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(Robin Hood) Is he real???

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Topic: (Robin Hood) Is he real???
Posted By: Guests
Subject: (Robin Hood) Is he real???
Date Posted: 13-Jul-2007 at 09:58

im not trying to be funny here but this is a topic ive recently studied in my history class based on fact or fiction tales

because ive only recently learnt about it

If you do know more do post

Posted By: Josip
Date Posted: 13-Jul-2007 at 11:11
When I was doing an essay on William Wallace, I came across the theory that Robin Hood is basically a rip-off of him. Other than that, no idea. 

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Posted By: King John
Date Posted: 13-Jul-2007 at 12:20
An English Historian, named Ralph V. Turner, has done some studies on "Robin Hood." Prof. Turner has done extensive work on King John, so if anybody has the answer to that question it would be in one of his books. You could also check in W.L. Warren's book King John there might be an answer there as well. Also take a look at J.C. Holt who wrote a book entitled Robin Hood.

Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 14-Jul-2007 at 08:47
My own reading of the Robin Hood legend is that it is a myth developed in the 13th century to foster and explain the cementing of the Saxon and Norman peoples into the English, notably through Robin's (Locksley's) swearing of allegiance to Richard.
Ironic because Richard wasn't particularly an English king in fact, but legend made his reign the turning point (which actually came later, arguably under Henry III/Edward I.) 


Posted By: Penelope
Date Posted: 15-Jul-2007 at 00:20
Most people agree that Robin Hood never even existed. But at the same time, some believe that he is merely based on a famous peasant revolutionary from Wakefield. Which would in turn mean that the story itself originated in Yorkshire, not Nottinghamshire, setting the original story in the 1320s.

Posted By: Balain d Ibelin
Date Posted: 15-Jul-2007 at 01:12
ezycompany, I agreed with Penelope

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Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: 15-Jul-2007 at 09:27
Robin Hood gained popularity in the Medieval mind in the 14th century, just after William Tell, which leaves a lot of scholars believing he was just an anglacized version of William Tell.

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Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 15-Jul-2007 at 10:32
Originally posted by Paul

Robin Hood gained popularity in the Medieval mind in the 14th century, just after William Tell, which leaves a lot of scholars believing he was just an anglacized version of William Tell.
But Tell did not swear allegiance to the Austrians.
It's fundamental to the Hood myth that, although Saxon, he accepts a Norman king. (Though not a Norman tyrant or usurper.)


Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: 15-Jul-2007 at 14:05
But all the royal stuff probably came later as properganda by the government to make a radical legend conservative.
A villian who robs from the rich and gives to the poor is a menace to the state. One who swears allegiance to a rightful king isn't. None of the ealry legends mention he is anything but a villain and disgree on the period.

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Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 21-Dec-2016 at 09:20

Someone has blocked or is blocking me from being able to post on the blue boar Robin Hood forum anymore. So i have to post this that i worked on on last 1-2 wholedays here instead. There were a few RH threads/topics in search forum so just had to pick one.

(Keep getting forbidden, no permission to post reply there today. More persecution from Rome. Or have i been banned there because i said a few negative bits? Always the way, dirty rotten secret blockings etc against me that no one else knows about. (Sorry if it possibly wrong paranoia, but is strange thing & timing that never happened before.) I tried to use my years old other yuku account (i hope i don't get banned for multiple accounts, i had troubles when first joint years ago) but seems to have been deleted or else not remember/noted right password or username. I tried to create a new account there but still blocked from posting permission.)

Threads/topics on blue boar i was trying to reply to:
(and )

A new timeline attempt. (Was going to post the timeline in "RH lists" thread/topic and the comments in the tidbits thread, but have to do in one post now.)

876 Ivar the Boneless
1042-1189 utlaga/utlagi
1066 hastings/senlac
1070s Hereward the Wake
1065/72/1075 Waltheof (son Robert (Ranulf earl of Chester))
1080 Brunn/Bourne (Lincs);
1086 Doomsday book;
1095-1272 Crusades
"clues date to (lat) 11th cent" (RH legend)
11th & 12th cents Marian cult reached apogee in W Europe
b1110-d1165 Sir Robert Foliot
1111 Owain robberies
1111 Dunmow bacon
1120-9 Ranulf le Meschin 3rd Earl of Chester
1123 first park (woodstock)
1127 wild hunt in sky observed by people
1129-53 Ranulf de Gernon 4th Earl of Chester
1138 Peter of York, John of Beverley, Wilfrid of Ripon
1138 Scots raid N England, Abp appeal 'men of Sherwood'
1140 new bridge over trent
1140 Nott burned
1140-1194 outlaws
1141 battle Lincoln, appeal to 'men of Sherwood'
1153 Nott burned
1154-1189 Miller of Mansfield (300 pounds) (Henry 2)
1156 Nott town wall rebuilt
1160 "RH born" (Ritson 1795)
1160-1218 St Robert (Flower) of Knaresborough
1160/c1200-1220 Richard de Legh (Lord of West Hall, Legh, Cheshire)

1166 Robert son of Odo of Lochesleia Warwicks
1166-1553 Molyneux family of Loxley Warwicks
1175 Edwinstowe
1179 William Trussel/Russell
1179 Richard de la Lee & his bro Hugh set free an unnamed prisoner
1181 "a boy named Robert sacrified by the Jews"
1181-1232 Ranulf de Blondeville 6th Earl of Chester
"1185 RH's supposed escape from prison"
"1188 RH & LJ Whitby Abbey/Laths"
1189-1199 K Richard 1 chased "hart" from Sherwood to Barnsdale
by 1190 drop in merchant & trading traffic, rise in religious
1190s Robertus filius Odonis (liber niger sicarrii) *
1191 priest or monk of pipe-roll [supposed to be similar to RH & Monk]
1191/4/7 Robert de Hood/Huda (Northants, 7 entries piperolls)
1191-1221/1254 Robert de Huntingdon le Scot
1194 storming/siege of Nott Cas by K Rich
1196 "Fitzodo of Loxley is no longer a knight"
c1196 Robert fil Alan de Ridale;
betw 1160-1196? 'master R' (of church of welburn, ridale letters);
1196/1202/3 (sir) robert (fitzodo/fitzooth) (of Harbury/Loxley/Uttoxeter)
1198 Robert de Hood (Cumberland/Cumbria)
1198 Herkelea, Rogsi
1198 / 9th Rich 1 "RH died" (RH grave, Major HMB 1521)
1199 "RH & LJ" (Rapin's)
1199 Rob de Hodelme *
1199 Will Scarlet (Somerset)
"12th cent" LJ's Shot (Dublin)
1200s Robin more pop than Robert
1200 : 15 kts sent after Fulk Fitzwarin (Shrops/Welsh)
1200-1215 Giles Bp of Heref
1202 Ragnild wife of John Hood
1202-3 Baldwin (de) Hod(e)net;
1205-9 extension of Nott castle
1206 Robert Hod (Lincoln assize roll) *
1210 robber (rule of St Francis);
1210/1225/1226/1227/1265 Robert de Kyme (of lindsey/at wenlock) outlaw (grievious offenses); *
c1212-6 robert son of robert fitzwalter
[c1213] Major Oak 800 yrs old
1213 Robert Hood (servant of Abbot of Cirencester, Gloucs)
1216 "R." chaplain of Robert Fitzwalter
1218 Livery giver
1221&2 Linton near Wetherby in St Peters lands/juristicion
1223-30 Robert Hod witness deed at Follifoot next to Plumpton park fro Will de P & Rob de P;
1224 franciscans & dominicans in England (Henry 3)
1225/6-34 Robert(i) Hod outlaw/[felon?] (cross, St Peter 1234); *
1225 Robert Hod (Bucks);
1225 Hod fled;
1226-7 Robert Hod fugitive, Iuonis/Ivo Marton, William Warin Ottringham Holderness *
1226-30 Robert (of) Wetherby
1227 forest laws
undated 13th C 'lib niger' 'Robert Fitzodo/Fitzothoh'.
ear 13th cent : 2 inscribed bells of Skelbrooke church

1227-28 Hobbehod  (St Peter's York 1227) (Owen). *
1229-30 Robert(i) Hood fugitive/[felon?] & Iuonis *
c1230 pre-cricket
c1230/34 Robert Hod (Worcs)
1230/1240 RH (Berks)
1231 sir robert thwing of danby;
1233-4 Robert Hod S Petr cross in Grimston *
1234 Robert Odde (Somerset)
1237 Robert Hod (Devon)
1241-63 Robert Hod de Linton (Wetherby) *
1242 Robert son of Eudo
1242/5/7/8 Robert/Robertus (de/of) lokeslay/lokesley/Lockesly/locksley
1242-3 RH de Linton
1242/1250s Henry 3's Assize of arms
1244 Dunmow bacon
1247/1274 "RH died" (RH grave, Ritson 1795)
1248 Gilbert Blanchard
1250 Grey friary Nott
1251-3 Sherwood/Shirewood
1254 william de Cauntelo buried Studley
"1254 Robert de Huntington pardoned"
1258 unknown William Tuk
1260s Robert Hod (Yorks) *
1260s/1265/c1272/1276 Roger Godberd outlawed?

1261/2 William de Fevre / (William) Robehod/Rabunhod (Berks)

1262 St Richard of Chichester
1263 RH Hereford,  
1264 Robert de Ferrers outlawed
1265 Baron's revolt
1265-72-1307 Edw 1st
1266 Will de Grey Sh of Nott in conflict with outlaws in Sherwood *
1266 "Robert Hood & LJ, disinherited [Lincs], sicarius, mass, piety, c1266" "k H3 & prince Ed 1" (Fordun/Bower 1440).
1267-70 Roger de Doncaster (Nott)
1271 hats first mentioned (Henry 3)
1272-1307 "RH, Sherwood" (Edw 1) (Polychronicon/Luxford)
1272 Nott, Leic, Derb, ways, woods nos of robbers... (Patent rolls)

1272 William Robehod (Berks)
1272 John Rabunhod (Hants);
1272 Alexander Robehod (Essex)
1274 Richard Hood [son of Rob Hood] of Sowerby
1275 Scarlet family (Blidworth)?
1275 / late 13th cent Gododdin
1276 Carmelite friary Nott
1279/80 "Scarlet Cross" [Scarlet Close?]
1279-81 brun Robin de North Coldone
1279-88 Sherwood/Shirewood
c1280 Jeu de Robin et Marion
1280 Eoth K's felon Connaught
1283 "LJ & RH Inglewood & Barnsdale" (Wyntoun's 1420).
late 1200s Sowerby forester John de Midgley
13th cent unnamed outlaw, Muskham chronicle

1283 Robertus Robehod of Walsham le Willows (Suffolk)
[1285] Roberdsmen/Robertsmen 13 Ed 1
1285 Statute Winchester Edward I everyman arms;
1286/1296 Gilbert Robehod/Robynhod (Sussex)
1287 William Scathlock (St Mary's);
1290 Sir Richard Foliot
1290 Edward tourn
later 13th cent : Edward 1 recruited men of Sherwood
1292 Broun Robyn de Holm of Holderness
1292 Hostel Robin Hod/RH Inn London
1292 little john & petit johan

1294 Robert Robehod (Hants);
1294 Robert 3 Butler (b 1275)
1294 Robert le Mouner [Miller] of Paynel Hoton 1294 (Skelbrooke)
1294/1297/1318 London councilor Robert Hod/Hoode
1295/1323/1337/1353 kt Richard de Touneley/Townley
1296-7 John Hood [of Sowerby]
1298-1304 exchequer/chancery at York
13th/14th cent setting of ear ballads
13th cent Haxey hood?
1300s (Gawaine &) Green Man
"14th cent Rich of Westminster/Cirencester's" 'ed Situ Britanniae'
14th cent peasants still oppresed & downtrodden
"there were no friars in Engl before the 14 cent"?
livery not til 14th cent?
1300-78 Robert "Litelrobyn"
1301/9 Roger de Doncaster; 1302 Roger of Doncaster
"1304" William Wallace "Scottish Robin Whood" (18th cent)
1305 robert/broun Robyn le Batour
1306 Barnsdale rife with robbers *
ear 14th cent Guard raised passing thru Barnsdale *
1307-27 Edw 2nd (sodomy, Berkeley castle)
1308/1314/16/23/47 robert hood of wakefield/bichill/locewode (& John Littsells, William Stoodley, Michael son of Miller);
1309/1331/32 robert (hood) the grave of wakefield/at alverthorpe;
1310 Rob(ert) de Brunn
1311 Roger Robelard/[robarde?]
"by 1316" "william de studley dead" (Wakefield court rolls)
1317 William de Trent (Stanton)
1318 Will(iam) Scarlet
1318 [liteljohn?]/John le Litel (band radiers)

1319 RH's Cross (Derby)
1319 defenders from York
1319-21 Richard de (la) Lee
1320-7 John de Montkyl & John Parker robbed TK of S (Edw 2)
1322 Little John of C0ckcroft
1323 Robert_le_brun
1323 investigations Royal Forests (Plumpton park)
1323 king Ed 2 in Lancs
1323 Edward 2 visit Nott
1323 Littel John (made off with deer, Yorks)

