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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: Apocalypse
    Posted: 09-May-2017 at 11:36
the 1st white horseman (peace/conquer) of Apocalypse/Revelation 6 could possibly be

Pax Romana  31/27 bc / ad 70 - 180/192/250 ad (& truce of God)?
(& Cretan-origin emperors?) (& Parthian 62 ad?)
& Trajan "Alexander"? & Telesphorus "completion" 125-136?

Rather than Constantine the Great ("conquer")?

&/or rather than Napoleon? (& Christianity/Catholicism/Pope?)
Mercy, "loving" God Yhwh, please stop forcing harmful fluoridated water in me every meal every day.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 07-Jul-2017 at 14:19
Just a very tentative table on possible connection of the Sea Beast of Revelation/Apocalypse with Atlantis and with modern EU / G7 / UN?
May be wrong. Is also only a very tentative and not fully studied by me yet and may well be wrong. Table is only first draft and will have to be updated - edited - improved if possible (though no guarantee i will be posting anymuch anymore if i am not stoped by bad water stopping me from doing other life stuff here). The key seems to be the 3 or 4 parts of beast (4 metals, or 3 or 4 beasts, or 4 historical empires), but difficult so far to nail the correct identification or meanings/natures.
Please note that the main rows of most interest are the ones on "666" and name of beast/"Man".

The (Sea) Beast / Bible / Daniel / Revelation/Apocalypse

historical Atlantis [Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku] / Atlantis Account / Plato

Modern / present / future Western World / NWO / Globalism

metals. [japheth (intellect) [djehewty/thoth], tubal & meshech. laodicea.] 666.

metals, mining, orichalc, ["iron"]

industrial. technology. "all culture is Aryan". [999.] Meteoric?

[Mediterranean] / (Great) Sea

Atlantic [& Mediterranean]. [Sea Peopes?] Poseidon.

Atlantic [& Mediterranean]

gold (head) [pure] (Babylon) [confusion/mixture, Jews, Semitic, capitivty]

had gold

Babylon = Rome. "Zionism" ("Jews")? Antisemitism. gold standard? blond/red hair? Mixing/multi-cultural. Olympics?

lion (mouth) [king, solar]. [Jesus/Aslan/Shem.]

[British Isles & Americas were visited by Atlanteans] [red (or white)?]

Churchill. UK, USA, Canada, RSA, Australia, NZ (English language, water fluoridation). NATO. Yalta. WASP. Pope ["Babylon"]. Aslan. "Zionism" (Jews, media)? Lions. "Lion King"..

silver (Medes/Persian/Iran) [law, postage, multi-racial, versus Greece, Jews vs Haman]

had silver

legislative? judicial? Aryan? Islam? Russia/Slav? Olympics?

bear (paws, 3 ribs). [Rosh/Gog/Magog.]

[Hyperborea?] white (or black)? ["world navel"?] ["Atlantis of the North"?]

Stalin? Russia? Arthurian? [beer shirts?] Japhethite? sugar? trade?

bronze/brass/brazen [judgement]

had bronze/tin/copper/zinc/brass, oreichalc

[judicial/judiciary?] Olympics?

leopard (body) ("swift", 4 wings/heads/divisons, Greek, semi-barbarian). [Nimrod/Ham.]

puma-punku. [great city of asshur (nimrod "spotted one").] "invaders", aggressors. black (or red)?

4 occupation zones post-wari Germany? US (Army) (German almost voted language)? Mainland Europe / EU? Napoleon? "Hellenic & Germanic" (Hitler)? Olympics. Classical. "Hitler had North African genes". Gayropa?

Mediterranean, Greek, Roman

Western Mediterranean, Tyrrhenia, (Greece.)

Papacy, Western, New World, American

3 beasts/sixes. [~ 3 sons Noah?]

3 (red, white, black).

3 races. tricolour (Fr, US, Ger). 3 zones. 3 (King, Pope, Mussolini). Yalta?

metal(s), iron (strong/strength) [rust] (Roman. [Christianity. Mithraism] W & E.)

"iron age"? "bronze age"? oreichalc ~ brass?

digital. technology. industrial. iron/steel. "all human culture almost exclusively Aryan" (Hitler)? steel. industrial. Rome. "Christianity". W & E. Iron Man.

iron & clay mixed. (Harlot/whore rides beast.) (Composite beast in Revelation.)

became mixed/diluted.

