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12 battles of "(King) Arthur"

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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: 12 battles of "(King) Arthur"
    Posted: 26-Jan-2017 at 02:11
I barely just managed to get one more battle site done. The 4 i've managed to get re-done now were excessively hard work (in bad situation) and wasted days/week/weeks of my time (12 hours a day, getting nothing else done) and wasted my unfluoridated water rations. It has stressed me to the very limits. (No wonder K Jackson had a heart attack.) I am definitely not able or willing to re-do anymore of the remaining 5 battle sites. It is now proven that they are purposely using any excuse they can to refuse to admit/acknowledge/credit our discovery and years hard work (though the only reason i redid the chapters was because i was incensed at Caldrail unfairly calling me "sloppy" and dismissing all our evidences). They are always qucik to attack any negatives (even if not my fault but situation, even if is not even true or fair), but when i do the excessive hard work they force then there is just nothing but silence.

To save the forum funds i will post the new chapter in the old 12 battles ebook.

Links to the 4 new redone battle sites chapters:
4. Celidon (Kit's Coty/Coldrum & the Weald):
3. Bassas (Reculver):
6. city of the legion (Richborough/Rutupi)
5. Guinnion (Dover)

(One detail section on the date of Celidon battle is just provisional and is a not very good jumble. I also have 5 small bits to add to the Celidon chapter.)

Some positive feed-back would help my morale.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 30-Mar-2017 at 01:02
"... the remains of widespread woods, which were once part of that
great forest which for so long held the Saxon invaders at bay--the
impenetrable “weald,” for sixty years the bulwark of Britain." - Sir AC Doyle ('The Return of Sherlock Holmes', 'VI. The Adventure of Black Peter', 1904.)

Its almost as if Doyle and whoever else already knew then that Arthur's 12 battles were in the south-east quarter (unless he got it from Collingwood or Wheeler who may have been around then (i have to check their dates)).
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 09-Jul-2017 at 04:02

This post is on the much disputed question of when was "(king/dux) Arthur", and more specially when the 12 battles of Arthur (including the Badon one) were. Here are lists of the maximum & minimum ranges of the dates for many things that feature in Arthurian chronology. (This comment was stimulated by Caleb's post via Arthurian society in facebook. [You may have to replace the "nz" with your own countries 2 letter initials code (eg nz, au, us, uk) (or replace "" with "com") if link address doesn't work.])


Pope Evaristus/Eucharistus [Nerva] or Eleutherius [Lucius Verus] date ranges from ad 79 (Arundel), to 99-107, to 156 (HRB), to 161/167 (Arundel/ASC), to 174-189 (ASC).

Vortigern dates : 400 (HB), 426 (Hergest/Jones), 449 (ASC).

No person matching/named Arthur mentioned in 2 Gallic chronicles of 452 & 511.

The Anglo-Saxons arrival date ranges from Saxons/Germans 350/360, to Germanic raiders/settlers 367/368, to Hengist 400 (HB), to 438 (ACb), to 443 (ASC),  to 449 (ASC), to 469 (ACb), to Aelle 477, to Cerdic 495, to Port 501, to Wihtgar 514, to Ida before 547?

