Stanislaw Lanckoronski

  By Rider, 3 August 2007; Revised
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Stanislaw Lanckoronski was a Field Crown Hetman. He was most likely born in 1597 and he died in 1657. His life is mostly mysterious though we know a few pieces that help to put together his biography.

It is clear that he was a fighter during his youth – there have been tellings of him taking a Swedish ship in a battle and later served under Hetman Koniecpolski against the Tartars and Swedes on many fronts. During the Deluge, he first betrayed king Jan Kazimierz but then soon after returned to the Polish side to fight alongside Pawel Sapiecha.



He held different offices during his lifetime:


Starost of Skała in 1641

Castellan of Halicz in 1646

Castellan of Kamieniec in 1649

Voivode of Bracław in 1649

Grand Regimentarz of the Crown in 1649

Voivode of Ruthenia in 1652

Field Crown Hetman from 1654 until February 19, 1657

Starost of Stobnice and Dymirsk in 1654



He also participated in many different battles:


Battle of Zbaraz, 1649

Battle of Beresteczko, 1651

Battle of Ochmatów, 1655

Battle of Wojnicze, 1655

Battle of Warsaw, 1656