(Orichalc. pseudargurios.)

global. multi-cultural. egalitarian. UNESCO blob man. race relations. human rights. hate crimes. democracy. Dualistic/schizoid.

dragon (Satan?) (Roman?)

[China? Rome? KKK? Dracula? Polar star? Pergamos is Satan's throne? Satan's seat in in sides of north? Allah?]

7 heads/hills/kings

[7 continents?]

G7/G8. [7 continents.] 7 hills Rome. Hollywood.


"8th continent"

New [8th]? G8? "8 x 666 = 5328"? "8 Benzie Ave"? Unit 88?

"was, is not, is coming". wounded & healed. will be destroyed by Jesus. ["as in days before flood"?]

"sank/sunk", "Atlantis Rising"

"Atlantis Rising", New World/Age, [rebirth / twice-born]

wounded/healed head

Atlantis "sunk" & "rising"?

ww2? "Atlantis Rising"?

10 horns/kings/toes

10 kings [or 12 kings]. bulls.

10 nations formed council of Europe. EEC had 10. G7/G8 has 10 leaders.

3 uprooted horns


BeNeLux? Golden Triangle? Yalta Conference? EEC formed primarily by Fr, It, Ger [reversal of break up of Charlemagne Empire?

(lion) mouth, sea, cup, [wormwood]

water, Atlantic, kings drink from cups

fluoridated water? "pope says ww3 for water"? holy grail?

English? Churchill? Media?

beast wars & beats saints ; blood of saints (harlot)

"bulls" sacrifice?

[Clementine 2? "hate crimes". Christians who refuse to serve NWO will be killed? terrorism. fluoridated water. holocaust. ww 1. ww 2. Branch Davidians.]

[increase in quakes worldwide.]

destroyed in quake(s). Poseidon god of quakes.

quakes increased worldwide. continental drift theory.

"as in days before flood" ; "desire to die butdeath flee"

king was oldest; [several Peru kings lived to 100 yrs old.] [hyperboreans lived to 1000 [100] yrs.]

claims of "people are living longer". peoples hopes of Q Eliz becoming longest reign/rule. human genome mapped. [Eden might be found in Antarctica.] [popes, elite etc secret projects?] [1000 yr reich.]

Daniel's beasts & metals was prophecy which has been (was then afterwards) fulfilled in history. Revelation/Apocalypse was/is futuristic prophecy partly un/fulfilled (with historical components).

Atlantis was true history. Atlantis has been corresponded with beast of Daniel, &/or with Apocalypse (Atlantis Online forum topic/thread). "Atlantis Rising". [Posnansky. Rosenberg. Thule Soc. Spanuth. Serrano.]

"Atlantis Rising". Atlantis corresponded with Apocalypse. The modern/future UNO / NWO / Global 2000 / Globalism. [Posnansky. Rosenberg. Thule Soc. Serrano. Spanuth.]

there are "slaves"

tried to enslave all Europe & Asia & Libya/Africa. (Freed by Athens.) "Bulls" sacrifice [human sacrifice in Andean cultures].

work to live; workaholic; busy; slave for dole schemes; fema camps; global elite; haves & have nots; masses; democracy; growing gap between rich & poor; fluoridated; "consumer/customer/client"; "number not name"; "goyim";

Babylon [Rome] (harlot, gold head, lion mouth)

Atlantis [Tiahuanaco] (concentric circles). [great city of Asshur] ["world navel"?] [Juli] [7 dots in Coricancha picture?]

"Cosmopolis". Vatican. Washington. NY. London. Zion? Hollywood?

beast versus harlot/whore

[Atlantis vs Egypt/Athens?]

"followers of jesus vs nephilim (ruling families of world & leadership of Americas)"? "Benjamin vs Joseph"? national vs global. christian vs NWO.

harlot/whore riding beast


Papacy/Vatican/Rome? (and Mecca?) or Masonry? or "Jews"?

[riden by harlot Babylon/Rome who oversees world trade]

[impression of trade]

free trade. corporatism. commercialism. consumerism. economy. "Pythagorean coins" ["overseer of market-place (agora)"].

image/icon of beast

[microscosm.] [statue? pillar? temple?]

UNO? G7/G8? EU? USA? Statue of Liberty?

number of name of beast [therion/trijon] / of Man [Anthropos/Andrew? Adam (1st king of 10, 900 yrs)? Alexander?] &/or, 2nd beast from earth (like Adam)?

