World History Forum Highlights

Most effective unique unit prior to the mid 17th CenturyDiscussing well trained military units including Hussars; Cataphract, etc.*****
Favorite flag.Photos of flags from all countries*****
All the GreatsList of all whose names ended in “the great“. E.g. Alexander the great, etc.  *****
Yummy! Yummy! Let’s share and enjoy the cuisine of your country! Great photos and description of foods from all over the world. Great post*****
First historical thing that comes to your mind about a Country!Great post. List of countries with historical mention.*****
Local history AD - 800 ADLocal history of Hagen, Germany - birthplace of Komnenos*****
The Most Conquered Country!Discussion about the most conquered country****
Greatest cities in the U.S. and Canada-ten bestGreat photos of cities in the US and Canada****
the most extreme historical eventsDiscussing extreme historical events, such as impaling, massacres, etc.****
Your most strange, excentric and crazy countryman Discussion on eccentric and crazy  historical people.  Good post****
Michael Hart’s ranking of the 100 Most Influential peopleDiscussion on Hart’s ranking of influential people.  Good discussions****
Psychological warfare...Discussing various forms of cries before a battle used to instill fear intheioppo***
History of your national anthemDiscussing history and national anthems of some countries***
Some Chinese Sources on the Khazars and KhwarazmHuge article with source reference re Chinese***
Why didn’t the Mongols get scurvy? (Nutrition throughout history)Discussion about different foods with vitamin C to be used against scurvy, primarily tumeric***
Size of Empires (at the height of their power)18 posts here - maps, primarily empires of Iran***
Obscure EmpiresDiscussion about obscure empires..Palmyra, gallic, Mitanian, etc. very informative***
JFK Assasination (Caution: Pictures May Be Disturbing)Hourly account of JFK assassination w/graphic photos***
Atlantis UncoveredDiscussion about the lost continent of Atlantis***
National heros treated unjustly?Discussion about national heroes which were unjustly treated***
Historical Myth BusterDiscussion about the Battle of Agincourt. ***
Local history projectDiscussion about discussing local history. This one is a local history of Melbourne Australia***
When does history end?Discussion about when history ends***
Have the Vikings ever been to Persepolis?Discussion about  stone sculptures in Persepolis which may be Viking***
Your Favourite Historical People Everyone listing their favorite historical characters***
FrankreichDiscussing correct meanings of said German word**
Folk talesDiscussing ancient and history folktales**
One year after finding the viking ship in Caspian seaNice discussion re newly archeological discoveries of Viking longship in the Caspian sea**
Reinhard GehlenIdentifying Gehlen **
The Persian GulfJust a ling to the Persian Gulf**
How important are secret societies in history?Discussing secret societies.**
Need help with historic script!Someone asking for help with homework. Nothing here*
Era of SpecialtyForumers naming favorite eras (e.g. ottoman, Russian, etc.) *
What contributed to the rise of Slavery?Only one good post about slavery on Aztec empire.*
Cuban Missile Crisis October 19626 posts here - not saying much *
Important Historical Periods5 posts here indicating personal preference of historical periods. Nothing else*
Diplomacy or WarDiscussion on whether diplomacy is better than war*
The Bay of Pigs - Cold WarRequest for information re Bay of Pigs. No responses*
Pecheneg leader’s reply to Byzantium EmperorNot much in this post.  Some reply to Byzantium emperor*
Who would make the best commander? PollPOLL
Leaders of WW2POLLPOLL
Belfur’s promisePOLLPOLL