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  Quote weirdvideos2008 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: GENESIS-10 RECONSTRUCTION by John D Pilkey
    Posted: 30-Nov-2017 at 21:34
This is a new topic on a very old subject - The Ethnological and Patriarchal structure of Genesis Chapters 10-11, to 14. The restructure is compiled by myself (Ross S Marshall) and explained in detailed in the writings of Dr. Jon D Pilkey. These patriarchs established the first empires in the postdiluvian world, and their identities are found scattered throughout all the major national mythologies, and earliest king lists in the ancient world. It will be fascinating and exciting to get your comments on the following list comparisons, as they have not been verified outside of John's works to date. I am sure there will be a few errors, but the majority might be found to have much validity. I will be posting the Sumerian and E. Indian King lists soon, as I compose and compare the lists. Have fun.
Ross S Marshall
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  Quote weirdvideos2008 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 30-Nov-2017 at 21:38

John D Pilkey’s Reconstruction of Genesis-10



                                                                                 wives     >   Matriarchal Daughters


(W) = White/Turanian/C/Asian Ural-Altaic              =  JOBAB     >    d. Hamath

(B) =  Black African                                                 = OPHIR     >     d. Arvad

(Y) = Yellow Oriental                                              = SHEBA     >     d. Sin

(R ) = Red/ Amerind                                 = HAVILAH >   d. Zemar



NOAH (Dedan)                                                       

                                                Ural-Altaic/ Turanian              



                w/ JOBAB  (W) All Fairskin, Sumerian Ling.Stock

                w/ Jobab  (W) Shemite              =              SHEM (W/y)           

                w/ Jobab  (W) Japhetic             =              JAPHETH / Sheba-2 (Wy/y)

                w/ Jobab  (W)           =              d. HAMATH Ww/y

                w/ Jobab (W)            =              TOGARMAH

                                                                Sumrians, C. Herding Region

                                                                Arabian  Thamy-deni & ditae

                                                                Tocharians, C. As.


                w/ Sheba (Y)                             =              d. SIN  Y/Y  Yw/Y

                w/ Sheba-I (Y) Sino-Tibetn       =              ASHKENAZ  Wy/Y

                                                                Budini, Sarmatia

                                                                Gedrosians, Iran

                                                                Arabian Macaei, Manitae        

                                                                Mannai, Caucasus

                                                                Mongols, Tartaria


                w/ Ophir (B) = All Blacks/ Austranesian Ling. Stock

                w/ Ophir (B)             =              d. ARVAD Wy/B

                w/ Ophir (B)             =              RIPHATH  Wy/B

                                                                Dravidians, Indus


                w/ Havilah (R) = All w/ concavity, Aquline nose, Amer..Ling Stock

                w/ Havilah (R)          =              SABTECA (Sabtecha)  Wy/R

                                                                Amerindians N.W. America

                                                                Zepotec, Mex.        

                                                                Papuans by Sabtecah

                w/ Hamath (W)

                                Danaan Greeks, thru RODAN

                                Egyptians of SAIS

                                E. Teutons thru ELISHAH

                                Sino-Tibetn.Mongoloids, All Brachycephalic  Sheba-I (Y)

                                Formosans by Sheba


                w/ Sin d. Yw/Y

                                Sumerians of ISIN

                                Tibetians, Bautae


                w/ Arvad  Wy/B  (d. of Ophir)

                                Cushite Lang Stl thru SEBA

                                Cushite SAB, Somalia

                                Egyptians of Hermopolis Magna


                w. Zemar d. Wy/R = Andian Stock S. Amer

                                Andian  Aymara, Bolivia         


NOAH  w. Hamitic Havilah (R) red Matriarch = son  HAM (Havilah-2) (Wy/R)


HAM + w/ Sheba-I (Y) 

                = s.  MIZRAIM  W/Y/r

                                Panopolis, Egyptns 

                                 Polynesians  by / as Tangaroa


                 Mizraim w/ Jobab (W) = d. CAPHTAR  W/y/r

                 Mizraim w/ Jobab (W) = s. MASHLAH  W/y/r

                                Lycaonians, As. Min.

                                Lukayo, Caribbean

                                Massylians, Algeria

                                Pelasgi Vlachs, Gr.Yugoslv.


                                Philistines, Palestine

                                Sumerians of Kish   

                OLD ID.

