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Medieval Europe

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Topic: Medieval Europe
Posted By: Komnenos
Subject: Medieval Europe
Date Posted: 03-Sep-2006 at 08:10
Please post your links to websites about the history of Medieval Europe here!


Posted By: Komnenos
Date Posted: 03-Sep-2006 at 08:38 - Economic History of Byzantium , a large collection of academic essays ( in pdf format) on  aspects of the economic. social and political history of the Byzantine Empire.


Posted By: Peter III
Date Posted: 09-Sep-2006 at 17:41
This is a website with various articles on different aspects of medieval history. Unfortunately you have to pay per article. -

Posted By: Peter III
Date Posted: 14-Sep-2006 at 23:38

A large online research tool, run by the Berkeley Medieval Studies department. -

Posted By: Peter III
Date Posted: 14-Sep-2006 at 23:44 -
A great reference tool on every aspect of medieval European History. Has alot of great links to other medieval websites.

Posted By: Aelfgifu
Date Posted: 15-Sep-2006 at 04:07
The Fordham Medieval Sourcebook. Online full texts and translations of medieval texts. -


Women hold their councils of war in kitchens: the knives are there, and the cups of coffee, and the towels to dry the tears.

Posted By: Dawn
Date Posted: 16-Sep-2006 at 18:44
The richard III society -


Posted By: Justinian
Date Posted: 17-Sep-2006 at 22:49
Byzantium 1200: -  
Gives virtual images of Constantinople in 1200 a.d.
Who were the Varangians: -
Good resource for information on the Byzantine royal guards the Varangians.

"War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace."--Thomas Mann

Posted By: rider
Date Posted: 30-Sep-2006 at 15:04
Let us post here the texts of Medieval people, with either linking or giving the full statement.

I think that there is one requirement or preferration that the texts be in English. If the text is in any other language (even in the orginal) please mark so in the post.


General Links: - Medieval History Sourcebook - Project Gutenberg

Separate Texts: - Alexiad by Anna Komnenos - Secret Histories by Prokopius

NB! Sorry for so few names, but I have a very limited amount of time right now.


Posted By: Philhellene
Date Posted: 30-Sep-2006 at 17:42 -
A lot of different Medieval primary sources. All texts are in Russian. -
Here you can find Byzantine books in original language. -
Latin Medieval primary sources. -
Russian annals and famous Old Russian version of Josephus` "Judean war".

Posted By: Aelfgifu
Date Posted: 24-Oct-2006 at 08:47 -
'The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1100-1850), currently containing over 15.400 reproductions. Commentaries on pictures, biographies of artists are available. Guided tours, free postcard and other services are provided for the visitors.'


Women hold their councils of war in kitchens: the knives are there, and the cups of coffee, and the towels to dry the tears.

Posted By: Aelfgifu
Date Posted: 24-Oct-2006 at 08:54 -
A list of links to sites on Palaeology, Codicology and other manuscript related issues.


Women hold their councils of war in kitchens: the knives are there, and the cups of coffee, and the towels to dry the tears.

Posted By: bochgoch
Date Posted: 05-Nov-2006 at 05:23 - Owain Glyndwr - patriot, opportunist, pragmatist? Through an extensive time-line of events and involved people and places, this site explores the Welsh rebellion of which Glyndwr was a catalyst.

------------- - - Owain Glyndwr the last King of Wales~learn more

Posted By: elvain
Date Posted: 29-Nov-2006 at 03:41
if anyone is interested in historical geography and could also help me, I make a map of historical rigions of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in 800-1500

the project is called Regions of Medieval Europe:

Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 25-Oct-2009 at 17:08
If there is indeed anyone still reading these posts, I would ask that they please consider "Galacia", the strange place just outside of Poland and Russia, etc.?

If anyone knows, just what seperates this area from Galatia, and Gaul, other than geography, and consensual history reports?


Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 02-Dec-2009 at 19:06
Does anyone think it strange that the area called "Halych" was located either within the area called "Galicia"

"The city's name, though spelled identically "Галич" in modern East Slavic languages, is pronounced Halych in Ukrainian and Galich in Russian. The Russian transliteration should not be confused with Galich, Russia. In Polish the name is rendered "Halicz"; in the Yiddish language, "העליטש" ("Helitsh" or "Heylitsh"); in Latin, "Galic"; in Hungarian, "Halics."

The origin of the Slavic toponym "Halych" is after the Khwalis or Kaliz who occupied the area from the time of the Magyars. They were also called Khalisioi in Greek, and Khvalis (Хвалис) in Russian. Historians formerly believed it was Celtic, related to many similar place names found across Europe such as "Galaţi" (Romania), "Gaul" (France) and "Galicia" (Spain).[citation needed] Another version postulates "hals", "salt", at the root of "Halych", as the salt trade was a substantial economic factor in the medieval history of Halych.[citation needed] Max Vasmer and modern Slavists generally agree that "Halych" is an adjective derived from the East Slavic word for "jackdaw," "halka." This bird featured in the town's coat of arms (but not in the Árpád coat of arms, when Corvinus is a raven) when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire."

And ancient Galatia; and; Where we are told; "(1) Geographical

To designate a country in the north part of the central plateau of Asia Minor, touching Paphlagonia and Bithynia North, Phrygia West and South, Cappadocia and Pontus Southeast and East, about the headwaters of the Sangarios and the middle course of the Halys;

(2) Political

To designate a large province of the Roman empire, including not merely the country Galatia, but also Paphlagonia and parts of Pontus, Phrygia, Pisidia, Lycaonia and Isauria. The name occurs in 1 Corinthians 16:1 Galatians 1:2 1 Peter 1:1, and perhaps 2 Timothy 4:10. Some writers assume that Galatia is also mentioned in Acts 16:6; Acts 18:23; but the Greek there has the phrase "Galatic region" or "territory," though the English Versions of the Bible has "Galatia"; and it must not be assumed without proof that "Galatic region" is synonymous with "Galatia." If e.g. a modern narrative mentioned that a traveler crossed British territory, we know that this means something quite different from crossing Britain. "Galatic region" has a different connotation from "Galatia"; and, even if we should find that geographically it was equivalent, the writer had some reason for using that special form."

So we also can note that Galatia in Asia Minor it seems, was located upon or in the vicinity of the "Halys" river! Here you can see the course of the Halys;

Is it merely a co-incidence that "Galicia" is similar to "Galatia", and "Halys" is similar to "Halych?"

Can anything be found in this Galicia; That might be related to the others? See also;



Posted By: Menumorut
Date Posted: 03-Dec-2009 at 03:29
Is it merely a co-incidence that "Galicia" is similar to "Galatia", and "Halys" is similar to "Halych?"

I think they are coincidences. There are many sources of such names, eg. Galati city in Romania came from a Cumanic word (as other toponym in the area show, Galatui with specific -ui ending), other villages named Galati can come from Hungarian etc.


Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 23-Jun-2015 at 20:32
Holy Roman Empire in Medieval Europe

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