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AR's blog/book

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    Posted: 13-Jun-2017 at 10:30

Over the years quite a few people now have asked me for book(s) or article(s) of mine if/when one is written by me. We have not yet been able to properly write & publish any books or papers (except for a few not very well written rough papers/articles/ebooks on a few discoveries), but in the mean time this catalogue of many of our web/net posts on lots of topics of world history (and other subjects/fields) which we have posted on in various net/web forums etc over the last 3 to 10 years can serve as a sort of table of contents of book chapters.

Usually the links in each block are more or less in order of the best and most recent first.

We also mention that we know that some of our theses/theories could possibly be wrong, though some are pretty certainly not wrong.

A few links might not direct to the exact right page/post/comment of ours and might direct to someone elses post/comment before or after ours, since we onlyhave dialup and have not been able to check every address/link to make sure we have the right full extended address/link. Also keep in mind to make sure you know which poster (name) we are in the forums. (I will try to sometime in future add here a list of my forum names.)

If any pages/posts have been deleted i would appreciate being informed.

One extra note: I am well aware that quite a few people have said or implied that my writing/English is not very easy to read or to understand the meaning of. This is half true. In the last few years i have not been able to be a very good/great writer. However, our writing is not so absolutely bad that it is impossible for anyone to understand what we mean, and it is not so too utterly difficult to see/glean the evidences that we present. I can only appeal to you and assert that it is well worth people taking a little bit of time and effort to slowly look through our major articles which have plenty of amazing evidences in them if one genuinely wants to know. You (& I) could have "disappointed" expecatations if you shallowly only go by how "readible" the posts are (not), but you won't have disappointed expectations as regards stark evidences if you give us a fair chance hearing/consideration.

p.s. "ours" = our articles, & "others" = others articles. (In some places we also give some links to other peoples articles for various reasons connected with the topic and our theses/theories.)

The catalogue is roughly in order of west to east around the world (ref contents list: Eire, UK, Fr, Norse/German, Spain, Italy/Vatican, Greece, Egypt/UAR, Egypt & Biblical, Biblical/Israel/Palestine, Biblical & Mesopotamian, Arab/Islam, Iraq/Mesopotamia, Iran/Persia/Elam, India/Indus, Philipines, Australia, NZ/Maori/Polynesia, US/America, Peru/Bolivia & Atlantis, global/general/World) (and each nation's topics are roughly in chronological order).

If the few links containing "" (or in them don't work then try replacing the nz with your own countries 2 letters code (eg nz, au, uk, us, ie, eu, etc) (or the com with co dot countries-2-letter-code).

Catalogue of my posts/articles (or Arthur-Robin's / Sean's Book).

( Druids:
our articles:,1044049
Not yet any major personal theory yet.
others articles: .)

UK archaeological/historical sites:
our articles:,1065157
others articles:,559,1

"(King) Arthur's" battles sites [of HB of Nennius] (Saxon Shore) :
Our thesis is that "(King) Arthur's" 12 battles 9 battle-sites match 8 of the 9 Saxon Shore forts from Yarmouth to Portchester.

  our articles:
Comments on (the blog is since gone now deactivated though it seems). (they deleted this after banning me) (9 battles posts, june/july 2014).
Papers posted in academia (gone now since we had to delete our account due to technical problems).,35479.0.html,1079150
Comments in webpage.
And a friend's review of our theory here

   others articles:

"(King) Arthur" who was he? :
Arthurnet post(s) a couple/few years ago.
Candidates include: the porter (PaGur), mysterious body (Wonders), Painted House skeleton, Gwallawg, Ambrosius, Sutton Hoo Man, count of Saxon Shore, progeny of AA, Cuneglas, Mercury Artaios, Asshur, Arthur mac Aedan, Great Britain, Ares/Mars/Martin, Pictish king, Artha (Hindu), Arthur of Bradley, Artook Khan, Ardys, Rudra, Riothamus, pope Pelagius, Cadwaladr, Artognou, st Arthmael, LAC, Arviragus, "Ethelbert", Natanleod, Germanus, Lombard king, or someone's grave possibly at cruciform platform Richborough?

'Pa Gur' battle sites [Saxon Shore]
Our thesis is that the 9 Pa Gur sites match the 9 Nennius sites and 8 of the 9 Saxon Shore sites from Yarmouth to Portchester.
  our articles:
  others articles:
August/Dab Hunt's 'From Glein to Camlan'.