1323/4 Robyn Hode/Hodjadis porter K Edw 2 (Hunter) *
1324/6/7-1340/6 RH's Bay (correspondence); *
betw 1324-46 witteby
1324/6 Dean of Doncaster
1325 Katherine Robynhod (London)
1327-77 Ed 3rd (parliament 15 x York, ref to as oure cumly king c1339, Bernesdale in records of, aid from Saylis);
brother Robert of York (of Knaresborough, K Edw 3)
1327 roger son of william of doncaster
1327-8 Robert de Wodehouse (Pontefract?)
1328 tournament york
1329 goods carried away Skelbrooke
1330 Edward 3 crept into Nott
1330/1333-1515 longbow

1331 Roberdsmen/Robertsmen 5 Ed 3 (Statute Winchester)
1331 robert hood of newton (near wakefield) (Hunter)
1331-3 Robert de Wodehall
1332 Robert Robynhoud (Sussex)
1332 William de Skargill/Scargill
1332-3 Plumptoun Laund / Plumpton Hay, 1332-5 Plumpton walled in
1333 dangerous spot Galtres Yorks
1333 Roger de Doncaster
[1333 robert hode/hood of/at stanley?]
1335 parliament York
1340s York mystery plays
1341 Fordun (doesn't mention "RH & LJ 1266")
[1341/2] Rob./Robert de Edenstow/Edwinstowe 14/15 Ed 3
bef 1344 Richard de Leyes (Staffs)
1344 Satelites of Satan Fountains Abbey
1346-7 Saylis/Sayles contributed aid to K Edw 3
1346-9 Sherwood/Shirewood
1347/1374 "RH died".
1349 Richard Rolle at Hampole

1350-1520 merry/merrie england
1350-1550 2-handed longsword
last half of 14th & beg of 15th cent grievances of poor
1353 shire-reevs tourn in brighouse
1354 Robert Hood (Rockingham/Northants)
1354-67 John Litel
c1355 tournaments Edward 3
[1357] William (de) Trent of Gunthorp 30 Ed 3
1359 haxey hood;
1361-4 Sir Richard Vernon (Gascony 1361, pilgrim 1364) *
1363 royal writ K Edward 3, sheriffs proclaim everyman learn archery
1363 Robert de Edwinstowe
1366 roger de Bangwell rector of Dronfield in Doncaster
1367 Robert de Huntingdon (Yorks)
1369 Chaucer's Canterbury tales
1371"RH attended St Mary's ch adj to Nott Market" (G Kirkby)
1371 Mary patron St of Tailors Guild / Guild of St Mary
1372 Rober Hotot
1376 York mystery plays
Foliot lords of Wellow to late 14th cent
14th cent Gawaine & Green Knight
1376 Gower (Robin/Marian)

c1377 William/Robert (of) Langland 'Piers Plowman' (RH & Ranulf EofC)
1377 English
c1377-84 Fordun 'Scotichronicon' ("Robert Hood & LJ, sicarius, mass, piety, c1266")
1379 Agnes of Handworth & Robert Hode
1380 rob Peter to pay Paul (Wyclif)
1380 mayor John Gisbourne
1380 poll tax; 1380/1 peasants revolt (John Ball, Jack Straw);
1381 Hobb the Robber
1381 Robert Robynhoud (Sussex)
1381 Robert Hood of Hereford (merchant)
1382 pardon of Robert Dore "Robin Hood"
1382/1409 William Tempest of Studley
1388 4th black death/pest
c1390 The Merchant's Surety **
1393 uprising Cheshire/Chester
1394 Richard 2nd visits Chester
1394 Sir Guy of Warwick
"no Robert of Huntingdon bef 1397"
1397 archers Cheshire/Chester
1400 Brunn/Bourne (Lincs)
1410 "RH was here" Lincoln cathedral
1410/1420 'Linc Cath Lib Ms' ("RH in Sherwood", 1st RH song/rhyme)
1412/1414 roberthoad (a woman)
1414 most friars expelled
1417-29 Robert Stafford "Frere Tuk" (chaplain from Lindfield Sussex)
c1420 Wyntoun's Orygynale Chronicle ("LJ & RH Inglewood & Barnsdale 1283").
1422 RH's Stone, Slephil (Monkbretton Priory cartulary)
1429 legal maxim (RH in Barnsdale),
1429 Piers Venables likened to RH
1432 "RH in Grene Wode in an acrostic in a Parliamentary return"
1432 Reynoldyn (in comic list of outlaws in the Wilts parliamentary rolls)
1438 Robene Hude (ship, Aberdeen)
1439 misdoers in Derbyshire "like Robyn Hode"
1440 Bower revised Scotichronicon interpolation ("Robert Hood & LJ, Barnsdale, disinherited, sicarius, mass, piety, c1266")
1441 Robynhodesmen (Norfolk)
1444 William Tempest of Studley
1444 Richard Robinson a servant in household of Earl of Shewsbury
later half of 15th cent enclosures, Livery
after 1450 / 1465 / 15th cent RH & the Monk (earliest ballad, LJ knows paths Sherwood well, Nott);
c1455 Vernon (Yorkist).
1456-60 John Robhode/Robewode of Walsham
1460 an unknown monk / Witham priory chronicle /  'Polychronicon' margin, 'Luxford note' (RH, Sherwood, Edw 1) (2009).
1460 robbers; 1461 robbers;
1461-93 comely K Edward 4th reigned 22yrs (merchant king, Tanner of Tamworth);
1468 RH & the Potter (Wentbridge, Nott, unnamed forest)?
1469 Robin of Holderness / robin of redesdale
c 1470s/1475 RH & the Sheriff (earliest Friar Tuck ref)
1485 RH's Close Notts
1488/1489 Robin Goodfellow(’s brother) (Yorks); 1488 Hodekin;
1492 Star Chamber complaint (RH & his men)
1498 Roger Marshall of Wednesbury "RH" (Staffs)
after 1400s RH's Tower Richmond Castle
c1500 Gest (Saylis, went at a bridge, Barnsdale, St Mary's York, (forest close to) Nott, Kirklees)
c1500 Barclay's Ship of Fools (RH or MM)
1500s RH & LJ Inn Hatfield
c1503 RH & the Potter?
1509-47 alleged Robin Hood from the reign of Henry the 8th
1518 May games (Somerset) (Robin Wood)
1521 Major HMB
c1540 Leyland's Collectanea Itinerary
1540 rob Peter to pay Paul
1544-51 katherine & john robhood
1548 wake-robyn/robin_Wake
c1568 Kirk-o-Fields
1569 Grafton (way)
1584 Reginald Scot (Robin Goodfellow, Hodekin);
1592 Stow's AoE (rib rich give poor)
1598 RH('s) Buttes Cumberland/Cumbria
late 16th cent Shakespeare
1598/1601 Munday (Robert E of Hunt)
1600s Dodsworth
1607 Camden
1609 Guy Fawkes & assocs branded "RHs" by Robert Cecil
1622 RH Tower York
1622 Drayton's Polyolbion
c1637 Jonson 'Sad Shepherd' (RH)
1652/1680 LJ's grave St Michael's Hathersage (Derby)
1673 RH's Butts (Surrey);
17th cent Broadside ballad (1st appearance Alan a Dale)
mid-17th cent Percy Folio ms
1700 RH's Cave / woods of Bishops hill
1700 1st RH placename Sherwood
1765 Percy
1786 John Little (Beeston, Notts)
1795/1820/32 Ritson ("RH born 1160, died 1247/1274 at 87 yo")
18th cent William Wallace "Scottish Robin Whood" ("1304")
1818 Sir W Scott 'Ivanhoe'
1852/83 Hunter (RH of Newton)
1883 Pyle
1911 Encyc Britannica
1936 Owen (Hobbehod)
1957 R Graves
1976/7/1997 Dobson & Taylor
1982/9 Holt
1984 Carpenter/ITV Robin of Sherwood
1985 Bellamy
1987 Keen
1991 RH Prince of Thieves
1994/97/2003 Stephen Knight
1997 Child
2001 B Green (Yorks)
1997/2007 Ohlgren
2009 Luxford (1460)
2009 JP Davis 'Unknown Templar'
2010 Baldwin (Godberd)


At this time of year we wonder about the RH Grave inscription "24 kalends Dekembris" [or "18 November"] "1247" [or "1347"].

Regarding the Bishop of Hereford [or Ely] there is a question of if the "Bishop's Tree" is actually genuine or not, and so whether the bishop was traveling between Hereford/Ely and York, or if was a local Hereford/Ely Robin Hood separate story merged in.

I wonder if Robin Goodfellow indicates Roger Godberd?
Jolly Robin and Jolly Roger??
Bonny Robin and Br(o)un Robin??

Re 400 pounds of Sir Richard, i found 300 pounds in the Miller of Mansfield which supposed to be set in Henry 2nd's reign.

I always still wonder if Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims connect with Robin Hood. It is just so strange that quite a few characters so similar.
Chaucer -- RH:
Knight -- Sir Richard at Lee
Squire -- Little John?
Yeoman -- Robin Hood?
Prioress -- Prioress of Kirklees
nun --
monk -- RH & the Monk? Tuck?
Friar -- Friar Tuck
Merchant -- cf Robert Dore of Wadsley?
Clerk of Oxenford --
Barrister/Sergeant-at-law --
Franklin --
poor parson - similar to - Robin Hood.

RH & LJ & WS
Robert Bruce, John Balliol, William Wallace??

From the new timeline we post in the RH lists thread:

We have divided/broken the timeline into sections with the breaks at places of seeming significant historical Robin Hood dates.
Strange that St Richard may suggest date later than Hobbehod. (Could St Richard also imply anything else about Sir Richards name or location??)

1166-c1377 seems to be the maximum range for Robin Hood candidates.
It is interesting that 3 witnesses/sources claim RH was in 1266-1283 time period (Bower, Polychronicon, Wyntoun). (Though why didn't Fordun mention?) This is time of Godberd (& Foliiot). Sheriff of Nott conflict with outlaws 1266, and numbers of robbers in 1272. Fits with St Richard.

Interesting that there are a few possible Lincoln(shire) RH connections: Kyme of Lindsey; Lincoln Green; Witham ms; Lincoln cathedral ms; [Sir Richard G & St Mary's Cathederal?] [Witham sword?]

I am puzzled by the Hobbehod versus Kyme dates and pros & cons.

K Edward 3 seems to have quite a few pros for being king of Robin Hood of the Gest. Gest says "Edward", and the "our (comely) king" implies writer/composer was contemporary while its date would be later rather than earlier. Edw 3 parliament 15 x York, Edw 3 ref to as oure cumly king c1339, Bernesdale in records of Edw 3 (in British History site, which i can't view unless pay for), Edw 3 aid from Saylis, crept into Nottingham, robertsmen, brother Robert of York [Friar Tuck candidate], tournaments, royal writ everyman archery. Plumptoun Laund / Plumpton Hay during Edw 3 reign.

Edw 1: every man arms, tourn 1290, recuit men of Sherwood, roberdsmen, polychronicon, statute Winchester everyman arms, barnsdale rife with robbers. Time of Robert Butler of Skelbrooke.

Edw 2 (of Hunter's theory): visited Nottingham, in Lancs (like in Gest), "sodomy" (like French claim of RH / merry men), Berkeley similar to Kirklees, investigation royal forests incl Plumpton Park, porter named RH (jadis may imply previously).

Edw 4th: 22yrs, "comely", merchant king, Tanner ballad.

I am wondering if a research more into the 6 or 7 main sources (Muskham chron, Lincoln cath ms, Wyntoun, legal maxim, acrostic, Bower, Witham, Monkbretton) might lead to further connections/leads/discoveries.

2 sicari dates: liber niger sicari 1190s, "sicarius 1266" of Bower.

Fluoridated water ("kool-aid", wormwood) (& fluoridated food) wrecks disadvantaged peoples (like me) lives/health/ability.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 28-Dec-2016 at 12:12
Yes Robin Hood is real and is Roger Godberd, now proven.

Robin Hood persons, places, etc.

Roger Godberd (& John Deyville) persons, places, etc.

Abbot of St Mary's

~ Simon of Warwick (justice in 1268) 1258/1263? Abbot of Gerewedon/Garendon (feast St Mary 1266)?

"Adam (step)father of Robin Hood"?

~ stepfather Anketil de Swaninton?

Alan/Allen-A-Dale (story alt told of Will Scarlet)

~ Garendon/Gerewedon (charter(s))? St Andrew the Apostle? Anketil of Swanington? Baldwin de Akeny? W de Helynn? Jocelin Deyville? Alan a Dale is a late entry so might possibly not be part of original history? [or ... de la ...? or Alanus Dale (Giffard 1266-79)?]

Bishop of Hereford

~ Gaol/Sheriff of Hereford (Godberd) [1275]? Abbot of Gerewedon/Garendon? [or John de Breton debts/owed/disappears c1255/1261/1265? "Hereford RH 1263" (Graham)? William Bereford justice of King's bench (Edw 1)? (John Romanus) Abp of York (hunt 9 days in yr) &/or Hugh de Stapleford (15 Edw 1)? Hugo de Hereford (Giffard)? Mr Symon de Hereford? Pardon to Henry de Penebrige Hereford 1267-8? Pardon from Abp to men of Stratford on Avon 1267?]

