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Women and Worship

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Topic: Women and Worship
Posted By: Mila
Subject: Women and Worship
Date Posted: 13-May-2006 at 12:44

Karadjozbeg Dzamija - Karadjoz-bey Mosque
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Women have always held a different position than men when it comes to worship, at least in the three main monotheistic faiths.

In Islam, many countries segregate women into separate prayer areas and mosques often have separate entrances to accommodate them. In Judaism, women were also segregated. The morning prayers every Jewish man recites include the line, "Thank God I was not born a woman". In Christianity, women are excluded from the heirarchy of most official churches.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, women have a role very different from men. Traditionally, women were responsible for caring for the mosque but didn't really stick around for prayer times. They were also forbidden to go to funerals. These two practices still exist in vast areas of rural Bosnia.

In urban centers, women had separate prayer areas outside of the mosque, generally on the left side of the entrance, but inside prayer areas were a single structure. At some mosques, men and women mix, at others they still sit separately even though there is no barrier between them.

Women have sung the muezzin, call to prayer, in Bosnia and Herzegovina but they have no been officially sanctioned Imams.

Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are lucky in one regard: The areas of Islamic worship and Islamic activity they are allowed to participate in are very well respected. A female expert on Islamic history, for example, will receive just as much attention, respect, and consideration as any man while addressing a congress of male Imams. That, for us, has never been an issue.

So there are good and bad things, but overwhelmingly good. The women who are especially involved in religion generally hold high honor for the roles they play, as do the men. It is generally the women not really involved in the religion that want to see female Imams and these sorts of things, I find.

And among your people?


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 16-May-2006 at 09:22
Not allowed to go to funerals? I thought that it was just a custom sunnis in Pakistan had.


Posted By: Mila
Date Posted: 16-May-2006 at 09:35
No, it exists here as well. If you look at photographs from funerals in rural Bosnia, and there are many, you'll often notice the women at the graves are always alone and the bodies are already in the ground. They show up to do what they do once the main funeral is completed.

This exists even in Sarajevo if the family is trying to show great respect. For example, the cemetery for Serbian martyrs - Sarajevo Serbs who died fighting the Serbian nationalists laying siege to the city - Muslim women would come to tend to the graves afterwards and do for them everything they do for Muslim martyrs. This included, in their case, reading the Bible to them, saying a Christian rosary and leaving the beads on the tombstone, tending the flowers, and engraving their title on their tombstone.

The grave this Muslim woman is tending, for example, says "Defender of the City" below his very obviously Serbian name. The grave behind her even has Cyrillic text.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 17-May-2006 at 00:30
I have always wondered why sunnis have that tradition. IS it true the world over. Shias certain;y don't.


Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 05-Jul-2015 at 20:41
In Catholicism, the requirement that women cover their heads in church was introduced as a universal law for the Latin Rite of the Church for the first time in 1917 with Canon 1262 of its first Code of Canon Law.

Posted By: ladychristine
Date Posted: 14-Jan-2016 at 02:14 - If I want to dislike women, I should be allowed to. As it happens, I love them. Women to me are privately worshipped and publicly disdained.

Posted By: mahalakshmi_stotram
Date Posted: 10-Sep-2016 at 03:08
In India Particularly in the villages, A girl child or women is considered as Goddess Lakshmi.On the festival of Diwali they visit Goddess Lakshmi temples and offer her prayer by chanting - mahalakshmi stotram so as to get blessed with health,wealth and prosperity.

------------- - mahalakshmi stotram

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