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Cities of Asshur (Genesis 10) found?

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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: Cities of Asshur (Genesis 10) found?
    Posted: 28-Feb-2016 at 10:04

Hello AE friends, I have my net/web back today after the computer being in shop for repairs for 8 weeks after virus attack on 22nd/23rd Dec. As i promised when i posted here a few times when i made it out to use the library paid net/web service in the last few weeks, here is my cities of Asshur location discovery theory.


Genesis 10 says that [Nimrod (when he became strong), or Asshur] went out of the land of Shinar to [the land of Asshur, or an unnamed land] and built ["4"] cities (Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, Calah, Resen). If the history in the bible is true then where are/were these cities? Have they already been found? There are only 5 main candidate locations for where these cities may be.

1. Nowhere.

Believe it or not, but yes there are still people around who believe that the bible and other similar traditional sources (like "Nennius", Atlantis Account, Herodotus, etc) are just untrue "myth", despite that over the last decades/centuries more and more traditional sources have been found to have a certain amount of truth to them. This is found to be weak though.

2. Assyria (Iraq).

It has long been commonly assumed that the "4" cities of Asshur were in Assyria. The [person or land] Asshur would seem to be related to the Assyrian god & city called Ashur/Assur, and/or the land of Assyria/Arthura. In the bible Assyria is called the land of Nimrod.  Asshur is also mentioned in Genesis 2 in connection with the 3rd river of Paradise the Hiddekel/Tigris. However this was before the Flood, it is unlikely that the Tigris would have survived the Flood if it was global (as the bible and other traditions seem to imply it was).

 There were 2 cities there (in Assyria) named Nineveh and Calah. Although the Assyrians only became prominent later on after the 3rd dynasty of Ur (the successive capitals of this Assyrian kingdom/empire were Assur, Kalah, durSarken/Khorsabad, Nineveh), some archaeological culture sites like Nineveh do go back quite early. However, as some have pointed-out, the other 2 cities (Rehoboth & Resen) mentioned in Genesis have not been certainly identified/located. One of my sources said that a traditional source said that there are other lost ancient cities out there somewhere in Assyria. I once thought that Rehoboth-Ir might be Arbela, and that Resen is possibly similar to Larissa of Classical sources. Some link the meaning of Rehoboth(-Ir) ("[public-square of the town], streets of the town, broad-places") with the Khorsabad/Nineveh/Mosul/Calah area. Rehoboth-Ir is mentioned in the list of the kings of Edom in Genesis, which may imply Euphrates not Tigris though?

(Geographical order:
Nineveh - [Rehoboth-Ir?] - Resen - Calah.
Khorsabad/durSarken,Nineveh/Kuyunjik,Mosul - Nimrud/Kalah - Assur - KalahShergat.

(Chronological order:
Nineveh - [Rehoboth-Ir?] - Resen - Calah.
Ashur - Kalah - DurSarken/Khorsabad - Nineveh.)

3. Elam (Iran).

We only mention this as a briefly considered possibility because some think that Ashur/Assur/Asshur comes from Ans(h)ar, which could possibly be related to Anshan in Persia/Elam, and because it is a nearby land and has some cities; but other than that there doesn't seem to be any much of a match found there. (Another reason was because the gods Susinak & Napirisa are (doubtfully) possibly abit like Cush and Nimrod/Nebrod. Asshur is like Ahura (Mazda) of Persian/Iranian.)

4. Indus Valley Civilisation (India).

In the second half of last year we thought that we had (unexpectedly) found evidence that the 4 cities of Asshur may be Indus Valley citites. The meanings of the names of one or more of the 4 cities looked like they well-fitted one or more of the cities of the Indus Valley civilisation.

Nineveh is abit like Nindowari?

Rehoboth-Ir means "openland" / "the streets of the city" / "broadplaces of the city" / "avenues of the city" / "wideplaces"/"streets"/"river".
Mohenjo-daro had "regularly laid out streets of the city" / "uniform grids of streets".
Mohenjo-daro was large, 40 ha or 250 ha / 618 acres size. Rakhigarhi was large site, 350 ha / 3.5 sq km.
Mohenjo-Daro was on Indus river. Rakhigarhi & Ganwariwala was on the Ghaggar-Hakra.