Bishop of Ely

~ Godberd robbed Stanley Abbey? [or Robert Deyville of Ely 1266/7? Robert Hod of Ely/Cambridge 1269?]

David of Doncaster

~ Walter Devyas/Deuyas/Deyvas/de Euyas/de Ewyas? J/R/N/J Deyville? Diva?

Dick Partington/Patrington

~ Richard de Gaham, parson of Schirlond?

Curtal Friar/F(f)rere Tuck(e)/Tuk(e) "of Fountains Dale/Abbey" ("chaplain", "lusty/bawdy", "wore an artificial phallus", "RH offers him a lady free", "Abbot of Misrule", fool)

~ Dick Partington/Patrington

~ Richard de Gaham, parson of Schirlond (of Roger Godberd's band)? [R Toks?]

[~ Parson of Chaucer's CTs?]

(Robin Hood) earl of huntingdon

~ Roger Gode-berd of Swaneton/swaninton/swanington? Anketil of Swanington? Gerewedon/Garendon?

Gandelyn/Gamelyn [Gam(e)well]

~ (Godberd came at) Gerewedon/Garendon? William fuiz le Chapeleyn? [Evesham? Kenilworth?]

Gilbert Whitehand

~ Herbert de St Quintin? or else Walter de Ewyas/Devyas/Deuyas/Deyvas/de Euyas? or (Roger) Godbert? [&/or St Giles?]

George a Green the Pinder of Wakefield

~ Geoffrey Godberd? Roger de Remes? Gilbert de Preston? Richard de le/la Vache/Wache? Baldwin Wake? Baldwin Akeny?

["Guy of Warwick"

~ lord Earl Warenn? See Sir Guy of Gisburn.]

High Justice

~ Reginald justice of Chester? or Simon of Warwick justice in 1268? [or J de Cobbeham (Justice)?] [or William Bereford justice of King's bench (Edw 1)? Geoffry Labley chief justice in Eyre of the k's forests north of Trent? Hugh Nevil justice of the forest?]

John Little/LeTall/Naylor of Hathersage (always count money, like brother to RH, "Scot", knows Barnsdale/Sherwood)

~ Et Sire Jo(h)n Deyville/D'Eyvile/deEyvill/deDaiville ("a man clever/cunning/canny (or hard or hot) & a warrior strong/doughty") (keeper of forests north of Trent) 1260s? or son John Deyville of Adlingfleet (served at Falkirk 1298)? or else John de Haversham? or John, son of John? and/or RG versus Jordan Le Fleming [cross Jordan river]?

King & Prince (Bower) / King Edward (Gest)

~ Lord Edward, later king Edward 1 1265/1272/1290/1298?

knight Sir Richard's son

~ Edmund son of Richard Foliot? or Roger son of Richard d 1274? [and/or son John 1298?]

Much/Midge (Michael/Mitch/Mickey/Mike) "the Miller's son" (sometimes replaces Will Scarlet as 3rd)

~ William de Mungumry? (or William de Maysam?) [&/or quindene/feast/day of St Michael / Michaelmas?] [or Nicholas de la Hus’?]

monk (in 'RH & the Monk')

~ "a certain monk killed there"?

[Parson (Chaucer)

~ RH? parson of Schirlond? Preston?]

Robin Hood / Robard Hude / Robin Goodfellow / gode Robyn / Robyn(e) Hode / Robin_A-liue / Robin of Loxley / Robert Hood earl of huntingdon ("gode yeman") [may be connection of RH with St Peter('s) (of York)?]

~ Roger (de) God-berd of Swaneton/Swaninton/Swanington (accused of & denies being "a public criminal of many burglaries, homicides, arsons, and robberies ...and ... larceny", "says that he has always thereafter conducted himself well and faithfully towards the said king and his heirs and everybody else", lands in Leic(ester(shire))/Leyc, son of Anketil of Swanington, at Gerewedon/Garendon) [compare Roger Robelard, Jolly Roger]? [and possibly Robert_le_Lou (lands in Northants)? and possibly Robert Deyville (family home at Hode/Hood 1264)?] [Godberd could mean good beard in connection with popish "St Peter" had bushy beard?]

Ranulf earl of Chester [~ killed a Ralph?]

~ Reginald de Grey (justice of Chester, Sheriff Nott)? and Godberd imprisoned at Chester? [and possibly steward of Earl of Chester?]

Reynold (Greenleaf)

~ Reginald de Grey? [and/or Reginald le Porter (Giffard)?] [Gerewedon/Garendon? Lea? Leic/Leyc?]

Sir Richard at Lee (as if 2 diff kts, changed livery 2nd visit)

~ Sir Richard Foliot (changed sides) 1263/4/1271/2? and/or Richard de la Vache/Wache? [and/or Sir John Deyville?]

Sheriff of Nott

~ Reginald de Grey? William de Grey in conflict with outlaws 1266? John de Balliol Sh of Nott?

Sir(e) Guy(e) of (Good) Gisb(o)urn(e) (capull-hyde) :

~ Warin [Guarin] de Bassingburne "who had died"? [+ "indicted/aquited for death of William fuiz le Chapeleyn?] [& eve St Giles 1264?]

Red Roger &/or sir Roger of Donkesly/Donkestere/Doncaster [cp Lancaster] [possible insider]

~ Roger de Remes? or Robert le Lou (knight, lands in Northamptonshire)? or Roger de Leukenore/Leukmore? [or (Sir) Roger de Doncaster/Denecastre/Donecastre (1266-79) (Giffard)? or Roger de Doncaster (Nott, 1267-70)?]

St Austin

~ Augustinians 1256? [or Newstead/NovoLoco of St Augustine c1170 (H2)?]

St Charity

~ St Calixtus [Caracalla] 1266?

St/Virgin Mary ("our dear lady")

~ "on Saturday next after the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Mary" 1266? [&/or Margaret?]

St Quentin

~ Herbert de St. Quintin?

St Richard of Cirencester

~ St Richard of Cirencester 1262? Richard de Gaham, parson of Schirlond?

Sheriff's cook/butler

~ Nicholas de la Hus'? Ralph le Boteller?

Simon over the Lee, the Noble Fisher man (Robin Hood pseudonym) [Fisher King?]

~ Roger Godberd was of Swaneton/Swaninton/Swanington in Lei-cester (and served under Simon de Montfort Earl of Lei-cester)? [Gode-berd might mean good beard and link with Simon Peter who popists claim had bushy beard?]

"Thomas brother of RH" (~ Thom(s) on RH grave?)

~ Walter Devyas/Deuyas/Deyvas? Richard de Gaham? St Bartholomew? Stephen brother of Sir Richard Foliot? Thomas earl of Lancaster? Thom(s) on RH grave? Little John? Swannington? Jordan Le Fleming? Preston? [Thomas Furnivall? Thomas Deyville 1322?]

Will(iam) Scarlock/Scarlet/Gam(e)well) (earl of Maxfield, "cousin", sometimes replaced by Much as 3rd, story of Alan a Dale alt told of WS)

~ William brother of Roger Godberd? and/or William de Grey? or Parson of Schirlond? or William de Maysam? or (Walter Ewyas) indicted for murder of William fuiz le Chapeleyn? [or William le Wasteneys "who has died"?]

Will Stutley

~ Robert de Estutevill/Stutevill/Stute-vil(l)e/estotevile/estutevil(l)e/stotvile? [or Walter Devyas?]

William Goldsborough [Will Scarlet?]

~ William (brother of Roger) Godbert?

William aTrent

~ William (le) Wasteneys "who has died" (Godberd)?

[3/4: (Robin,) John, Will &/or Much

~ 3: Roger Godberd, John, William de Grey, Reginald? or Roger Godberd, John Deyville & Walter Devyas? or Roger Godberd, Roger de Remes, Nicholas de la Hus'?]

Merry Men / 7 score men

~ Godberd could call on a 100 men? "Reginald de Grey ... fighting outlaws in Notts, Leic, Derby"? Numbers of robbers... Notts, Leics, Derby, ways 1272? Wrongdoers/evildoers? [mainpernors?] William de Grey in conflict with outlaws 1266? K Edw recruited men of Sherwood? [his accomplices?]


~ feast of St Bartholomew? wood of Bullewell? Foliot's Fenwick? Ferresdale (Rufford recs)?]

[Gam(e)well/Gangreel [Gamelyn]

~ Fenwick/Fenwyk? [Evesham? Grymestone/Grimston 1264? Hampole? Campsall?] See Gandelyn/Gamelyn.]


~ RH's grave Kirklees? charter Kirklees c1240? Sheriff Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh 1274? vill Lea? Earl's Steigh? Mary of Edwinstowe? Kirk(e)by Fields/Moors? Kirklond/Birkland? Kirkby in Ashfield? Kirklington? Skelbrooke bell Ear 13th c (& Hampole)? Birkby (Giffard)? Birley/Berlay/Birlay? Berkelay? Kirkella/elvele/elveley? kirkeleye? Kirkleatham?]


~ Lewes 1264? a vill called Lea (12 mi east of Blythe, near Fenwick/Deighton)? Leyc/Leic(ester(shire))? la Vache/Wache? field of Bullewell? [or Annesley? Leen? The Meadows? Felley? Thurgaton A Lee? Haddlesey?]


~ Kenilworth 1266/c1322 (Loxley manor granted to Kenilworth priory 1253)? Robert le Lou (lands in Northants)? Leic(estershire)/Leyc? vill called Lea east of Blythe? [or Lovely Grange Field (Aldox/Oldox/Oxton)? Broxtow? Luvereshale? Novo Loco (Newstead)?]


~ Lincoln? [London? Nicolas?]

(earl of) Maxfield

Montfort? Maysam? [axholme? adlingfleet?]


~ Nottingham? [&/or Northamptonshire? &/or Newgate Prison?]

Pass(es) of Lancaster/Lancashire

~ Bassingburne? feast of St Lawrence? Leicester(shire)?

Plumpton Park

~ feast of St Bartholomew?

[RH's Grave (stone / cross / tree / cave , road)

~ RH's grave Kirklees? RH's Crosse? Scarlet cross? Skelbrooke bell Ear 13th c? Hexgrave Park? rock near Blidworth? RH's Stone (Slephil)? Major Oak?]

[Saylis [salix]

~ ...? and/or Godberd robbed Stanley Abbey Wilts [Salisbury]? or St Calixtus 1266?]

Sherwood (LJ knew)

~ Deyvilles refuge as outlaws in Sherwood? Godberd in Sherwood/Charnwood? K Edw recruit men of Sherwood later 13th cent? Perambultion of Sherwood forest 1232/1286/7? parson of Schirlond? [Beskwode?]

Sir Richard's castle (doubled ditched, by rood)

~ Fenwick &/or Jordan castle.


~ Ferresdale in Rufford charter? field of Bullewell? [or Wellow? Worsboroughdale? Barnsdale? Wetherby? Luvereshale (Giffard)?]

Wentbridge &/or "went at a bridge"

~ Went is north boundary of Fenwick? Jordan le Fleming? Bruges/Bridgenorth Shrops? Boroughbridge? [Otter Brigges? Heyterbridge?]


~ york? &/or Gerewedon/Garendon (feast St Mary 1266)?

[I think i saw some versions (like Noyes?) say RH died in a tower?

~ RG trial in Tower of London? RG died in Newgate Prison in 1276 in alternate source?]

RH b 1160 / fl 1266 (Bower) / 1283 (Wyntoun) / Edw 1 (Polychronicon)

~ Godberd 1260s/1265-1276? John Deyville 1260s unnamed 13th cent outlaw Muskham chronicle?

RH d dec 1247/1274

~ Godberd died 1276 / dead 1293? John Deyville died c 1291-5? [or Sheriff Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh 1274?]

22 yrs pardon to death

~ 1272-1293?

3+ yrs ('RH & the Potter')

~ "4 yrs"? 1265-7? 1267-70? 1270-2?

7 yrs (Gest)

~ 1265-1267-1270-1272?

Sir Richard's ancestors 100 yrs knights

~ Foliots in 1110, 1165, 1270/2, 1290? [and compare RH 1160 to Godberd 1260s? and "1247/1274 or 1347/1374"?] [&/or Sir John Deyvilles ancestors?]

Robber, King's Felon, Outlaw/Wolfshead

~ outlawed follower of Montfort? RG outlawed 1265? "did not appear" (Jordan v Roger)? trespasses and forfeitures. charged with divers trespasses. "outlaws". accused of various crimes. accused of & denies being "a public criminal of many burglaries, homicides, arsons, and robberies ...and ... larceny". accused of poaching.

RH & LJ pardoned

~ "Godberd pardoned in 1266 / by K Edw 1"? or John Deyville member of K's household 1285?

400 pounds (unlikely after 1279)

~ John Deyville's settlement of a mortgage of 400 pounds to Abbot of St Mary's in 1276?

RH Refs: , , , , , , , , , , , 'piers plowman', A Noyes, Bower, Wyntoun, Muskham chronicle, Polychronicon, etc.

RG/JD Refs: , , , Muskham chronicle.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 28-Dec-2016 at 14:46

Just half a dozen additions to the table:

Simon over the Lee, the Noble Fisherman (pseudonym of RH)
~ (Roger Godberd of) Swanington (in Leicester, served under Simon de Montfort of Leicester).