Wonders of Britain of "Nennius" :
Our thesis is that the Wonders of Britain match the Saxon Shore sites of the 9 battle sites of Arthur.
  our articles:
  others articles:

Holy Grail:
  our articles:,257991
  others articles:
Hancock's 'Sign & Seal' book.

Maserfield = wigan? :
Our thesis is that Maserfield seemingly may be Wigan.
  our articles:
comment in damowords blog.
  others articles:

Brunanburh = Between Tarn Wadling and Carlisle/Stanwix/Arthurburg?
Our thesis is that Brunanburh/Othlyn was probably somewhere between Stanwix/Carlisle and Tarn Wadling. Very close to theories of Deakin & Holden.
  our articles: ;
  others articles:
Ethelwerd's chronicle.

Robin Hood = Roger Godberd
Our discovery was that Robin Hood "earl of Huntingdon" and Sir Guy of Good-Gisbourne and William A-Trent match Roger Godberd of Swanington and Sir Guarin de Bassingbourne and William Wasteneys.
  our articles:,262083,262083#msg-262083
arthurnet post a couple/few years ago.
  others articles:

Shugborough (in the Arch?)
Our theory was that something is in the arch? or other possibilities given in the posts.
  others articles: ?

Jack the Ripper (= MJK?) (previous theory was RLS) :
Our theory is that JTR was MJK (and that MJK was not the true victim).,34712.0.html
Casebook forum admin unfairly banned me in registration.
[not yet added : "big floppy hat" = sounds like a disguise?]

Bambrough (Durham) genealogy re "German/Prussian prince" tradition
Research into the Bambrough family tradition that we are descended from a "Prussian or German prince".
myheritage "Sean Bambrough's tree"

Italian WW2 pow affairs in Notts UK in 1946 :
Research into my maternal grandmother's affair with a ww2 Italian pow in Notts in 1946 about 9-10 months before my mother was born.

Man in the Iron Mask
Not yet finished.

Odin/Woden/God : (not sure if right page but is roughly thereabouts)
[Candidates include Utu/Adam, dUtuan, Uttanapada, Gwydion, Vata, Nodens, etc.]

Mountain of Promise
deleted not yet revised and republished.

Germanic/Aryan/Nazi/Nationalist/Fascist/NewRight/KKK forums/groups i've participated in : (virus attack via pm from dcp dec 2015)
skadi/allthing/thiasi (banned just for mentioning panf)
stirpes (pettily banned for different view on Europe; defunct)
panf (defunct)

Tartessos (Huelva? or else Donana?) [see also our Tarshish posts]
Our theory is that Tartessos is most likely Huelva, or else Donana or somewhere between the 2. (Though also some other candidates elsewhere.)
[headnheart.blogspot ?],33884.15.html;boardseen#new

lost legion
(Excluding one or a couple/few new alternative candidates.)

Pope Joan
Not yet published.

Popes = Roman emperors:
Our discovery thesis  is that we discovered indisputable proofs that the first 40 + popes of the popes list matches the list of Roman emperors, eg pope Aleaxnder matches emperor Trajan who is often corresponded with Alexander the great; pope Pius 1 matches emperor Antoninus Pius. It seems that emperors with two names (eg Antoninus Pius) were split into two "popes".,1087088,1090885
"the Roman Empire did not die with a whimper under Romulus Augustulus, but with a mighty roar of defiance from Constantine Palaeologus , 2,000 years after that glistening city was first established on the Tiber."

Roman/Aryan Racism  (have added Trump kissing blond and ignoring brunet),1104790

Tenets of NWO (reply post)

Hercules (Gilgamesh? Kartikeya?),1063585
(Excluding update corrections. The original Hercules may be Gilgamesh?)

Amphipolis tomb:
  others articles:

our articles:
not yet published/posted.
others articles:
Sharrukin on allempires said he has a theory.

Russian & Nigerian scammers (& Gayropa)
myspace blog post

Egyptian forums/groups/etc I've participated in abit/alot:
Sussex Egyptological Society
NZ Egyptology Society (Egyptologist Peter Sullivan)

Punt (Africa or Arabia/Asia/India?)
We give candidates in Africa and in ArabiaAsia/India/East/Australia/Pacific, listing some evidences.
  our articles:
[,586395,588058#msg-588058 ?] (old),225724 (old)
An old Punt thread/topic on allempires forum which i have to get link to post here.
  others articles:

Prester John (Ethiopia) (see also Thonis in our Holy Grail articles)
We give matches of Prester John in Ethiopian king list. Older articles also give alternative Asian candidates.
not yet published properly.
(See also an older article in non-digital Historia-Pangaea years ago.)