Calah ("full age" / "old age") might be Kalibangan (earliest ploughed field, earliest earthquake)? or Harappa (older than MD)?

Resen ("jaw (of crocodile)") might possibly connect with the Rann of Cutch (Gujarat) area??
Resen (between Nineveh & Calah)  might be Ganeriwala (equidistant between Harappa & MD)? or  Desalpur (between Nindowari & Lothal)?
["great city" ~ Mohenjo-daro was large, 40 ha or 250 ha / 618 acres size? or Rakhigarhi was large site, 350 ha / 3.5 sq km.?]

4 cities of Asshur ~ 3 or 5 main cities of Indus?

Nineveh - [Rehoboth-Ir?] - Resen - Calah. (Or other way around?)
harappa//kalibangan - ganeriwala - kotdiji,mohenjo-daro - amri,chanhu-daro.
nindowari - desalpur - lothal.

 We also thought that the 3rd river of Paradise the Hiddekel might link with the Indus/Hindu/India/Sind. The land of Dilmun of Sumerian myth/history might be Indus/India rather than Bahrein. Dilmun is also called  I(a(u))-tu-[ki]-ka/Ni-tuk(-ki[-ka]) which could possibly link with Hiddekel / Indus?

pison/havilah/gold - gihon/cush - hiddekel/asshur (- euphrates).
nile - euphrates - tigris- indus (- sarasvati (- hwangho/yellow)).

 It has been mentioned by some others that Asura(s)/Ahura of Indo-Iranian myth might be connected with Asshur/Ashur/Assur. (There is/was an Indian tribe with the name Asur who had iron. Plus there is a site Kot-asur near MD.)

 Sumerian and Indus Valley were somewhat contemporary.

5. Peru [Atlantis].

The real location of the 4 or 3 cities of Asshur in Genesis now (in the last 8 weeks) seems to be Peru/Atlantis.

 First we must mention that a couple of years ago we discovered that the city, large plain, and large-island of Atlantis positively match Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku, the Altiplano, and (South) America. (Although our discovery was made mostly independently we were abit helped by Jim Allen's thesis for us being able to finally narrow-down and locate exactly where in the Americas the capital city of Atlantis was/is; and, he and one or two others had already more or less or almost correctly located it there-abouts.)

 Some weeks ago we noticed these seeming possible matches:

Nineveh "dwelling/abode of Ninus" seems possibly similar to Inti-huatana "hitching-post of the sun/Inti" at Macchu Picchu. [Or compare Manoa (Eldorado)?]

The meaning of Rehoboth(-Ir) ("openland" / "the streets of the city" / "broadplaces of the city" / "avenues of the city" / "wideplaces"/"streets"/"river") might match the large plain of Atlantis and (the geoglyphs of) the Altiplano around Tiahuanaco (while the Ir/"river" may connect with either the Desaguadero or the Rio Tiwanaku?) So there may only actually be 3 not 4 cities of Asshur, since Rehoboth-Ir might be the plain not a city? (This large rectangular plain is shown on the Inca picture from the Coricancha.)

Calah could possibly connect with the Kalasasya at Tiahuanaco??
Calah ("full age" / "old age") could fit any one or more Peruvian sites (like Tiwanaku? Macchu Picchu?).

Genesis says that Resen is in between Nineveh and Calah, and in Peruvian tradition there were "3 windows" sites, and in Sitchin's 'Lost Realms' it is shown how "the route of Viracocha" links a number of cities in a straight line from Tiahuanaco, through Pucara, Cuzco, Olantaytampo, to Macchu Picchu, (to Quito).

Tampu-tocco - Maras-tocco - Sutic-tocco
(Quito -) MacchuPicchu - Olantaytampo - Cuzco - Pucara - Tiahuanaco.
Nineveh - [Rehoboth-Ir?] - Resen - Calah. (Or other way around?)
[3 pyramids of Sipan (similar to 3 pyrs of Giza)?]