~ ... and/or Kenilworth 1266/c1322 (Loxley manor granted to Kenilworth priory 1253)?

RH's grave
~ grave at Kirklees? ....

Earl of Maxfield (Will Scarlet/Gam(e)well)
~ Montfort earl of Leicester? William de Maysam?

3/4: Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlet &/or Much
~ Roger Godberd, John Deyville / John de Haversam / John son of John, William de Grey & Geoffrey Godberd (one different name/person)? Roger Godberd, John Deyville & Walter (one different name/person)?

And now i have to quit this as i have other things that i seriously need and want to do.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 30-Dec-2016 at 00:17
It turns out i made a stupid mistake with St Richard. I confused St Richard of Chichester and "Richard of Cirencester".
St Richard in the Gest is suggested to be St Richard of Chichester whose date happens to well fit with Godberd. I confused with "Richard of Cirencester" which i connected with Richard de Gaham parson of Schirlond [Friar Tuck] suggesting hence why St Richard in the Gest (abit mysterious/strange "why St Richard of Cirencester" according to Gest notes). St = parson = chaplain/friar. Cirencester = Schirlond?
This is wrong. There is perhaps another possibility:
Tuck was of Fountains Dale/Abbey, and St Richard of the Gest has also/alternatively been suggested to be Richard of Fountains Abbey.

Posted By: Calebxy
Date Posted: 09-Jan-2018 at 11:38
The case that I have heard for Roger Godberd seems quite convincing. It's not something I've looked into extensively, so forgive me if I misremember some details. But from what I recall, Roger Godberd was a known outlaw and was said to have had a band of about 100 men under his command. Given that Robin Hood was said to have had 143 Merry Men, this seems like a rather significant detail (unless it was common for outlaws to have such large bands of men with them, but I don't think it was). 

One particular account of his activities matches up very well with that of Robin's. IIRC, he was arrested and confined to a prison inside Nottingham, but he then escaped and was given refuge in the castle (?) of a knight (?) named Richard. I can't remember any more details than that, but I have heard that this whole event matches very well with an episode in the Geste. It is also notable that Roger was pardoned by a King Edward, just as Robin is in the Geste. 

And what is really neat about Roger as the explanation for Robin Hood is that he explains an apparent discrepancy in accounts concerning which king was active during Robin's activities. In the Geste, the king is named as Edward, but in some other record (I can't remember which), it is said that Robin was around in the time of Henry III (or maybe the particular Henry wasn't specified, but it matters not). Roger Godberd became an outlaw during the reign of Henry III and was still active during the reign of Edward II (by whom he was pardoned). So that fits very nicely with the information concerning Robin. In fact, I have a faint memory of reading somewhere that there is a record that Robin Hood became an outlaw in association with a particular historical battle, and it was that very historical event that did, in reality, cause Roger Godberd to become an outlaw. 

As I said, I haven't researched it extensively, but from what I do know, it seems like quite a convincing case. 

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 12-Jan-2018 at 18:28

That is interesting thanks Calebxy. (Welcome as a newly joined member. Sorry i didn't see your reply until today, i don't visit here as much these days.)

What clinched it for me that Robin Hood certainly seems to be Roger Godberd is the discovery that the 3 characters of the ballad RH & Guy of Gisbourne match 3 persons of Godberd's story:

Robin Hood = Roger Godberd.
Sir Guy of (Good_)Gisbourne = Sir Warin [Guarin] de Bassingburne ("who died") [bad changed to good].
William A_Trent = William Wasteneys ("who died").

(Apart from matches with characters of that ballad, we also found quite a few other matches between other RH stories characters and Godberd persons too.)

Combined also with alot of other supportung evidences including:

RH had ca 100 merry men = Godberd has ca 100 men (as you pointed out too).
William de Grey Sheriff of Notts in conflict with outlaws in Sherwood in 1266.
Notts, Leics, Derby ways and woods numbers of robbers in 1272 (Patent rolls).

RH's dates in sources matches Godberd's dates (1260s/1272/1276).
RH c1266 in Fordun/Bower; RH 1272-1307 in Polychronicon; RH 1283 in Wyntoun; unnamed outlaw in 13th cent in Muskham chronicle.
(I mean it is like Bower's/Fordun's traditional date record is true.)

"Robert Hood earl of Huntingdon" on RH's grave may be corrpution of an original Roger Godberd of Swanington?

RH captured and escaped ~ RG captured and escaped.

RH aided & protected by Sir Richard ~ Sir Richard Foliot protected Godberd.
Sir Richard's castle matches Foliot's (either Fenwick or Jordan) (though the Gest is abit contradictory about directions of travel which might indicate another story conflated in as well).

Godberd's description "says that he has always thereafter conducted himself well and faithfully towards the said king and his heirs and everybody else" fits very well with the character or Robin Hood.
The accusation description "a public criminal of many burglaries, homicides, arsons, and robberies ...and ... larceny" also matches Robin Hood stories.

Little John (of "Hathersage") matches in Godberd story either Jordan Le Fleming, or John Deyville, or John de Haversham, or John son of John.

Friar Tuck seems to be based on Richard [Dick] de Gaham parson [friar] of Schirlond in Godberd's story.

In fact there are seeming matches for almost every major chapter of RH stories except for later additions/creations.

Robin Hood might also have combined into his stories some other later or earlier characters too (including Fitzodo, Hobbehod, Kyme, Butler of Skelbrooke, Robert Hood of Newton/Wakefield, Dore/Wadsley), but the Godberd one seems to be the main one.

There is maybe a similarity of the capture (and escape?) of Will Stutley/Scarlet with the story of Walter Devyas/Ewyas? (Though sources seem to imply he was executed but he might have escaped?)

Plumptom Park and/or Barnsdale verses in the Geste are very similar to the verses mentioning Bartholomew and Bullwell in Godberd story.

There may also be matches with the 7 years and 22 years of Robin Hood ballads.

Godberd (&/or Deyville) history links , ,

My Robin Hood & Godberd posts
The table in this Allempires thread/topic.
Threads in Blue Boar Robin Hood forum about a year ago (I am Lenoirchevalier there).

Robin Hood ballads, Geste, etc

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 13-Feb-2018 at 10:08

I'm going to put a new tentative theory that Robin Hood's grave is really under or near/by Major Oak in Edwinstowe in "the heart of Sherwood".
Robin Hoods grave is in some sources connected with a tree?
Major Oak is ca 800 yrs old and "would have been a sapling at the time of Robin Hood" or is supposed to have been "a full grown tree" then, and it might have been planted then or RH buried near/by/under it? A photograph of the "most famously of all" tree gives the impression to my imagination that the tree and site/place may well be RH's burial site. (Sherwood trees inscriptions might have connection with RH and/or Little John? Instead of being outlaws "hideout", Major Oak may rather hiding place of RH's grave? "RH is supposed to have hidden in it". Compare similar tradition of RH grave underneath a wardrobe in an inn? Perhaps the deer that RH hid in the other tree RH's Larder is the burial place of Guy of Gisbourne?)

Prioress of Kirklees is similar to the parson of Schirlond in Roger Godberd records? Schirlond is similar to Kirklond/Birkland(s) in the Edwinstowe/Sherwood area. Kirklees or ChurchLees is alternatively Bircklies which is also similar to Kirklond/Birkland(s) or Dukeries. Perhaps compare Kirton Schidrintune? Scarletecros 1280?
Kirklees in Yorks is too far from Sherwood (and even Barnsdale), while Major Oak is right in the heart of Sherwood and close to Nottingham.

Red Roger of (de) Donkesly/Doncaster might be Reg(inald) de Grei/Grey justice of Chester (royalist in barons revolt, sheriff of Nottingham, connected with Godberd throughout their timelines, "it was he who caused RG's downfall"). The name "(Sir/Red) Roger of Donkesley/Doncaster" could easily be corruption of names/words Sheriff grey Roy Reg Reginald Roger(Godberd) de deGrei Chester? Alot of RH *ballads* names seem to have similar corruptions.

The prioress of Kirklees "Elizabeth de Stainton" might be linked with Margaret or Diva de Swaninton/Swaneton in Roger Godberd records?

St Mary's Edwinstowe might have connection with RH's chapel of Mary Magdalene (though Skelbrooke may be more likely), or with the "prioress of Kirklees"?

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 15-Feb-2018 at 06:57

Below (next post) is a new recent thoroughly revised piece on our found seeming Robin Hood ballads & Roger Godberd records correspondences. (We are not able to edit posts after a certain amount of time so i couldn't replace the table in earlier post and i have to post a partial reduplication. I couldn't make it as a table this time so it is only a list.) We again went all through the Godberd records checking for all possible quality matches. The quantity and quality of matches convinces me that Godberd is the main original Robin Hood. Though there might also possibly be one or more other later or earlier or contemporary "Robin Hoods" also mixed in the whole tradition (like maybe Hobbehod, Robert Hood of Newton, Robert Dore of Wadsley)?

Key to the list: In each block first is the Robin Hood person or place or thing name (etc), and then is a "~" (wavy = sign) which means "possibly =", and then are listed all seeming possible match candidates from in the Roger Godberd (and/or John Deyville) historical records (and/or from other non-Godberd contemporary or near-contemporary records) all with question marks which means they are only candidates that may or may not really match. We do not mean that they all match, but rather we can't always be sure which one is the only best match. We have put and asterisk after those ones that seem the most likely to be best/correct match. In some cases there may be two or more originals that the rhymists or balladists confused/conflated/confounded.

Unfortunately i do not have the time and situation etc to be able to write up more detailed prose explanations of all the matches. Anyone interested will need to constantly alternately refer both to our list/table and to the Godberd records, unless you already well enough know the things in them (if you already know the records details then you are more likely to see how the asterisked candidates in our list do indeed seemingly possibly match). I entreaty some people to be interested enough to check out our candidates because there are some really good/great seeming matches.

Links to Roger Godberd (and John Deyville) records:
( )

It is important to note that there seems to be alot of slightly corrupted/changed names in the Robin Hood ballads etc, like say "William A_Trent" from original William (le) Wasteneys? This is not surprising because medieval folk/artists' rhymes and ballads etc would be especially likely to have involved such changes during oral and written transmission over one or couple/few hundred years. This is what Damien Bullen calls "Chisperology", which word is coined from "Chinese whispers".... Damo is incidentally an adept/professional/expert poet, so he is akin to balladists etc. Thus critics can't not be over-dogmatically "linguistically correct". To such people "Eggscalibur" "can not be" Excalibur because they are "not from same root word", "x is x, and y is y, and they are not the same", (and Babylon "can't be" Rome because oh Rome "not proven in fully historical records to ever be called that name".)

Although we are not able to give more detailed explanations for all/many/most of the things listed, we do probably need to just give one or a couple/few more detailed examples of seeming matches:

-- Godberd historical record(s) :
(1268: "Roger de Leyburn, the lieutenant of Reginald de Grey, ... fought 2 engagements with him ..., one in the heart of Sherwood Forest."
1269: "Pardon, at the instance of Edward the king’s son, to Walter de Ewyas for the death of William fuiz le Chapeleyn....")
1287: "... accused of poaching venison in Sherwood Forest in 1264.... ... Warin de Bassingburne who had died, Reginald de Grei and their men took one stag with their greyhounds in the field of Bullewell and one other stag is Beskwode on Monday next before the feast of St. Lawrence in the same year, and took the venison as far as Bassingburne. Item, the aforesaid Reginald and his men took one stag and one deer in the wood of Bullewell on Saturday next after the feast of St. Bartholomew.... ... in the wood of Novo Loco on the eve of St Giles.... ... William le Wasteneys, who has died...."

-- Robin Hood rhymes/ballads (Geste given, RH's fishing given, RH & Guy not given) :
"All the (com)passe of Lancasshyre
He went both ferre and nere,
Tyll he came to Plomton Parke;
He faylyd many of his dere.
... The kynge was wonder wroth withall,
And swore by the Trynyt ,"
("... I wish I were in Plomton Parke,
 In chasing of the fallow deere.
 ‘For every clowne laughs me to scorne,
 And they by me set nought at all;
 If I had them in Plomton Park,
 I would set as little by them all.' ")

The two excerpts are intriguingly similar.
Both have poaching in forest/wood/field/park them.
"Plumpton park" seems to be corruption from Bartholomew (and/or field of Bullewell?)
"Pass(es) of Lancaster/Lancashire" seems to be corrupted from original "as far as Bassingburne", and feast of St Lawrence or castle or Leicestershire? (The "pass(es) of Lancaster/Lanacshire" may also/alternatively have other matches in other Godberd records and or in other Robin Hood candidates of other times historical records?)
Warin de Bassingburn and William le Wasteneys who both "had died" seem very likely to match Guy of (Good) Gisbourn and William a Trent who both died in the ballad RH & Guy of Gisburne. Because their names are both somewhat similar and the fact that they are both remarked to have died seems to me pretty likely they do match. Wasteneys is very similar to A_Trent. Trent was a fast runner which might link with the similar meaning of name Trent/Trahannon. The Geste also mentions the "Trinity". Warin is sometimes Guarin (also compare Guy Guarin de Metz Lestrange), and balladists may have confused/conflated him with de Grey which is also similarish to Guy, and the excerpt also mentions St Giles. The balladists could have changed Bassingburn to Good_Gisburne by the change of bass - bad - good, and (s)ing - gis. One can imagine Sir Guy and/or the balladists not wanting to say a name that sounds like Bad-sing-bourne and so rather saying Good-gis-bourne. I had wondered why the ballad says "Good Gisbourne". Warin was also a sir in other recoirds, and he is also mentioned in records to have lived in a castle, which is similar to how Guy is a sir and he is implied to have come from a castle in some stories? Balladists could have also confused in Roger de Leyburn. Gisburne was hired by the sheriff, and Bassingburn and Leyburn are associates of the sheriff in the excerpts.
Gisburne wore a capull (horse) hide (skin). The excerpts mention a slain "William fuiz le Chapeleyn" (murderer unknown for sure, it could possibly have been Bassingburne), and "greyhounds", either of which might perhaps link with the horse skin. There might be a conflation with Guy of Warwick slew "Dun Cow"? As far as i know there has not been found any other historical quality match for a  Sir Guy of (Good) Gisbourne with those exact correct names.

