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Nursery Rhymes

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Topic: Nursery Rhymes
Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Subject: Nursery Rhymes
Date Posted: 04-Jun-2015 at 21:48
Some nursery rhymes were written with regards to historical events.      
The Grand Old Duke of York Rhyme    
The words of the nursery rhyme are believed to refer to Richard, Duke of York, a claimant to the English throne, and the Battle of Wakefield on December 30, 1460.       
Richard's army was overwhelmed. The Duke of York was killed.

Posted By: Sidney
Date Posted: 07-Jun-2015 at 15:12
A lot of the so called origins for nursery rhymes seem to be largely guesses, with little or no evidence that any of them are as old as their origins are supposed to be.

Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 12-Jun-2015 at 19:44
Mary Mary Quite Contrary    
The Mary alluded to in this nursery rhyme is reputed to be Mary Tudor, or Bloody Mary.     
She was the daughter of King Henry VIII of England. Queen Mary was a staunch Catholic.

Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 17-Jun-2015 at 21:23
Jack Sprat Rhyme    

The Jack Sprat alluded to in this English poem is reputed to be King Charles I (1625-1649) and Henrietta Maria, his Queen (1609-1669).    
Apparently when King Charles (Jack Sprat) declared war on Spain, Parliament refused to finance him.      
Henrietta Maria imposed an illegal war tax after the angered King dissolved Parliament.

Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 06-Jul-2015 at 20:03
Doctor Foster Rhyme    
The origins of "Doctor Foster" are reportedly lie in English history dating back to the Plantagenet monarchy of the 13th century when King Edward I ("Doctor Foster") was thought to have visited Gloucester and fell from his horse into a large mud puddle.     
He is said to have been so humiliated by this experience that he refused to even visit Gloucester again.

Posted By: Sidney
Date Posted: 07-Jul-2015 at 10:35
Why would King Edward be nicknamed 'Doctor Foster'?

Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 07-Jul-2015 at 21:31
Originally posted by Sidney

Why would King Edward be nicknamed 'Doctor Foster'?

It was suggested by Boyd Smith in 1920 that the rhyme may be based on a story of Edward I of England travelling to Gloucester.     
Edward was depicted as Doctor Foster.    
The name Foster rhymes with the name Gloucester.     
The name Edward did not rhyme with the name Gloucester.

Posted By: LeopoldPhilippe
Date Posted: 21-Jul-2015 at 20:47
Remember Remember the Fifth of September Nursery Rhyme     

Words of "Remember Remember" refer to Guy Fawkes.     
On the 5th November, 1605, Guy Fawkes was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder.     
Guy Fawkes was tried as a traitor with his co-conspirators for plotting against the government.

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