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Who are the Romans today?

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    Posted: 01-Mar-2017 at 10:36
"Who are the Romans today?"

It depends on what you mean by "Romans".

All Italy and the provinces of the Roman empire will have at least some Roman blood in the population esp Romance (Italians, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Normans, Arthurian, Romanitas, Romanians, Latin Americans, etc). Lugdunum has been called little Rome. There is "Roman nose".

The ancient Romans are supposed to have been Aryans/Indo-Europeans (like Greeks, Germans/Teutons/Norse, etc). But as the kingdom and republic and empire went on more and more alien elements were introduced (see timeline here ). Romans/IEs are supposedly superior yet even at its very beginning Rome offered itself as a refuge to bad criminals as well as good great. Today the secret Romans seeming still have a secret "Peter"/patricians and "Paul"/plebians discrimination (perhaps this is picture an example ), several sci-fi books with Latinisms in them mention blond/red hair etc. "This is Aryan ["Arjen"] calling from Pulse energy" - feb 2016. Flavian "yellow haired" = Linus "flax colour hair". . Possibly the Romans and IEs are connected with Atlantis (Tiahuanaco).

One world-wide semi-secret group of modern present day Romans/"Romans" is centred around the "Pope" and Vatican/Rome (and "revived Roman Empire", and Catholic church). (Switzerland seems maybe a centre too?) The first 40 popes really match the Roman Emperors list (eg Pope Alexander = Trajan who was thinking aloud of Alexander the Great at Charax, Pope Pius = Emp Antoninus Pius), and the Pope/Papacy is really secret Emperor/Empire since maybe time of Gregory the Great or Whitby to today (EU, empires, World). These people seemingly semi-secretly rule the world. Witness "Pope Francis gave Q Elizabeth sphere with cross on top" which BBC said symbolises "christian" royal dominion over whole world. Catholic Schools. Ceres Organics. "nephilim versus followers of Jesus",1087088 . Kepha[s] said Vatican sent many Jesuits as fake church pastors. "Papa Smurf" & the smurfs. Bible says the harlot Babalon [Rome] riding the beast [EU &/or US &/or UNO/World]. (Bible says Satan's throne is in "Pergamos" "Tower" which 4th church age seems to match Rome?) (The beast has 3 or 4 component parts: lion, bear, leopard (and dragon).) Publius Enigma? "Cosmopolis". There is even a picture of [San Martin?] that looks very similar to picture of Julius Casear? See thread and ebook . They claim this is a "delusion" eg &,1087088 but often those that claim/accuse "delusion" are really the ones pushing delusion themselves. There are too many Roman names/words/numerals everywhere in modern world life & global elite (eg Peter, Publius, Ceres, Legacy Metering, Nova Energy, Markus, etc). Fluoride is a modern latin word.

(Sorry Franz but you wouldn't let me have clean water, and wouldn't let me do my peper studies, etc, so can't blame me for fighting back.)

"There are 2 types of people: those that do the work and those that take the credit."
It is a great evil that some people are denied credit for their hard work etc.

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If we were to seach through most European language families, we would find "loan words' which have been "borrowed" from other langauges.

Originally, I would think that the most proliferate would probably have been Latin and Greek. In Europe, those langauges would also have originated from the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, the Norsemen.

In more recent years, asian loan words have been increasingly adopted.

So, to say that particula people or groups of people are/are not Roman is an oversimplification of the situation. No doubt there are people throughout Europe and North African whose DNA can be traced back to a Roman intervention. But, I submit, they are not Roman.

The Romans are not even resident throughout modern Italy, IMHO, they are the people who live in the city of Roman.

Would an English migrant to the USA still be regarded as being English? Unfortunately, probably, but that's due to bias against the English, based on centuries old conflicts.

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But if we had thought human we could have found that all out languages have same ancestry: Demoticos or now known as Ancient Egyptian.Big smile
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