Hyksos,1022097 + corrections re Amu / Omaya / Amalekites

Imhotep & Almodad?,1092259

Jacob, Joseph, khufu, sekhemhet, sphinx, pyramids
Our thesis is that we discovered stark evidences of Joseph and Jacob in the 3rd & 4th dynasty of Egyptian. Almost same as Wyatt's & Mohler's & Hoeh's theory, and close to Courville's.,1052904,1104977,1052112,1092259,1061627,1054014 (comment) forum (2 threads/topics a few years ago)
[ ?] (blog has since been removed by google after password lost)
Joseph = Sekhemhet &/or Djedefre &/or Sphinx face &/or Imhotep?
Jacob = Khufu/Khufwey/Cheops
Goshen = Giza/Gizeh/Ergesher "beside the high"
Sphinx = Lion of Judah (Gen 49) &/or Joseph?
Djedefre = Joseph or Judah?
Pyramids = eternal hills (Gen 49)?

Our thesis is that there seem to be many evidences that Moses only-best fits the 12th dynasty time. Agrees with or is close to theories of Velikovsky, David Down, Rohl, neo-Wyatt followers, Hoeh.,129296,1037881
[ ?] (comment)
Moses: is most likely either the blue figure in pectoral of Sit-hathor-yunet, or "Moeris", or Amenemhet 4, or Mermesha, or "rebel Mesh" (Amarna letters).

King Shishak of Kings/Chronicles (King Tut?)
Our theory is the King Shishak of Egypt of 'Kings'/'Chronicles' in bible may match King Tut(ankhamen) of 18th dynasty in Egyptian (and Zerah may match Ramses 2 of 19th synasty). Also theorises possible link of Akhenaten with Edomite/Egyptian king Genubath of Kings/Chronicles. We were shocked to find that Riaan Boysen had previously nominated almost the same person for Shishak.
  our articles:
  others articles:
Velikovsky. Rohl. Courville. Millard. Wikipedia. I Newton.

Egyptian/Biblical chronology:
Gives our new chronology synchronisms of Abraham & 1st dynasty, Joseph & 3rd/4th dynasty, Moses & 12th dynasty, Shishak & 18th dynasty, Zerah & 19th dynasty.

Christian/biblical/creation forums/etc i've participated in:
Jesus club (prev faithlight)
Ancient bible history (Yahoo group).

Israel/Hebrew/Jewish/biblical/messianic forums i've participated in (or tried to) :

Sodom & Gomorrah:

Inverted Nuns (signature of Joshua?)
Very tentative theory that the inverted nuns in the Torah might be a signature of Joshua which would verify Torah written by Moses?
Not published yet except mentioned to few years ago.

Dead Sea Scrolls.
yet to republish.

Nazareth (= Nabratein?) & Jesus
Our theory that the real Nazareth of Jesus might be Nabratein near Safed rather then the traditional/orthodox "Nazareth".
yet to republish.
A post in israelforum.

Ark of the Covenant
 Our articles:
Not yet re-published.
Old article by seanbam on thechristadelphians BTF forum.
 Others articles:
Cornuke's. Grant Jeffrey's. Hancock's. Wyatt's. Norbergen's. Etc.

