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Topic ClosedThe African Origins of Civilization

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: The African Origins of Civilization
    Posted: 07-Jun-2016 at 09:36

Westerners like to pretend that Cheik Anta Diop and Theophile Obenga did not wipe the floor with their "top scholars" who promoted the white supremacist notions of ancient Kemet and African history that held sway during the UNESCO Conference of 1974. These Western scholars were knocked out of their socks when these African scholars halted their business as usual lying campaign about the race of ancient Kemites through dubious anthropological tactics of concerning black African physical diversity. 

"In sub-Saharan Africa, many anthropological characters show a wide range of population means or frequencies. In some of them, the whole world range is covered in the sub-continent. Here live the shortest and the tallest human populations, the one with the highest and the one with the lowest nose, the one with the thickest and the one with the thinnest lips in the world. In this area, the range of the average nose widths covers 92 per cent of the world range: only a narrow range of extremely low means are absent from the African record. Means for head diameters cover about 80 per cent of the world range; 60 per cent is the corresponding value for a variable once cherished by physical anthropologists, the cephalic index, or ratio of the head width to head length expressed as a percentage....." - Jean Hiernaux, "The People of Africa" 1975 p.53, 54

"estimates of genetic diversity in major geographic regions are frequently made by pooling all individuals into regional aggregates. This method can potentially bias results if there are differences in population substructure within regions, since increased variation among local populations could inflate regional diversity. A preferred method of estimating regional diversity is to compute the mean diversity within local populations. Both methods are applied to a global sample of craniometric data consisting of 57 measurements taken on 1734 crania from 18 local populations in six geographic regions: sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, East Asia, Australasia, Polynesia, and the Americas. Each region is represented by three local populations. Both methods for estimating regional diversity show sub-Saharan Africa to have the highest levels of phenotypic variation, consistent with many genetic studies." (Relethford, John "Global Analysis of Regional Differences in Craniometric Diversity and Population Substructure". Human Biology - Volume 73, Number 5, October 2001, pp. 629-636)"

The anthropology itself was NOT the was the presumptuous racial notions attached to those measurements for the purpose of distorting the true findings that was the issue. They would create crazy theories such as the Hamitic hypothesis or the dynastic race theories to obfuscate the migratory patterns of these distinct yet heavily intermingling African groups. They would to pretend that once certain Africans migrated off of the continent of Africa that they suddenly ceased to be black or have connections to the other people on the continent of Africa. That classic example deals with the black Tumul or "Dravidian" speaking populations of India who migrated from Nubia and through the Arabian Peninsula to established Elam and the Indus Valley civilizations along with Manding speakers. These Western anthropologist at the time would take a Dravidian;

and label them "Mediterraneans" or "Caucasoid"! These lying Western scholars did this knowing full well that these who previously came from Nubia in Africa have nothing to do with an origin in the Caucus mountains. For whatever reason Westerners become upset when the ancient (as opposed to their favorite and most comfortable explanation which is "slavery") African origins of the Tumul and other black Indians are brought up. This is because Westerners do not wish to acknowledge that ancient civilization is a chain that began with populations in Africa along the Nile Valley who migrated around the World.

Now take these "Mediterranean" whom they said comprised much of the Lower Egyptian population and add in the 33% Negroid population and other 1/3 "European" or "Cro-magnon element.

1) Negroid element - referred to as the Anu or "Bantu" 


2) "Mediterranean" (Ethiopic-Tamil) referred to as the Mesnitu 

3) Nilotic Africans - The so called "European element" (smh at their deceptive tactics)

These Western scholars played this game for centuries to deny the identity of these ancient peoples for many reasons. They went as far as claiming that these melaninated Africans look different from each other because of "admixture" with whites.....These late genetic branches cannot add anything to the TREE.

Is their a conscious effort on the part of Westerners to blatantly ignore the indisputable fact that civilization originated along the Nile Valley over 10,000 years ago (as those ancient Africans wrote)? The ancient Sahara during it's fertile period;

The oldest remains in "Egypt" or Kemet are the Negroid remains of Nazlet Khatar from over 33,000 years ago. 

Prior to end of the Ice Age Kemet was apart of a Nile Valley cultural continuum that extended from the Sinai Peninsula down into Nubia-East Africa (Ethiopia) and even across the Red Sea in the adjacent Arabian peninsula over 100,000 years ago. This cultural continuum was coined the "Nubian Complex".

The oldest permanent settlement on Earth was of course discovered in Ta-Seti (meaning land of Bow-Nubia) dating back to over 70,000 years ago.

These Africans migrated from the Nile Valley during the end of the Ice Age in 12,500 BCE to spread the Neolithic into the Middle East and Europe known as the Natufians.

 “.. one can identify Negroid traits of nose and prognathism appearing in Natufian latest hunters (McCown, 1939) and in Anatolian and Macedonian first farmers, probably from Nubia via the unknown predecesors of the Badarians and Tasians ....". (Angel 1972. Biological Relations of Egyptian and Eastern Mediterranean Populations.. JrnHumEvo 1:1, p307 

--F. X. Ricaut, M. Waelkens. (2008). Cranial Discrete Traits in a Byzantine Population and Eastern Mediterranean Population Movements Human Biology. 80:5, pp. 535-564 :

Some have linked this migration to the spreading the dubious Western created language family "Afro-Asiatic".

The presence of Negroid Africans in these ancient migrations that spread civilization is seen through the distribution of malaria resistance in populations spanning from the Mediterranean into the Near East and down into Southeast Asia.

This region of early ancient civilizations laid throughout the tropics was referred as Ta Neteru or "Greater Kush", and it was first explored by the Twa or "pygmies" who were the true pioneers of the Neolithic.

The ancient God Bes was a Twa God that came from central Africa as the original supreme deity. He is seen being worshipped not only in ancient Kemet and Nubia, but around the World.


Through these small examples it is clear that ancient Africans were not speechless cave men prior to the "historical" era, so why is it always aggressively asserted that people did not have a concept of collective socially organized thoughts.

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