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Becoming Human

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Topic: Becoming Human
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Becoming Human
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2010 at 19:37

In "Birth of Humanity," the second part of the three-part series "Becoming Human," NOVA investigates the first skeleton that really looks like us–"Turkana Boy"–an astonishingly complete specimen of Homo erectus found by the famous Leakey team in Kenya. These early humans are thought to have developed key innovations that helped them thrive, including hunting large prey, the use of fire, and extensive social bonds. The program examines an intriguing theory that long-distance running–our ability to jog–was crucial for the survival of these early hominids. Not only did running help them escape from vicious predators roaming the grasslands, but it also gave them a unique hunting strategy: chasing down prey animals such as deer and antelope to the point of exhaustion. "Birth of Humanity" also probes how, why, and when humans' uniquely long period of childhood and parenting began.

This is a Nova show showing on the Public Broadcasting Station Tuesday September 7 at 8 PM. 

Posted By: Cryptic
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2010 at 20:19
Thanks for the information.  I have always liked anthropology and will be watching it.  The PBS series, The Human Spark was also very good.  I just wish that their website forum was a little more activeConfused.

Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 01-Nov-2010 at 19:38
If only PBS or their radio program had not fired some one, then who knows?

Maybe I would have enjoyed it also?


Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 02-Nov-2010 at 09:35
Off topic,       and getting very close to trolling. 

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

Posted By: lincy
Date Posted: 14-Jul-2019 at 06:18
It was very interesting to read. thanks for sharing the post. 

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