                [Mizraim + w/ Uzal W/Y          =  d. Pathrus ? X  w/y/r

                  Is shifted  to Japheth + Uzal = d. Pathrus]


HAM + w/ Ophir (B)               

                = s. CUSH Wy/B/r

                                AFRICAN/E.ASIAN Hamitic CUSHITES

                                Nilotic African Anuak, Sudan

                                Sudanic Gurma, Up.Volta

                                Galla, Cush.Ethiop

                                Bantu Haya, Tanzania

                                Manchus, Manchuria, Ural-Altaic

                                Cush.Mandari, Lk. Chad

                                Nilotic Mandari, Sudan


                CUSH + w/ Arvad d. Wy/B

                                = d. LEHAB  wy/B/r

                                Bantu Lubi, Zaire

                                Lullubians of Iran

                                Teheus of Libya

                                [RAAMAH / Shem ?


                                Indonesians by Dedan (Noah)

                                SHEBA-2/Japheth ? X

                                HAVILAH-2/Ham w/ Arvad d. Wy/B      

                                                [= d. Lehab  ? ]


                CUSH + w/ Jobab- (W)

                                = s. PHUT  Ww/y

                                Hellenes, Greece  by / as Iapetus

                                Finno-Ugrian Hungarians by Macareus



                                Ural-Altaic Samoeds by Salmoneus

                                Ural-.Altaic " Kalmuks by Halmus

                                = s. JEBUS ? X

                                = s. ARCUS  ?  X

                                = s. HIV  ?  X

                                = s. HUR/Hor/Seir- Jasher  10:28

                                = s. JERAH ? X

                                = d. Almodad ? X


HAM + w/ Jobab (W)              

                = s. CANAAN W/y/r               

                                WHITE CANAANITES          

                                Canaanites, Palestine              

                                Dorians, Greece

                                Sudanic  Gu, Nigeria

                                Sudanic Kundu, Cameroon

                                Teutonic Lygians, Poland

                                Nilotic Sudanic Shilluks           

                                Nilotic Turkana, Kenya

                                Turks-Huns, C. As.

                                Bantu Turu, Tanzania


                CANAAN w/ Lehab (d. of Cush & Arvad)               

                                = s. NIMROD Wy/B/Rr/w

                                Blk/Red AFRICAN CANAANITES-Nimrodites       

                                Afr. Sudanic Anyang, Cameroon

                                Sudanic Anyi, Ivory Coast

                                Nilotic Yangere, C. Afr. Rep.

                                Bantu Yeke, Zaire

                                Africans, Sudanic Gude, Nigeria

                                Afr. Nilotic Iteso, Uganda

                                Bantu Kuba, Zaire

                                Micronesians by Nimrod


                                NIMROD (Helius-Orion) w/ wife _____?

                                                [ = s. AEETES Y/B/r

                                                                AEETES w/ ______?

                                                                = d. Chalciope  d. of AEETES 

                                                                [Aeetes was the son of sun god Helios and the Oceanid Perseis (a daughter

                                                                 of Oceanus), brother of Circe and Pasiphaë, and father of      

                                                                Medea, Chalciope and Absyrtus.]


                                                                [= d. NAPHTAH ?


                                                                [= s. SEBA (Ur-Nanshe) w/ Arvad d. Wy/B]  X        

                                                                                Sumerians of Lagash; as Ur-Nanshe


                                                                [ s. SABTAH w/ Uzal W/Y

                                                                                = s. JEBUS  W/y/r

                                                                                Romans thru Jebus


                                                                                JEBUS w/ Jerah (d. of Obal) W/y

                                                                                = s. HIV-ites  w/y/r  

                                                                                WHITE CANAANITE-HIVites

                                                                                Egyptians of Edfa, of Jebus

                                                                                HIVites, Palestine

                                                                                Hurrians, Subaria

                                                                                Afr. Sudanic Chamba, Nigeria

                                                                                Afr. Sudanic Mambila, Nigeria

                                                                                Afr. Khoisan  Hukwe, Botswana


                                                                                [JEBUS w/ Ophir (B)               

                                                                                BLACK OPHIRITE-CANAANITES-Ark

                                                                                 = s. ARCUS (Ark, Arkite) Wy/B

                                                                                Sudanic Arago & Margi, Nigeria

                                                                                Australian Aborigines, Aranda-Aruna      

                                                                                Arcadians, greece

                                                                                Khoisan Kindiga, Tanzania

                                                                                Bantu Rundi, Burundi]             

                CANAAN w/ Halivah (R )

                                = s. HETH Wy/R    

                                                RED HETHIAN CANAANITES

                                                Hittites, Hattians, Hatti-Anatolia

                                                Teutonic Chatti, Germany

                                                Amerinds, Dakota, N. Amer.

