him one on one, if the leopard is against odds, he is smart enough to take to trees, as there are very few accounts of hyenas killing leopards, but there is alot accounts of wild dogs killing tigers: -

Leopards are capable of killing formidable animals too:

The panther had torn off the gorilla's right arm and was clawing and chewing at his victim as the ape fought flat on his 'back. -

Leopard kills gorillas -

I no longer think of the tiger as the prince of the jungle let alone some call him King, when a King is suppose to rule, not be ruled... although I do think of the tiger as the most beautiful color patterned of the big cats, I lean more to the leopard in overall prowess. I also think the general consenses of worldly views of the lion as King and not the tiger, is...if you think about it, is size via mass really what elects a King, Raja, Tsar, Momarch Cheif ect...?...No, its a combiniation of leadership, prowess, power, smarts, combined with heiarchy, majestic looks (not to be confused with beauty), valour, and most important Magnanimity. Just thought I share the true facts on leopards vs tigers, as some sites like carnivoraforum is hilarious since they think fights are only ever close when things are parity, having instead not caring about the actual truth...but instead wants to play expert and say sheeple tendancy's like bigger, most dont think its possible, with that notion less people will even bother to look for something that is pretty much right dead smack in front of them, as I think there could be inverse hundreds of times leopards have killed tigers.

Afterall, most like to imagine tigers average 1,000 lbs and can slay one ton bears, and kill bull elephants all by them selves...when in fact the largest population of bengal tigers via sundarbans, are actually roughly the same size as the leopard himself: -

If a leopard can kill massive 500+ lb tiger, I think on the tigers true averages (all sub-species combined) the leopard has a shot. Or you could go back to thinking in the fantasy land that a leopard will blow up into a million peices if a tiger nips him because the tiger is bigger and stronger, and that tigers weigh tons, are as long as a small bus and kill bull elephants so that means it would take 20 leopards to kill a tiger. lol No, it only takes one small, young, female leopard to kill a full grown male bengal tiger straight from the shown.

Be honset to thy self!

Posted By: Prime
Date Posted: 20-Feb-2015 at 15:21
Like the account of Chita the leopard that killed a Polar bear, it shows just how much the fighting attributes are superior to the tigers, for a leopard to have killed a polar bear, the biggest, heaviest and largest of bears would mean the leopard could kill any of his smaller bear-relatives with the same accord...with tigers its different...the tiger has probably the poorst showing casing against unlike most smaller big cats, they dont mess around and go straight for the kill, the tiger instead wastes his time standing bi-pedal trying to play the bears game, but the bear is the superior in that stance and is ultimately the tigers major down fall having that position expose and exploit his own throat and under side which results in getting him killed more often, as records shows:

Tiger dies in fight with sun bear:

(Sun bear...weigh 60-176 lbs) - -

Bear kills tiger in seconds:

A muzzle-loading flintlock was a poor weapon with which to face half a ton of grizzly that had never learned respect for man and knew no rival. Before the United States came Into possession . of California, the Spanish ranchers used to rope grizzly bears and make them fight wild range bulls in log pens. One time a grizzly was matched with a tiger on a barge in San Francisco bay and killed the tiger in a f eW seconds. -

Bear kills tiger:

Bear defeats tiger:

3 instances of bears killing tigers in the wild and porcpines killing tigers too: -

Black bear kills tiger:

The tiger appearced to be inflicting more damage. Its mouth was full of black bears hair. The The tiger, agile and strong as it was, was less enduring. It was used to killing instantaneously. It was not adapted for a drawn-out struggle, and soon the tables turned. It was getting the worst of the fight. The bear's powerful jaws closed on its throat. The cat roared hoarsely and beat about in death pains. That was the end… -

Sloth bear dominates tiger:

She bear kills female tiger and male tiger: -

Bear defeats tiger:

Roman Proske, famous trainer of big cats, lost two tigers and a lion to bears -

Russian bear defeats bengal tiger:

Down toppled Lll, landing right in front of Bill's pedestal. In a split second the besr made a leap for the "fallen foe, grabbing her' from .behind by the neck. Bill bad one of those unbreakable holds and he snapped the big cat's neck before she had a chancs to defend herself. Lll died a few minutes afterward. Needless to say1, the bear had a tremendous advantage In this . brief encounter, but the occurrence astonished me none the less. While Bill was sure to have a big early edge when he attacked, the chances were a hundred to one against his quickly getting that,, unbreakable hoid. If he didn't succeed in doing this, ha was a goner, for tigers are lightning - last snd Lil would have quickly brought her claws and teeth into play and made an end of that over - ambltlous bear -

Bear kills tiger:

Artifact of bears killing tiger:

Bear kills tiger:

Till date, there is no records of a tiger killing a full grown male brown bear.

Be honset to thy self!

Posted By: Prime
Date Posted: 07-May-2015 at 17:59
Bull gores tiger to death instantly: -
Several tigers are killed in a battle royal with leopards:
A panther suddenly made a pass at a tiger and in a few seconds the cage was filled with snarling, whirling beasts with the professor in the middle of a ton of animated fury, clawing and howling around him. When it was over and the fur had settled five animals were dead and the dancing cougar maimed for life. Only one, a lion, was unhurt, he having sat out the affair on a high perch. Doctors took 60 stitches in Keller’s skin to close cuts and gashes. -
German trainer had to replace a tiger who was killed by the leopard:,2690403&hl=en -,2690403&hl=en
Tigers were often pitted against leopards but the leopards were so powerful that
the tigers could hardly ever beat them. ...
She adds that the king had also
arranged a fight between two tigers and a horse, who had the distinction of
having killed ... -

Be honset to thy self!

Posted By: Prime
Date Posted: 12-Jun-2015 at 23:41
Abramov 1962 (in Schaller 1967). occasion a female killed a male to
protect her cubs and at it. These instances are not routine affairs among tigers it
also reveals that male tiger have sympathy towards females but they dislike cubs -
There are instances when male Tigers have been killed by female while approaching very near the cubs. -
The most convincing proof of this gratifying change was that a tigress, feeling hungry in the night, killed a tiger -
A tigress died after winning a fight with a leopard: -
There also seems to be another film out there of a fight between a leopard and tiger: -
Our records show the presence of groups of tigers in an area and we have found
on one occasion a tigress eating a male tiger that she had killed to save her cubs
from being attacked. Some of Corbett's descriptions on how a tigress teaches -
Tigress defeats a ambushing male tiger in the wild:,+with+a+final+hiss,+stepped+aside,+and+the+defeated+adversary+slunk+away+into+the+gathering+shadows+of+the+forest&dq=the+tigress,+with+a+final+hiss,+stepped+aside,+and+the+defeated+adversary+slunk+away+into+the+gathering+shadows+of+the+forest&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAGoVChMIgeH1wbSRxgIV1RCSCh36AQDq - Tryst with Tigers
Long before dusk the tiger appeared. It was a big animal, much bigger than the pugmarks near the " kill " indicated. I was about to take a shot when I discovered two small cubs running by its side. I
gave up the idea of shooting and watched them. Surely these were uninvited guests who had found a sumptuous feast. They started helping themselves with great gusto. They were in the middle of the feast when they were suddenly interrupted by the angry growls of another tiger which rushed out from behind the bushes.
The tigress whipped round and faced the newcomer. For a brief minute they sized up each other with bared teeth and fearsome hisses. Then they rushed at each other, clashed and disengaged. Again they faced each other, their heads at  an angle, growling and hissing all the time, stepping aside, parrying, watching and making passes. And then, in a lightning motion, the tigress pounced and knocked down her adversary. I could not see clearly what happened next, as they were partly hidden by the carcass of the buffalo.  After a while the tigress stood up, and then I saw the vanquished one lying under her on its back, with its paws in the air. They remained in this position for more than a couple of minutes At the end of this brief encounter the tigress, with a final hiss, stepped aside, and the defeated adversary slunk away into the gathering shadows of the forest -,+which+could+have+been+territorial+or+in+protection+of+cubs+a+dead+tiger&dq=a+fight+between+a+tiger+and+tigress,+which+could+have+been+territorial+or+in+protection+of+cubs+a+dead+tiger&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAGoVChMIhsO71ZqRxgIVhEqSCh2ukAAe - The Tiger in India: A Natural History
an unusual instance of a fight between a tiger and tigress, which could have been territorial or in protection of cubs. He writes: The Cachari villagers living a mile east of Jhargaon jheel, which is between three and four miles south of Rowtabagan railway station in Darrang, Assam, reported a terrific noise of tigers fighting on the night of January 30-31 last On the morning of the 31st they went to see what had happened, and in heavy grass found a dead tiger lying on its back, severely mutilated. An amphitheatre of flattened grass, about fifteen feet across showed there had been a great struggle. -

