Total Quiz II

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Introduction: Total Quiz II, the second series of the Total Quiz contest, was held in Heavengames Forum[1] one month after the original Total Quiz. The primary change was that the time interval to answer the questions (by posting answers on the forum) was shortened to only 8 hours, after which unanswered questions were worth two points.

-- Summary and Results --
Total Quiz II Champion: Styrbiorn
Total Quiz II-2  Date: Dec. 2001  Champion: Styrbiorn  Moderator: Kolovrat
Total Quiz II-1  Date: Nov. 2001  Champion: Serge L  Moderator: Kolovrat

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Total Quiz II Part 1

1. Genoese admiral (born in Genoa in 1539, dead there in 1606) son of Giannetto and grand-nephew of Andrea. He fought as a mercenary for Spain, the biggest power of that age, and, with the charge of admiral guided the Spanish fleet that, together with Venetian, Papal and other Italian states’ fleets, engaged the Turkish fleet at Lepanto. During that famous battle, his ambiguous behaviour (he did not attack the Turks with much force) caused him to be accused of treason by Papal and Venetian authorities. He probably wanted to damage Venice, Genoa's main rival, by having it sustain the heaviest losses during the battle. During his hometown inner affairs, he used the help of Spain in order to favour the old aristocrats against the new ones, but he eventually had to accept the parity for the latter ones in the government (convene of Casale, 1586). In the end his behaviour, favored the establishment of Spanish influence into Genoese life, i.e. exactly what his beloved Grand-uncle Andrea had tried to prevent Who was he?
2. Which Dutch explorer spent a winter in Russia when his mission to look for another route to the east failed.
3. When was the last time the English lost a battle on their own 'ground'. Note: this battle took place in the heart of the nation
4. In 1851, the British sponsored a race which became later as famous as the Americas Cup. This name was given by the winning boat, the US schooner 'America', which won the race. The victory was very impressive, and the British had a hard time to accept that they lost to the team of the New York Yacht squadron. Queen Victoria asked the famous question: 'And who was second?' The answer showed in short words how impressed they have been - and was kept as a quote for future events when a team had a glorious victory. What did they reply to the Queen?
5. During WWI, the Germans had several captains operating on the seven seas as pirates. Even though Germany had not the tradition as a sea nation, those captains caused a lot of troubles to the allied. One of them was chased by the British Navy, who could not get hold on him. He became a hero in the Southern Atlantic and Pacific and his and his crew adventures are legendary. What was the name of this captain and his famous sailing ship, who disturbed the British support routes so heavily?
6. Which Australian capital city was founded by Batman?
7. In the 530's this pagan completed the codification of Roman law for the emperor Justinian. Who was he?
8. What is the meaning of the name Sargon (Sharrukin) which some Akkadian and Assyrian kings used?
9. Name the Cathar's fortress fallen last to the French knights.
10. Where did the symbol (and the name) of Fascism come from?
11. Catherine the Great was very active in her politics with Cossacks. The hosts were removed and renamed. One host was definitively abolished in 1775. Which one?
12. Which rank of officer did the General Robert Edward Lee wear on his collar?
13. When Prince Vladimir of Kiev decided to pass from paganism to monotheistic religion in the 10th c. he called the representatives of all religions to hear about their religions. The Prince found Islam with its polygamy very attractive (he had a huge harem) but still rejected it for other reason. For what reason?
14. Two world famous writers died in the same day. Who were they?
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Serge L; 2. Jayhawk; 3. Jayhawk; 4. Targan Khan; 5. Targan Khan; 6. Necros; 7. Necros; 8. Belisario; 9. Belisario; 10. Serge L; 11. Wulfhere; 12. Robert Edward Lee; 13. Kolovrat; 14. Kolovrat;

Total Quiz II Part 2

1. Her demise in May 7, 1915 was part of the reason a war crossed the Atlantic. Name her and her sister.
2. 3,000 years ago, the Polynesians started settling all over the Pacific Ocean. Coming from Micronesia, they first went down to Samoa and then spread all over. They sailed to East, against the trade winds, in which sailing 'on the wind' was a special technique. If the Polynesians couldn't find an island, they would turn and sail convenient back downwind with the prevailing trades. Less ships were lost due to their specific technique on how they tackled a sailboat. What was the technique?
3. It was the first battle won by Georgi Zhukov which had very important political consequences. What was the battle?
4. Sabino Arana founded which political party?
5. The Roman General Quintus Sertorius had an animal, which, according the legend, made him invincible. What kind of animal it was?
6. Who was the last king of the legendary Tartessos?
7. What were Lee's real last words?
8. On February 13, 1503, during a battle between French and Italians, The French commander accused the Italian of cowardice. Therefore, 13 Italian knights challenged 13 French ones in formal tournament and the Italians won 13 - 2. This challenge remained famous with the name of the town where it happened. Which town was it?
9. A lot of famous leaders died heroically, but also a lot of them died of sickness or murder. One of them died in his wedding night and there are still some legends around this. Who was it?
10. Why did the operation "Flipper" fail during WW2?
11. There is a painting by Fortinuto Matania titled "The Five Kings Symposium". It represents the Symposium hosted by the mayor of London Henry Piqart during the visit of a honoured guest in the palace of England's king Edward III in 1363. In the painting we can see: king Waldemar of Denmark, king John of France, king Edward III of England, king David of Scotland, and a fifth king. There are also the mayor and the prince of Wales Edward (the "Black Prince"). Who was the fifth king and what did he do in London?
12. One king had an amusing tattoo on his chest, where it was written "Death to tyrants". Who was he?
Question Authors: (user who contributed the question) 1. Jayhawk; 2. Targan Khan; 3. Necros; 4. Necros; 5. Belisario; 6. Belisario; 7. Robert Edward Lee; 8. Serge L; 9. Targan Khan; 10. Salvatore; 11. Salvatore; 12. Kolovrat;

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References and Notes:
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