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The Total Quiz X Series consisted of four separate quizzes held from June 2004 to April 2005.

-- Summary and Results --
Total Quiz X (Series) Champion: Dawn
Quiz Title Date Champion Moderator
Total Quiz X-4 April 2005
Total Quiz X-3
Jan. 2005 
Total Quiz X-2 
Sept. 2004
Total Quiz X-1 June 2004 Fastpawn Styrbiorn

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Total Quiz X Part 1

1. What was the original family name of the one who won at the Pyramids and near Ulm? 2)What is the literal meaning of that name? 3) How was that meaning used at that time for a joke?
2. There was once an Admiral who led his fleet through the 3 oceans and many sees only to find humiliating defeat which induced his government to make peace. What is the name of this admiral?
3. Which American president called himself Cyrus?
4. What were the Xiongnu states founded in Northern China?
5. Who became the first astronaut/cosmonaut of his/her country, by answering a commercial advertisement, and taking part to a foreign space program?
6. What was the full name of the leader who led the resistance against the Italians in the inner desert during the First World War and who later became the king of his country?
7. Which Germanic king was converted form Arianism to catholicism in 560 AC?
8. In his bestselling book "War and Peace", Lew Tolstoi describes the Russian wars with Napoleon. For the 1812 campaign he wrote that the first French unit to enter Moscow were the Hussars of Württemberg. Why is that impossible and what was really the first French unit to enter Moscow in 1812?
9. One member of this family of "dogs" was the patron of one of the most famous writers of the Renaissance. This family was also a powerful one, but the son of the mentioned patron went too greedy for land. Though dogged and initially successful, he lost much of the family empire and marked the start of its fall - the last family lords were two of his great-grandsons who were deposed by a republic built on stakes. Which family am I talking about?
10. A ship named after an old Celtic town. Crossing the Atlantic ocean in a large fleet, she was singled out and crippled by three smaller ships, and eventually sank by her companions in order to prevent the enemy to capture her cargo - a large load of gold, supposed payment for arms and ammunition. The name of the ship?
11. This Czar had noisy habit of ringing bells around the countryside.
12. Which Byzantine successor state recaptured Byzantium from Venice.
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Serge L; 2. TJK; 3. Cyrus Shahmiri; 4. Ihsan; 5. Serge L; 6. TJK; 7. TJK; 8. Temujin; 9. Styrbiorn; 10. Styrbiorn; 11. Glinert; 12. Glinert;

Total Quiz X Part 2

1. Who was the general who was referred to as the demon of the civil war, sent out to purge and eventually also killed - all by the very same man?
2. Who are the Three Great Unifiers of Japan
3. This American "adventurer" set out with around 50 men and captured a province of a foreign nation. He quickly lost the territory and was charged for illegally waging war, but shortly after, he set out with another force of about 50 men and seized control of a civil war-torn country, which he installed himself as its president for almost 5 years. Who was he?
4. Long-haired revolt leader, fighting for freedom lost against a state known today as a very powerful one. Praised by the same man who wrote about some famous albeit not very successful horsemen, the revolt shocked the oppressors but was eventually crushed and the leader, whose name we are searching, ended up dead. The mentioned name?
5. Multi-part question: (1.) A ruler visited the home of a man who was rumoured to be the best shot of the land and ended up forcing this man to shoot an arrow through an apple placed at the head of his son - or else he would loose his head. The marksman picked up a few arrows, and shot one successfully through the apple. First part of the question is, who was the ruler and the marksman, and what was the intent of picking up more than one arrow? (2.) The marksman brought up a boy of royal lineage. The boy, who apparently had a noteworthy shape in some of his hair, grew up and became a mighty a ruler as his regal fathers, and also became the father of an even more powerful ruler-to-be. The stepson of the marksman died just after getting hold of another noble title. Who was the stepson, and who was his father? (3.) The mentioned son of the stepson gained enough power to have himself crowned. The building in which he was crowned have been destroyed on quite a few occasions - which was the last time?
6. Jebe was one of Chinggis Qa'ans best commanders and soldiers. what was his real name and what does Jebe mean?
7. This person had arranged for him/her to be buried in Westminster Abbey lived to become unnaturally old.
8. In what year and in what department did the English "government" start consistently making copies of its letters
9. It was in September almost 90 years ago. It's a story of immigrants, rum running, murder, a pair of hangings and maybe a little romance. Stories, plays and songs have been written about it (in the most recent, a play with songs). An "Emperor" was involved and an officer of the law was mudered. A woman was one of those executed, the only one in the history of this area. Who was the lawman, the emperor, and the woman. When and where did the murder take place.
10. In 1118 the Knights Templar Order was founded by Bernard of Clairvaux. Who was the first Templar Grand Master? When is the feast day for Bernard of Clairvaux?
11. Which early American film director was charged of attempting to create a mutiny and was subsequently jailed? What did he do that got him in trouble
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Kapikulu; 2. Gubookjangoon; 3. Imperator Invictus; 4. Styrbiorn; 5. Styrbiorn; 6. Temujin; 7. Glinert; 8. Dawn; 9. Dawn; 10. rider; 11. Imperator Invictus;

