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Oak Island

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Topic: Oak Island
Posted By: red clay
Subject: Oak Island
Date Posted: 28-Nov-2014 at 11:56
I would imagine almost everyone knows something about it.  It's described as the longest treasure hunt in history, folks have been digging there for at least 200 years.

There is a show on the History Channel called "The Curse of Oak Island". The program's newest episode aired tues. nite and was the most viewed cable program for tues.

If you google it you'll come up with a ton of related sites.
I first read about it in the early 60's and have been fascinated since. Theories about who and what run the gammet.  Everything from pirate treasure to the Ark of the Covenent have been suggested.

From years of observation and consideration, I'm fairly sure that whatever is there, the folks who hid it  had no intention of coming back.  The lengths they went to to make sure no one could get to it, makes it fairly obvious that whatever it is, they did not want anyone to get to it.

My theory is that it's not so much valuable, as it is dangerous.  That could be interpreted in several ways.  It could be knowledge deemed dangerous, or it could be an actual object.  The AOC comes to mind.
As incredible as that sounds, circumstantial evidence points to it.  Recently, new research has come up with a new and plausible theory.

The Templars have long been suspected as being involved.  There is evidence that they were there.  The new theory is that they weren't the ones who buried whatever, but rather, they were there to look for it.  As screwey as this sounds, it does make sense in a way.  It's documented that the primary reason the Templars were in Jerusalem was to investigate and excavate Solomen's temple.  We know they found something, could it have been information regarding the AOC?  Like the location of it, rather than the object itself?

Whatever, the folks involved in the present search on the island should be a lot more careful as they get closer to it, as it's pretty sure it's not a collection of old comic books. Wink

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

Posted By: Mountain Man
Date Posted: 28-Nov-2014 at 17:03
A lot of hype, legend, myth and lore surround the basic few facts known abut Oak Island.

What is clear is that the builders were quite technologically sophisticated for their time, based on their ability to defeat every known effort for two centuries.

What I would like to see is a reputable outfit with plenty of financial and technical resources settle the matter once and for all, but I don't see that happening because there is no guarantee of a large monetary prize to be gained.

I've watched a few episodes of the program you mentioned, but I don't like reality shows or their artificial hype wherein every single thought or action is presented as fraught with imagined dangers that simply don't exist.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 28-Nov-2014 at 20:27
Well they can't get the Corp of E. So good luck.

But if I was them I'd remember what the council speakers say....

'only the foiking white man is stupid enough to foik around with that which Wakan Ttanka might consider sacred'.


"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: Mountain Man
Date Posted: 29-Nov-2014 at 09:53
The folking Indians aren't involved with Oak Island.  Less tiswin - more focus.

The reason the Indians lost America in the first place was by not keeping up with the white man.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 16-Jan-2015 at 10:41
Oak Island is not a "reality show".  The season finale aired tues. with a dive down a 4 ft wide hole that goes down 180 ft.  Any time you dive there are dangers.

The cool part was, they put imaging sonar down the hole.  There are man made objects down there as well as additional tunnels.

The 4 ft hole goes down 180 ft. There is another shaft that continues down to 235 ft, but it's only 27 in wide.  The plan for the next season is to drill that shaft out to 4 ft.

The folks involved in this effort have substantial resources.  They have been at this for 7 years.  They bought almost the entire island.  With the tech. they have access to, I think they may finally find whatever is down there.
BTW- The indians did not lose America, it was taken from them.  Big diff.

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 16-Jan-2015 at 17:28
oh tis interesting enuff...they might find something. what.... is anybody's guess.... version and or fantasy.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 18-Apr-2019 at 11:27
Oak Island Update.

The Laginas ae still at it. 5 years after this post started. They have spent millions. They actually built an interpretive center to house the huge amount of research material they have accumulated.

The search for the actual money pit has stalled due to a crane operators strike. But the excavations at "Smiths Cove" are ongoing and have exposed large wood structures that have been dated to 1700-1720.

They have found artifacts that can connect the Templars to the site, but no ideas as to what was/is buried there.

The search continues.

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 19-Apr-2019 at 06:16

I hadn't looked into this before now except for where it connected with my Captain Kidd's treasure study, but i have just done initial starter research by looking up the wikipedia article, and it is abit more interesting than i thought, though from the article and the below compiled timeline it looks like they have pretty much exhausted the island in searches and isn't likely any treasure there unless somewhere they haven't looked.