The main 128 years or 3 generations theories are: 390-518 (Kamlesh), 425/426/428-554 (Hergest/Cambro-Briton/Mary Jones), 449-577.
[From Hengist to Wihtgar are 56 or 66 yrs (Ethelwerd).]
From Anglo-Saxons arrival to Arthur's battle(s) is 40/43/44 yrs or 1 generation (DEB)?
* 128 (Hergest) = 3 x 40/43/44; 42 yrs Africa; 42 yrs in prison Jose of Arimathea; alarm 40 yrs after Maximus (HB); Martin ad 444; 40 days/nights Germanus; 40 yrs Patrick; 40 days Patrick; 40 days Rhun; 43/44 (DEB) = (4 +) 28 + 12 (HB); 16+25 yrs Pat (HB); 40 yr Pat to Brigit + 405 yr, or 40 yrs Pat + 4 yr Columba to Brigit; victory of Arthur on David's day 540/640; 43/44 = 2 x 22 (AC); 19 x 22/23 = 421/438 (HB).
 Arthur (HB) ~ Badon/Bath ~ Ambrosius (DEB) ~ Catgwaloph/Gwoloppum (HB) ~ Cetgueli ~ Guallauc/Gwallawg's battles (HB/Taliesin) ~ Arthur's battles (HB)?
Great king Ambrosius = Ambrose/Embres-gueltic = Gwallawg('s battles) = Arthur's battles?
Arthur's 9/12 battles (Ex-calibur from "stone", 44 yrs, drove Saxons out of land, grave a wonder) = metropolis of Padarn & 3 solemnities/churches of Padarn (Sts Lives) = Patrick ("rock", father Calpurnius, 40 yrs, rid land of serpents, no one knows sepulchre) (HB).
Catgwaloph (Ambrosius, HB) ~ Gwal/Gual "wall" (Severus, HB) ~ Gualenses/Welsh ~ Gualo their leader & Guales their Queen (HRB) ~ Guallauc/Gwallawg (Taliesin/HB) ~ Arthgallo/Arthgal/Art(h)egal of Cargueit/Warguit (HRB)?
Guitolinus ~ Guinnion?

St Germanus (Gwarth?) has date range from [350/360? to Germanic settlers 367/8? to] Halleluyah 429, to 2nd visit 447, [to vita/life 480/480s? to St Geminianus (Modena Archivolt)?]

Arthur's battles against specifically Kentishmen (HB/Collingwood) who have date range 449-488 and/or 560-616 (ASC)?

1st victory of Ambrosius between 429-450/456 (EH?)
St Pol/Paul(inus) Aurelian(us)/Uurmonocus de Leon in Breton tradition.

"488-547 only landings of Saxons on the coast".
The dates of the gaps between Bretwaldas are 491-560, and 670-802.
No gains gap in ASC ranges from 519 to 552 (ASC/Brynjulfson).
"510-555 emigration of Angles & Frisians to the Continent".
"gap in Gildas 500-550" (Carroll)?

"(King) Arthur's" (battles) date ranges from tranisition from Draco to Ursa (Hitching), to Bronze Age (Drou), to [Ursus 776-42 bc (me)? to Arviragus, and/or Deoartavois 47- 67 (me)? to] 180 ce, [to 350/383 (Morris)?] to 421 (CMSM), to 450/454 (Malory), to 516 (AC), to abidcated in 574 (541 yrs after the crucifiction), to contemp of Urien's dtr (C&O), to 631- 650 (Swedish), to 640, to 650 (Wace, Morris?) to 700 ce (Arthurian Infopedia).

Our own range for possible dates of the 1st battle of Arthur at Glein is from Germanus 429, to 1st victory of Ambrosius between 429-450/456 (EH?), to grail 454 (Malory), to Graine 480, to "Glein 486" (Wiki), to Cerdicshore 495/514 (ASC), to "Badon 516" (AC), to the 519 start of the no gains gap in ASC (Brynjulfson), and/or "KA subdues Ireland 519", to Gleawancester 577, to Paulinus?

rivers/fords/fleets/shores/burns/lons/fords/ports/wets dates: 449-485 (ASC), Glein-Bassas (HB), 495-519 (ASC), Tribruit before Ida (HB/PG), Sarum 552 (ASC)?

Forests/woods dates: from Caesar (Florus), to battle of godeu/trees (Triads), [to fled like fire 473?] to Categern, to Andredesleag 477, to Netley 508 (ASC)? to Cerdicesleag 527, to Celidon (HB), to Celidon/Arthuret 573 (AC), to Fethanleag 584 (Ethelwerd).

Llongborth date range is from [Port 501? or 508?] to 710/712?

Pope Supplicius date ranges from Simplicius 468-483, [to Symmachus 498-514? to Sergius 689?]

Plagues of Camlan/Justinian 537 (AC), Maelgwn/Yellow 547 (AC), 682 (AC).

"Carisbrook"/"Wight" (which Hunt and we both have thought might link with Guinnion/Dover/Downs) dates in the sources range from [Guitolinus? to] 514 (ASC), to 530 (ASC), to 534 (ASC), to 544 (ASC), [to Hwiterne "white house" (& Columba/Iona "dove") 565 (ASC)?]