Total Quiz X Part 3

1. On a certain hour in 1967 this country changed from left- to right-hand driving. When, where and why was it done at this particular time.
2. I can be considered a great guerrilla leader. I was married twice and left my infant son to inherit my titles. I lost many a battle but finally won a big one to win my country independence. I did not die in battle; some contemporaries say I died of "unclean ailments." Be that as it may, most of my body was buried in one place but part went elsewhere or so tradition says. Who am I?
3. After whom was Benito Mussolini named?
4. In the 19th century linguistics discovered that a Romance language was nearly extinct. There was only one speaker of the language alive. He was not a native speaker but had learned it at a late age. Linguists started to use him for information about the language he hadn't spoken for 20 years.He had also lost most of his teeth and was nearly deaf. He died in 1898 after he stepped on a landmine. 1) What his name? 2) What was the name of the language.
5. Which French general is said to have defeated the Dutch navy, frozen in a harbor, using hussars?
6. When the USA invaded Panama in 1989, Manuel Noriega sought refuge in the embassy of which country?
7. I was born in a house with a name that sounds like a singer. I died in a field that sounds like it's biblical. Almost my whole life was spent in war pursuits and for this I got a statue that was damaged by another war. Who am I?
8. This little thing which most people in the developed part has seen was invented by Medieval monks to make their tasks more efficient and to shorten them. It goes under many names in different countries, though many collectively refer to either end of different animal's bodies. What is this thing?
9. A women who lived during the Plague, and was married four times. The first was a forced marriage while she was very young, and this marriage would eventually cause her death. She held a very impressive title, perhaps the most holy of wordly titles. She was of a French family, but lived her whole life in another country, and her husbands were from three others. Who was she?
10. The answer here is a land of which the actual location is not exactly known. Some trivia about it: the place was known for two wise men's gifts, one of which once was used by a medicianal father to save Athens from a plague. People of the Nile occasionally traded with the country. Further, it is connected with the stories of a somewhat unfortunate man of the seas.
11. An island covered with man-made monstrosities, and even though it completely lacks wood to build ships the inhabitants once were among the greatest sailors of the world. Many of its ancient secrets were uncovered to the public by a Norwegian adventurer. The name of the island?
12. Considering their name one might suspect these people had similar habits as modern day hippies, but their name, which was given by the people of the greatest native empire of the area, had probably more to do with their unusually pale looks and place of living. Little remains of their civilization today, as they were not only conquered by the mentioned conquerors, but later even these were overtaken by people from over the seas.
13. Jules Verne is often, and correctly, accredited with the invention of the Science Fiction genre. However, a man living much earlier had written on a similar sort of novel, in which some of the action were taking place far out in the universe. Unfortunately he often did not complete his ambitious projects, and this was one of them. Nonetheless he is directly or indirectly known by most people over the world - but less so in the Anglo part of it, since these people have a habit of keeping old ways of evaluating things. What is the name of the man, and what was this mentioned place far out in the universe?
14. I was killed by the first bomb dropped on Berlin by the allies. Who/what am I?
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Dawn; 2. Dawn; 3. Mixcoatl; 4. Mixcoatl; 5. Mixcoatl; 6. Mixcoatl; 7. Dawn; 8. Styrbiorn; 9. styrbiorn; 10. Styrbiorn; 11. Styrbiorn; 12. Styrbiorn; 13. Styrbiorn; 14. Dawn;

