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Influence of Hinduism in South East Asia History

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Topic: Influence of Hinduism in South East Asia History
Posted By: sharwina_7
Subject: Influence of Hinduism in South East Asia History
Date Posted: 19-Jun-2012 at 09:18
there is 11 country in south East asia: 
-Thailand -myanmar -Laos -Cambodia
-philipiness -brunei -Malaysia -Singapore
-Indonesia -Vietnam -East Timor. 

1-In SE Asia history is that each and every country there influenced by Hindu/hinduism? At least for small period of time?
2-lets share what we know about each country, when did thailand influenced by Hinduism? when is cambodia? how about brunei? vietnam and so on. lets talk about each country in what period of year they influenced by Hinduism.

Posted By: Nick1986
Date Posted: 19-Jun-2012 at 13:14
Toltec's the best person to talk to about this, but i could find a few useful books for you. Here's one on Cambodian Hinduism: -

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Posted By: Cywr
Date Posted: 19-Jun-2012 at 14:35
Angkor Wat in Cambodia is technically the world's largest Hindu temple complex. The Khmer Empire had Hinduism as one of its official religions.

The Champa Kingdom of modern day Vietnam was mainly Hindu for must of its existence.

Indonesia/Malaysia as a region was traditionally animist religions, but was later influenced first by Hinduism, then Buddhism, then Islam (and a smaller scale Christianity).

The Philippines, pre-christianity, too was influenced by Hindu culture, Imported from the Javanese Majapahit Empire. When the Spanish arrived many of the Island leaders were referred to as Rajas.

The whole of South East Asia as a region has evidence of Brahmic scripts being used at various times during their history, the languages full of loan words frokm Sanskrit and other Indian languages, and there remain Hindu minorities all over the region.


Posted By: Nick1986
Date Posted: 19-Jun-2012 at 19:41
Here's a short overview you might find helpful Sharwina: -

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