It is not surprising that ballad names are found to have different real originals and not historical exact names matches. The names are more like nicknames or corrupted/changed names. Some may try to say we are being conveniently loose and that the matches don't really match, but there are evidences seem quality and quantity enough to me that they are right. (There may possibly be some wrong ones, but some do seem surely right not wrong.)

Another more tentative possible example.

 -- Godberd records:
1266 "Roger Godeberd of Swaneton came at Gerewedon [Garendon] and took and carried away by extortion the charters, which he had made to the abbot and convent of Gerewedon concerning one assart [a piece of land converted from forest to arable] and a wood in the same town and concerning a quittance of 5s. and certain land, which they held of the same man for a term, and one deed obligatory of seven marks, in which he was bound to them, on Saturday next after the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Mary in the 50th year of the reign of the king [1266]. In the same year on the day of St Calixtus next following [October] the same Roger caused the said abbot and convent by force and compulsion to make him a certain charter of quittance concerning all the things, above-said."
(1287 (about an event back in 1264): "... in the field of Bullewell ... in the wood of Bullewell ....")

This may possibly correspond with Robin Hood helping Sir Richard at the Lee. The abbot/abbey of Gerewedon and feast of St Mary may correspond with "Abbot/Abbey of St Mary's, York". (The abbot of Gerewedon might also link with "bishop of Hereford"?) "Verysdale" of the ballads might possibly be a corruption of Gerewedon? RH meet Sir Richard at "Saylis/Sayles" (salix) which is similar to St Calixtus. Lee/lea can mean "clearing" or "meadow/field", or "wood", and in the Godberd record(s) the "assart and wood" (and "field / wood of Bullewell"?) might be Richard's land coveted by the abbot, and it might also be where RH made his chapel of Mary Magdalene (note again St Mary mentioned). (One can imagine RH more likely built his chapel on safe land owned by a friend/family. The chapel was in the forest and a clearing like the assart in the record. Gerewedon might be linked with the "Greenwood" of the ballads?) The Gerewedon/Garendon name and record details might also/alternatively be liked with Gandeleyn, and/or Alan a Dale? Also this excerpt might be whence Maid Marian / Clorinda. The excerpt does mention St Mary. The name Clorinda could possibly be corruption of Garendon/Gerewedon? Maid Marian might also have conflated in Matilda Cantilupe wife of Godberd's friend/enemy Reginald de Grey.
("Roger Godberd of Swaninton" (and/or "came at Gerewedon"?) might possibly be whence the "Robert [Hood] earl of Huntingdon" (and the rhyming "stone") of the alleged RH's grave inscription? It is possible that if there was such an inscription or oral rhyme that it could have been partially eroded, or that the artists altered the names? Though i might be wrong about "Huntingdon" as there are other possibilities including it might only be a later addition.)

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

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Now here is the revised Robin Hood & Roger Godberd candidates matches list(s) for scholars and researchers reference and for evidence/proof of quality & quantity matches (though not all explained in detail) :
(Key and explanation given in last post above.)

Abbot of St Mary's (York)
~ Simon of Warwick 1258/1263 (justice in 1268)? Sir John Deyville's settlement of a mortgage of 400 pounds to Abbot of St Mary's in 1276?* Abbot of Gerewedon/Garendon (feast St Mary 1266)?* lord W Archbishop of York? robbed Abbot of Stanley of "a great sum of money" 1270 (1275)? "sheriff of York"? Newark (St Mary's)? mortmain (prevents land passing to church) 1279?

Allen/Alan a Dale (minstrel)
~ W de Helynn? Anketil de Swaninton (& Margaret)? Baldwin de Akeny?* Garendon (charters)?* "feast of St Andrew the Apostle"? Stanley? Adam Adlingfleet 1265?* Alanus Dale (Giffard)? Jocelyn Deyville? (William de Wendenal?)

Arthur a Bland/Bradly the Tanner "of Blythe"?
~ Baldwin de Akeny?* Robert de Affagaz? "feast of St Andrew the Apostle"?* Anketil de Swaninton? "bandits"? Rufford?

Bishop of Ely (Kyrkely?)
~ robbed Abbot of Stanley?* William fuiz le Chapeleyn? Axholme 1265? lord W Archbishop of York 1272? W de Helynn 1275?* Leyc/Leics? Robert Deyville of Ely 1266/7?* Robert Hod of Ely/Cambridge 1269?* Peter house (bishop of Ely) 1284?

Bishop of Hereford (Bishops Tree, Barnsdale?)
~ abbot of Gerewedon/Garendon abbey/convent (forced to make quittance)?* Sheriff of Hereford 1275?* Ferresdale? "gaol of Hereford" 1275?* lord W Archbishop of York 1272 (hunt 9 days in yr)? Rufford Abbey?* Giffard (York)? "RH, Hereford" 1263? John de Breton debts/owed/disappears c1255/1261/1265?*

Butcher (or Potter)
~ Ralph le Boteller?* "poaching/took vension" in 1264 (1287)?* "took one stag (and one deer)"? "and one other stag"? "took the venison"? "and two deer"? Robert Butler d 1294? Burghill?

Sheriff's cook/butler/steward
~ Nicholas de la Hus'?* Ralph le Boteller?*

high justice (at St Mary's)
~ Reginald king's constable/justice of Chester?* Simon of Warwick (justice in 1268)?* William Bereford justice of King's bench (Edw 1)? Geoffry Labley chief justice in Eyre of the k's forests north of Trent? Hugh
Nevil justice of the forest? Justice de Cobbeham? Judges ordered to enquire into confederacies against justice 1279?*

David of Doncaster
~ (Walter) Deyvas/Deuyas/Devyas 1272?* Diva? John (son of John)? Deyville? David of Huntingdon d 1279?*

Dick/Richard Partington
~ Richard de Gaham parson of Schirlond?* Richard Foliot?* Patent Rolls?*

(jolly/curtal) Friar Tuck ("Michael"? chaplain, hobby horse, abbot of misrule?) ("lusty", Fountains Dale/Abbey)
~ "Richard (Dick) de Gaham, parson of Schirlond"?* "a certain monk there about the feast of St Michael" (1270)? "Geoffrey his (Godberd's) brother"? Anchetil/Anketil? Abbot of Stanley? Robert de Estutevill/Stutevill? Edwinstowe? William fuix le Chapeleyn?* Armytage (hermitage, Kirklees)? (Parson in Chaucer?)

Gandeleyn/Gamelyn (Gamewell?)
~ Chapeleyn?* Garendon/Gerewedon?* Le Fleming?

George a Green, the (jolly) Pindar of Wakefield
~ Roger de Remes?* Jordan le Fleming? Richard de le Wache/Vache? "20 pounds"? Gilbert Colvill? "66 pounds"? Reginald de Grey? De Akeny? St Georges (Red) Cross 1277?*

Gilbert of the Whitehand/Withondes/Blanchard
~ Herbert de St Quintin?* Gilbert de Clovill? lord G de Clare (earl of Gloucester)? Gilbert de Preston? St Giles?* Roger "God(e)bert/Gootbert/Gootberd"? Gilbert de Gant (connected with Wellow/Foliots)? Walter Deyvas?

(our comely) King Edward (Geste), "king & prince" (Bower)
~ "Lord Edward, later king Edward 1" 1265/1272/1290/1298?* "Edward the king’s son" 1269? "Edward, our first-born son" 1272? "regents of Edward I" 1273? "reign of King (Edward I)" 1275? Edmund son of Richard Foliot? "(father of) the ((present) Lord) King"? Curia Regis? submitted to king at Bycarr Dyke 1265?* Godberd to court 1266? RG pardoned by K Ed 1?* Edward 1 parliament at Parliament Oak in Sherwood in 1282?* John
Deyville member of King's household 1285?

"King Harry", "king & prince" (Bower)
~ "((reign of) the lord) king Henry (3)"?* W de Helynn?

King Richard Plantagenet/Courdelion/Lionheart (disinherited, black knight, crusade)
~ only a late addition?* Reginald (de Grey)?* Richard Foliot?* Richard de la Wache?* St Lawrence? Richard de Gaham of Schirlond?* Edward 1 return from crusade?*

Little John "Nailor" of "Hathersage" (St Michael's)
~ Jordan le Fleming (vs Roger Godberd)?* John de Haver(e)sham?* "John (son of John)"? June? John Deyville ("a man clever/cunning/canny (or hard or hot) & a warrior
strong/doughty", "keeper of forests north of Trent")?* Major Oak?

(Little) Much/Midge the Miller('s son)
~ "William Mungumry, father, William Maysam"?* "feast of St Michael" 1270? "quindene (after the day) of St Michael" (1272)? "Mich."? Nicholas de la Hus’? Monk?

Maid/mad Marian/Matilda "Fitzwalter" / Clorinda (shepherdess) (bawdy/unwomanly/unchaste behaviour)
~ "feast of nativity of blessed Mary" (Garendon, 1266)?* Margaret (Godberd's mother)? William Mungumry &/or William Maysam? Diva (Godberd's daughter, "sister")? Parson of Schirlond?* De Clare (earl of Gloucester)? Turri London? "feast of St Lawrence"? Colevill? Curia Regis? Rotulis? Martinmas? mainpernors?  widow of John de Grey (de Grey's stepmother)? Reginald de Grey married Matilda Cantilupe (heiress)?* Queen oak (Major Oak) & St Mary's Edwinstowe?*

monk (killed)
~ "a certain monk" ("killed there", 1270)?*

Potter of Mansfield (Wentbridge) (or Butcher?)
~ Ralph le Boteller (knight)?* William Maysam? field of Bullewell? feast of St Bartholomew?* Reginald le Porter (Giffard records)? Mr Will de Potto/Pothou/Pottho (Giffard)? "Potman, filia Walteri" (Giffard)?*

Prioress of Kirklees/Bircklies "Elizabeth (de) Stainton de Wooley" (or in alternative versions RH murdered by a monk or Prince John)
~ Diva Godberd de Swaneton (Godberd's daughter, "sister")?* Parson of Schirlond?* Margaret de Swaneton (of Swaninton)? Sheriff Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh 1274? Matilda Cantilupe? widow of John de Grey (Reginald's stepmother)?

~ Ralph le Boteller?

Ranulf earl of Chester
~ Reginald (de Grey, justice/constable of Chester, sheriff of Nottingham)?* Godberd "imprisoned in Chester" 1273?* earl of Gloucester? (earl of Leicester?)

Reynold Greenleaf ("of Holderness")
~ Reginald de Grei/Grey (sheriff of Notts)?* Roger de Remes?* Gerewedon/Garendon?* Le Fleming? Roger de Leyburn lieutenant of Sheriff? Reginald le Porter (Giffard records)?

(jolly/brown/bonny/sweet) Robin Hood/Fitzooth "(of) Loxley" "earl of Huntingdon" (& "good" in RH's Grave inscription, lord of misrule, May King) & Robin Goodfellow: 
~ "Roger (de) God(e)berd(') of Swaninton/Swannington/Swaneton" ("accused as a public criminal of many burglaries, homicides, arsons, and robberies committed by him", "wickedly robbed the Abbey of Stanley", "denies all burglaries, homicides, arsons, robberies and all larceny etc.", "says that he has always thereafter conducted himself well and faithfully towards the said king and his heirs and everybody else, and that he is not guilty of any of the foregoing", follower of Simon former earl of Leicester)?* Robert Deyville (family home at Hode/Hood in 1264)? Robert le Lou (lands in Northants)?

(proud/high) sheriff of Nottingham
~ Reginald de Grei/Grey (Sheriff of Nott)?* William de Grey "in conflict with outlaws" 1266?* "the sheriff" 1264/1287? sheriff of Hereford 1275? sheriff of Leicester(shire) 1258? sheriff of York 1272? "the sheriffs of the aforesaid counties" 1275? Nicholas Deyville deputy sheriff of Notts? Sheriff Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh 1274? Wiltshire? "Warwickshire"? "Sherwood Forest"? "Godberd moves to Sherwood forest"?