(The relative positions to each other of the cities in Assyria might possibly be analogous reflection of the cities in Peru?)

(Resen being called the "great city" also sounds abit like Atlantis, though Resen seems to be one of the other cities like Cuzco rather than Tiahuanaco/Atlantis-city. Cuzco may match the middle of the "3 windows" sites, and the Paracas candelabra/trident may be connected with Cuzco?
Resen ("jaw (of crocodile)") may possibly connect with Cuzco/Olantaytampo being situated between 2 rivers?
Or, is the name Resen possibly abit like Nazca/Nasca?)

 In addition, Sitchin gives evidence in his book of connections in Peru with the storm god, who is called Rimac in Peruvian, and/or Is(h)kur in Sumerian [and/or Posei-don in Atlantis Account?]. (Some think that the "candelabra/trident" of Paracas in Peru may be a/the forked lightning symbol of the storm god (or connected with quakes), and it recalls the trident (or quakes) of Poseidon?) From my studies it looks quite probable that the biblical Asshur matches the Sumerian Is(h)kur. Further possible supporting evidence is that Ishkur/Asshur may match either Osiris/Asar/User/Woser/Hesiri or Seker/Sokar (or Shu??) in Egyptian myth, both of whom have connections with a/the (is)land in the (far)west (Urani/Amenti/Aaru/Tuat) [Atlantis, Peru]. (There could even be a connection with the Aesir of Asgard who some have connected with Atlantis. From our own research we aren't sure whether the Aesir or the Vanir match the Atlanteans. Some link the Aesir with the Asura(s) of Indo-Iranian myth.)

 Peruvian civilisation is the oldest in the Americas and the cities there were founded almost as early as Sumerian. Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku/Wanaku at the bottom of lake Titicaca is analogous to Eridu/Urdu at the top of the (Persian) Gulf (and some people like Rohl think Eridu is Babel [or Enoch?]). Some have suggested that the account of the Sumerian king Meski-aggaseir (Uruk 1 dynasty) going up into the mountains [and disappearing from Old World history?] may connect with Peru (the Andes). Andean myths have persons and names possibly similar to Nimrod/Ninurta, such as Naymlap, and/or Mancocoapac / Manco_Capac. It looks like a pretty good match that [whoever] went forth from Sumeria (Iraq) to Peru and built 3/4 cities there. [Asshur "go in a straight line" [like the sun]?]

 There may also possibly be a tie-in with the land of Asshur and the river Hiddekel of Genesis 2, since another of our theories years ago was that the 4 rivers of Paradise might have been where the contintents split-apart from each other when they where once all joined together ("Pangaea"), with the rivers widening into oceans and the lands roughly matching continents? Alternatively, another seeming discovery of ours was that the 4 rivers/lands of Genesis 2 seem to match 4 world ages of mythologies. Atlantis does seem to match the 3rd of 4 ancient ages?

pison/havilah/gold - gihon/cush - hiddekel/asshur - euphrates.
golden - silver - brazen/brass/bronze/[orichalc?] - iron.

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  Quote red clay Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 29-Feb-2016 at 09:42
I am always amused by the attempts to connect the Island of Thera to Atlantis.
The folks involved use Plato's descriptions to a point, but drop the ball when it comes to "the Ten Kingdoms" and the Largest plane. Plato also states that a naturally occurring alloy of gold and copper is found only in Atlantis.
I'm as sure as I can be without a solid evidence train, that the Island city of Atlantis was just that, an island city that was the trading center for the Ten Kingdoms that existed on the Mainland of South America.
It's very likely that the disaster that took out the Island was responsible for the sudden rise in ocean levels that happened at roughly the same time the Island vanished.
The East coast of the Americas was 60 to 100 miles farther out than it is now.
To my knowledge, no one has examined the possibilities that The Ten Kingdoms were, in fact, in South America.
"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".
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  Quote medenaywe Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 29-Feb-2016 at 10:04
Are all those names native?Or they were given by conquistadors&founders?
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 01-Mar-2016 at 02:37

