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place namesakes, etc

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    Posted: 27-Nov-2017 at 09:12
This might be interesting topic.
1. Places and/or peoples with same names (namesakes).
2. Different names for same place/people.
(3. Persons/gods with same names.
4. Different names/titles/epithets for same person/gods.)

1. Places and/or peoples with same names (namesakes).

Albania (Dinaric/Illyria), Albania/Albany/Alba/Alpin / DrumAlban (Scotland), Albania (Caucasia), Albion (England/Britain), Alps/Alpine (Switzerland), *dunon Alborum (castellum Guinnion), St Alban's (Verulam), Albany (New York), Albany (Western Australia), Albion (Sidney), albino (pigmentless), New Albion (Drake, Plowde, NY), Albionora (Canada), Southern Alps (NZ), Alba (Rome/Latium/Italy)? [Compare Laban? Lebanon?]

Atlantis; Atlas Mtns (nw Africa); Atlantic Ocean; Atlanta (Georgia);

Amsterdam; New Amsterdam (New York);

Africa (continent); Africa (Tunisia); Afrikaans/Afrikaner (Boers); Afro-Americans; Afro-asiatic; Australopithecus Africanus. [Possibly compare Afars? Avaris? Havilah? Ophir?]

Avalon (Arthurian); Avalon (in Lower Hutt in NZ);

Avon (sw England); Avondale (in Auckland in NZ);

Barbarians, Berbers/Barbary, Barbarosa.

Babel/Babylon(ia) (Iraq), "Babylon" (Rome in Bible); Babylon 5 (Sci Fi).

Boston (USA); Boston (east England);

Bohemia/Boii; Bavaria/Boii; [Bohemian (Gypsy)?]

Bath (Severn); Baden (Germany);

Bereby (Portchester); Bere (Reculver);

Baalbek (Lebanon/Syria), "Baalbek ofthe New World" (Tiahuanaco).

Great Britain/Britons (UK), Dumbarton (Scotland), Brittany/Breton (France), New Britain (Pacific), Cruithne. [Name confuonded with Brutti (Calabria, Italy), Brutus (Rome). Compare Santa Maria de Bretona (Galicia)? Waddell compared name with Bharata (India).]

Kent/Canterbury (Kent), Canterbury (NZ).

Carthage (Tunisia), new Carthage (Spain)

Caerleon (South Wales), Caerleon (Chester), legio 2 Augusta (Rutupi/Richborough); city of the legion (Nennius), legion at York but it was not called by name legion.

Caerwent (Wales); Caerwent (Norfolk); [related to Winchester.]

Colombia (South America), Columbia (USA in Latin American), Columbia (space shuttle), Washington DC (USA), British Columbia (Canada), Colombo (Sri Lanka)?

Cambria/Cymric (Wales), Cumbria/Cumberland (England/Scotland), Cimbri (German/Celt)? Cimmerians? Gomer? [Possibly compare Humber/Northmberland? Umbrian (Italy)? Ambrones?]

China, cina (Tibet), Indo-China, Chinatown, Tachin, Cochin-China, Sinitic, Sino-Tibetan.

Dutch, Deutsch, Teutonic, Teutoberg, Tuisco.

Camlodunum (Colchester); Camulodunum (Slack);

Denmark/Danes; Danelaw;

Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh Hill (Dover), Dunedin (NZ) ; Eidyn 1 (2nd battle, Pa Gur), mynydd Eidyn / Eidyn 2 (6th battle, Pa Gur), din Eidyn (Y Gododdin). [Not related to Eden of Bible.]

Edwinstowe (Sherwood/Nottingham), Edinburgh (Scotland)?

Egypt/Coptic (UAR, Africa), Gypsies (Europe).

Eternal City (Rome), Eternia (Masters of  the Universe), Hwinaymarka "eternal city" (Titicaca).