Sir / Red Roger of/de Donkesly/Doncaster/donkestere  (dancastere/dankestere / lancasthyre/lancasshyre?)
~ Reginald de Grey (king's constanble of Chester castle, of Nottingham, "a great military leader", helped conquer Wales, poaching, supported royalists in barons revolt, "it was he who caused RG's downfall", given money, to raise an army)?* Roger God(e)bert/Gootbert/Gootberd?* Roger de Leukmore? Roger de Burghill? Robert le Lou (knight)? Roger de Remes? Robert de Estutevill/Stutevill? (RG captured in grounds of) Rufford abbey? Rogero de Doncastr' 1264-8? (Sir) Roger de Doncaster/Denecastre/Donecastre (1266-79) (Giffard)?* Roger de Doncaster (Nott, 1267-70)?

Sir Guy/"Giles/Godfrey" of (Good) Gisbourne (capull hide)
~ Sir Warin (Guarin) de Bassingburne "who had died" ("A man called Sir Warin de Bassingbourn used to live in the castle at around 1266")?* Reginald de Grei?* William (Guilliam) de Grey? "eve of St Giles" 1264 (1287)?* Wyotus? Earl Warenn? Gilbert de Preston?* William/Geoffrey God(e)bert/Gootbert/Gootberd? William fuiz le Chapeleyn?* Lestrange 1272?* (compare Guy Guarine de Metz le Strange? compare St Guerir?) Roger de Leyburn lieutenant of Sheriff "in heart of Sherwood"?* "Loxley, Warwickshire"?

Sir Richard at the Lee
~ lord Richard Folyot/Foliot (prominent local knight, helped RG, "his son as a hostage, namely with such a condition that he should come before you at York at a certain day, fixed in advance between you and him concerning this")?* was at battle of Lewes? Sir John Deyville (400 pounds)?* Richard de le Wache/Vache?* Leyc/Leics/Leicester(shire)? Robert le Lou? Roger de Leukmore? St Lawrence? "field/wood of Bullewell"? Richard Hood of Sowerby 1274? Roger Leyburn?

Sir Richard's son ("slew kt of Lanc")
~ "Edmund his son" (hostage)?* Roger son of Richard d 1274?* Jordan? Walter de Ewyas?

St Austin
~ Newstead/NovoLoco of St Augustine c1170 (Henry 2)?* Augustinians 1256?* "St Andrew"? "St Stephen"? Stutevill? Le Wasteneys (slain William a Trent)?*

St Charity
~ St Calixtus 1266?* Sandiacre? Schirlond? Chichester? Chapeleyn?

St Quentin (at Amiens)
~ Herbert de St Quintin?* quindene of St Michael?* Swaninton?

St Richard of Chichester (Richard of Cirencester?)
~ St Richard of Cirencester 1262?* Richard de Gaham parson of Schirlond?* Reginald de Grey of Chester?*

Simon the Noble Fisherman
~ Roger Godberd of Swaninton was a follower of Simon de Montfort former earl of Leicester?* Isle of Axholme 1265?* (In the Roman tradition Simon Peter had a "bushy white beard". Godberd could mean "good beard"?)

William A Trent (fast runner, slain)
~ William (le) Wasteneys "who had died"?* "Trinity"? William de Grey? John Deyville (north of Trent)? Lestrange? meaning of name Trent/Trahannon?* Blidworth?

Will Scarlet / Gam(e)well "earl of Maxfield"
~ Walter de Ewyas / Deyvas "indicted/pardoned/hanged for murder of William fuiz le Chapeleyn" (Martinmas, William of Newborough)?* Parson of Schirlond?* William brother of Roger Godberd?* Garendon (charters)? William de Grey? Wyotus de Sandiacre? William le Wasteneys "who had died"? "St Calixtus"? Rufford? Wellow? William de Maysam? William Mungumry? Nicholas de la Hus'? Jocelyn/Gosselin Deyville (cousin, notorious, one of 4 Deyvilles)? Nicholas Deyville? Willelmi in le Dale from Warsop? (William) Robehod/Rabunhod 1262/1261/1272 (Berks)?* Scarlet family 1275 (Blidworth)? William Shirelock/Shyreloke 1286-7? William Scathlock 1287 (St Mary's)? Sccario 1276?* ("sicarius 1266" of Bower?) Wilton?

Will Stutley
~ Robert de Estutevill/Stutevill?* Stanley (Wiltshire/Wilts)? William le Wasteneys ("who had died")?* Walter Devyas/Ewyas? Studley Royal Park (Fountains Abbey)?

William (de/of) Goldesborough/Goldburgh (Cloudesley?)
~ William de Grey? Gilbert de Clovill/Colvill? William brother of Roger God(e)bert/Gootbert/Gootberd?* "Geoffrey his (Godberd's) brother"?* "St Giles"? William of Newborough 1272? William Mungumry?

widow's 3 sons / 3 squires
~ 3 Clovills/Col(e)vills (Gilbert, Walter, Philip)?* 4 Deyvilles (Rob, John, Nicholas, Jocelin)? 3 Godberds (Roger, William, Geoffrey)? 2 de Greys (Reginald, William)? 2 sons of Foliot? "and 4 others were captured"? widow of John de Grey (de Grey's stepmother)?*

merry/morris men/meyne
~ "wrongdoers"? "and others" 1264 (1287)? "together with other evildoers"? "and his men" (1287)?* "and the others"? "and 14 others"? "who were in the company of the aforesaid"? mainpernors?* Godberd could call on a 100 men?* "Reginald de Grey ... fighting outlaws in Notts, Leic, Derby"?* William de Grey in conflict with outlaws 1266?* K Edw recruited men of Sherwood?* Numbers of robbers... Notts, Leics, Derby, ways 1272?* the Disinherited 1266? "his fellow fugutives"?* "and 4 others were captured"?

"Barnsdale/Bernysdale" (Bar, "gates", shrogs, RH's Barn?)
~ Fer(r)esdale/Ferysdale on W bound of Boughton a mile nw of Jordan's castle in Rufford charters?* "abbot of Rufford's wood called Brunne" 1280?* Fenwick castle is near Barnsdale?* "as far as Bassingburne" 1264 (1287)? "field of Bullewell" 1264 (1287)? "feast of St Bartholomew" 1264 (1287)?* "(sheriff of) York"? Bycarr Dyke 1265? Baldwin de Akeny? Barons? Barneby in the Willows (Notts/Sherwood)?* Brunnesdale/brounesdale/brynsdale/brinsdale (Basford)? Sayles is in Barnsdale (Yorks)?* Byardstaple (Sherwood)?*

Blidworth (St Mary's)
~ Blidworth (St Mary's)?* "Bridgenorth, Shropshire" 1272?* feast of nativity of Blessed Mary 1266? Rufford abbey? Beskwode?* Edwinstowe (St Mary)? (St Mary's,) Badsworth, Barnsdale? St M(ichael)'s Brodsworth, Yorks? Brinsworth, Yorks? "Scarlet Cross (or Scarlet Close?) 1279/80"?* "wood of Bullewell"? "feast of St Bartholomew"? Sailes Close?

chapel of Mary Magdalene in Barnsdale (maybe same as Kirklees/Churchlees?)
~ "assart of land" ("feast of nativity of blessed Mary", Gerewedon, 1266)?* St Mary's Edwinstowe?* Skelbrooke? William fuiz le Chapeleyn? Matilda Cantilupe? Martinmas? (Campsall? Monk Bretton / Lund?)

Edwinstowe (St Mary) ("this stone" in RH's grave inscription?)
~ Diva? Edward (parliament)?* Edmund? Estutevill? Deyvas/Ewyas? "Essex"? (Fountain?) Baldwin? Blidworth?

Fountain(s) Dale/Abbey (or "Copmanhurst")
~ Parson of Schirlond?* Gerewedon/Garendon abbey/convent?* Ferresdale (Rufford records)? Furness Abbey c1272? Abbey of Stanley / Stanley Abbey?

Gam(e)well (or Gamble? or Kinmont?)
~ Richard de Gaham (parson of Schirlond)?* Chapeleyn?* Garendon/Gerewedon? Kenilworth? Bullewell? Wellow / Grymsetone/Grimston (Wellow, 1264)? Egmanton? Campsall? Hampole? Cantilupe?

~ Gerewedon/Garendon?* Roger de Remes? Greyhounds?

Huntingdon (& "stone" on RH's grave) (Chase?)
~ A corruption of Swaninton?* Gerewedon/Garendon? "poaching"? Godberd & Grey hungting together?* Anketil? Hus'? Hundred Rolls 1271?* greyhounds? Godberd's friend/enemy Reginald De Grey titled constable/sheriff of Nottingham?* David of Huntingdon d 1279?*

Kyrkely / Kirklees/Kirklys/Kyrklyes / Kyrkesly / Kirkby / Bircklies / ChurchLees priory/abbey:
~ Schirlond?* Kirklond/Birkland(s) (Sherwood)?* Kirklees/Herkelea/Kuthelaga? Church Field Road (near Hampole & Skelbrooke & South Kirkby, not far from Slephil)?* Ponden Kirk/Holden Park? Scarletecros 1280?  Kirton Schidrintune? church of Loxley (manor granted to Kenilworth priory 1253)? Shirley Wood (Barnsdale)? Kirkby (All Saints church Pontefract)? Sheriff Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh 1274?* Birkby (ref Giffard)? Sybil of Skelagh? field?

(at (the)) Lee/Lea
~ was at battle of Lewes?* "field/wood of Bullewell"?* Gerewedon/Garendon? "one assart (piece of land converted from forest to arable) and a wood"?* Wellow? Stanley? Richard de le Wache/Vache? "Leyc/Leics/Leicester(shire)"? a vill called Lea (12 mi east of Blythe, near Fenwick/Deighton)?*

~ "Leyc/Leic(s)/Leicester/Lei(s)cestershire"?* "wood of Novo Loco" 1264 (1287, compare Locewode)?* Robert le Lou? Roger de Leukmore? St Lawrence? Lovely Grange field (not far from Oxton)? Loxley (manor granted to Kenilworth priory 1253, Godberd supposedly buried here in 1293)?*

~ "(Tower of) London" 1275?*

Nottingham castle / Nottingham / Nottinghamshire (& Derby)
~ "Nottingham castle", "Nottingham", "Notts"?* "Northamptonshire" 1264 (1287)? "Novo Loco" 1264 (1287)? "castle (Nottingham)"? Newgate Gaol?* Swanington (compare Isneldone)? Northgrange?*

"Plumpton/Compton park" (Geste)
~ poaching & "feast of St Bartholomew" 1264 (1287)?* Ponden Kirk/Holden Park? Plumtre(e) (Notts)? Sayles Plantation?

"Pass(es) of Lancaster/Lancashire" (Geste)
~ poaching & "as far as Bassingburne" 1264 (1287)?* "feast of St Lawrence" 1264 (1287)?* "Leicestershire" 1264 (1287)?* Roger de Leukmore? "Lincoln"? Chester?*

Rufford abbey (RH traditional link with)
~ RG captured at Rufford?* Ferresdale in Rufford charter? Hereford?*

Sir Richard's castle (double ditched, near/by rood/road)
~ "his castle of Fenwyk"?* Jordan('s) castle (of Richard Foliot)?* "Manor"? Reginald's castle of Chester/Nottingham?

RH's grave (bow, stone, cross/rood, tree, cave, road/way)
~ Major Oak, Edwinstowe?* Kirklees (3 Nuns, Mirfield)? RH's stone, Slephil? Birkland(s)?* Kirkby/Pontefract? Scarletecros 1280? Ponden Kirk/Holden Park? Huddersfield? Godberd supposedly buried at Loxley (Warwickshire)? RH's Crosse (Derby, 1319)? Skellbrooke (chapel, pressed to death, bell ear 13th cent)?

Sandleford (Berks)
~ Stanley (Wilts)?* "of Swaninton"? Schirlond? St Stephen's day? feast of St Andrew?* Kenilworth? Bircklies? Sandiacre?

Saylis (salix "willow"?)
~ "St Calixtus" 1266 (Caracalla)?* Stanley Abbey 1270 (Wiltshire where is also Salisbury)?* Sandiacre? South/North Bayles (Sherwood/Notts)?* Sayles/Sales Wood (Barnsdale)?* Halifax (Kirklees)?

Sherwood (red cliffs, LJ knows well)
~ Godberd "moves to Sherwood/Charnwood forest"?* Parson of Schirlond 1264 (1287)?* "wood of Bullewell", "Beskwode", "Sherwood Forest" 1264 (1287)?* "(the) Sheriff"? "Shropshire" 1272? "the sheriffs of the aforesaid counties"? Wiltshire? "sheriff of York"? "wood of Novo Loco"? sheriff of Leicester(shire)? sheriff of Hereford? Shiregreen near Sheffield? Shirley Wood (Barnsdale)?* Sayles/Sales Wood (Barnsdale)? Sherburn in Elmet? Deyvilles refuge as outlaws in Sherwood?* King Edward recruit men of Sherwood in later 13th cent?* Perambultion of Sherwood forest 1232/1286/7?* Sherwood/Shirewood 1251-3 / 1279-88?*

"Uterysdale/Verysdale" :
~ Gerewedon?* Fer(r)esdale/Ferysdale on W bound of Boughton a mile nw of Jordan's castle in Rufford charters?* Went river is north boundary of Fenwick?* Barnsdale? Gootbert's? Bullewell? Wellow? Rufford? Jordan('s) castle? Walter Deuyas/Deyvas? Blidworth? outlaws/utlagi? Estutevill? Bures? Wasteneys? was at battle of Evesham? Luvereshale (Giffard)? Wetherby (Robert Hod of Linton) 1241-63? Otteleye?*

"Wentbridge" / "went at a bridge" :
~ Fenwick?* Went river is north boundary of Fenwick?* Trent-bridge (from 1156)? West Bridgford? Bruges/Bridgenorth (Shrops, 1272)? Boroughbridge? Otter Brigges? "Dublin Bridge" (Little John, Irish)?

