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All Battles Project Introduction

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Topic: All Battles Project Introduction
Posted By: rider
Subject: All Battles Project Introduction
Date Posted: 25-Oct-2006 at 17:30
All Empires would like to announce a new project.

As of the moment, AE is serving under it's main purpose of being a gateway to intellectual discussion over educating historical discussions; in addition to that, the amount of articles on the Main Site is quite small.  To help us solve that problem, first in January we have created the AE Magazine concept that has been released for quite some time already and will continue to do so. To bring the members of AE Forums to a deeper level of contact with other primary and secondary historical sources found over the net, we created the AE Portal in September. Now we have something completely new to present to you: an old concept in a new form.

I am sure that many of the older members and of the newer ones that read old topics, know the "AB, a new project under AE" topic that was started quite some time ago in the Military History section by Cyrus Shahmiri. The idea of that was to have a map encompassing battles that have been fought, are fought and will be fought (after we know the outcome) in the future. Cyrus managed to implement his map and create a system that was capable of adding new enquiries to the map. However, the New AB (NAB or simply AB) will restart the same idea, first without a map but as the techincal possibilities of our IT-personnel (Invictus) improve, we will add a full map in due time with atleast as many functions that the previous one had.

One of the main problems brought out by several persons of high-standing on AE, both by rankings and knowledge, was that the old Project had many copied entries and therefore rendered 'useless' and 'waste of time' by us; as we hope All Empires to be a site with original material.

This forum is to discuss the development of the (N)AB and help the (N)AB Staff on it's way to full capabilities. As many have said before, all support and help is welcome, and people that come with written pieces of art are welcomed in great esteem by us.

The second idea of the forum is to have a storage space for new entries (and possible converted old ones). I ask you to format the new entries that you wish to be inserted in future to the (N)AB as following:

1) the topic title - including the name of the battle, as for example 'The Battle of Waterloo'
2) the text be written by yourselves; as copied entries are easy to be followed and deleted and they do not show the level of your progress - take your time but write the text yourself.
3) usually to include the date (as precisely as possible) of the battle, even if clearly understood from the heading.
4) that any copied references by which you want to point to some important issue, be accompanied by a link or clear source

Also, I have decided that we could move all (or most) entries and discussions of battles (without an intro) to this subforum here.

If anybody feels that he or she wishes to join in on the creation and development of this project, please feel free to - PM Rider or send him an e-mail (found in the profile). You may also contact any other member of the AB Staff



I have considered many different possibilities that come to existence with the Main Site articles on battles. Therefore, I have decided that a topic should be created here with a link to the Main Site article. Besides the link, I think that copying the text might be useful but not necessary. The commenting would work as usual and we could work on having the Main Site articles perform better then.


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