                                                Sudanic Ekiti, Nigeria

                                                Nilotic Ikasa, Congo

                                                Bantu Kota, Congo

                                                Bantu Kutshu, Zaire


                                HETH w/ Jerah (d. of Obal) W/y

                                [ = s. GIRGASH ? X 

                                                WHITE/RED HETHIAN Girgashites

                                                Afr. Bantu, Cogo, Tanzania

                                                Cushite Goroa, Tanzania         

                                                Sudanic Igala & Iyala, Nigeria

                                                Khoisan Koroca, Angola         

                                                Albanian Ghegs

                                                Koreans, Korea


                                HETH w/ wife ???   

                                                = s. ELISHAH ?      

Ross S Marshall
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John D Pilkey’s Reconstruction of Genesis-10


                CANAAN w/ Jobab (W) White Matriarch

                                = s. SIDON (Poseidon)  W/yr

                                                WHITE SIDONIAN-CANAANITE


                                SIDON w/ Hamath- (W) Red Matriarch

                                                = s. ELISHAH  Ww/yr

                                                Caribbean, Arawak, Carib

                                                Caddoans, Louisiana, Eyeish

                                                Cush.Ethiop., Arusi

                                                Bantu Zaire, Lele

                                                Bothic Europe, E. Teutons

                                                Amerindians  by  Khetm

                                                Egyptians of Heliopolis, by g.s. Rodan

                                                Sumerians of S. Marshes, people of Enki

                                                E. Teutonic SIDONIANS, Sidones, thru Elishah

                                                W. Teutons thru g.s. Kitt


                                SIDON w/ Jerah (d. of Obal) W/y

                                                = s. AMOR (Agenor)  WY/r

                                                Amorites (Amurru), Martu

                                                Afr. Sudanic Akyen, Nigeria

                                                Nilotic Moru, Sudan

                                                Teutonic Oqueni, Germany


                                                AMOR w/ Caphtor- w/y/r

                                                                = s. KHETM (Kitl/Kitt) W/y/r


                                                                 N.Amer. Caddoan,Elishah, Eyeish, La.

                                                                N/Amer.Kitt. Cado, Tx

                                                                NAmer. Tarshish.Pawnee, Nebraska

                                                                Cypriotes of Citium

                                                                W. Teutons.SaxonyGermanyHolland.Eng.

                                                                Cush.Ethiop. Ittu

                                                                Bantu Tanzania, Kisi


                                                                Maedi –Thrace



                                                AMOR w/ Caphtor- w/y/r

                                                = s. TARSHISH W/y/r             


                                                                Bantu Zaire, Buye

                                                                Cush.Ethiop. Darasa

                                                                Gailic Europ. Boli

                                                                Nebraskan. Darazhazh-Pawnee


                                                                N. Teutons, Scandinavia          


                                SIDON w/ Uzal W/Y

                                                = s. SALAH (Arphxd-2)  W/y

                                                                Celtic Gauls, Gaul, Galacia

                                                                Afr. Nilotic Banda, C. Afr. Rep.

                                                                Bantu Sele, Angola


                                                SALAH w/ Jerah (d. of Obal) W/y

                                                                = s. HAZAMAREVETH W/y

                                                                Khazars, C. Asia

                                                                Arabs Hadramaut, thru Hazarmaveth       


                                                SALAH w/ Ophir (B) Black Matriarch, ½ BLACK HAMITES

                                                                = s. ELAM wy/B

                                                                Elamites, Iran

                                                                Austronesians Malagasy, Nova, Sakalava

                                                                Bantu, Giryama, Kenya

                                                                Bantu Ha, Tanzania

                                                                Bantu Ila, Zambia

                                                                Khoisan Nama, Nambia

                                                                Nilotic Nyima, Sudan

                                                                Sudanis Tusyam, Up. Volta


                                                SALAH w/ Jerah (d. of Obal) W/y

                                                                = s. ASSHUR w/y     


                                                                Rhenish German, Batavi          

                                                                "   Chauci

                                                                "   Franks, by  PRANSU son of MANU

                                                                "  Frisians by PRISHADRA son of Manu

                                                                "  Hermiones, by son of Mannus

                                                                "  Ingaevones, thru son of Mannus


                                                                Bantu Aushi, Zambia

                                                                Sudanic Sia, Up. Volta

                                                                Nilotic Suri, Sudan


                                                SALAH w/ Havilah-I- (R)