England; New England; East Anglia; Anglesey; Angles (Denmark);

Erythrean sea (Suez/Red sea/Indian Ocean); Erythrea (island/sea, Atlantic, Strabo);

France; Franconia; Frankfurt; Ile de France; Ferenghi; New France; French Community.

Galicia (Spain/Portugal), Galicia (Poland). [Related to Gallic/Gaul, Galatia? Galloway?]

Georgia (Caucasia), Georgia (USA), St George (England)

Glen river (Northumberland), Glen river (Lincoln), Glynde ("glen house", Sussex).

Greece; Magna Grecia;

Gihon (Eden); Gihon (Euphrates); Gihon (Nile); Gihon (Jerusalem); "Gihon" (Ganges). [Ceyhan?]

Hampshire (Solent), New Hampshire (USA), Northamptonshire (Essex), [Norhamshire (Northumbria)?]

Hawaii (Polynesia/USA), Avaiki-tautau (NZ), Hawaiki (unceratin location homeland of Maoris/Polynesians), Savaii (Samoa), .... [Brunner claims it is related to Java? Lochore claimed related to Sabian. Some claim related to Hindu name Avaiki or Sindhava.]

Holyland (Palestine/Israel); Hel(i)goland (North Sea)?

Iberia (Spain), Iberia (Caucasia/Georgia). [Possibly related to Hibernia/Eire?]

India/Indus/Hindu/Sind (South Asia), American Indians (Americas), West Indies (Caribbean), "Indians" (Maoris), India Vawr ("Israel"), Indonesia / East Indies (South East Asia), Indo-China (South East Asia), Indo-European (Aryan/Indo-Germanic), Indo-Iranian / Indo-Afghan, Indian Ocean, Indiana (USA).

Iran/Aria (Persia), Indo-Iranian, Irano-Afghan, Aryana-vaejo (uncertain location northern homeland of Iranians/Aryans), Arya/Aryavarta (India), an-arya (Dasyus), Aryan (Indo-European/Nazi). [Some claim related to Eire/Ireland?]

Ithancester (Lincoln), Ithancester (Othona).

Jerusalem/Salem (Israel), New Jerusalem (Axum/Ethiopia), "New Jerusalem" (some give name to New York area), New Jerusalem (Heaven). [Name related to Solomon Islands.]

Kadesh (Syria); Kadesh (Jerusalem);

lomond & lemanis (related acc to Jackson)

Loxley (sW Yorks); Loxley (Staffs/Warwicks);

Lud (Shem); Ludim (Ham);

London (Middlesex), Lund (Scandinavia), "Laodicea" (Bible)? [compare Lu(n)danbyrig (Othona)? Lodonesia/Lothian? Lugdunum?]

Linnuis (HB); lindum (Damnoni, Coritani); Lincoln(shire)/Lindsey; Lindisfarne island; Lindsey (Suffolk); Lindsay (Lothian); [Dublin.]

Laodicea (Asia Minor); Laodicea (Syria?) ["Laodicea" (London?)]

Moravia (Czechoslovak), Moravian (Hussites), Moravia/Moray/Mureif (Scotland)

Memphis (Egypt), Memphis (USA). [Maybe compare caer Membyr? Membij/Bambyce (Carchemish)? Mempricius?]

Mongolia; Moghuls (India);

Mona (Anglesey); Mona (Isle of Man);

Nigeria; Niger; Negrone (Urus, Titicaca)? Negroes/niggers (USA); Nicaragua.

Orientis (Levant); Oriental (Chinese); Orient (Napoleon)

Philadelphia (USA); Philadelphia (Asia Minor);

Picts (Scotland); Picardy?

