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Emmet Scott

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    Posted: 06-Oct-2016 at 10:40
I just got done reading Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited by Emmet Scott. It talks about the controversial topic of who ended classical civilization mainly in the West half of the Roman Empire, Islam or the Barbarians. His argument is Islam but he does not give the barbarians a pass. The Anglo Saxon tribes who invaded Romanised Keltic England were very destructive. He provides the archaeological evidence and primary sources. It's a great read but I could not provide the image of the book from my Android. It's hard doing this on an Android so I might not reply till I can go into town and get on my laptop.
Λοιπόν, αδελφοί και οι συμπολίτες και οι στρατιώτες, να θυμάστε αυτό ώστε μνημόσυνο σας, φήμη και ελευθερία σας θα ε
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Hey EC, good to see you.
"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".
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Get tired of farcebook!
Λοιπόν, αδελφοί και οι συμπολίτες και οι στρατιώτες, να θυμάστε αυτό ώστε μνημόσυνο σας, φήμη και ελευθερία σας θα ε
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The case for the Germanic barbarians (Goths, Huns, Vandals, Saxons, etc) seems stronger to me than the case for the Moslems/Saracens. Perhaps it can be seen as them both together as two waves of same though? Barbarian meant any foreign non-Greek, like Goyim "gentle" is any non-Jew, and Pakeha is any non Maori? People with cyclical/"racial" views would say they fell because of inner weakness not just outer. My own findings suggest that Roman was not necessarily totally ended then, the "popes" [secret emperors] took over at least as early as Gregory the Great. Is Scott's writtenm secretly a Roman agenda, since seem to be more pro Charlemagne and more anti Moslem (EU formed reverse to split upof Charlemagne's empire, and present western world regime seems a Roman-Germanic one)?

merger of Latins and Trojans (relations/likes of Paris).
753/553 bc foundation Rome, Romulus slays Remus.
Growth of Rome by encouraging criminals/outlaws/fugitives to seek refuge
Romans & Sabines become one people.
661 Tarquins, 100 new patrician families from Etruscans accepted.
494 secession of plebeians; tribunes established
390 Brennus/Gauls
290 Samnite wars; Rome conquers central Italy
275 Rome conquers all Italy
234-149 Cato expelled moneylenders, spoke against alien influences.
[2nd cent Cicero calls Rome a city formed from confluence of nations.]
134 Servile War, revolt of slaves
133/122 attempted land reforms
104 Servile War, revolt of slaves
101 Cimbri
91 social war, Italian cities vs Rome
88 Roman franchise granted to most/all Italians/Italy
88 civil wars of Marius & Sulla
73 Servile War, revolt of slaves under Spartacus.
31/27 bc start of Roman empire emperors
ad 9 Arminius
c 30/46-57/64 Christianity; people could be born citizen or buy citizenship;
Lucan says Rome not peopled by its own citizens but by scourings of world.
65/Nero-Nerva all trace of half of nearly 400 families of senators lost.
62-142 Juvenal "This Roman made Grecian" "Orontes fouled Tiber".
Hadrian; complaint indigenous natives that capital had attracted vices of universe & manners of opposite nations.
Telesphorus great martyr
Lead plumbing (eg at Bath?). {Agrippa reorganised the water supply of the city under Augustus, he restored 700 fountains, decorating 400 with marble columns and 300 with statues.}
132/135 diaspora (flood) of Jews
165 smallpox epidemic ravages empire
"180 beginning of decline of empire"
Elagabalus/Heliogabalus devotee of Levantine sun god
212 citizenship to all free inhabitants of empire
238/251 Goths
313 Constantine, edict Milan (tolerance of Christianity)
325 council Nicaea
330 capital moved to Constantinople
[Constantius marvels at haste with which all human being of world flock to Rome.]
369 count Theodosius "brown bear" vs Saxons
370 Goths/Huns/Alans
378 Adrianople ((Visi)Goths kill eastern emperor)
395 division Roman empire into WRE & ERE.
400-421 Jerome/Moroni
(405/406 Vandals invade Gaul & Spain)
410 Alaric/Goths sack Rome; Telemachus
426 Augustine 'City of God'
446 groans Britons
451 Chalons (Huns) [Riothamus?]
455 Gaiseric/Vandals pillage Rome
476 Odoacer, deposes last official/traditional West Roman Emperor
493 Theodoric/Dietrich (Ostrogoths); [Ermanrich/Yormonrkkr]
529/534 Justinian/Theodora, legal code
534/552 Belisarius/Byzantine
[538/540 Guinnion battle of "(King) Arthur"]
542 plague
562 Avars invade Frankish lands
568 Lombards
590/597 Callinicus / "pope" Gregory (plague) / Augustine / Agilulf
601 Byztanines vs Avars
610 ERE henceforward Byzantine empire
(611-626 Persians overrun Asia Minor)
650 Slavs
664 synod Whitby (Roman christianity triumphs over Celtic church)
680 Bulgars
717 Nechtan mac Der-Ilei adopts Roman usages
718 Moslems/Arabs attack Constantinople/Byzantium
726 East/Leo 3 vs West/Gregory 2
732 Poiters (Charles Martel halts Moslems)
751 Lombards take Ravenna the last Byztanine hold in Italy
754 Pepin (Franks) gives Rome to "pope/papacy"
778 Roncesvalles (Roland/Charlemagne vs Moslems)
800 Charlemagne (Franks)
840 Moslems in Southern Italy
843 treaty Verdun
854 pope Joan
ca 862 Varangians
896 Magyars
1054 schism between western & eastern church
1095 Crusades
12th cent copy of Peutinger map with Emperor on throne at Rome
Constantinople "most cosmopolitan city of the world".
(London largest/greatest city of the world.)
1920s Prof Tenney Frank's 'Economic History of Rome'
1922/1929 Mussolini
1949 10 powers form Council of Europe
1951/2 treaty Paris
1957 W Germany, France & Italy form EEC;
1957/8 Treaty of Rome;
1962-5 2nd Vatican council
1965 Catholic & Orthodox
1986/7 single Eur Act
1989 end of iron curtain
1992/3 maastricht treaty/treaty on eu
2001 Bush visits Pope JP2 at CastelGandolfo
2005 Bush & Clinton pay respects to PopeJohnPaul.
2005 pope funeral "broadcast to every corner of the globe".
2001/3 treaty Nice
2007/9 treaty Lisbon
2008 Benedict & Muslims solemn declaration/agreement
2009 Benedict xvi encyclical "super-UN"
"2010: Pope Benedict XVI received by Queen Elizabeth at Holyrood Palace at the start of his state visit to Great Britain."
2010 Pope Benedict addresses both houses UK Parliament
[2012: Global Elites thrown out of Iceland.]
2013/2014 secret meetings Obama & Pope, Cuba "miracle".
2014 "pope" Francis gives orb to Queen Eliz.
[2015 game of thrones]
[?2015 Pope Francis "new global authority"/"fix world"]
2016 Francis & Russian Patriarch meet & sign declaration
[2016 holy & great synod Orthodox Ch]
2016 Luxembourg mining asteroids law
2016 Trump retracts reply to pope
2016 Sanders pro-Pope
2016 Auckland transport/housing advert has amphitheatre like formation
2016 terror attach Brussels
2016 terror attack Nice
2016 "first day without terror attack"
2016 UK partially withdrew from EU?
2030 agenda ("agenda 21 on steroids")?

Water fluoridation ("kool-aid", wormwood) wrecks disadvantaged peoples (like me) lives/health/ability.

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