York (St Mary's Abbey)
~ Gerewedon (feast St Mary 1266)?* "(sheriff of) York"?* "Lord W Archbishop of York" 1272?* Eyre?* Newark (St Mary's)?

RH born 1160
~ Godberd under age in 1250? Godberd fl 1260s/1265?* 1270? Foliots in 1165?* John Deyville 1260s.

RH flourished c1266 in Fordun/Bower;
1272-1307 Edward 1 in Polychronicon;
1283 in Wyntoun;
13th cent unnamed outlaw in Muskham chronicle
1262 St Richard of Cirenceter
1319/1399 RH Cross Derby?
~ Godberd's dates 1250 - 1265 - 1267 - 1272 - d 1276/1293.* John Deyville 1260s to died c 1291-5.

RH died 1247/1274/1347/1374 (24 calends December), & RH Cross in Derby 1319/1399?
~ Godberd d 1270/1272/1276 or d 11/13/1293?* "December"? John
Deyville member of King's household 1285? Deyville died c 1291-5? Sheriff Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh 1274?* Major Oak 800 yrs old ("young sapling in RH's time")?* Reginald de Greay died d 1308 (his life dates almost twin of Godberd)?

100 yrs Sir Richard's ancestors knights for:
~ Foliots in 1110, 1165, 1270/2, 1290?* Sir John Deyvilles ancestors dates?* "50th year of the king (1266)"?* "100 marks"? Hundred Rolls? compare RH 1160 to Godberd 1260s?

~ "poaching venison" 1264?* ("took one stag (and one deer)"? "and one other stag"? "took the venison"? "and two deer"?) "Derby"?*

400 pounds
~ robbed Abbot of Stanley of "a great sum of money" 1270 (1275)?* Sir John Deyville's settlement of a mortgage of 400 pounds to Abbot of St Mary's in 1276?* "100 marks" 1272? "100s"? page 462 of Calendar of the Patent Rolls?*

Lincoln Green
~ "remains in Lincoln" 1264 (1287)?* Roger de Leukenore?* "greyhounds"?* Nicholas de la Hus’? Robert Hod of Linton (Wetherby) 1241-63?

"table round" (Geste)
~ Winchester Round table (Edward 1, 1250-80)?*

yew bow
~ York "yew"? at Kirklees (Armytage)?

~ "his farm"?* "RG of Swaninton"?*

outlaw/wolfshead / felon/fugitive / robber/thief
~ RG outlawed 1265? RG pardoned by K Ed 1? "wrongdoers"? "diverse trespasses"? "indicted"? "poaching"? "accused as a public criminal of many burglaries, homicides, arsons, and robberies committed by him", "together with other evildoers", "wickedly robbed the Abbey of Stanley", "denies all burglaries, homicides, arsons, robberies and all larceny etc.", "And he says that he has always thereafter conducted himself well and faithfully towards the said king and his heirs and everybody else, and that he is not guilty of any of the foregoing"? mainpernors?  "Reginald de Grey ... fighting outlaws in Notts, Leic, Derby"? William de Grey in conflict with outlaws 1266? "Numbers of robbers... Notts, Leics, Derby, ways 1272"? the Disinherited 1266 (outlawed follower of de Montfort)? "his fellow fugutives"? "bandits"? "did not appear" (Jordan vs Roger)? "trespasses and forfeitures"? "accused of various crimes"?

Pardon(ed by king) :
~ submitted to king at Bycarr Dyke 1265?* Godberd pardoned by Henry 3 in 1266?* Deyvas pardon by Edward 1 in 1269? Edward 1 parliament at Parliament Oak in Sherwood in 1282?* John Deyville member of K's household 1285?*

(Note there might be some mistakes re the asterisks though hopefully not any more than the two i saw/found and fixed. (The computer sometimes annoyingly mistypes things in the wrong place when lines been edited between savings of file.))

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NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 16-Feb-2018 at 02:13
Have done a table in chronological order to try show that the main events of Robin Hood match Godberd life records.

Just one new change since last post(s) is two other possible candidates for Alan a Dale are Reginald de Grey (marriage to Matilda may match Alan a Dale marriage, there is no other marriage event), or John Deyville (accused of unlicensed marriage). But they are only additional possible asterisked candidates, the other ones i asterisked are still also more or less equally possible.

Roger Godberd (&/or John Deyville).

Robin Hood.

1110 ancestors of knight Foliot

1111 Robert d'Ayvill of Egmanton, ancestral relative of Sir John Deyville

(100 yrs Sir Richard's ancestors were knights for; RH born 1160?)

1165 ancestral Foliiot familiy line relatives of Richard Foliot

100 yrs Sir Richard's ancestors were knights for; RH born 1160?

1215 ancestor of Sir John Deyville; 1230 ancestral kinsman of Sir John Deyville

(100 yrs Sir Richard's ancestors were knights for; RH born 1160?)

"early 13th cent" Skelbrooke bell inscription

1238 Roger Godberd born

RH born

1238 Reginald de Grey (constable/justice of Chester & /justice/sheriff of Notts) born

Sheriff/Ranulf/Roger born

1250 Roger Godberd suit against parents, "Leyc." (Anchetil of Swaninton.)

(yeoman. Loxley? Adam/Ailric RH's (step)father? RH born 1160?) (Alan a Dale?)

1250-80 Winchester Round table (Edward 1)

"table round" (Geste).

1251 under-aged Reginald de Grey marries Matilda

(RH & Marian?) RH & Alan a Dale?

1252-1255 three kinsmen Roger Nicholas Walter

(RH rescues 3 sons/squires?)

1253 Loxley manor granted to Kenilworth priory

Roger Godberd was married with 2 children (including daughter Diva?) before he became an outlaw.

1258 "sister" Diva (daughter of Godberd) and assize of novel dissesin

(the later prioress of Kirklees of near kin to RH?)

1257-61 John Deyville keeper of forests north of Trent for 3 yrs

1260 Roger Godberd vs Jordan le Fleming row

RH born 1160? RH meets Little John

1261 John Deyville & Richard Foliot (& Adam de Newmarket) attacked York.

(RH aids Sir Richard?)

1262 William Robehod in Berkshire

1262 St Richard of Chichester

"St Richard of Chichester"

1263 John Deyville assigned keeper of northern forests and York by barons

Little John knew Sherwood/Barnsdale.

1263-4 John Deyville charged in 1275 with preventing de Nevill. He also laid waste abbot of St Marys lands in st Mary's street in 1263. Abbot of St Mary's Simon of Warwick at odds with citizens in 1263.

(RH aids Sir Richard?)

1264 John Deyville reappointed keeper of forests & of York

Little John knew Sherwood/Barnsdale.

1264 Sir Henry de Daiville of Gargrave in battle of Northampton. (Son Adam Deyville esquire to John Deyville.)

(uncle Gangreel? RH aids Sir Richard at Lee?)

1264 Robert Deyvill home at Hood, "place called Hode fortified & crenellated".

(name Robin Hood?)

1264 sir Richard Foliot licensed to crenellate Grymestone (Wellow)

(Sir Richard at Lee's double ditched castle?)

1264 battle of Lewes

Sir Richard at (the) Lee?

1264 Amiens

St Quniten (at Amiens)?

1264-68 Nicholas Deyville leader of rebels

1264 Roger Godberd & others caught poaching (1287 record). (Richard Parson of Schirlond. Guarin de Bassingburne.)

poaching in "Plumpton park"; "pass of Lancashire"; (RH turns Butcher? LJ as Reynold Greenleaf in sheriff's service? RH & Guy of Gisburne.) (RH met Friar Tuck.)

1265 battle of Evesham; Simon de Montfort & 2 other barons. (Godberd on barons side, Reginald de Grey on royals side.)

(Verysdale?) RH a follower of Simon de Montfort; (RH became outlaw.) (Simon the noble fisherman?)

1265 st John Baptist's Day

(RH & Little John?)

1265 Roger Godberd made outlaw

RH became an outlaw. (Bower said he became an outlaw as a result of battle of Evesham.)

1265 Reginald de Grey titled

1265/6 John d'Ayvill & Robert Deyville (& Jocelin of Deighton & Adam) & Simon de Montfort junior in Adlingfleet in isle of Axholme (& in Sherwood)

(Simone the Noble Fisherman?) (RH & Bishop of Ely?) (Alan a Dale?)

1265 submitted to king at Bycarr Dyke

RH pardoned by King?

1266 John Deyville occupied Isle of Ely

(RH & Bishop of Ely?)

1266 Roger Godberd's robbery of abbot/abbey of Gerewedon/Garendon (assart of land, feast St Mary)

RH helps Sir Richard at Lee? RH & maid Marian ("Edwinstowe")? (RH & Alan a Dale?) RH & Bishop of Hereford? (RH built chapel of Mary M in forest?) (Gandeleyn?) (Fountains Dale?) (Greenwood?)

1266 Roger Godberd's first court appearance, granted safe passage to court, admission to king's peace "and to pardon them", safe conduct for 8 days, pardon of all trespasses

RH meets King and pardoned; (RH at king's archery tournament?)

1266/7 Robert Deyville in Ely

(RH & Bishop of Ely?)

1266 John Deyville, Baldwin Wake & Robert de Ferrers, battle of Chesterfield

(RH & earl of Chester?)

1267 John Deyville moved to London & occupied & pillaged surrounding areas

(RH in London?)

1267 Sir John Deyville outlawed, pledge of lands

1267 Roger Godberd moves to and settled in Sherwood/Charnwood

"RH in Sherwood stood", ("Robin of Sherwood")

1267-1272 Roger Godberd in Sherwood for 4 yrs. He could call on a 100 men.

3 yrs in RH & the Potter.

1268 two engagements/skirmishes fought with Roger Godberd by de Leyburn lieutenant of Reginald de Grey (constable/justice of Chester & constable/sheriff of Nott), "including one in the heart of Sherwood"

RH & Guy of Gisburne? (LJ as Reynold Greenleaf in sheriff's service?) RH & Ranulf earl of Chester.

1269 King's son Edward pardons Walter de Ewyas for death of Will fuiz le Chapeleyn

Will Scarlet? (Guy of Gisbourne capull-hide?) (chaplain Friar Tuck?)

1269 Robert Hod of Ely/Cambridge; St Barnabas Day; Bernewell'.

(RH & Bishop of Ely? Barnsdale?)

1270 first capture of Roger Godberd (in grounds of Rufford abbey); managed to escape

RH captured & escapes; (Robin Hood goes to mass? 'RH & the Monk'?)

1270 siege of Richard Foliot's Fenwick castle by Reginald de Grey who intended to capture Roger Godberd & companions, but outlaws managed to flee

Sir Richard protects RH from sheriff

1270 (recorded 1275) Roger Godberd robs abbot/abbey of Stanley, kills a certain monk there.

RH & Bishop of Ely? (RH robs high cellarer of St Mary's in "Sir Richard repays RH"? RH & the Monk?)

1271 Godberd supposedly holds-up/robs widow of John de Grey (the stepmother of Reginald de Grey)

Bishop of Hereford hunts RH (widow aids RH). RH & the Sheriff.

1271 Reginald de Grey given 100 marks by king to raise the finest army in the land and to (finally) defeat and catch Roger Godberd and/or his bandits, or, De Grey paid 100 marks for expenses incurred in fighting outlaws and (eventually) capturing Roger Godberd

King & Sheriff re catching RH. (RH captured?)

1271 Roger Godberd & Walter Deyvas & 4 others captured and imprisoned in Nottingham castle

RH captured & escaped? Will Scarlet/Stutley captured & rescued? 3 sons/squires captured & rescued?

1271/1272-1276 Roger Godberd kept in 3 different prisons for 3 years

RH captured. (3 yrs in RH & the Potter?)

1272 Sir Richard Foliot accused of harbouring/helping Roger Godberd, Foliot arrested

Sir Richard captured by sheriff. (Sir Richard protects RH. RH aids Sir Richard.)

1272 Lestrange claimed 100 marks for expenses incurred in pursuit & capture of Walter Deyvas

Will Scarlet captured? (Guy of Gisbourne?) (Reynold Greenleaf?)

1272 "Walter Devyas hanged"?

Will Scarlet rescued? Will Scarlet slain near Blidworth or a mile from Nottingham castle? (David of Doncaster?)

1272 (second capture of Roger Godberd,) Roger Godberd jailed at castle (in Bridgenorth)

RH captured, in prison at Nottingham. (Blidworth?)

1273 Roger Godberd imprisoned in Chester; regents of Edward 1 inquiry into Godberd's capture

(RH & Ranulf earl of Chester?) King seeks RH? LJ rescues RH (in ballad 'RH & the Monk')?