Phoencia; Punic;

Rhos (Wales); Melrose/Meilros (Lothian);

Rome (Italy), Little Rome (Trnava, Blaj, Birmingham, Brookland, Negombo, Asmara, Shefa-'Amr, Lipa, Vadakkankulam/Romapuri), 2nd Rome (Byzantium/Constantinople), 3rd Rome (Moscow), 2nd Rome (Caerleon / urbs legionis / city of the legion), Romania/Rumania, Rum (Turkey), Rumelia (Bulgaria), Romansch (Switzerland), Peruvian Rome / Little Rome of the Americas / Great Rome / Roma de America (seven mountains, Juli, Peru). I think Lugdunum has also been called Little Rome? Romiith? Rom (Space knight)? [Not related to Romany (Gypsies)? Romney (Kent/Sussex)? Ruoihm (Thanet)? Rom/Romt/Rot (Egyptian)?]

Russia (USSR/CIS), White Russia / Belorus (CIS), Ukrainian / Little Russian / Ruthenian (CIS), Rus (Varangians), Ruotsi (Swedish rowers)? [Borussian/Prussian?] Rosh (Magog)?

Rosh (Gog/Magog), Rostau/Rosetta (Egypt), Rastafari (Ethiopia)?

Rhodes (Aegean); Rhodesia (Zimbabwe/Zambia).

Stonehenge (Salisbury), Gobekli Tepe called "Turkish Stonehenge", [Tiahuanaco? Callanish? Mystery Hill and Gilgal area also compared with SH though not named.]

Siam (Thailand), "Siam" (China).

Snowdon (N Wales), Snowdown (Kent), "Snowdon" (Stirling).

San Diego (USA); Santiago (Chile); Santiago de Compostela (Galicia).

Scotland (Caledonia); Scotia (Ireland); Nova Scotia (Canada); Scotland Yard. [Some relate it to Scythians.]

Slavs/Slavic; Slave Coast; Slavonia (Croatia); Slovenia; slut/slattern; Slovakia? Yugoslavia. [Compare Liberia "freed slaves". Compare Serbia, Sorb, serf. Compare thrall, theow; wardum "slaves".]

Troy (Asia Minor), New Troy (London), Troy (NY, USA), Troja (Asgard)? Wrongly supposedly related to Toija (Finland). [Compare Troyes (France)?]

Thebes (Egypt), Thebes (Greece).

Tribruit 1 (1st battle Pa Gur), Tribruit 2 (7th battle Pa Gur) = Tribruit (7th battle site, Nennius).

Turks; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Turkestan;

Venice (Italy), Venezuela (South America), Veneti (Gaul). [Compared by some with Phoenician.]

Washington state (USA), Washington DC (USA), the Wash (England).

Wales/Welsh/walnut (Britain), New South Wales (Australia), Wallachia (Rumania), Walloons (Belgium), West Wales (Cornwall), Galloway?

White House (Washington DC), Whithorn "white house" (Galloway), Hwiterne "white house" (ASC, possibly Dover/Guinnion). [Some say Wight related. Also compare Whitby, Wissant (France/Belgium), LaVey's Black House, and Whitechapel (London).]

Witham (Lincs); Witham (Essex);

Weald (Kent); weald (Brunanburh);

Watling Street; "Watling Street" (Geste);

Yemen (S Arabia); Yaminites (Mari); Benjam(in)ites;

Yarmouth (Wight/Hants); Great Yarmouth (Norfolk) (supposed to be different roots);

Zealand (Netherlands/Holland); New Zealand; Sealand(s) (Babylonia); Sealand (off Norfolk/Suffolk coast);

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What proof do we have that the elite practice eating/drinking the fluoridated water that they force on us? What proof that it doesn't harm/hinder brain? What right do you have for forcing it on me?
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Originally posted by Arthur-Robin

Turks; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Turkestan;

Formal name of Mamluk Sultanate

Formal name of Turkey
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti 

In Byzantine/Greek Source
Principality of Hungary = Western Tourkia
Kingdom of Khazaria = Eastern Tourkia
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Makaveli: Machiavelli

Tupac Shakur was so much inspired by the late politician and writer Niccolo Machiavelli that he changed his name to Makaveli. During this time, Tupac earned the most fame in his lifetime.
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