Arthur's victory against Saxons [= Guinnion or Badon] ranges from 540, to 640.

St David (&/or St David's) date range is from 458 (AC); to victory of Arthur on St Dav's day 540, to 580s (Tigernach), David buried by orders of Maelgwn late 6th cent, to d c 600, to d 601 (AC/WA), or d in reign of Constantine, to field of Leeks, to victory of Arthur on St David's day 640, [to 645 (AC)?]
(Confusion between St David's day and Gildas bday?)

Arthur may be connected with St Padarn, and/or might be linked with St Patrick who has dates range from 405, to 428/429/430 (ASC), 438, to 457 (AC), and/or Pederydan 658, and St Peter of dates in 601-3 and  616/617-618?

Sts Julius & Aaron (of the City of the legion) day 1st of July, matches Calends of July (3 solemnities of Padarn), & calends Julius 540 (ASC/Ethelwerd), Iago 613 (AC), calends July 1093 (kerediegean battle Wales), & "Merthir Ivn [Julii] & Aaron"?

forts/cities/cesters/ports/dins/burhs dates: Andredescester 490 (ASC), [port 501 (ASC)?] Wihtgarasburh 530-547 (ASC)? fort guinnion (HB), city of the legion (HB).

Badon/Bath (chapter/section 50 or 56) date ranges from Bladud "929-909"/853 bc (HRB), to c 430-440 (Higham), to 470 (HRB), to c 485 (Snyder), to c 485-520 (Wood), to 490s (Wood), to "493" ("EH"), 494-7 (Morris), to 500 (Dumville/orthodox/average), to "scholars now think Badon 518 is 10-15 years too late", to 516/519/520 (AC/WA, Ashe), to 554 (Hergest), [to Wibbandune 568? to synod Victory 569?] to Bath 577 (ASC), to 580 (Simon Stirling), to 661 (Hunt), to 665 (AC), to 674 (Evans-Gunther?) [to 940/960 (HB/me)?]
* Badon of AC = Guinnion of HB.

St Martin (who Mintz & i tentatively linked with Arthur/Merlin & Ares/Mars) date ranges from 444 (ASC), [to calends Martii 538? and Martianus 538? to victory of KA on St David's Day (1 March) 540?] to Hwiterne 560 [or 565?] (ASC), [to Merlin 573 (AC)? to victory of KA on St David's day 640? to Mark 822? to Burmaltus/Durmaltlegalois &/or Mardoc/Melwas/Meleagant (Modena Archivolt)?]

Cerdic/Cedric / Cheldric (1 &/or 2) / Cherdich dates range : Caractacus/Caradog vs emperor Claudius, to Coroticus of St Patrick, to Ceretic interpreter of Hengist, Cerdic of Wessex 495 - dies 534 (ASC), to Ceretig/Careticus of Elmet 616/619, to Kerediegean battle 1093, to Carrado (Modena Archivolt), to Caradoc of Llancarfan mid 12th cent.

Anderida/Pevensey (which is either Agned/Bregion or Arthuret) has dates ranging from [many skeletal remains of young Saxon men buried on Highdown Hill dating from 2nd half of 5th century"? to] 477 (Asc/Ethelwerd), to Cayburn 488 (local tradition), to 490/491/492 (ASC/Ethelwerd), 756, ["Hastings" (Pastscape)?]

Ida's date range is from 547 (ASC), to c 550, to 560 (ASC), to 584, [to St Aidan 607? to Idris 632?]

Camlan ranges from 537/539 (AC/WA), to 542 (HRB), [to civil war 568 (me)? to Bedcanford 571 (ASC/me)? to Arthuret 573 (me)?] to 576 (Hergest), to after Arthuret (Triads),  [to Tintern 584 (me)?] to Woddesbeorg 592? to Cantscaul 631 (AC)?]

gap between Badon and Gildas writing date ranges from 10 yrs to 40/43/45 yrs, to 60 yrs (Doyle). [Arthur's reign from Badon to Camlan was 22 yrs which is half of 40/44.]

Gildas date ranges from 421 (CMSM?), to "gap in Gildas 500-550" (Carroll), to d 512 (W. of M.), to 546 (1638 translation), to 565 (AC), to d 570/572 (AC), [to Hilda or Elvod?].