Atlantis/Atlas (1st king of 10, 900(0) yrs) [Alalus (1st king, 9 yrs)?] [Aryan Atlantis theory of Posnansky, Thule Soc, Rosenberg]

NATO. "Atlantis Rising". "I am Aryan [Arjen] & I'm calling from Pulse Energy". [Aryan Atlantis theory of Posnansky, Thule Soc, Rosenberg.] Aslan. Allah. Adams? Adam Smith? Posei-Don? Astr ('Conqueror Manifesto')? Superman?

Impersonality. Inhuman/inhumane. Brotherhood of man. Humanism. Humanitarian. Philanthropist. Anthropologist. Unesco blob man.

"Just a number".

666/616 [= Adams , [a]TRS / Stur , thr-s-v / thr-y-v / thr-ah-v , www , fff , 999 , trijon , therion.]

[Atlas ~ Atum ~ Adam ~ Utu ~ Savitri ~ Satur?]

Atlas (~ Adam/Atum)? [Mu?] [Atlantis corresponded with Troy/Troja? Atlantis might be linked with Tiras of Genesis 10?]


99.9? 9.99? www? FF. "6 million Jews"? ["... dollar question"?] "6 = person, 66 = tribe, 666 = world"? 3 long bars in barcode?

2 beasts (sea beast & earth beast)

5 x 2 (twins) kings

US & EU? US & UN? EU 2 heads? Head of state & govt?

lamb-dragon earth-beast (like Adam?)

USA? UNO? Masonry (Baphomet)? Islam? geopolitics? heartland?

[delusion believe the lie. number of man. whole world. form of godliness. believe they doing will of God when killing witnesses/saints.]

Atlantis is like ideal Republic

claims to be for good, peace, brotherhood, democracy, fairness, freedom, wealth, law, justice, etc versus evil/bad, fear, hate, war, dictatorship, racism, poverty, tooth decay, crime, etc

is evil/bad/fallen/sinful/proud

became mixed and fallen and decadent and andarrogant

[is mixed, and is decadent and tyrannical]

hot springs/baths, pipes/cisterns

baths/showers, plumbing

[Gog &/or Magog]

[Andes (Flem-Ath)??] [Posei-don??]

God? ZOG/JOG? Goyim? Russia (Bog)? [Gothic?] General Zod? dog? Gayropa? wogs? geeks? Indo? [Cro-Magnon?]

[(ships of) Kittim (or Kasdim) (bitter & hasty nation)]

1200 ships. [Cretan.]

British? American? Hitler?

refs: bible, left behind, barry smith, sps, josephus, wiki, atlantis online thread/topic, cambrai, ONA, Hislop (2 Babylons); etc.

Atlantis refs: plato, atlantis online, atlantis rising, atlantipedia, ignatius donnelley, graham aspin theelf, philo, spanuth, flem-ath, zangger, berlitz, hancock, etc.

[Tiahuanaco refs: posnansky, [miguel serrano,] allen, bambrough, wiki, Inca picture from Coricancha, Fasold, etc.]

[Asshur refs: bible.]

refs: sps, left behind, yearbook, wikipedia, [bible.] ONA, KR Bolton, Etc.

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Mercy, "loving" God Yhwh, please stop forcing harmful fluoridated water in me every meal every day.
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  Quote TheAlaniDragonRising Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 07-Jul-2017 at 19:33
Apocalypse is the revelation of hidden knowledge, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are symbols that reveal. When looking at what these symbols show my belief is that they are a warning of what not to do, or allow because if you do the end result is the fourth horseman/symbol. In ancient times the term horse can also symbolize a wave, so it is just possible that four horsemen are symbolic of four waves. Three waves as in maybe political movements or campaigns, or at least great followings, with the fourth wave being the consequence of the previous three. 
What a handsome figure of a dragon. No wonder I fall madly in love with the Alani Dragon now, the avatar, it's a gorgeous dragon picture.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 08-Jul-2017 at 04:37
Thanks thats good Alani, it swirls with what we wrote on the 4 horsemen in the first 1-2 page(s) and with what wiki article on them says, and there is some interesting what you say about waves/movts/campaigns, and/or about what not to do, and/or there are interesting thoughts it sparked (do the 4 stand at start as opening act? or might they represent symbols for the whole rest of the book/bible?) Though I think/feel that there is a higher/deeper "spiritual" issue rather than just mundane/material.

Abaddon or Apollyon ("or "Exterminus") of Revelation/Apocalypse 9:1-11 is possibly Adolf (and/or Napoleon).

