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I found an strange medal back at home

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Topic: I found an strange medal back at home
Posted By: Malden
Subject: I found an strange medal back at home
Date Posted: 28-Sep-2014 at 12:01
Well hello, since I am new because I made this account just to post this (even tough, I found this forum quite interesting). My grandma died a few months ago and we were cleaning his belongings, in which we found quite a strange medal. She's was Arab, more specifically from Damascus. So I was wondering if someone could help me tell wich kind of simbology this medal has. Or more simply, where it comes from. Don't hesitate in asking me for more photos. In advance, many thanks

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Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 28-Sep-2014 at 12:14
Is there anything on the other side? Photo of it might help.

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Posted By: TheAlaniDragonRising
Date Posted: 28-Sep-2014 at 21:04
I believe it might be called a talisman of Venus. Does it have a penticle on the other side? If I'm correct it's to protect against evil spirits.

What a handsome figure of a dragon. No wonder I fall madly in love with the Alani Dragon now, the avatar, it's a gorgeous dragon picture.

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 29-Sep-2014 at 03:41
Yup. I'm with you Dragon. Looks kabbalah.. Enochian; or pagan Wiccan to me..though the crosses might be represented slightly differently. The giveaway is the Star of David....Jewish symbols...etc.

As for Damascus? No secret there. Old home-religious site for Jews and later Christians. Still is... if any are left alive in this current mess called Assad's Syria. Very holy very sacred City.

Grandma might have been a secret one of either or knew someone who was.
Lots of Arab Jews and or Christians once upon a time.

One of the more famous of those types was Hayyim ben Joseph Vital from Safed-Damascus.

Change the subject slightly..Dated one of them wiccan (allegedly white) witches about 15 years ago near Enid, Ok. Lasted about a month. And then I got the hell out of there.

Old Comanche medicine man from up on the Anadarko said she was 'bad medicine'.. that was good enough for me. Told me flat out...''stick with shit ya know''. She had one like the pic above..and other weird shitze lying around. Ceremonial daggers and plates etc.

Matter of fact I had a severe case of the 'runs', after getting out. Lasted bout a week. probably her fault.


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