Cambro-Ordovician Halifax formation slate
Mississippian Windsor group limestone
75000 yrs ago glacial advance
8000 yrs bp lagoon
Several thousand yrs ago Mikmaq Indians
Knights Templars
pre-15th cent lead cross *
1430-1453 Capt Kidd
16th-17th cent art & docs clues
1654-1701 Capt Kidd
1701 Capt Kidd executed *
wood structures at Oak Island Nova Scotia dated 1700-1720 *
1716-1718 pirate Edward Teach/Tatch "Blackbeard"
1750s French fishermen earliest confirmed European residents
7 yrs War: French fort Louisbourg fell to British
1759 Shorham grant for settlers. (Monroe, Lynch, Seacombe, Young*.)
1759 Chester founded
1760s Smith early resident *
1761 1st settlers, from Massachusetts
1770s Vaughan early resident
1778 DesBarres renames Smith's island "Gloucester isle"
shortly after 1778 island called Oak Island *
1784 additional govt land grants to former soldiers
1789 Louis & Marie Antionette flee Paris with jewells
late 1700s early settlers treasure stories begin appearing *
1795/1799 McGinnis (& Smith & Vaughin) discovered depression in ground *
early 1800s Onslow company activities;
early 1800s excavation, stone* discovered
1801 Chase attempts, wounded by Whynot
1802 Onslow company attempts
1818 original lot owners names mapped
1823-1830 Joseph Smith shows Book of Mormon tablets to witnesses
1824 stone built into Smith's chimney
1849-51 Truro company attempts
1850 Cooke shown stone by Smith *
1850 cofferdam found in 1909
1851 claimed that coconut fibres found
1856 Liverpool transcript
1856 stories began to be published; earliest story of McGinnis
1857 first published account
1860s excavation info of Onslow Comp
1861 Oak Island Assn excavation attempt; 1st accidental death
1862 account
1862 Onslow company excavated; 1862 another shaft dug
1863 explosion 1st mentioned in novel
1864 Cooke made inquiries about stone
1864 final attempt
1865-1866 stone removed to Halifax
later 1860s DeMille resident of Chester Basin
1861-1865 Oak Island Association
1862 McCully letter told story of the stone
1862 stone first reported in Halifax Sun & Advisor article
1863 newspaper article
1864 article
1864 Historical Soc contacts Cooke;
1864 Cooke's letter to Hunter-Duvar
1866 expediton
1866-1867 Oak Isl Eldorado company / Halifax company
1866/1868 death mentioned
1866 NY Times / Daily British Colonist & Victoria Chronicle article
1867 Wellington Independent Herald / NY Herald article
1872 DeMille's novel Treasure of the Seas
1879 Marshall born
1881-1986 Harris
1893 Oak Island 1st mentioned to Blair by McDonald
1893 Oak Isl Treasure Company prospectus (10 feet below*)
undated post-1894 letter by Blair
1895 History of Lunenburg county
1896 unkown group attempt
1897 shaft; 2nd accidental death.
1898 Moonfleet by Falkner (Mohune "Blackbeard").
1898 red paint poured into pit reveals 3 exit holes
early 20th cent sample sent to Smithsonian Institue
1909 Bowdoin & Old Gold Salvage group incld FDR.
1909/1910-1945 Roosevelt followed mystery, advised by Byrd; USAS
1911, suggestions that pit as natural phenomenon date to.
1911 Bowdoin account pubished in Collier's Magazine
1919 business closed, stone left behind
1924 island first mapped
1928 NY newspaper article
1929 Driscoll's book Oak Isl Treasure
1931 Chappell interested, excavated
1935 Marshall wrote
1935-1939 Hedden (who made 6 trips to the island) began digging
1936 further excavations
1939 Roosevelt's planned secret visit prevented by fog
1939 Popular Science article
1949 another "money pit" found
1949 True Tales of Buried Treasure ("40 ft below"*)
1953 Leary's book Oak Isl Engima
1958 Harris' book Oak Isl Mystery
1959-1965 Restall & his 18 yo son attempt
1965 account of excavation in Reader's Digest
1965-1966 Dunfield attempt, causeway built
1967 exploration syndicate formed
1969-1990s Triton Alliance
1970s Fell attempted translation of stone symbols
1971 Triton excavted a shaft
1971 videos
1979 In Search of ... episode
1983-1985 Triton sued Nolan over ownership of 7 lots
1989 Triton lost appeal
1990 Leary's 2nd book published
1990s exploration stalled by legal battles & lack of funds
1995 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution survey
1996-present Young purchase lot 5 from Nolan
2000 Nickell reviews original accounts in 'Secrets of Oak Isl'
2002 'Oak Isl Treasure', MMM* Group
2005 portion of island for sale
2005-present Michigan Group; 2005 Michigan Group purchase lot 25
2006 anounced that Lagina purchased half of Oak Isl Tours
2006 Joltes' Oak Island legend
2008 Dunning, Skeptoid article
2010 OIT announce grated license
2010/2011 Oak Island Treasure Act
2014 History Channel documentary (goes for 6 seasons, 75 episodes)
2014-2019 allempires forum thread/topic
2014-present Curse of Oak Isl tv show
2016 divers sent to bottom of borehole 10-x
2017 500 yr old brooch found *
2019 2 people living on island
2019 Blankenship's death aged 95 yo
2019 Oak Isl Tours dissolved.

