Mediterranean, Greece & Rome forum Highlights

Battle of Carrhae very good info *****
Attila’s Attack Article regarding the teenage emperor. Reference supplied. Good for research ****
Greeks indigenous? Good archeological article about the largest Italian city. ****
Themistokles or Leonidas? Drawings and diagrams of ancient Hellenic Artillery ****
macedonian standards? Great guide to Roman numerals ****
Italic peoples Good thread discussing the Syracusan military leader, Dionysius. Good references given. ****
Why had Rome fallen? good posts ****
"Skirites" in the Laecedemonian (Spartan) army organization lots of info on legion make up ****
Alexander the Gay?  Lots of info  ****
Ancient Greek Laptop computers nice posts  ****
Greek Gifts? One post with  article from  drom Dodona.  ***
Once the Largest Italian city? Article about Archaeologists who found the wrecks of three ancient ships that once plied the Mediterranean between Rome and northern African colonies. Reference supplied ***
King of beasts in Colosseum Discussion about Macedonian Phalanx, Spartan Phalanx, etc. good references ***
Appearance matters..... Post with images of Greek sports, such as boxing, etc. ***
Special units Discussion about how the Greek forces at the ***
The Seleucid Empire Giving opinions as to who is their  best king of Sparta. Good info for research/some references included ***
Favorite Byzantine Emperor(dates of reign in parenthesis) Discussion on the greatest Roman Generals ***
Which is the best between legion and phalanx  This is a second thread on the same subject. The other thread is : ***
Spartan soldier wallpaper Discussion about Attila’s attack. Some good materials included ***
military books on Spartan military Discussions and opinions about indigenous Greeks ***
Sources of Early Rome Good discussion and good references re italic people. ***
Singapore the Platonic city-state Discussions and opinions about why Rome fell ***
Real Roman Armor and Roman winter gear Discussion of Images showing Greeks bearing gifts. Good references ***
some questions about greece Lots of info regarding Seleucid Empire, including links and list of books ***
Roman Provinces--Troubled Frontiers  Discussion about Alexander’s sexuality. Good references ***
Alexander’s Sexuality A large article containing a Letter from Ausonius to the Emperor Gratian . Some references ***
Lingering Memory of the Roman Republic in the Late Empire Discussion on who are the descendants of Romans - Italians or Latins ***
Who are the Romans today? Link with archeological info relating to the Romans in Germania and the Teutoburg Battle ***
Archaeology Sources Good post with links re Hipparchus, the astonomer. Good references. ***
Hipparchus of Rhodes - Discovery! Discussing why Christianity became the only religion of the Roman Empire ***
Conversion to Christianity Discussing Alexander the Great ***
Alexander the Great  Discussion about the Thracian race ***
The Sophists - An essay Discussion about Roman warriors ***
Sphinx Discussion about what Hannibal thought of Scipio Africanus ***
Europe’s oldest Article on the Temple of Artimas ***
Romans = great warriors??? Discussion about the Black Emperor ***
What Hannibal Barca thought of Scipio Africanus! Discussing changes in the Greek language. Good references ***
Talos. Maps and photos of route taken by officer in the Macedonian army ***
The Largest Greek Temple Discussing the Greek and Chinese cultures ***
Iberian Caetrati Discussion about the control the Praetorian Guards had ***
For Sharrukin (On The Argead Royal House) Good discussion about the founders of  present day Marseille ***
Septimius Severus - "African Emperor of Rome" Discussing the advancements of the Romans and Greeks ***
The End of the Roman Republic and Star Wars episodes I-III Link to a  complete list of Roman emperors from Augustus to Constantine and their periods of reign. ***
The Greek language. From ancient to present. Discussing influences between Asian and Romans ***
Nearchus’s Route (My Imaginations) Guide to pronounce Roman names  ***
Ancient Hellenic Artillery Discussion on whether the western and eastern roman empires fought against each other. ***
