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What is AE?

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Topic: What is AE?
Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Subject: What is AE?
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 18:50
I recently was asked is the response.
** It is one of the oldest and main forums for historical purists in a general and specific form depending on your interests. Historium is another,sought by many, but junior in age to AE. There is another version of AE.. also out there... that was originally a breakaway group of members here. Who illegally sought to take over the domain name and site. For all of them.... have had an outstanding membership contribution base at one time or another. The problem you will find is not age difference...military purist or specialist.  All of them have something of merit. All  membership involvement or diversity in nationalities aside.
It lies within the staff and administration and ownerships priorities to either allow a site to become merely an advertisement vehicle to make money. Or whether they allow an infectious mentality of feigned-false intellectual superiority and ridicule of members less knowledgeable...hence ''a clique mentality''. Or whether the admin-owners and staff fight this and welcome any and all no matter the skill level.
We at AE do the last. Why? Because we believe in the concept of furthering the study and increasing awareness of the need for the study of history and an enjoyable exchange of that effort in particular.
We have several professional educators, current and retired, to include military and civilian collegiate level here. And for those type in primacy, this is their goal. Consequently, we do not necessarily equate that as a means of stroking personalities or egos. I have no need for that at my age, for example, nor do the vast majority of others here.
So continue to feel free to participate and I encourage you to do so. And continue to feel free to ask questions.
That imo is what AE is...have we had and or encountered that which I despise? Yep.
But until the man who owns this place dies and I love him well...we....and I... will speak for we... gives you this answer.
Remember.... here... we speak civilly and honestly.... without fear of administrators in the pockets of owners financial gain or their individual lack of commitment because and or due to apathy of action.
Bet my ass on it.Wink

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: Nick1986
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 19:03
Well said CentrixClap

Me Grimlock not nice Dino! Me bash brains!

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 19:55
On the button my friend.Wink

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

Posted By: Don Quixote
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 19:58
Well said it is!Smile
And that's why I'm proud and happy to be part of this wonderful site. Academic research and well-written posts supported with lots of evidence and links, and civil atmosphere where one can share ideas and look for info - what more can one ask forSmile!


Posted By: tjadams
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 23:34
Forums have a 'vibe' and a 'tone' to them; all are different.
But it can become quickly obvious what forums want members to wear
blinders and those that allow a level of comfortable freedom of speech. 
Some forums extract poison from the same flower that yields honey
to others. AE is a stand alone unique flower in a field of flowers. 

Posted By: Michael Collins
Date Posted: 25-Feb-2012 at 05:05

I didn't know you had a poetic bent TJ! Smile

And a nice post by CV, in his inimitable style.

Is í labhairt a dteanga an moladh is mó is féidir linn a thabhairt dár namhaid.

Posted By: tjadams
Date Posted: 25-Feb-2012 at 15:29
Originally posted by Michael Collins

I didn't know you had a poetic bent TJ! Smile

See, I'm not the multi-headed hydra that some make me out to be. Tongue

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