My first impressions are these:

There may be a connection with the Mormons because of several coincidental similarities including: name Smith; name Young; name Monroe similar to Moroni (or Moore in Kidd ballad); date 1824 similar to Mormon date 1823; both link with NY; Cooke shown stone by Smith in 1850 similar to Joseph Smith showed witnesses tablets in 1823-1830.

The only matches i can see with Captain Kidd are: dates close; name Monroe similar to Moore; Oak island is 50 percent sand and Kidd buried "bible" in the sand; both link with NY; Money Pit similar to Money Cove. 10/40 feet below similar to 30/40 leagues from shore (oak platforms / layers of logs every 10 feet a measure?)? Coconut & Cocos? Robin Squires & "Robert Kidd"?

Haven't researched Blackbeard yet so can't say if might be connected.

Not sure if "triangle shaped swamp" of Oak Island may link with Kidd or Blackbeard? Sounds vaguely familiarish? Or if "skeleton island" of Kidd's, or the skeleton in Blackbeard flag linked with Oak Island? Oak platforms like skeleton? ("Storeup your treasure in heaven, ..., for where your treasure is your *heart* is"?)

"the - flag which is commonly attributed to Blackbeard (pictured), depicting a skeleton spearing a heart, while toasting the devil"!
Heart is triangle shaped. Blackbeard hid his treasure "where none but Satan and myself can find it".

The history of the stone might be masonic connected. (Mormonism also mason connection.) The stone is also similar to one in Wonders of Britain. Stone of Scone? Grail Stone? Philosopher's stone? Peter/Cephas?

Why is it called Oak Island?

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 20-Apr-2019 at 01:27
Additions to Oak Island timeline:

(1001 L'Anse aux Meadows.
1003 Leif Ericson, Vinland, Skraelings.)
1605 Port Royal established
1613 seized by English colonists from Virginia
1621 granted by James 1 to Scotsman Alexander
1690 battle Port Royal
1710 siege Port Royal, conquest of Acadia
1713 British conquest
1713 ceded to British in treaty of Utrecht
1745 siege Louisbourg
1745 Northeast Coast campaign
1748-1763/1766/1769 Shugborough inscription "in Arcadia" *
1749 Edward Cornwallis arrived, Halifax established
1754 Acadia
1755 Bay of Fundy Campaign
1758 Lunenburg campaign
1758 siege/fall of Louisbourg
1758 royal naval dockyard Halifax
1759 Halifax county
1760-1761 Halifax treaties
1763 finally given to England
1773 1st significant Scottish immigration
1776 battle of Fort Cumberland
1782 raid on Lunenburg
1812 New Ireland
1861 Mary Celeste built/launched at Bay of Fundy
1867 entered dominion of Canada
1869 Saxby Gale
1885 Halifax battalion
1893 hurricane, wrecks
1900 revision of constitutional statutes
1901 visit of duke of Cornwall
1901 prince Arthur of Connaught visits Halifax
1911 Borden a native of Nova Scotia became Canadian pm.
1917 Halifax explosion


Blackbeard - Oak Island:
Cape Fear N Carolina (Oak island light) - Oak Island
horns/crown on head in flag - Prince Edward Isl above Nova Scotia?
3 dots triangle - 3 islands Mahone bay
3 dots triangle - triangle-shaped swamp
Blackbeards cove - Mahone bay
Mohune - Mahone bay
Moonfleet Bay/beach - Mahone bay, moneypit
1716-1718 - 1700-1720
skeleton in flag - oak platforms/layers of oaks every 10 ft
skeleton - coffer
black flag - cape sable
heart in flag - triangle-shaped swamp
hour glass in flag - 50 percent sand?
NY link - NY link
Edward Teach - not far from Prince Edward island
base in Atlantic - nearby Atlantic
skull/cup/chalice/glass/"toasting devil" - "holy grail"?
Blackbeard - Blankenship
sandbar Ocracoke - Oak island 50 percent sand
cocoa - coconut
10 pirates/kingsmen, 10/40 guns - 10/40 feet below
70 men - 7 men will die, 7 + 1 islands