Total Quiz X Part 4

1. I proclaimed myself king and was declared a traitor. I sought help from those that should have been my enemy if I sided with the anointed ruler. One of the fellows sent to put down my revolt was to lead a revolt of his own in turn and executed. I eventually had to surrender but not before outliving said ruler. Who am I and who is the ruler?
2. Where did the word Stalin, from Joseph Stalin(1879~1953), come from and what does it mean?
3. According to legend, what food item, very popular in some parts of the world, were used as a communication device for a rebellion? Name the food and the empire that it helped overthrow.
4. In a one of the most notable battles of its time in which a well supplied and outnumbering army was defeated, one of the commander on the winning side lost one of his arms. Then another commander on the winning side said he also lost an arm. Name the two commanders who "lost" one of their arms.
5. What did Toyotomi Hideyoshi do while he started out as one of the 3 great unifers of Japan?
6. Father and Son. Had his father been alive and still in power, by the time the son fought for the independence of his adopted homeland, they would have been on opposite sides. In any case, the liberation of a certain country from its colonial power came more than hundred years before that of their country of origin, which some argue is still not fully completed. Who are they, and what are the two countries?
7. His first reign lasted ten years until his people had enough and exiled him into the wilderness. But he came back, and this time, it was personal: His second term as ruler saw the streets running with blood, and the stench of the decomposing bodies of his enemies hung heavy in the air. But he couldn't care less anyway and reigned for another seven years until his long suffering subjects made sure there wasn't another sequel and killed him. Who was he and what treasure did he carry around with him, when he came back?
8. What ancient people founded the city of Bologna? What was the original name of the city? And what is the meaning of the present name?
9. Which humble object did the Anglo-Saxons describe the shape of the world as resembling
10. Among several different marriage ceremonies, one of the most peculiar was the following one. The bride was abducted at night, carried to the groom's house, where some people had to remove her dress, replace them with crude masculine clothes, shave her head bald and close her in a small cell-like room, as dark and ugly as possible, with just some straw as bed. After some time, the future husband came into that cell and brought her to his bedroom, where they consumed their marriage. Odd enough, despite this quite brutal use, the overall status of women in that country was comparatively good, compared to what was common in bordering countries at that age, and in antiquity in general, since women nearly enjoyed the same rights as men. Could you name that country?
11. Which country outlawed singing the lyrics of its own anthem?
12. After leading a trans-Atlantic flight, an avenue in New York was named after him. A few days after his country declared war, which he initially didn't support, he was killed by friendly fire. Who am I talking about?
13. I was a military genius, yet my reign ended my country's military prowess. In the decisive battle, which I lost, I could not mount my horse. Who was I and which battle did I lose?
14. During a war which saw the destruction of many towns and villages, sometimes so atrocious even the contemporaries were shocked over the brutality, this town was delivered from destruction through most unusual means, namely by quaffing. The question is, what is the name of the town, the general who threatened it and the man who saved the day
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Dawn; 2. demon; 3. Imperator Invictus; 4. Imperator Invictus; 5. Gubuk Janggoon; 6. Komnenos; 7. Komnenos; 8. Serge L; 9. Paul; 10. Serge L; 11. Mixcoatl; 12. Mixcoatl; 13. cavalry4ever; 14. Styrbiorn;