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quantum suicide

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Topic: quantum suicide
Posted By: pekau
Subject: quantum suicide
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2007 at 02:01
What a bizzare theory. I personally cannot rationize this. Any comment about this? -

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Posted By: Styrbiorn
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2007 at 09:32
Don't worry, the inventor of the thought experiment of quantum suicide disagrees with the article himself.

It was proposed as the only experiment that would show different outcomes depending on which of two different interpretations of the world is correct (Copenhagen or Many Worlds), but the problem is that the person who possible could have seen the difference would be dead! That article you showed at "howstuffworks" is just some kind of popular science version that doesn't have much to do with the original (and Tegmark, who the article uses as a source, doesn't believe in the immortality blabbering).

Read this instead: 

Posted By: Chilbudios
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2007 at 10:17
Thanks for the paper, Styrbiorn, it looks like a good lecture for today!

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 06-Dec-2008 at 01:27
i came across this thought experiment when i was reading about string theory's evolution... Makes you think about what later happens to all these different outcome "slices," could potentially drive you insane...

awesome avatar by the way pekau!  

Posted By: Whiteice
Date Posted: 06-Dec-2008 at 02:53
I saw something like this on the History Channel a week ago. It was talking about there could be many more yous, just in different dimensions. They could die in their dimension, but the yous in other dimensions still ive and all live different lives and have different stories. Personally, I don't think it is really possible, if even plausible.

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Posted By: Dacian
Date Posted: 29-Mar-2009 at 00:11
there is a theory about each elemental particle having an option of movements for each minimal time unit. combining everything you get with a infinite dimensions each with an unique path of evolution or sorts.

now for each minimal time sample in the sequence, each dimensions spawns the number of dimensions equad to the number of particles times options per particle

kind of an overcomplicated BS that people with brains come with after smoking too much weed put it in a simple way

this just puts a arbitrary constraint on the particle (direction of spin) and puts it in a understandable form for most

wish I remeber who came up with original one though

Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 23-Apr-2011 at 10:27
If there are split personalities why would not be more than one dimensions!In one i am alive another one dead!?!

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 23-Apr-2011 at 13:59
The theory the other poster is speaking of isn't about dimensions.  It's part of the new understanding of paralell or alternate universes.

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Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 23-Apr-2011 at 14:07
I know Red!It is a paradox!If I go in past to kill myself is better version!

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