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Who is Quoting Whom?

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    Posted: 12-Apr-2008 at 16:46

Just a question...who is quoting whom?

Originally posted by Sparten

Originally posted by gcle2003

Originally posted by Sparten

Originally posted by Leonidas

Originally posted by Sparten

And leonidas, this is not a western bashing thread, though these days some people seem to see every thread as one. Where has anyone said that "west in bad". This thread shows that if China should have the Olympics taken away because of Tibet, then Britain should have it taken away because of N Ireland. And Ireland is a western country is it not? Or is the "western club" still displaying signs like they did in NYC back in the 19th century, no Irish need apply?
I dont think you have thought this out.

 there is not enough  parallels in two for you to stand by and not look ill informed. The more you continue on making what is happening in the PRC sound 'normal' the more silly you look. for instance and please answer this;
does Britain ban all pictures of the Pope in nth Ireland? (inc homes and churchs)
The present First Minister of Ireland is on record calling the Pope, the "anti-Christ".
So? Speech is free and should be. You should hear what some Roman Catholic Irish call the First Minister (in fact he's no favourite of mine either). Nobody gets punished for it which is as it should be. (Though Paisley when he did it in Strasbourg was thrown out of the chamber by the British chairman.)
Chalk one up for Britain, one down for China, where speech isn't free at all.
Moreover the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland is a Sinn Fin member and ex IRA leader. That's a reasonable way round since the nationalists are the minority.
So now you are admitting that there is institutional discrimination against Catholics, a Catholic can never hope to be First Minister of N Ireland.

 are catholics nervous in mentioning this title? and are the clergy made to denounce him when they have to do 'patriotic' education?......
The pope dose not call for secessionist tendancies nor dose he support the IRA so kinda irrelevent.
Neither does the Dalai Lama. The parallel is pretty well exact, certainly not irrelevant.
Yes, he only takes the aid from CIA, RAW and other agencys of countrys not friendly to China. It is their right of course to do what is their countrys interest. But then it is also China

...while the British government slanders and offends his name and office without actaully providing tangible evidence to the international community.
See above.
But they certainly do with regards to IRA and Sinn Fein leaders. Gerry ADams voice was banned on the radio and TV for many years.
Which of course was during a period of active terrorism, during which innocent civilians were being murdered by the IRA with the support of Sinn Fin.
Anyway that is certainly irrelevant to the comparative attitudes to the Pope and the Dalai Lama.
And the Chinese ban him at a time when there is a foreign supported insurrection ably led by him and his underlings. So Chinese are just as bad as the UK

Is the catholic church there under government control and surveillance?
Sinn Fein leaders have been under survellience and arrested without charge. Marches their have been banned, those the by Church and other. And unarmed protestors have been shot.
The question was about the Roman Catholic Church, not terrorist-supporting politicians.
I note you ducked it.
And I note that I said the Roman Catholic Church or at least its Vatican hierachy was not particularly relevent to N Ireland. The Church in Ireland was but as a consequence of most nationalists being Catholics. The Church spent just as much time in bed with the UK gov, like in 1798 for instance. But Sinn Fein was persecuted its members jailed without trial, their supporters shot by Paras.

Do catholics have to have one child to get a government job because Anglicans do?
Again, irrelevent.
Why is it irrelevant? (Although if your answer is that the NI Protestants are not Anglicans, I'll agree with you. Smile)
Irrelevent since UK dose not have a one child policy.

can the Irish flag be shown without being arrested?

Many times no, it would get you suspected of being an IRA member.
Once in a while in the past, in certain circumstances, I'll accept that may have happened. But not anymore.
So you can say down with the Brits all you want?

has Britain used labor camps in Ireland the last 50 years?
Yes. Read up about Bloody Sunday, it was about internment without trial.
Interned terrorist suspects were not sent to labour camps. The straight answer to that question is no there haven't been.
Even convicted prisoners have not been sentenced to labour ('penal servitude') in any part of the UK since 1948 when it was abolished under the Criminal Justice Act of that year (Schedule 8).
And those poor internees, they get sent where? Club Med? Eden Island? LOLDisapprove

is there democracy in Nth Ireland and can catholics vote there own party in (sin fein for instance)
The N Ireland assembly has spent more time suspended under direct rule from London. The provinces representation in Westminister is a third of what its population demands. Most of the security services like the RUC, the B-Specials and the UDR were almost all Protestant. Even David Trimble admitted N Ireland was a "cold house" for Catholics.
The question related to now, not history.
N Ireland still is underrepresented. And the assembly has been functioning for less than a years this time. Wait another year and it will be suspended again.

Does Britain limit the movements and entry of foreign media and continuously state that any media not matching its truth as not being 'objective' . because bias is every one else issue..

Lets see they banned Gerry Adams voice that a start. And then they banned Paul MacCartneys song "Give Ireland back to the Irish"
Who are 'they'? It got to 16 in the charts, did better in Ireland of course, but only made it to 21 in the US charts. RTL Luxembourg banned it too actually, don't ask me why.
And anyway once more you're just dodging the question and not facing up to the truth. You weren't being asked if China had banned any songs or political protesters. The answer would be a little too obvious.
Really? So what is that answer?  And the name of the song could not said on British charts.

 and you are talking to someone that actaully prefers a united Ireland....go figure

And why should you or I care if there is a united Ireland anymore than if there is a free Tibet?
Because, as Paul pointed out, of belief in the free self-determination of peoples.
But not of N Ireland evidently.

Looks like the only one who did not think things through is you.
Because he provided questions you could only wriggle out of answering? As far as I can see he beat you all ends up in this particular argument, so he must have been doing something right.
Is there any mode to see through it?
Please, feel free to quote me...

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  Quote Ponce de Leon Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 12-Apr-2008 at 17:26
I am going to say that the original quote is Sparten, and everybody else is quoting him after that
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  Quote Illirac Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 12-Apr-2008 at 17:29
hehe, you have to read all of them one by one (before the quotation) to understand who is writing what...I am lost as wall, can't fallow the topic anymoreConfused
For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it.
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  Quote rider Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 14-Apr-2008 at 16:52
I believe it's Sparten.
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  Quote gcle2003 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 14-Apr-2008 at 20:51
I hope my later post cleared it all up Confused
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  Quote The Canadian Guy Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 30-Apr-2008 at 02:53
Hahaha! i am lost. I have a headache as well...and that topic quotes hurt my head allot more.  Shocked
Hate and anger is the fuel of war, while religion and politics is the foundation of it.
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