Be honset to thy self!

Posted By: Tigris
Date Posted: 15-Sep-2015 at 14:22
I have made every emphasis to write this post adhering to the Coc, and respecting rules. 

However stumbling upon this topic I am compelled to state this.  What is your point in this topic? That a leopard has killed a tiger and even a female leopard has killed a male tiger ....

Here is a source that shows a tiger killing a leopard over territorial dispute .

And that Sloth bear , well there has been a documentary on a tiger killing a sloth bear . It goes both ways.

You must hate tigers. Cape Buffaloes and Hyenas have killed lions but I have not gone out of my way on AE to make another thread on ' Hyenas kill Lion' or ' Buffalo gores Lion.' 

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 15-Sep-2015 at 15:01
''However stumbling upon this topic I am compelled to state this. What is your point in this topic? That a leopard has killed a tiger and even a female leopard has killed a male tiger ....''

A point I have pondered reference ANY of these animal threads x vs.y etc. In point of fact, I should have, considered, closing a number of them as spam, afaic,...but ole Red and I like to encourage they are here. each his or her own.

There's obviously some learning value here...somewhere (tongue in cheek). If for no other reason than it can be viewed as fun and informative for some whose interest lie in such. For me, it's just not an interest. Because in the end. I can find an example of where a cougar was bitten by a rattlesnake, poisoned and died even tho he got the snake. Enuff Vet friends have told me of this.

I also know that in nature; an extraordinary amount of circumstances can occur, that might allow a victory of one versus another. Or even a preponderance...but you will forgive me if I simply state...that's boring for me and nothing new.

So yes, I know I don't have to participate...others certainly can...but imo, repetition for repetitions sake, a variant on a variant...not just here; as this an old boring.

Ntl...carry on. As I note to each his own.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: Tigris
Date Posted: 15-Sep-2015 at 17:05

Absolutely . Nature is such that victories could go either way or end in a draw . Animal X beats Animal Y, and on another instance Animal Y beats Animal X.  
Or Animal X and Y fight and the outcome is a truce because both animals got hurt and tired. This has happened also. 

I quote you ....'There's obviously some learning value here...somewhere (tongue in cheek). If for no other reason than it can be viewed as fun and informative for some whose interest lie in such.'

Fun and informative I would like it to be . I was not aware that the tiger featured in the Most Extreme Strength programme on Animal Planet. I came across it and was sincerely surprised at how the lion was not included.

Posted By: Prime
Date Posted: 29-Dec-2015 at 14:32
The reason for making this thread was to show the capabilitys of the leopard, surely one as above has posted countless of feats of tigers, I see no reason why feats of leopards should be erased from history. But of course, it comes to the point of tiger fans just cant handle that their supposed unbeatable tiger lost to a leopard who is 1/4th the size of them and that the male tiger is not the alpha, but the female tiger is the one who usually disposes the male in a fight disproving the myth that the bigger one wins 100% of the time.

Be honset to thy self!

Posted By: Prime
Date Posted: 03-Mar-2016 at 03:46
Heres the whole account of a leopard killing a full grown male bengal tiger:

Screenshot (118)

Screenshot (116)

Screenshot (117) -

I'm surprised the lion wasnt the savior, but then again...the leopard was probably a african leopard, looked at the lion and said...I got this.

  1. - 11/Geneva NY Daily Times/Geneva NY Daily Times 1902 Nov-Oct 1903 Grayscale/Geneva NY Daily Times 1902 Nov-Oct 1903 Grayscale - 0408.pdf

Be honset to thy self!

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