Maelgwn's death & yellow plague date ranges from 547 (AC), to Mailcun 559 (HB), to Coinmagil 577, to 586 (Hergest), to at Arthuret (DMT).

Arthuret/Caledon ranges from [Andredescester 491? to] before Camlan (Triads), to time of Maelgwn (DMT), to 573 (AC) to 593 (Hergest).

Sutton Hoo dates range : Merovingian coins 491-518, [Vendel era  about 550-793?] Merovingian coins 578-582- 602, Maurice &/or Tiberius 583, Merovingian coins 588/595-612, "cannot be dated earlier than 620".

catreath/catraeth/gododdin date range from 598/c600, to 638 (gododdin).

city of the legion/"Chester" date ranges from Caer Lleon on Dee 917 bc,
to Caer Lleon on Usk 401 bc, to Diocletian, to synod 601 (AC), [to Liganburh 571 (ASC/Ethelwerd)?] to battle 602 (Hergest), to 607 (ASC) to battle 613 (AC), to 616.

field of Leeks (St Dav's day) date ranges from [540, to] 633, to 640.
Might be linked with Staffs Hoard(s) from Lichfield of "680-740"/"7th(-8th) century"?

2nd Badon date ranges from 661 (Hunt), to 665 (AC), to 674 (Evans-Gunther?)

Easter dates 453 ac, 626 asc, 640 asc, 661 asc, 665 ac, 685 asc, 716 asc, elvod 755.

Cadwaladr date ranges from at field of Leeks, to 664 (Hergest), to 682 (AC), to 689 (HRB).
* Catgwaloph, Catgublaun/Catguollaunus, Catgualart, Gwaladyr/Gwledig/Vladika, Tewdrig?

HB &/or "Nennius" [nin "roof, protector, prince"? or nimed/nemed "sacred, venerated, heaven"?] date ranges from Nennius 55 bc (HRB), [to Nemuivus found at Bodleian 5th-8th cents? to Ninnian 565 (ASC)?] to Nennius 613 (ASC), to 796 (OEC), to Mermenus 438 + 421 = 858 (HB prologue), to 946 (HB), to 976 (HB), to 994 (OEC), to Mark 10th cent (Gunn), to Dumville on Nennius not before 12th century? to "12th cent historians refer to HB under name of Gildas / ascribed it to Gildas"?


Arthurian Refs: AC/WA, ASC; Arthurian Infopedia; Geoff Ashe; Bede (EH); Brynjulfson; C&O; Collingwood; Charles Evans-Gunther; Geoff of Mon (HRB); Gildas (DEB); Gallic; HRB; Dan/August Hunt; Malory; Morris; Nennius (HB); OEC; Bk of Hergest; Tigernach; Triads; Taliesin; M Wood; Wiki.

Links: ours:

Links: others:
Welsh Annals
OEC (Nennius/HB, Gildas, HRB, Ethelwerd)
Pa Gur

AC = Welsh Annals
ASC = Anglo-Saxon chronicle
AC(b) = Annales Cambriae / Welsh Annals
c(a) = circa/approximately/roughly / around about
C&O = Culwch & Olwen
CMSM = C of Mt St Mich
cent = century
contemp = contemporaneous/contemporary
ce = ad
dtr = daughter
d = died/death/dead
DEB = Gildas'
EH = Bede's
HB = "Nennius"
HRB = Geoff of Monmouth's
Jose/Joe/Joey = Joseph
KA = "(King) Arthur"
OEC = Old English Chronicles
PG = Pa Gur
St = Saint
WA = Welsh Annals
W. of M.
wiki = wikipedia
yr(s) = year(s)
& = and
~ = may possibly correspond/match
[things in square bracket] = our own some-time possible match theory

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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 17-Jul-2017 at 04:16

A startling new discovery that Arthur is connected with St Patrick requires some discussion. In studying Arthurian chronology and sources we accidentally found seeming links between Arthur and Ambrosius, Arthur and Gwallawg, Arthur and St Patrick (see the last post above). Below we give a list of similarities between Arthur and Patrick. (Just in case anyone doesn't know, it is important to be aware that our previous discovery was that 8 of the 9 battle sites of Arthur match 8 of the 9 Saxon Shore sites.)

