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Mongol enemies Summary & discussion of Mongol foes *****
The World of Huns White Huns-Hephtalites *****
Mongol bow - question to chono Shooting range of the Mongolian Bow *****
Southern Mongolians and Manchurians Manchus to modern mongolia ****
Uyghurs in Central Asian Steppe Talk about Uyghur history and language
Chart translating Gokturk alphabet to Turkish alphabet. Gokturk language ****
Another "MONGOL THING" Composition, size, origin of Mongols ****
We Central Asians. Debate on ethnic identities ****
Manzikert References on battle and short write up ****
Hun, Magyar, Turk , Finn words Discussion on similar words-Hung.Turk ****
RE:O’zbek qo’shiqchilari rasmlari Photos of Uzbek singers ****
Three Moons Symbolism of the moon/colours for Turks ****
Company management: the Steppe way Modern businees the Khan way ****
Who were Scythians? Explores history of Scythians ****
Futhark and Gokturk Runes Rune history and hungarian similarity ****
Cultural Elements from Shamanism Past and current shamanism ****
Khazar Khanate Jewish conversions or not? ****
Role of Iron in Mongols Rise Importance of iron for Turko/Mongols ****
Cumans of Cumans ***
Scythians History & origins of Scythians ***
Turks And Mongols A drawn out discussion on Turk-Mongol connection ***
conquest of attila the hun Attila and Steppe nomad empires ***
Origin of the Title Baschi Discussion on the meaning of Bashi ***
Mongol Armor? TV, book pictures, festival work on armor attire ***
Uygur, Sarý Uygur and Salar Uygur, Hungarian history and music ***
How old is Turkic language? Short note on history of Turk language ***
Hun city found in China Archeology of hun city in china ***
Mongol Empires Short discussion on empires in Mongolia  ***
The origion of the Türks Debate on Turk origins gone sour ***
Who are the Dungan? Dungan question and answer ***
Roman city in China! Romans in China,  geneology ***
Where’s Kutlug? Where is Ihsan? Past moderator ***
uyghur image (2) More pictures of Uyghurs ***
Origins of the Turks A Soviet reference to Turk origins ***
Clans of Tujue / Gok-Turk Turks prior to Gokturk Empire ***
About Russian influence in Mongolian culture? Past influence, lang. ***
The scourge of god Phrase given to Atilla or others first? ***
What’s going on in Kyrgyzstan? Political unrest ***
conquest of attila the hun Discussion on Huns of Europe & Magyars **
.:: Afghan Empires ::. Kushans, Suri,Khilji, etc **
Welcoming Kotumeyil Introducing a new moderator **
Turkish Stucco Relief Stucco of Seljuk art **
Who are the origional inhabitents of Taklemakan? People of location **
Tuvan Music by Shu De Music **
A very usefull forum for Turkology! Turko link, more Ihsan questions **
Ghengis Khan’s letter Letter of Cengiz Khan about China **
Who maintained the worst relationship with conquered people?   **
Chinggis’ Horses Names of Chinggis Khan's horses *
Poll: what is the best warrior turan history Favorite leader poll *
iran turks silly bit on who Turks in Iran are *
Poll: Turkic world flag Closed thread on Turk pan nationalism *
turan nations symbol graywolf A Turk-Wolf Mythology *
Ergenekon A short examination of the Ergenekon myth *
turks world Copy/Paste links *
Origin of the Scythians? Closed topic-copy/paste *
Mounted Archers of the Steppe Book on steppes *
A new book about Chinese conquest of Central Asia Copy/paste *
Scythians, Hatti, and Ural Altay Topic on Scythians that is closed *
How did Batu Khan die? One queston, no answer. *
New Turk Member Introductions *
Any Mongolian speakers in the house? Location of burial site *