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Result for all past Total Quizzes

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Topic: Result for all past Total Quizzes
Posted By: Imperator Invictus
Subject: Result for all past Total Quizzes
Date Posted: 28-Oct-2006 at 00:11

Total Quiz Winners

Total Quizzes held in new AE
Quiz Title Date Champion Second Place Third Place Moderator
Total Quiz XVI
Total Quiz XV
Total Quiz XIV
July 2007
April 2007
Jan. 2007
Knights, Praetor

New User
Knights-Praetor, Dawn
Northman, Knights, Poirot, Decebal
Northman, Poirot, Decebal
Imperator Invictus, Poirot, Northman
Total Quiz XIII Oct. 2006 Decebal Knights-Praetor Dawn, Styrbiorn, Kilroy
Imperator Invictus, Poirot
Total Quiz XII July 2006 Decebal TJK Cavalry4ever, Northman Imperator Invictus, Dawn
Total Quiz XI-4* April 2006 Decebal Dawn Goban Imperator Invictus, Poirot
Total Quiz XI-3 Jan. 2006 Decebal, Dawn   Poirot Imperator Invictus
Total Quiz XI-2 Oct. 2005 Poirot Dawn Decebal Imperator Invictus
Total Quiz XI-1 July 2005 Dawn Decebal Paul Imperator Invictus
Total Quiz X-4 April 2005 Komnenos Paul TJK Styrbiorn
Total Quiz X-3 Jan. 2005 Komnenos Dawn Cavalry4ever Styrbiorn
Total Quiz X-2 Sept. 2004 Dawn Fastpawn Janus Rook Styrbiorn
*The "four parts" naming system was discontinued after Total Quiz XI-4. The abbreviated XI-4, for example, stands for "Part 4."
Total Quiz XI-2 was the first to sequence questions in intended order of difficulty.

Overall Results for Quizzes held in New AE
Contestant Titles
Decebal 5 (XI-3, XI-4, XII, XIII, XIV)
Dawn 3 (X1-2, XI-1, XI-3)
Komnenos 2 (X-3, X-4)
1 (XI-2)
1 (XV)
1 (XV)
1 (XVI)

Series Winners: For most total points for a series (discontinued after TQ XI-4)
Total Quiz XI Series (XI-1, XI-2, XI-3, XI-4): Dawn
Total Quiz X Series (X-1, XI-2, XI-3, XI-4): Dawn

Total Quizzes held in old AE and Heavengames History Forum
Quiz Title Date Champion Moderator
Total Quiz X-1 June 2004 Fastpawn
Second: Serge L; Third: Dawn
Total Quiz IX (Series) Champion: Styrbiorn
Total Quiz IX-4 April 2004 Serge L TJK
Total Quiz IX-3 Feb.2004 Styrbiorn TJK
Total Quiz IX-2 Nov. 2003 Serge L TJK
Total Quiz IX-1 Aug. 2003 Serge L TJK
Total Quiz VIII (Series) Champion: Kolovrat
Total Quiz VIII-5 April 2003 Kolovrat TJK
Total Quiz XIII-4 Feb. 2003 AwayGlyndwr TJK
Total Quiz XIII-3 Feb. 2003 Kolovrat TJK
Total Quiz VIII-2 Dec. 2002 Imperator Invictus TJK
Total Quiz VIII-1 Nov. 2002 Kolovrat TJK
Total Quiz VII (Series) Champion: TJK
Results for individual quizzes of the Total Quiz VII series have been lost
Total Quiz VI-2 April 2002 TJK Cyrus Shahmiri
Results for the rest of the Total Quiz VI series have been lost
Total Quiz V (Series) Champion: TJK
Total Quiz V-4 Feb. 2002 Kolovrat Serge L
Total Quiz V-3 Feb. 2002 Kolovrat, TJK Serge L
Total Quiz V-2 Jan. 2002 Salvatore Serge L
Total Quiz V-1 Jan. 2002 TJK Serge L

Explanation: Total Quiz was originally an event held solely on Heavengames History
Forum with question answering done through email. Starting from Total Quiz V-1, the
event run on HG forum was scored externally using a quiz engine written by Cyrus Shahmiri.
Since then, the Total Quiz gradually made a transition from being held on HG's forum to being
held concurrently in both AE and HG (when AE's forum was founded), to finally being held predominantly in AE.

Total Quizzes held in Heavengames History Forum
Quiz Title Date Champion Moderator
Total Quiz IV Dec. 2001 TJK Serge L
Unlike the others of its time, Total Quiz IV had only one part.
Total Quiz III Champions: Salvatore, Styrbiorn
Total Quiz III-3 Dec. 2001 Angel Reckless Rodent Serge L
Total Quiz III-2 Dec. 2001 Lady Bevin of Kildare Serge L
Total Quiz III-1 Dec. 2001 Styrbiorn, Salvatore  
Total Quiz II Champion: Styrbiorn
Total Quiz II-2 Dec. 2001 Styrbiorn Kolovrat
Total Quiz II-1 Nov. 2001 Serge L Kolovrat
Total Quiz Champion: Salvatore
Total Quiz Part 2 Oct. 2001 Salvatore Kolovrat
Total Quiz Oct. 2001 Serge L Kolovrat



Posted By: Decebal
Date Posted: 25-Jan-2007 at 09:08
Who was Kolovrat? Does he have another name nowadays, or did he just stop contributing?

What is history but a fable agreed upon?
Napoleon Bonaparte

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.- Mohandas Gandhi

Posted By: Dawn
Date Posted: 25-Jan-2007 at 12:09
He has been gone since before I was a member. occasionally we still see a question written by him.  SergeL wrote a long post at one time on the history of TQ but it was unfortunatly lost in the "proboards episoide"  IIRC  Kolovrat was a russian fellow who started TQ.


Posted By: Styrbiorn
Date Posted: 29-Jan-2007 at 05:13
Kolovrat was indeed the Russian fellow who started the whole thing. He was a member of the Heavengames boards. I think he has moved on.

Posted By: Serge L
Date Posted: 04-Feb-2007 at 08:05
Russian medical doctor, married with an Italian and living in Turin with her. I miss him

Posted By: TheDiplomat
Date Posted: 04-Feb-2007 at 12:34

You guys are amazing

ARDA:The best Turkish diplomat ever!

Posted By: xi_tujue
Date Posted: 04-Feb-2007 at 14:33
Gratz Decebal you are truely the Brasil of the QuizesThumbs%20Up

I rather be a nomadic barbarian than a sedentary savage

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