Arthur: Arthur's capital city and 12 battles / 9 battle sites are linked with the 'metropolis of Padarn', and the 3 solemnities/churches of (St) Padarn (Sts Lives), Llanbadarn/Llan-patern/Lampeter (Wonders), Pedrog (Vita Cadog), and Gillapatric (HRB). (Life of Padarn is one of the 7 saints lives that mention Arthur.) Guinevere gave a magic apple to "the Irish knight Sir Patrice".
[Arthur is connected with stones/rocks via the Wonders of Britain. Arthur's site of Dubglas at Othona/Bradwell is linked with St Peter.]
Patrick: name St Patrick (& Downpatrick) from pater/patricius "noble one, patrician, priest" is close to that of St Padarn/Paternus.

Arthur: is British.
Patrick: "born in Britain".
[Petroc is "captain of Cornish saints". Patern is Breton saint.]

Arthur: "subdues Ireland in 519". (AC has Arthur & Mordred with Britain & Ireland.) Gildas went to Ireland. (Cold, snakeless "Ireland" in the Wonders is seemingly cold, snakeless Thanet.)
Patrick: went to Ireland.

Arthur: Arthur's cross (of Guinnion/Badon) seemingly links with St Andrew's saltire cross of Athelstaneford?
Patrick: St Patrick's cross (either pattee or saltire) (&/or Shamrock?)

Arthur: linked with Cruc Mawr of the Wonders of Britain.
Patrick: linked with Crucachan-Aichle (Croagh-Patrick).

Arthur: associated with Cerdic/Cedric, Caradoc, Cereticiaun, Carannog.
Patrick: associated with Coroticus.

Arthur: associated with a legion, and with Logres.
Patrick: associated with soldiers of Coroticus, and with king Logiore, and Lerins?

Arthur: connected with 40/43/44 years (from Saxons arrival to Badon, or from Badon to Gildas writing DEB).
Patrick: 40 yrs. 16 + 25 yrs. 40 days.

Arthur: has sword C(h)alabrum, Caliburn(us) (Latin), Calibo(u)rne, C(h)alabrun, Caledfwlch (Welsh), Kaledvoulc'h (Breton), Caladbolg (Irish), Caliburc, Callibo(u)rc, Calibourch, Escalibor(c) (French), Calesvol (Cornish), Calibore, Callibor, Excalibur (English) taken from stone/anvil/lake.
Patrick: his father was Calpurnius/Calpernius (possibly same as Palladius?) (Patrick can also be linked with Peter "rock/stone".)

Arthur: Arthur of the HB is considered to maybe be the same as Ambrosius/Aurelius of the DEB whose parents "wore purple". (Aurelius "golden, fine, excellent", prominent Roman clan.)
Patrick: name Patrick from patricius "noble one, patrician, priest". His father was Calpurnius "a Roman official (a decurion) and deacon", his grandfather Potitus was a "priest"; his mother was Conc(h)essa.

Arthur: drove Saxons/pagans/dogs out of Britain (at Clarence & in 12 battles).
Patrick: rid Ireland of serpents/snakes.

Arthur: "his grave is a wonder". (Linked with Brychan's sepulchre.)
Patrick: "no one knows his sepulchre".

Arthur: pope Supplicius. (Sword Caliburn.)
Patrick: pope Celestine/Celestinus. (Associated with Segerus.)

Arthur: was either in 5th cent or 6th cent. (Arthur of the HB is considered to maybe be the same person as Ambrosius/Aurelius of Gildas, and the HB seems to imply that the 44 yrs of Gildas is linked with either: alarm 40 yrs after Maximus, or Martin ad 444, or 40 days St Martin, or 40 days/nights Germanus, or 40 yrs Patrick, or 40 days Patrick, or (4 +) 28 + 12 of Ambrosius, or 16 + 25 yrs Patrick, or 40 yrs Patrick to Brigit + 405 yr, or 40 yrs Patrick + 4 yrs Columba to Brigit?)
Patrick: dates range is 405 to 461.