Ark of the Covenant: In the meantime here is a list of the main location theories i have found includes:
destroyed / in Heaven (Revelation/Apocalypse); Illinois (Kimball); America/USA (like Indiana Jones); Oak Island (fb); Temple Herdewyke (Stratford on Avon, UK, Philips / Cove-Jones); Tara (BI, Irish times); Pyrennes; "Priory of Sion has ark"; Rennes le Chateau; Chartres (France); Kalingrad (East Prussia, earth chronicles); Vatican [there is a picture of Pope Gregory with an object that looks very similar to the/an ark]; in Ethiopia (Hancock, Cornuke, Grant Jeffrey); in Zimbabwe (Lemba); in Egypt (like Indiana Jones); in Yemen; Mt Sinai; Petra (me when a teenager); between Moses & Aaron burial places (Pseudepigrapha); Mt Nebo/Pisgah (Apocrypha); Masada; Engedi; Qumran; between Jerusalem & Qumran; a now sealed/concreted-up cave/chamber under east Jerusalem; east of Jerusalem (Dieffenbach, Norbergen); old city of Jerusalem (Procopius); Bethesda (me years ago based on John & Copper Scroll); Temple Mount (Getz); Skull Hull / Gordon's Calvary "under old Jerusalem" (Wyatt); in a Jordan church; Mt  Gerizzim/Samaria; kiriath Jearim (2017); in Galilee (Moslem) [there is a picture of wheeled ark in Capernaum, and is a supposed "proto-ark" in Nabratein]; Babylon; Mt Tsurugi in Japan; [Australia (Schmidt)?]
[Ark has also been linked back to Atlantis (Frank Joseph); Great Pyrmid sarcophagus?]
The ark might have been found by someone somewhere and secretly re/moved by someone (else?) to somewhere else? The strongest ones seem to be either in Jerusalem area, in the true Engedi cave, in Galilee, or in Ethiopia.

7 churches
Matches the 7 churches ages of Revelation/Apocalypse 2 & 3 to European history. 1st church Ephesus matches early aposolic church centred at Jerusalem; 2nd church Smyrna matches persecuted church between Domitian and Diocletian, 7th church Laodiceans might match London and modern Western churches. (post 42 & 45).

Martyr "Antipas" [Telemachus? or Telesphorus? or Joan?]
Theory that the martyr Antipas of Pergamum in 'Revelation' might possibly match Telemachus. (post 42)

4 horsemen of apocalypse
  our articles:
  others articles:
Bible. Wikipedia. 'Supernatural' TV program.

Collected candidates for 666:

End times / last days
  our articles:
Not organised yet.
  others articles:

Nephilim / Watchers / Sons of God / aliens / giants:
  our articles:
[ ?],1096916
[ukchristians post comments]
[christiancafe forum thread/topic post],1087088
  others articles:
petros koutoupis article on nefilim in hancock's website articles section.
wikipedia articles on nephilim.
Sitchin. Daniken. Biodiversity forum topic posts. OLHP.  derek prince.


Great Flood:
Debates evidences for and against the Great Flood of Noah being global or regional/local or mythical. ;,1058334,1052090

Noah's Ark/Ararat/Flood:
Brief discussions of the main candidates for Ark / Ararat, with Dogubayzit seeming the most likely one.
  Our articles: ;
facebook comments
  Others articles
Bob Cornuke's (Suleiman)
Wyatt's/Fasold's (Durupinar/Dogubayzit)
JT Chick's / Crusader comics (Ararat/Agri)
bible. epic of gilgamesh.

Table of Nations (great city of Asshur = Tiahuanaco & Atlantis?)
Our amazing discovery theory that the great city of Asshur of Genesis 10 seems to match both Atlantis capital city of "Plato" and Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku. One of our most amazing discoveries. chapter# (at bottom of first page)

Table of Nations (Japhethites) ?,35248.0.html
Not yet written up all our various old & new candidates & theories info & ideas up to date.

Eden & Antarctica?
Theory that Eden may have been in Antarctica with the 4 rivers & lands being centred around Antarctica? Theory of 4 rivers being where Pangaea continents split up along? Thesis of 4 river matching 4 world ages of world myths.
  Our articles:,1058156
An allempires forum thread/topic
[ ?],1090636
  Others articles:
Flem-Ath's book (and article in Nexus).

Yhwh name origins:
Not yet rewritten new theories on this yet.

Where was the land of Uz of Job? Article gives our main theories.

Abraham ~ in 1st or 2nd dyn of Egypt? & Abraham ~ "enme-baragesi" of Kish?:
Evidence that Abraham was in Egypt in 1st (or 2nd) dynasty. (Also name of Abe posssibly found in "predynastic" inscriptions?)
Extrenmely tentative theory that wonders if Abraham matches Enme-baragesi of Kish 1 dynasty in Sumerian king list (could be wrong). Other possible candidates for historical verification of Abraham.,1036431

Ur of the Chaldees/Kasdim
Was Ur of the Chaldees/Kasdim (of Abraham) in south or middle or north Iraq (or in Turkey or Syria or Armenia or in Iran or India)?
simaqian studio history forum thread (forum now gone).
yet to republish with corrections.
Candidates of others and of ours have included: urfa, urartu, ur city, urkesh, near Mari, uriki/kiuri (akkad/agade), uruk, gobekli tepe, etc.

