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Alternative history for east Asia

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Topic: Alternative history for east Asia
Posted By: Gubook Janggoon
Subject: Alternative history for east Asia
Date Posted: 18-Sep-2004 at 20:22
during the ancient 3 kingdoms period millitary alliances looked a bit like this at one point

Tu-chueh, Koguryo, Baekje, Gaya, Yamato
Tang-Sui, Shinla

Obviously the latter won out, but what would the world be like today if the first had won?

Posted By: Evildoer
Date Posted: 19-Sep-2004 at 07:36

This is not true. By the time Tang and Sui came into power there was no such thing as Gaya:

I know that at one time it was like this:

Shilla, Goguryo


Baekjae, Yamato, Gaya

At this time, Yamato invaded Shilla upon Baekjae's request. Gwanggaeto the Great ran over Baekjae and advanced into Shilla to send the Japanese packing. He chased them accoss the sea and conquered some territory in Yamato lands as well if I remember correctly. Actually, because at that time Shilla was a vassal to Koguryo, and Baekjae was as well, all of Korea was practically united, although not officially.

Posted By: warhead
Date Posted: 05-Oct-2004 at 13:54
This is a misleading scenario, first Ymato never had an alliance with Koguri, it only had relations with Paekche, Paekche also never had alliance with Koguri until later. As for the Tu Jue, they had absolutely no relationship with any of the Korean states. Koguri's embassy to Tu Jue is not an alliance, it was discovered by the sui court and the turks were humiliated and apologized, thus there never was an alliance between Tu Jue and any of the other kingdoms. If anything the Tu jue during sui was a faithful sui ally. And Yamato had quite a good relationship with Sui and Tang as well.

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