Roman Standards Photos of how to make a ballista ***
Sino-Hella civilization  Discussion and links re Punic Wars ***
Was it possible to keep Praetorians under control? Good article and links re Peloponnesian War ***
Massilia, Greek or Phoenician? Links to Sparta ***
How advanced were the Romans and Greeks? Good photos of Budist art ***
Roman Emperors Discussion about Alexander  ***
Asians in Ancient Rome and visa versa. Good maps of Europe ***
How to pronounce Roman names (Latin Pronunciation Guide) Discussing if Athens had conquered Syracuse ***
Romanintitutions Good discussion about applying Alexander’s strategy to the modern day ***
feast of divine twelve Discussing the rise of Rome ***
spartacus Discussion about the Roman legions and Greek Phalanxes ***
did western and east roman empires fight against each other? Post asking for info re ancient Greece. Good references ***
Making a Roman Ballista Model Discussing a church in with Greek revival architecture.  ***
Help! Need an original source from the Punic Wars. Discussion about Hector, first son of King Priam.  ***
IT HAS BEEN PROVED ANCIENT MACEDONIANS WERE GREEK TRIBES. Discussion about who lived in Spain prior to the Roman and Carthaginian invasions.  ***
The Peloponnesian War Discussion about Roman-Byzantium influence in Ottoman Empire ***
What happend to Sparta? Lots of good posts ***
Greek artistic influence on Budist art some copy/paste great pics ***
Guide to Roman numerals opinion thread with some good info some copy/paste ***
Q: After Alexander the Great (Hellenistic Kingdoms)  good posts with maps ***
A map over Europe, 300 B.C? short some links ***
Roman related questions. good thread ***
What is the greek word for "slinger"? short but good ***
If Athens had conquered Syracuse good posts ***
Who was the greatest Roman Defier?  good posts ***
Greatest Athenian commander good thread deteriorates near end ***
Why did Rome collapse? lots of good info  some links  ***
Sparta Vs. Athens  lots of good info ***
Who is the greatest Roman General good posts ***
Did Aenas exist? lots of usful info ***
For those who love Sparta discussion of militery strength ***
Roman Emperors  good informative posts ***
Do Greeks called themselves aryan? Discussion on ethnicity of ancient crete people. Not much here **
Applying Alexander’s strategy to the modern world Discussion on differences of cultures between Magna Grecia and Greece **
Theses on the rise of Rome Discussion of duels during the Sassanian period. **
Legions and Phalanxes Discussion on  the Roman approach to quelling revolts  **
Can anyone help me? Discussion about how romans should have acted about the many uprises and assaults **
julius the annoying A couple of posts indicating victory titles in foreign wars of Severus and Constantine **
The Roman quote of the week Discussion on the set up of a legion. **
Dionysius Discussion about if the Greeks ever fought the Carthaginians **
falernian A discussion of the book The Peloponnesian War and also the Thukidides book **
Cataldo and Greek revival architecture Discussion about Epicureans and the Peloponnesian war **
The Megarian Degree Discussing types of cavalries but no specific time period mentioned.  **
Hector Discussion about the Trojan war. Not much reference **
Spain? Discussing the sport of Pan ration (boxing/wrestling) **
the annals of taciticus Discussion on the two generals of Sparta, Brasidas and Gylippos. No references **
Ottoman Empire should be included here also Small discussion about Skirites **
Poll: Which was the superior half of the Roman Empire? Discussion about chariots, camels, cattle, etc. not much else. **
Zama and Cannae: The Better Showing? Suggestions of books to read on Spartan military **
If Alexander had faced a unified Indian empire Suggestions of books re early Rome **
The Hellenic quote of the week. A long essay forumer wrote  concerning the Sophists in Ancient Athens. No references given **
Greek Population Small discussion on what direction the sphinx faces **
Alexander of Macedon, Hellenism’s Greatest Leader Small discussion about infantry named ibeian Caetrati. No references **