I agree Red Clay about the large plain and 10 king(dom)s etc, and about the orichalc metal/alloy. The capital city is also in (South) America too as there is no doubt that Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku matches very strongly. Though they may have had other trading centers in the Mediterranean such as Heligoland, Tartessos/Gades, Scheria, etc. Atlantis (large island) is not found in the oceans/seas re sea levels unless it was only a city or only the city was submerged. Its all explained in my article at . Anyone could also read Sitchin's Peru section of his book 'Lost Realms' as there are tons of matches with Atlantis in there (esp the Tiahuanaco chapter though there are lost of other stark matches with the Atlantis Account in other chapters too). Or read Posnansky's. And see Jim Allens Atlantis in Bolivia website esp on the Altiplano, though he advoates a different city site to the south at Poopo.

Yes some of the names are native Medy. Not sure if all/some are.

Sorry i found that i got the geographical order match around the wrong way:

The other way around seemingly may/does fit better

Nineveh "house/abode/dwelling of fish/Nina/Ninus/son" or "agreeable/handsome" or "lady/goddess Eve"
~ Tiahuanaco/Tiawanaku/Wanaku & Atlantis-city (dwelling of Poseidon/Cleito)?

Rehoboth(-Ir) "(the) streets/avenues /wide-squares /wide-places /broadplaces /roominess /openland /public-square  (of the river/town/city)"
~ the large Plain of Atlantis (~ Altiplano).

Resen/Dasen "halter, bridle, jaw (of crocodile)", a/the great city, between Nineveh & Calah
~ Cuzco between Tiwanaku & Macchu-Picchu? or the Hitching Post of the Sun (& the night without sunrise for 20 hours in Inca traditional history [similar to Joshua halting sun])? or Nasca/Nazca?

Calah "firm rugged strength, vigour, full/old age"
~ Macchu Picchu? or Kalasasya at Tiahuanaco?

Asshur "to go in a straight line" or "a step, steps" or "black" or "gracious one" or "strong" or "prince" or "[?prince/host] of heaven/god"
~ the Route of Viracocha? land of the sunset? Tiahuanaco was on the equator in one of the Pole Shifts maps? Is(h)kur? )

I have just found out that the Computer shop tech has deleted my Atlantis Paper from the harddrives that he recovered & hdds that he removed viruses from. There seems to be a conspiracy against me ever since i made the "Popes"/Emperors discovery last year.

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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13-Mar-2016 at 09:41
Looks like i can't be sure now whether this was right or might be wrong.

It is accepted that Sumerian (south) was oldest and that Semitic Akkadian (north) was later.

The cities of Peru/[Atlantis] seem to be connected with Meski-aggaseir/(Sagki-)Agushe-ir of Uruk 1 dynasty who penetrated the sea and went up into the mountains [Andes].
His son & successor in Sumer was Enmerkar.
Agushe & Enmerkar may be Cush & Nimrod. Aggusheir would seem to match Asshur of Genesis 10 in details & name?
Some identify the continent of Kusa with South America.
Cush's sons in Genesis 10 have circular/concentric names-meanings.
[5 sons Cush ~ 5x2 sons Poseidon??]

On the other hand Asshur "to go in straight line" could connect with Surya/Surias the sun? (Though Surya maybe Sumerian Sul/S(h)ul-pa-e/Sulkunea?)
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  Quote ChildrenOfMala'Kak Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13-Apr-2016 at 12:22
modern Assyrians are more likely one of those lost tribes. Ancient assyrians did not speak aramaic. They were pagans.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21-Aug-2016 at 11:26
I've only come back breifly to post an update correction on this cities of Asshur.

Apparently the 3/4 cities are not 3/4 cities but all parts of one city Tiahuanaco/Atlantis.

This excerpt from our Atlantis ebook : Quote:

Our identification of Atlantis city and plain as Tiahuanaco and "Altiplano" is seemingly confirmed by that the [3 or] "4" cities of Asshur in Genesis 10 seem to match 3 cities and "Altiplano" in Peru, and match our Atlantis city and large plain.