                                                                = s. RODAN wy/R

                                                                Danaans, Greece

                                                                Anag, Nilotic Sudan

                                                                Angas, Cush.Nigeria

                                                                Danakil, Cush.Ethiop

                                                                Gushi, Bantu Tanzania

                                                                Egypt. of Heliopolis

                                                                Rhodians, Rhodes


                                                SALAH w/ Havilah-I- (R)

                                                = s. EBER (Tubal)  wy/R

                                                                Borusci, Prussia

                                                                Georgian, Caucas.Japhetic

                                                                Cephenes, Persia

                                                                Hebrew, Palestine

                                                                Iberians, Spain


                                                                EBER w/ Pathrus  w/y/r

                                                                                = d. Almodad  W/y/r


                                                                EBER w/ Caphtor- w/y/r

                                                                                = s. TIRAS   W/y/r

                                                                                Etruscans., Rasena Italy          

                                                                                Sumerians, S. Orch. "Damu"

                                                                                Tyrsenoi, As. Min

                                                                                Thracians, Tirasia

                                                                                Tiras's Bantu Sena, Mosambique


                                                                EBER w/ wife ___??

                                                                                [= s. LUD ? X


                                                                EBER w/ Uzal W/Y

                                                                = s. JOKTAN (ARAM)  W/y/r

                                                                                Armenians, Armenia

                                                                                Carians, As. Min.

                                                                                 Beni-Khitan, Arabia

                                                                                Khitans, Inner Mongolia         

                                                                                Sumerians of Farming Region


                                                                EBER w/ Pathrus  w/y/r           

                                                                                = s. PELEG (Lud) wy/R

                                                                                N.A. Algonquians, by Reu

                                                                                N.A. Iroquoians

                                                                                Mushogians, by g.s. Rimish

                                                                                Ind-Eur. BURGUNDIANS, Vistula & Burgandy


                                                                                Phrygians, Phrygia

                                                                                Afr. Iraqw, Cush. Tanzani


                                                                EBER w/ _____?

                                                                                [= d. ABIMAEL ? X]              

                                                                                Kurds, Kurdistan

                                                                                Polynesians by Havilah


                                                                EBER w/ Chalciope w/b/r

                                                                = s. RUE   Ry/wbr     #NAME?

                                                                                Argives, Greece       

                                                                                Nilotic Nzakara, Kara, Sokoro C.R. Afr. & Chad

                                                                                Bantu Sagara, Tanzania

                                                                                N.A. Algonquians, by Reu

                                                                                RUE w/  Tashlultum  ?

                                                                                 = s. SERUG, Asa-Manja

                                                                                N. Amer. Cherokee, Shawnee

                                                                                Egyptians of Thinis

                                                                                Nilotic Manja, C. Afr. Rep.

                                                                                 Bantu Tussi, Uganda


                                                                = s. NAHOR-I w/ Tutashar-libbish

                                                                                Sumerians of Lunar Cult of UR


                                                                = s. TERAH w/ _____?

                                                                                HEBREWS  of  UR

                                                                                = s. ABRAM





                                                                                Mushogians, by g.s. Rimish


Ross S Marshall
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GENESIS-10-11, -14 Reconstruction by John D Pilkey


NOAH w/ Jobab (W) = s. SHEM (RAAMAH) (W/Y)

                Malays by Raamah (Shem)

                Cushite Afr.  Atta of Algeria

                Sudanic Mum, Cameroon


SHEM w/ Hamath- w

                = s. MASH  W/Y

                Nilotic Madi, Uganda

                Sarmatians, Sarmatia


SHEM w/ Hamath- w

                = s. GETHER W/Y

                Agathyrsus, Hellenic Sarmatia

                Nilotic Alur, Uganda


SHEM w/ Ophir (B)

                = s. HUL  WY/B

                Blk/Wht SHEMETIC-OPHIR-HULites

                Nilotic Acholi, Uganda

                Bantu Nkole, Uganda

                OLMECS, Mex.


SHEM w/ Havilah-I- (R)

                = s. UZ  WY/R

                Aramaeans (Akhlamu), Syria

                Cuman Uzea, C. As.