Gives evidences for Chedorlaomer of Genesis 14 seemingly having been around about the time of Kish 1 or Uruk 1 or Lagash 1 dynasties.
Not yet revised and rewritten a piece on our info & ideas.

"Moslem" terrorism (9/11, Nice, NJ/NYC, London 2) (Isis = Vatican?) :
Questions about whether the claimed terror attacks are really Moslem/Arab or whether they are really Roman or Aryan. Als gives contrary good/honourable Moslem quotes on not doing to others what not want done to self, and on true Jihad being doing good to poor etc. Gives suspicious "coincidences" of our Globalist/Rome/EU -related discoveries publishings with timings of terror attacks happening just after (eg London came shortly after we posted Loadiceans = London theory).

Sealand(s) dynasty & judahite kings?
Tehory that the Sealands dynasty might match Judahite kings.
Not yet published. May probably be wrong. So far only written in 1 private correspondence to friend Graham.

Berosus' 1st Dynasty (= Kish 1 &/or Uruk 1?) :
Finds of ours and ofothers that Berosus 1st dynasty seemingly matches either/both Kish 1 and/or Uruk 1 dynasty.
[post in historum?]

Aratta (= Agbatas/Achmetha/Ecbatana/Hamadan?)
Our search finds that Aratta seemingly may match Hamadan?,225930

Not yet written up a piece on our list of all possible candidates that we have found.

Balaam & Bilalama?

Semiramis & Hammurabi?
Theory on Semiramis possibly being Hammurabi.

(Gives evidences for the main location candidates for Dilmun. Main candidates included Indus Valley, Elam, Bahrein, El-Lahm / Dalemin, Armenia/Ararat, Danube, Egypt, Atlantis, Nod.)
Allempires thread/topic (excluding some new different unpublished ideas)

Indus Valley script
 But this turned out to seemingly probably be wrong. We have some other theories which we have not yet written/posted on.
  others articles:
parpola; waddell; hrozny; fell/epigraphic/brunner; wiki.

not done yet.

Hong Kong:
letter to Dominion Post over a decade ago.

Duterte (comment refused to post)

Maori/Polynesian origins &/or pre-Maori NZ, & Uru, & Hawaiki:
  our articles:,1104790
  others articles:
K Bolton's 'Lords of the Soil'
Brailsford's work on Waitaha.
Hatcher-Childress' book on Lemuria & Pacific.
Lochore's booklet/paper on SE Asia.
Fell's books.
Elsdon Best's books.

Moa & Moehau in Maori myth/legend/tradition
It is claimed that the Moa is not known to be found in NZ Maori traditions.
Yet to be republished. [Moehau? Pourangahua? Moai?]

Beneficiaries/Unemployment/SocialWelfare (answer to "bludger" bashers)
Smashes the vicous "bludger" bashers with these evidences: That mass unemployment is caused by globalist free trade policies; That it is the givernment's duty to secure the livelihood of their citizens; That share holders brag they don't work but their money works for them; That some people have jobs but are slack and/or ungrateful; That some of us have done hard work foryears and not been paid or credited/acknowledged; That some people work (hard) but are still treated bad (including poisoned by fluoridated water); That people are not paid decent enough for the work they do, and some are paid too much; That work is not the only purpose in life; That some people have cushy jobs; That some work/jobs are wasteful or low purpose; That "working" hard is not great if it is doing something bad or selfish or valueless; That it is contradiction to have sign "work makes you free" over gate of concentration camp; That it is wrong to be forced into work that doesn't suit a persons character; That even the Neanderthals took care of their sick and elderly; That problems with "over-qualified" "under-experienced"; That it is not all just the self that has to 'seek"; That one can't work if have too bad situation &/or condition/sickness &/or studies. Net/web articles:
stormfront post.
submission to parliament on 'social assisatnce bill'.
unpublished speech notes.
(Wikipedia timeline of NZ proves that NZ unemployed doubled just in a few years of Rogernomics in the 80s.)