NINEVEH "abode/dwelling of Ninus/fish" ~ Akapana ~ the big/small Hill/mtn (dwelling/temple/grove of Clito (& Poseidon))?
Or, Nineveh ~ Pumapunku ~ temple/palace?
CALAH  "vigour, firm rugged strength"~ Kalasasaya or Pumapunku ~ palace/temple/citadel/acropolis of Atlantis/Poseidon
RESEN "halter/bridle/jaw (of crocodile)" ("between Nineveh & Calah") ~ "canal" around central Tiwanaku (like 2 pincers, between Kalasasaya & Pumapunku) ~ ring(s) of Atlantis
REHOBOTH(-Ir) "(the) broadplaces/streets/avenues of the city ~ (Tiwanaku &) "Altiplano" geoglyphs ~ central ground and/or large Plain/country of Atlantis
"all these the great city" ~ 3/4 major components/structures of greater Tiwanaku (Akapana, Kalasasaya/gateway, (Kantatayita,) PumaPunku, (Lukurmata)) ~ buildings/rings of Atlantis city.

Or else,

CALAH ~ Tampu-tocco ~ Macchu Picchu?
[Or, Nineveh ~ Tampu-tocco ~ MacchuPicchu/Inti-huatana?]
RESEN ("jaw halter", great city, between Nineveh & Calah) ~ Maras tocco (middle window) ~ Cuzco (which some thought was Atlantis city, maybe indicated by Paracas candelabra)?
NINEVEH ("abode/dwelling of fish/Ninus") ~ Sutic-tocco ~
 Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku (at bottom of Titicaca analgous to Eridu at top of Gulf) ~ Atlantis city?
[Or, Calah ~ Sutic-tocco ~ Tiahuanaco/Kalasasaya ~ Atlantis city?]
REHOBOTH(-Ir) ~ (Tiahuanaco &) Altiplano/geoglyphs ~ Atlantis large plain?
3/"4" cities Asshur (like 3/4 cities of Shinar)~ 3 windows/toccos (Peruvian)?

ASSHUR ("to go in a straight line", 3rd land of Eden) ~ Peru realm of Ishkur/Teshub (Rimac, Candelabra, bull, Sitchin)? Meski-Agguseir/Saggi-Aggusheir (crossed ocean went up into mnts)? Osiris (Amenti)? route of Viracocha (line from Tiahuanaco to MacchuPicchu/Quito)? Akakor/Akator? (South) America(s)?
HIDDEKEL/Tigris ~ Atlantic?
NIMROD (Ninus/Ninurta) ~ Naymlap? MancoCapac? "Poseidon" (Atlantis)? Manoa? Puma(punku)?
CUSH ~ Kusa (Indian) ~ South America ~ Atlantis?

* We can't be totally certain that we have picked the right (way around) correspondenceses between the 3/4 cities of Asshur (Calah, Resen, Nineveh & Rehoboth), and the 3/4 components/structures of Tiwanaku, or the 3 windows/toccos (Tampu, Maras, Sutic), and the 5 sites on the Route of Viracocha ((Quito,) MacchuPicchu, Olantaytampo, Cuzco, Paracs, Tiwanaku). The various possibilities are:

3 cities of Asshur (Calah, Resen, Nineveh (& Rehoboth)); or
4 cities of Asshur (Calah, Resen, Nineveh, Rehoboth);

Calah ~ Tamputocco, Resen ~ Maras-tocco, Nineveh ~ Sutictocco;
Nineveh ~ Tamputocco, Resen ~ Marastocco, Calah ~ Sutictocco;

The 3 matches of the 5 sites of route of Viracocha for the 3 windows & 3 cities of Asshur could be either:
1 MP or Ot or Cuzco, 2 Pucara, 3 Tiwanaku;
1 Macchu Picchu, 2 Olantaytampo or Cuzco or Pucara, 3 Tiwanaku;
1 MacchuPicchu, 2 Olantaytampo or Cuzco, 3 Pucara;
1 MacchuPicchu, 2 Olantaytampo, 3 Cuzco or Pucara or Tiwanaku;
1MacchuPicchu 2Cuzco 3PucaraorTiahuanaco
1 Olantaytampo, 2 Cuzco or Pucara, 3 Tiahuanaco.

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