Arthur: associated with Merlin(us)/Myrddin/Ambrosius, Burmaltus/Durmalt &/or Mardoc/Melwas/Meleagant. (Mintz and us tentatively linked Arthur/Merlin with Ares/Mars & St Martin. Arthur is linked with St Martin le Grand of Dover. Merlin is closely similar to Melkinus?)
Patrick: associated with Milcho, and/or with St Matheus/Amatheus (who seemingly may be same as Maxim(ian)us?) "He was educated by a druid." Linked with ides of March.

Arthur: linked with Augusel (HRB), Isdernus (Modena Archivolt).
Patrick: linked with Auxilius, Isserninus (HB).
(Germanus of Auxerre?)

Arthur: section 50 or 56 of HB.
Patrick: between sections 50 & 56 of HB.

Arthur: associated with Guinnion "white" (& Dover/Downs), and St Alban('s).
Patrick: seems to be closely connected with Columba "dove"?

Arthur: associated with "Mary" & Guinevere.
Patrick: seems to be closely conneced with Brigit? His mother in some versions is Macha. (Shamrock. Patrick's mother was Concessa)

Arthur: Arthur's battles from Guinnion/Dover to Badon/Portchester were in the Downs. (Cruc Mawr "mountain/hill/heap/mound/tumulus" is the large cruciform platform at Richborough.)
Patrick: associated with town Dunum/Down.

Arthur: Arthur's battles are linked with the Wonders of Britain which features the "Severn".
Patrick: associated with Segerus.

Arthur: dux of the "Picts".
Patrick: "died in the land of the Picts".

Arthur: linked with Camelot. [Campus Electi?]
Patrick: linked with Amatheus/Matheus, Amalgaid, Mt Eli, and/or Armagh.

Arthur: Gildas was in Armagh.
Patrick: Patrick was in Armagh.

Arthur: some scholars gave evidence that Arthur may have lived to a reasonably old age?
Patrick: Lived to 120 yrs (85 yrs apostle of Irish).

Arthur: associated with Bassa(s) (HB) [which is Reculver nearby Birchington]; associated with the Wind Hole (vith gwint / flatio vente, in the 'Wonders of Britain'); associated with bear(s); associated with St Brynach; [associated with Brychan's sepulchre.] [Arthur's 9 battle sites match 9 Saxon shore sites, a few of which had monasteries or churches: Cnobheresburg at Yarmouth (Glein), monastery-church at Reculver (Bassas), and possibly Bede's Bosanhamm? Compare that the 2 sites of Santa Maria de Bretona and Santiago de Compostela in Galicia might be analogous to 2 Arthurian sites in Kent?]
Patrick: was from Banna Venta (Berniae) [which may be related to the "Beneventan monastery" in the Saints Lives?]

Arthur: can be linked with green via Cornish saints (St Petroc) &/or Breton saints. [Green shield & white shield? Weald & downs.]
Patrick: colour green.

Arthur: connected with Pelleas, Pellenore, king Poulentus. Indirectly linked with Breton St Pol/Paul(inus) Aurelian(us). [Pelagian heresy. Poul of Penni chen. Arthur's 1st battle site Glein has link with Glen of Paulinus.]
Arthur bore Cross &/or Mary on his shield or shoulder at Guinnion or Badon (Dover/Braddon). [Dover is linked with Bran.]
Patrick: connected with deacon Palladius [possibly same as deacon Calpurnius?]
(The palladium is associated with Pallas/Athena/Minerva (and/or Vesta).)

Arthur: was "christian"?
Patrick: was "christian".

Arthur: wasn't written about in detail until hundreds of years later.
Patrick: wasn't written about in detail until hundreds of years later.

Arthur: 2 Gildases theory. 2 Arthurs theory (Hassell).
Patrick: 2 Patricks theory.

Arthur: linked with city of the legion which was city of citizens Julius and Aaron.
Patrick: "father of the citizens"; "fellow citizens of the devils".

Arthur: 12battles, leader of battles, victorious in all.
Patrick: "The Patrick portrayed by T & M is a martial figure...." "... tells of Patrick being met by 2 ancient warriors". Associated with Victoricus.

Arthur: 12 (3 x 4) battles / 9 (3 x 3) battle sites.
Patrick: Shamrock (3 or 4 leaves) & trinity.

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