1273 Godberd moved, imprisoned in Chester

(RH & Ranulf earl of Chester?)

1274 Roger son of knight Richard Foliot died

(RH aids Sir Richard at Lee)

1274 Sheriff of Notts Walter de Stirclerle/Stirkelegh

(RH's death at Kirklees 1247/1274?)

1275 fine for an unlicensed marriage of John Deyville to widow of de Audley

RH & Alan a Dale? (widows 3 sons?)

1275 prisoner Godberd moved (to gaol of Hereford), W de Helynn, sheriff of Hereford, (trial)

Bishop of Hereford hunts RH? (RH & bishop of Ely?) RH rescued ('RH & the Monk')?

1275 Godberd moved (to London), trial

RH at London. RH rescued?

1276 Roger Godberd pardoned on return of Edward 1 from crusade; released.

RH pardoned, returns to forest; RH rescued/escapes?

One source claims Roger Godberd died in prison in 1276.

"RH died 1247/1274 or 1347/1374"?

1276 Roger Godberd appears in deed relating to Swaninton. (Godberd returned to his farm and lived there, "never heading down the outlaw road again"?)

(Yeoman?) "Robert earl of Huntingdon"? & "this stone" in RH grave inscription?

1276 Sir John Deyville's settlement of a mortgage of 400 pounds to Abbot of St Mary's

RH aids Sir Richard at Lee; (Sir Richard repays RH?)

1279 mortmain (prevents land passing to church)

RH aids Sir Richard at Lee

1279/1280 Scarlet cross

1280 "abbot of Rufford's wood called Brunne"

1282 Edward parliament at parliament oak in Sherwood. (King Edward recruit men of Sherwood in later 13th cent?)

RH pardoned by the King?

1285 John Deyville member of King's household

RH pardoned & in king's service?

1287 Roger Godberd accused of poaching in Sherwood in 1264. (Guarin de Bassingburn. A field & wood. Parson of Schirlond.)

RH leaves king's service and returns to Barnsdale? (RH & Guy of Gisburne.) (King's "Pass of Lancashire".) (Lee? Chapel of Mary Magdalene?) (Prioress of Kirklees?)

(1291-)1295 Sir John Deyville died

death of Little John / Sir Richard?

1293 Roger Godberd "may have been dead" (& burial). (Reginald de Grey "caused Godberd's death"?)

(Roger de Donkesly causes death of RH.) Last arrow & death of RH; RH's grave

1294 Robert Butler of Skelbrooke pressed to death

RH died "1274"? ("underneath this stone"?)

1295 first reference to a Robynhod (earlier refs are to Robehod)

1295 John Deyville junior a minor and ward of Roger de Mowbray

1298 Edward victory over Scots

(RH met a Scotsman who joined RH's band?)

1300/1301 Jocelin Deyville of Deighton valet or yeoman in household of Abp of York

early 1300s evidence of loans by clerics

1304 John Deyville junior summoned to appear before the king for seizing venison from Sherwood. He was pardoned for an amercement of 100 pounds.

1304 popular ballad Trialbaston

from 1307 John Deyville jnr made number of attempts to break into occupied family estates by force

1308 death of Reginald de Grey

death of sheriff/Ranulf/Roger of RH ballads.

1315 John Deyville junior called to Lancast'er's Doncaster council after Bannockburn

1317 Jocelin Deyville broke into manor house of Robert of Pickering dean of St Peter's York

1317 Jocelin Deyville & Gilbert de Middleton vs bishops of Durham

1318 Jocelin served under earl of Arundel in marches of Scotland

1318 Jocelin & Robert pardoned

1319 Peter Deyville owed 40 pounds debt in to the later bishop of Norwich. By 1323 he owed 1000 marks.

1319/1399 Robin Hood Cross (Derby). [Compare Robin Hood's Stone 1422?]

RH's grave (cross/stone)?

1320 John Deyville jnr forcibly resisting de Mowbray's claim for services due at Egmanton in Sherwood.

1320s John alienate family estate of Thonrton-on-Hill

1322 Earl Thomas of Lancaster rebellion; battle of Boroughbridge; Contrariants. (Earl of Hereford?)

("pass of Lanacshire". "a knight of lancaster".)

1322 Jocelin Deyville the 3rd granted a pardon

1323 Edward 2 supposed to be "our comely king" hunted in Plumpton park during his visit

("Plumpton park")

1324 a Robin Hood at king's court (evidence of earlier presence there)

1326 Jocelin attacks on villages in Tickhill.

law-breaking continued in Notts, Derby, Leics unto 1330s

1331 John alienated his estate of Kilburn & Castlehode/Hood

(possibly conflated into Guy of Gisbourne?)

"1347/1374" RH dies

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 16-Feb-2018 at 16:17
Just some more possible evidence that RH's grave is under/by Major Oak (Edwinstowe) :

Robin Hood: died in "priory" of "Kirklees/ChurchLees/Bircklies" [Schirlond?] ("Mirfield")
Major Oak: "quercus robur"
Edwinstowe: near Cuckney (&/or The Lings, or Leyfields.) Near Birklands?
Edwinstowe: Edwin's body hidden in church.
Edwinstowe: church of St Mary, church street.
(Edwin: HatfieldChase/Meicen 630/633 is near Maserfield/"Mirfield"/Cocboy/Oswestry 642/644.)

Robin Hood: grave.
Major Oak: "RH is supposed to have hidden in it", "RH's shelter/hideout" & "where he & his merry men slept [or sleep]"
Edwinstowe: means Edwin's + stowe "resting place"
Edwinstowe: "Edwin's body taken through the forest to Edwinstowe", "hidden in church".

Robin Hood: name Robin/Robert Hood [Roger Godberd]
Major Oak: quercus robur.
Edwinstowe : name Edwin maybe a bit similar to Hood?

Robin Hood: death caused by Roger of Doncaster.
Edwinstowe: connected with "Hatfield chase near Doncaster".

Robin Hood: "Elizabeth de Stainton"; "here underneath this stone lies...".
Edwinstowe: Edwinstowe; stowe "resting place".

It is possible that Little John might also be buried in the same place. One of the theories to explain the huge size and odd shape of Major Oak is that it might be mor than one tree fused together as saplings. John is supposedly buried at "Hathersage/Hathershead/Hathersuch/Hatherchurch" which might possibly link with "Hatfield chase" (of Edwin), or "at the quercus/oak", or "at the church/kirk" (of Edwinstowe), or "(here) (under)neath the/this stowe/stone" (or "Huntingdon", of the alleged RH's grave inscription), or "gate(s)"?
Hence it may not just be RH's grave ("RH is supposed to have hidden in it", "RH's shelter/hideout") but also LJ's grave too ("where he & his merry men slept [or sleep]").


Also found that kinght Richard Foliot's castle at Grimston (Wellow) is near Leyfields, which might be another link with "at (the) Lea/Lee"?

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: RobRich
Date Posted: 20-Feb-2018 at 10:06
This is what you want: - LINK

He robbed the rich and gave to the poor.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 21-Feb-2018 at 01:55

Thanks. I have thoroughly considered many RH candidates of the 1100s to 1300s period (and some before and after then too) including Robert Dore of Wadsley. Some candidates do have some interetsing possible connections/correspondences but since our findings of last 1-2 years Roger Godberd seems to have the best/strongest match. Dore/Wadsley i gave quite alot of objective consideration to and he does indeed have some interesting possible matches, and he may well indeed have been merged in to the Robin Hood of the Geste, but he doesn't seem to be the main original Robin Hood. Compare the table below for Robert Dore with our revised table/list for Godberd. Some of the Dore/Wadsley correspondences are very weak. Robert Hood of Wakefield (of Lockwood-Allen and Hunter) also has some very interesting correspondences which may also suggest he too is merged in the RH of the Geste/ballads, but again he doesn't seem to match as well as Godberd, and he doesn't seem to be the original RH.

Table for Robert Dore of Wadsley "Robin Hood" theory:

Bishop of Hereford ~ Langland knew Bp of Hereford.

Earl of Huntingdon ~ Dore's mother married Thomas de Sheffield who prev married Agnes FitzAlan desc of David Earl of Huntingdon. connection with Hastings 1225/1509/1597. "Lord" Robert Dore.

Friar Tuck ~ Robert Stafford "Frere Tuk" 1417-29. "there were no friars in England before the 14 cent". "most friars expelled 1414".

Gilbert of the WhiteHand ~ cloth dyer/bleacher?

King Edward ~ Rob Dore partly during Edward 3 reign (1327-1377), though he was mainly in Richard 2's reign not Edward's. Piers Plowman written c 1377.

King Richard ~ Richard 2.

Little John ~ Litster?

Mary / Mary Magdalene / Maid Marian ~ Mary patron Saint of Tailors Guild. Guild of St Mary 1371. "Rob Hood attended St Mary's church adjacent to Nottingham Market (1371)".

Much the Miller('s son) ~ Adam Hood/Hode son of Johannes/Johannus Hode/Hood the miller & baker of York ("who might have adopted Robertus Hode/Hood") 1366. Theorised that "Much" was nickname.

Ranulf earl of Chester ~ William Lichfield abbot of abbey of Dieulacres (founded by Ranulf earl of Chester 1214) near Leek Staffs 1379? Cheshire uprising 1393? Cheshire archers 1397? Richard 2 visits Chester 1394?

Robin Hood ~ Robert Dore of Wadsley called "Robin/Robert Hood" in pardon (was in peasant's revolt). a Hobbe the Robber in Piers Plowman and in John Ball Letters 1381.

Sheriff of Notts ~ Sherif of Notts & Derby patroled forest of Peak which included Derwent Valleynear Loxley. Sheriff of Nott possessed property near Loxley. Sheriff of Nott at Conisborough castle during Peasant's Revolt 1380. Mercia, to which Nott belonged, came to within 3 miles of Sheffield.

Sir/Red Roger of Doncaster ~ Neville (red headed/haired).

Sir Guy of Gisbourne ~ mayor John Gisbourne.

Sir Richard at Lee ~ Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon on the river Wye (Wyedale) at the Lee (North Lees at nearby Hathersage).

Will Scarlet ~ Wool Scarlet dyer.

William Trent ~ William de Trent of Gunthorp (30 Edward 3).

Loxley ~ Wadsley / Sheffield / Loxley chase "fairest pretensions to being Loxley of RH".

Nottingham (castle/walls) ~ Nott city gates & wall not completed until 1337. "RH attended St Mary's church adjacent to Nott Market 1371". Sheriff at Conisborough castle.

Plum(p)ton Park ~ William Plumpton b 1362.

Lincoln Green & Scarlet (Geste) ~ cloth merchants/dyers guild.

longbow (pierce armour) ~ longbow 1330/1333-1515. archers 1397 Cheshire. "The longbow designed to pierce armour was introduced by Edward III in the 100 year war". (Disputed/criticised by John Minnely.)

2-handed longsword ~ 1350-1550.

English ~ English 1362.

Merry England ~ 1350-1520.

outlaw ~ peasants revolt 1381. killed (step)father in argument with scyth?

Pardon ~ Dore's pardon from king of 1381/2.

Piers Plowman 1377 ~ Robert Dore dates c1335-1364-1382-c1403.


This is Robin Hood (c1266 in Fordun/Bower; 1272-1307 in Polychronicon; 1283 in Wyntoun) :

Roger (de) God(e)berd(') (fl. 1250 - 1265 - 1267 - 1272 - 1276 - 1293)

Godberd could call on a 100 men.
"accused as a public criminal of many burglaries, homicides, arsons, and robberies committed by him", "wickedly robbed the Abbey of Stanley",
"denies all burglaries, homicides, arsons, robberies and all larceny etc.",
"says that he has always thereafter conducted himself well and faithfully towards the said king and his heirs and everybody else, and that he is not guilty of any of the foregoing".

Robin Hood rhymed with "good" in alleged RH's grave inscription. Robin Goodfellow.

Many persons and places etc of RH have quality matches with ones in the Godberd records.

Reginald de Grey is certainly the Sheriff of Nottingham, and "Ranulf earl of Chester", and "Roger of Doncaster"?

Sir Richard Foliot is certainly the Sir Richard at Lee.

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: RobRich
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2018 at 00:27
I don't see your problem, other than the fact you place too much store on irrelevancies.

He robbed the rich and gave to the poor.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 23-Feb-2018 at 16:13

Well i can't debate vague/unspecific mere words claims/accusations only actual details evidences. What things do you consider as "irrelevancies"? (Certainly i don't claim every single thing of mine is right, but there are plenty of things that are pretty certainly right. I always try to be interested and objectively consider all theories.) Otherwise you and i are free to believe what you do (from what evidences we have) without unfairly/untruly slandering or putting down. "knowledge puffs up, love edifies", "truth sets free".

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 23-Dec-2018 at 20:04

Our new ebook on Robin Hood and Roger Godberd is here , and it is hopefully abit better written/explained and readable/understandible than our previous posts in this thread. So far we have only done 11 chapters and there are still half a dozen or so more yet to do including ones on the Bishop of Hereford, Alan a Dale, etc. The small ebook is maybe written abit too technically and/or not written very well for general public though, so we might later find someone to rewrite a better version of it for everyone (with pictures etc too).

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

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