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Scandinavian race never televised WHY?

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Topic: Scandinavian race never televised WHY?
Posted By: alidayvn
Subject: Scandinavian race never televised WHY?
Date Posted: 04-Sep-2019 at 03:29
What do you make of this

The site focuses mainly on the evolution of the Nordic Aryan race as the domain name suggests. At least a tribe of Africans-Negroes migrated out of North-East-Africa approximately 125,000 years ago, they moved to Scandinavia (West of present day Norway's mountain ranges - See map below:) hunting big game and trying to avoid the Neanderthals that occupied Europe at that time. Later waves of these first humans then traveled to India, Far East Asia and finally Australia certainly clinging to the coastline as they travelled. Over 80,000 years of isolation in Scandinavia they evolved to Aryans (Aryan = A pure race with blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, towering height and big brains). There was a much warmer period during the last ice-age that started around 130,000 years ago. See Link ( "The interglacial (warm period) did indeed begin 130,000 years ago" ) They were able to survive the climate in Scandinavia as the early stages of the ice-age where nowhere near as extreme as contemporary science claims: See Link: Blavatsky (They left Scandinavia before the ice age got to inhospitable around 45,000 years ago as skeletal evidence has proven (see Link). This unique race must have evolved in Northern Europe - Scandinavia because the lack of light and icy conditions there are the only things that can explain the evolution of blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin. There is simply nowhere else where these traits could have evolved as they are so different compared to the other races, the environment to must also have been so different. The encapsulating mountain ranges in Norway stand out as a place of origin. The original migrations to India, Far East Asia & Australia most likely happened later than the first migration to Scandinavia. Never the less approximately 45,000 years ago there were five distinct pure root races on earth:  Indian -  Negroid – Aryan - Aboriginal -Mongoloid. They had each evolved perfectly to their environment. They would have been very interbred at this point because they were descended from such a small number of people over such a long period of time (tens of thousands of years)

Approximately 45,000 years ago these Aryans moved out of their habitat (Scandinavia – Norway) as the Ice-age was getting more extreme. They migrated South into Europe. There numbers grew as they found a less harsh more rewarding environment and they split up and formed small communities throughout different parts of Europe. Groups of these Aryans then migrated into central Asia. Somewhere around the middle East the Aryan race came face to face with the Indian race that had also left their habitat (Enclosed by mountain ranges - India). What this was like is any ones idea: fighting or friendship. Then the first mixing of races or sub-species occurred. A new people were formed Indo-Aryan types or Arabs, (Mostly Indian racial composition). What exact time ago these original Aryans mixed with the original Indians then moved back west I do not know exactly, not yet. These Indo-Aryan types (Arabs) numbers grew rapidly, they expanded and moved West occupying Asia and then into North Africa. These Arabs or Indo-Aryan types in North Africa moved further Northwards up in to Spain, Italy and Greece, mixing with the Aryan tribes and groups already there which formed the basis of the original Spanish (Basque types), the Italians and the Greeks. So brown hair and brown eyes which are dominant over blonde hair and blue eyes which are recessive crept in. that why so many Europeans have these features. Of course this information is a very simplified version of events; there have been too many migrations of ethnic groups to explain briefly. This information is just to give a general idea of events. Because we (Europeans) are part Indian and Mongoloid.

Posted By: alidayvn
Date Posted: 27-Sep-2019 at 00:15

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