NZ "housing crisis" :
Discusses whether there is really a NZ Housing Crisis or not, and if there is then what the real reasons are for it. Criticises problematic aspects of the house building spree.
  our articles: (comment(s).)
  others articles:

Health tips
I posted the health tips exposing many health/ability attacks on peoples by the elite.
  our articles:
  others articles:,34879.msg0/boardseen.html#new

Smartmeters (privacy concerns, health concerns, increased costs concerns)
  our articles:
I exposed the 2 smartmeters April fool's days (in 2015 & again in 2016).
  others articles:
Crispin's CER.
Newspaper article on privacy commission admitting privacy concerns
Toija claims to be the one that 1st highlighted/publicised the issue.

I exposed the meter readers picking door locks (and about the lockpicking101 forum).

Local fluoridated tap water = hinders/harms health/ability:
Our articles give proofs smashing the claimed reason(s) why they "have to" forcibly fluoridate public local tap water for "increased incidence of (children's) tooth decay" here in many NZ urban settlements. We got to the root issues which they refuse to address. We give proof that they force it on disadvantaged people because water is essential necessity and there are no other offered equal options and disadvantaged people are not able to find ways around it like rich/advantaged people are.

  our articles:,35596.0.html,1063143
[Not yet added : main cause of tooth decay is bacteria (exaserbated by sugar and acid and demineralisation).]

  others articles/posts: (prev
wikipedia article on 'kool-aid' (near end of main article). (post 83)
'Opure' said to me "most bottled spring water is really tap water".

Romans and Jews rule NZ? :
Star of David in NZ bank notes.
"Key is the third prime minister or premier of New Zealand to have Jewish ancestry, after Julius Vogel and Francis Bell."
"I am Aryan [Arjen], and i'm calling from Pulse energy" - said to me on phone in Feb.

Social sites:
(Have to add multiply grouply bebo myspace zoints linkedin spiritrescue faithlight/jesusclub etc.)

History forums i've posted in include: ('rob banks' & 'gold heart') ('arthur-robin') ('truthsetsfree').

Catalogues of my articles/papers/theses/theories:
  our articles:
this page .
  others articles/books:

Political Party/Movement and other Group attempts of ours:
Freedom Fighters Front
Social Regeneration Party [which Satanic Reds Social Realists later adapted]
Third Alternative Party
New National Labour Party of the Antipodes
The Resistance
National Resistance Front
Mission Upper House
Society of Historia-Pangaea
Grand Order of the Sith
'The Top' (when i was about 11-12 yrs old)
Academics for Action
Social Aristocrats

Newsletters/Zines/Blogs/forums attempts:
Head(s) & Heart(s); New Camelot; New Zealots; Hopespring; Life (&) Tradition; Foundations; Historia-Pangaea; Gossip; The Thorn.

Poetry/Poems (only when we were teenager, none since)
My Fine Princess
Robin Hood ballad/poem.

School/college projects/stories/speeches/essays of ours:
Kenya/Uganda (std 3)
lord of the flies poster
Hungary & Weisner commission
UH churches history
The Day the Clock did not strike one
6 day war (form 5 or 6)
Map of German Reich.

Australian genealogy

Book of Mormon names (= Myrmidons?)
We give candidates for origins of Mormon names (eg Mormon could be from Myrmidons, or Moonrod, or Roman, or Palmyra, or Mormo, or Nimrim, etc). Our evidence somewhat seems to favour the Solomon Spaulding theory, though not necessarily totally so.
myspace blog post.

Judge Crater = disguised as his "widow"?:
Tentative theory that Judge Crater disappearance is answered by that he was really his "widow" in disguise. We compare photos of Crater and his "widow" noting seeming features matches.

Tucson artefacts [Calal ~ "wasteland" combined with California?]
Finds that the Tucson artefacts are probably fake because the name Calal seemingly must be from name California.

JF Kennedy jnr:
Very tentative theory which may well be wrong that the missing JFK jnr who is presumed to have died in plane crash may have really staged a disappearance?,1079340,1079646#msg-1079646

Fenn's treasure:
Our theory is that one of the places of the pairs of coordinates that we gave in the post may be where the treasure is, with Mt Ebert in Colorado seeming the most likely. (We got the coordinates from Fenn's clues of west of Madrid and north of other place; and confirmed by that Fenn pretend-cryptically said that "if you knew the coordinates you'd know the location".) We have someother trail clues to which we didn't post, for example the old outhouses might be Adobe/Pueblo? Favours either Colorado or Wyoming.