("666/616 = TRS[a](v) / S[a]T(u)R / R(o)T[a]S" = 'Artus de Bretania' (Modena Archivolt) = "(King) Arthur"?)
(The dragon (of Daniel) in Gildas is alot like the USA.)

Edited by Arthur-Robin - 11-Jul-2017 at 05:06
Mercy, "loving" God Yhwh, please stop forcing harmful fluoridated water in me every meal every day.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 11-Jul-2017 at 15:32
Looks like i got Abaddon/Apollyon/Exterminus abit wrong maybe and it is not just Adolf/Napoleon but is Potei-Don / Apollo (Atlantis/Hyperborea). That is Abba "father" Don and Potei "lord" Don? (Hitler 2 x 5 yrs.)

Instead of editing the table i'll switch to editing this list started below:

Gold (head, pure, Babylon) = blond Aryan? gold standard? king's? Uru?

Lion (teeth/mouth, king, Leo, Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, Constantine, Aurelius Conan, Daniel, Samson, Aslan) ~ blond Aryan? UK? Aslan. Jesus. Shem? Richard1?

3 beasts = 3 races Nord Alp Mediterranean? 3 sons Noah? red wh black?

Beast (Therion, Trijon) = Goyim. "blond beast" of Huxley? Christos Beest of ONA? Crowley? evolution? beastiality? best? 'The Beast' computer?

10 horns/kings of Beast. 10 patriarchs before & after Flood. Gen 10.
Egyptian world had 9/10 arcs/bows.
Atlantis 10 kings.
"Japheth 10 sons/nations (Gen 10)".
Rome had 10 curiae. Decemvirs/decimvirs. 9 emperors visit Britain?
G7/G8 has 10 heads/leaders. EEC had 10. "10 nations founded Council of Europe in 1940s". Decimal metric system. 99.9?

7/8 heads of Beast. (7 Cainite generations? 7 x 10 = 70/72 nations Gen 10?)
7 continents world?
7 hills Rome? [7 hills/suburbs Hollywood?]
G7/G8? 7 champions Europe? 7 sons Japheth? Atlantis "8th continent"?

666/616 number/mark of beast/man (Anthropos) = S +Adam / Adam + s
&/or, 666/616 
= TRS[a](v) = Tiras (Gen 10)? Tros/Troy/Troja? Atlas/pillars? Italus? (Rosh/Gog? Pathros? Tarshish/rss?)
/ R(o)T[a]S = Artus de Bretania? Round Table? Rotary Club?
/ S[a]T(u)R = Saturn(ia)?
Anthropos = Adam (1st of 10, 900 yrs) = Atlas (athlos, 1st of 10, 900(0) yrs)?
666 = 99.9 / 9.99 = human best without God falls short of 100/777/888, or attempts/presumes to go beyond 555/888?
Superman symbol?

"was & is not & is coming". (Pre-flood world?)
Atlantis "sank" & "Atlantis rising".
"Alani Dragon Rising". (Alanus in Nennius & Travels of Noah.)
King Arthur "once & future king".

whore/harlot Babylon/Babel/Rome (mingle/mixture/confusion, gateway, tower, Peter) = Mary/Papacy/Vatican/Rome? Isis? Mecca? Cosmopolis? Hollywood? Clito (Atlantis)? Juli? Puebla? 'Babylon 5'? Pergamos?

two beasts, two horns ~ US & EU/CIS?  2 x 5 twins Atlantis? 2 consuls Rome? 2 heads of EU? Twin Towers? Pres & Vice Pres? Bicameral? divine duo? twice born?

the Lie they deluded to believe = man become gods? evolution? Aliens? master race? pope? fluoridation? Popists brand exposers of their lies as "delusion" (but is really deception)?

3 woes ~ 3 world wars? www? 666? groans?

Abaddon/Apollyon (Job, Rev/Apoc) ~ Adolf "noble wolf"? Napoleon? Aryan? Adonai? Abzu? Potei-don? Atlan? Apollo of Hyperborea? Woden? John Paul? terrorism? father Adam?

Scorpions/locusts ~ girtab-lullu scorpion-men? (Germanic) barbarians? Mongols? WASPs? smart? Pazuzu? Scorpio/Aquila/Serpens? The Scorpion magazine? thirst?

Edited by Arthur-Robin - 12-Jul-2017 at 03:57
Mercy, "loving" God Yhwh, please stop forcing harmful fluoridated water in me every meal every day.
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