Scipio’s conquest of Spain Some quotes from Herodotus re Argead Royal House **
How did the ancient Persians call the Macedonians Small discussion about Roman **
The Romans were Hellenized B.C Small discussion on sfendonistis **
What Hellas?Fairey land! Discussing if Greeks call themselves Aryan **
Macedonian monarchy Discussing Caesar's Gallic War commentaries  **
Poll: UNESCO’s Ongoing War Against Hellenism Discussing Roman quotes **
Arminius flawless victory Discussion about the Megarian Degree **
A Macedonian village in Iran Three posts re the book, Annals of Taciticus. Not much else. **
Tomb of the last Macedonian King Perseus opinion thread with some good info some copy/paste **
Alexander died in Ecbatana some info on the kings **
Did Hercules/Herakles exist? short thread **
Hellenic Help needed. started from link some original posts **
Homer some links -good posts **
THE SUN ROAD (short movie) some good posts **
Were Spartans Jewish? !!! debate **
Is Ancient History still relevant today? some useful info **
Poll: Most significant battle? some copy /paste **
Shkoder = Skudra ?! what if thread **
THE ILLYRIANS (Albanians) some good posts **
Poll: Best military commander among Alexander’s succesors useful some copy/paste **
would the Roman Empire have lasted had they built a wall? some good posts **
Poll: Trajan invading India? short **
Alexander’s Tomb opinion thread  **
Is Ancient Greece a Western Civilization? some good posts **
Persian names in Greece some good posts **
Alexander’s death The city of Sarajevo **
What if Teutoburg forest never happened? interesting posts **
Would Alexander have defeated Porus if... short some links **
What happend to the Seleucid empire? some copy/paste  **
Battle of Arausio, Romans vs. Cimbri useful some copy/paste **
Caesars army short thread useful info **
The battle of Naissus Lots of pic's **
Claims to the throne from Old Rome and New Rome short thread **
Modern Greeks and their Acceptance of Byzantium Discussing a show on the History Channel about the Battle of Carrhae. Nothing much here *
Battle of Cannae Just one post with a picture of Romans and their rich assortment of standards that their legions carried around. Nothing else here *
Sicilian expedition None of the links work on this thread.  Nothing here *
did the city of troy really exist? Not much here. *
Historical accuracy of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Nothing here *
The European Jerusalem Nothing here *
The Punic Wars There is nothing here *
Pyrrhus There is nothing here *
Julius Caesar - first christian emperor Small discussion of whether Talos was a myth or robotics *
Aegean coasts of Anatolia Discussing the movie Star Wars. Not much here *
Were the Greeks indigenous? There is nothing here. *
Ancient Greek military science. WMD? There is nothing here *
Alexander the Great There is nothing here *
Basil II the Byzantine Ruler There is nothing here *
Who is your favourite Greek warrior? One post re Roman wine. Not much here *
Homosexuailty in Rome? what if thread *
Was the Byzantine Empire mainly a Hellenic Empire? some quotes  *
Who burnt Rome ?? some useful info *
Who were the Etruscans? some useful info *
Origins of phalanx warfare short thread *
The greatest Battles that Roman faught short thread *
Interesting facts of the Roman Empire short *
Greeks destroyed the people who they learned from short *
Poll: Pre-Scipio Roman generals during the Punic Wars, your favorite movie discussion link *
Neglected Roman History Discussion short thread *
Poll: Worst Roman Emperors what if thread *
Mediterranean Muslims: Bosniaks what if thread *
Poll: Ancient Amazons: Warrior Matriarchy or Greek Myth? short thread started from link *
Researching the decline of the Roman Empire short *
Romans vs Germans opinon thread *
Caesar invades Parthia short *
Emperor Gordian III (really young) Poll POLL
Ancient Olympics’ linguistics Poll Poll
Which people did the people of crete an mycecne belong to POLL POLL
Magna Grecia and Greece Poll Poll
Group finds ships off Italian coast Poll Poll
AA famous duel between Persia and Rome Poll Poll
Roman Approach to Revolts: Good or Bad? Poll Poll
Greatest Emperor  Poll Poll