Trump / 2016 US presidential election:
Gives quotes implying subtle-conspiratorial connections of Trump and all the other presidential candidates with Rome/Vatican/Pope. The only thing they all have in common is Rome links. Also gives list of number of reasons we dislike and distrust Trump, reasons taken from facts of his life. Strange "coincidence" of Donald Trump in US and Donald Tusk in EU at sametime. ? ?  comment  they deleted my comment
satanicreds yahoo group post 2016.

Andes crested up quickly within lifetime of humans & civilisation:
Undeniable evidences that the Andes were raised up (higher) in the lifetime of ancient humans and civilisation, rather than being slowly built up over millions of years before modern humans.
  Our atlantis articles:
See the "sinking" chapters of our Atlantis articles below.
  Others articles by:
Ivar Lissner.
HS Bellamy.

Atlantis = Tiahuanaco/Peru/America (& Eldorado/Manoa):
Our discovery thesis is that Atlantis city positively matches Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku in Peru/Bolivia, and the large island of Atlantis is (South) America, and the "sinking" catastrophe was either pole shift (crust displacement) or continental shift. We also give discovery that the great city ofAsshur in Genesis 10 seemingly amazingly matches both Atlantis city of "Plato" and Tiahuanaco in "Bolivia". Half a dozen details from the Atlantis Account pointed-out in Inca picture from the Coricancha.

  our articles:,1063585,1104286,1104286 (old),33831.15.html,33901.0.html
satanic reds yahoo group post may 2016
Atlantis Rising forum posts years/decade ago by me 'Seanbam' . (criticisms all answered)
The dispute now rests with how much the quality and quantity evidences does or doesn't force adamant arch-antis to have to accept it is convicting match. One does not have to answer every possible angle, only has to prove beyond reasonable doubt and to answer any things that prove/disprove against our thesis. But some establishment people purposely refuse to admit discoveries/theses and use every possible excuse to reject/ignore/evade/dismiss it for as long as possible, and so they force us to have to do unnecessary excessive maximum time and effort hard work perfecting the quantity & quality of evidences and of presentation/communication.

  Others articles:
Jim Allen's Atlantis in Bolivia website:
Posnansky's work on Tiahuanaco.
Sithcin's 'Lost Realms' esp chapter on Tiahuanaco the Baalbek of the New World.
Alan Alford's chapter on Tiahuanaco in his book Gods of the New Millenium.


Appended list of our forum names and other past pseudonyms used for various things:
Arthur-Robin (Allempires forum; Social Regeneration Party)
Seanbam (Atlantis Rising; BTF; SimaqianStudio)
Gold Heart (Historum)
Rob Banks (Stormfront, Historum)
Rofhessa (Graham Hancock forums; Twitter; (S)HP)
Lenoircheavlier (Blue Boar Inn RH forum)
Zaphenath(paneah) (King Tut One)
Fennelbranch / Hyssopbranch (Egyptian dreams)
Truthsetsfree (WorldHistoria)
Arthur-Alexander / Arthur-Robin (SRP/TAP)
Senator(Bam) (Atlantis Online)
Bibliocentrist (ChristianityBoard)
Ehadahaba (Israelforum)
Bamburgh (facebook).
Sean (B(am(brough))/Coutts) (Arthurnet; Facebook; Oldfriends; Atlantipedia; NF).
All-Dread (FFF; Blogger).
Johann (NS poster).
Will (DSW paper advert).
Vlad (Bam) (Satanic Reds; SHP; msn)
Rex Coutts (Adullam Fellowship; Heretaunga College)
Sean Baum

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NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.
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We loose permission to edit posts after so many days so have to post updates in new posts.

St Patrick's 'Banna Ventae (Berniae)'.
Our posts discuss possible connections with Arthurian sites.

Hwiterne "white house" of ASC (ad 560s entry) :
Our theory is that Hwiterne of the ASC is connected with Dover rather than with Whithorn of Galloway?

past/present "Religious" articles of mine:
Article on 5 loaves & 2 fishes. (Have to find forum post link.)
Article on Good Samaritan parable.
"Mission Upper House" leaflet.
Table of Hutt/Wellington church  groups/events (adapted by pastor Chris)

My "life" : Others Actions effect us:

Proverbs 30-31 person Agur discovered to match Akhenaten

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NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.
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