                Galindae, Sarmatia

                Meso-Amer., MAYANS, Uto-Aztecans

                Nilotic Lendu, Zaire


SHEM w/ Sheba-I (Y)

                = s. ARPHXD-I/Hadoram  Y/w

                Adorsi, Prussia

                Latini, thru Saturnus to Latinus

                Bantu  Shone, Zimbabwe         

                Tai, Thailand


                ARPHAXAD-I w/ ______?

                                = d. SWARA  y/w


                ARPHAXAD-I w/ Jobab (W)

                                = s. DIKLAH  Y/W

                                Scoloti, Sarmatia

                                Siculi, Sicily

                                Aurtronesian Tagala, Phillipines


                                = d. Uzal Y/W

                                Oscan Italoi, Italy

                                Osyli, Sarmatia

                                Romans, thru Jebus

                                Sumerians of Herding Reg, thru Togarmah


                                [= d. Almodad d. ?]


                ARPHAXAD-I w/ Jobab (W)

                                = s. OBAL Y/W     and     KAINAN (Septuigent)     

                                Apulians, Italy

                                Egyptians of Xois

                                Ophlones, Sarmatia


                                OBAL w/ Almodad  w/y/r

                                                = s. SHELEPH Y/w

                                                Slavs, E. Europe


                                OBAL w/ Uzal W/Y

                                                = s Jerah (d. of Obal) Y/W

                                                Arabs Hadramaut, thru Hazarmaveth       

                                                Hurrian-Subarians thru HIV

                                                Semites of Ugarit


NOAH w/ JOBAB (W) White Matriarch  = s. JAPHETH (Tudia-Seth)(Sheba-II) W/Y

                Austroasiatics, people of Lac

                Celts - listed in Gen 10: 2-4

                Cushite Africans

                Kaoshans, Tiawan

                Lacedaemonians, Sparta          

                Teutonic Swabians, Germany



                = s. MEDIA (Agni) W/Y

                Iverni, Ireland

                Cushite Somalia

                Yao, S. China, Vietnam           

                Bantu, Mosambique

                Madai's Nilotic Masai (Tanzania)


                MEDIA w/ Swara W/Y            

                                = s. MESHECH w/y

                                Gutians, Iran

                                Scythians, C. As.

                                Meshach's Bantu  Ganda (Uganda)


JAPHETH w/ Havilah R

                = s. MAGOG (Rudra) Wy/R

                Amaz/Carib, Amer.

                Gaels, Brit               

                Hyrcanians, Iran     

                Kung, Khoisan Nambia            

                Magog's Harari, Ethiopia         


JAPHETH w/ Sheba-I Y

                = s. GOMER (Himavan) Y/w

                Cimmereral, AsMin

                Cymru, Brit             

                Egypt. Memph

                Chinese, Hui

                Lurs, Iran

                Shans, Burma

                Cushite Afr. Gomer's Gimira, Etrhiopia


                GOMER w/ Caphtor- w/y/r

                                = s. JAVAN  W/Y/r

                                Javan's  Somali, Somalia          


                                JAVAN w/ Uzal W/Y

                                                = s. Abilael  W/Y


JAPHETH w/ Ophir (B)

                = s. SEBA  w/y/B

                Blk/Wht JAPHETIC-Ophirites               

                Andamese by Seba   

                Sudanic Adamawa, Camroon

                Tiv, Nigeria            

                Negroid Colchians (Heroditus)

                Bantu, Kikuyu, Kenya             

                Cushite Siwa, Afr. Egypt         

                (Oceanic Blks, see Sabtah)


                SEBA w/ Arvad Wy/B

                                = s. SABTAH  w/y/b

                                Blk/Wht JAPHETIC-Arvadites

                                Melanesians by Sabtah             

                                Austronesian Stock of Cushite Clan

                                Andamese by Seba

                                Polynesians by Havilah           

                                Melanesians by Sabtah

                                Malays by Raamah (Shem)

                                Papuans by Sabtecah

                                Formosans by Sheba

                                Indonesians by Dedan

                                Micronesians by Nimrod         


                = d. NAPHTAH

                Up. Egyptians of Diospolis Parva



                = d. PATHRUS w/y/r

                Phrygians, thru Peleg (Horus, son of Seth)


JAPHETH w/ Ophir (B)          

                = s. ZUD w/y/B       

                Blk/Wht JAPHETIC-OPHIR-ZUDITES

                Amazonian Indians


                ZUD w/ NAPHTAH w/y/b

                                = s. ANAM (Hanuman) w/y

                                Chinese, Han


Ross S Marshall
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