Compare the 3 drops of blood triangle in above Blackbeard flag with 3 islands triangle in map below

Kidd - Oak Island:
was in Fundy bay near Nova Scotia - Oak Isl off coast of Nova Scotia
Cockenoe Isl - coconut, Cooke
Moore - Monroe
Money Cove - Money Pit
Money Cove - Mahone bay
"Robert Kidd" - Robin Squires?
1701 - 1700-1720
buried in sand - 50 percent sand
30/40 leagues - 10/40 feet
30/40 leagues - oak platforms/layers logs every 10 feet?
skeleton isl - oak platforms/layers logs every 10 feet?
NY - NY link
Dauphinee - Marie Antionette theory
Scottish - Nova Scotia

Blackbeard - Kidd:
skeleton in flag - skeleton island?
devil/Satan - Devil & Tom Walker (Irving)?
hour glass, sandbar - buried in sand
Blackbeards cove - Money cove
Plum Point - Plum Island (DeMille)?
3 dots in flag, 3 ships - Trinity church NY
5/6 leagues - 30/40 leagues
Col Moore - William Moore
NY link - NY

Shugborough inscription - Oak Island
et in Arcadia ego - Acadia (Nova Scotia)
date 1748-1763/1766/1769 - date 1700-1720

Blackbeard - Shugborough inscription:
Scarborough 1711 - Shugborough
Oak Isl (Acadia) - "in Arcadia".
"Moonfleet in Agro Dorcestrensi" (Falkner) - "in Arcadia".

The Blackbeard theory might be wrong though. Trying to pinpoint a starting date for the legend from the timelines there are maybe 5-9 possible dates:
Kidd treasure stories 1701; Blackbeard treasure stories 1716-1718;
(Shugborough inscription 1748-1763/1766/1769?)
Earliest Oak Island treasure stories started 1795 (near French Revolution date);
(Stone found early 1800s? Smith/stone 1823? Stone shwon 1850?) Stone first mentioned 1862;
Oak Island treasure story first published 1856.

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 20-Apr-2019 at 01:33

Timeline for Teach/Blackbeard (and/or Oak Island) (not exhaustive of everywhere he went & when) :

(1581 Francis Drake knighted)
17th cent rise of American colonies
pirates since 1660s
c 1680/1680s Teach/Drummond/Blackbeard born
1698 piracy act
last yrs of 17th c. Teach may've been in Caribbean on merchant vessel
17th & 18th cent West Indies setting for many maritime incidents
ear 18th cent New Providence pirate base/hq
War of Spanish Succession
Queen Anne's War
18th cent expansion of slave trade
1700-1720 remains in Oak island *
1711 HMS Scarborough reported a pirate ship *
1715 wrecks of Spanish fleet
1716 New Providence (Hornigold)
1716-1718 Blackbeard/Barbenoire active
ear 1717 Hornigold & Teach setout for mainland, Madeira to Charles Town
1717 piracy act
1717 sloops Robert & Good Intent stopped
1717 Hornigold demoted, retired
1717 stops merchant sloop Margaret off coast of Crab island
late 1717 - ear 1718 movts unknown *
1717 attack off St Eustatius
1718 at Turneffe island
1718 Roger's landing at New Providence
1718 Spotswood Gov of Virginia new commission
1718 Knight onboard the Adventure
1718 awarded self rank of Commodore, height of power, Charlestown
(5 or 6 leagues) *
1718 ran aground sandbar*
1718 Plum Point, Bath
1718 pardon; St Thomas Isl
1718 Cape Fear River
1718 war between Quadruple Alliance
Delaware Bay
1718 Blackbeard killed aged 35-40 yo
1719 crew tried; Knight questioned
1722 Eden died
1736 engraving (Johnson's General History 1724/1725 / 18th cent)
1775 map Ocracoke
Money Cove nearly 200 yrs bef/aft 1875 *
Trinity Church, NY (Capt Kidd)? *
more than 25 yrs after 1698 General History of Pirates
late 1700s early settlers treasure stories begin appearing *
1819-1826 Jose Smith jnr treasure hunting
1823-1830/1838 Moroni, Cumorah, Mormon *
1835 Douglas' work 'Blackbeard'
1837 piracy act
1837 Elles' Pirates Own Book
1875 searches in Money Cove, west Grand Manan isl in Bay of Fundy *
1872 DeMille's novel Treasure of the Seas
RLS's Treasure Island
1893 Oak Isl Treasure Company prospectus (10 feet below*)
1898 Moonfleet by Falkner (Mohune "Blackbeard") *
1920 Ferris' painting 'Capture of Blackbeard'
1929 Driscoll's book Oak Isl Treasure
1930s judge claims to have drunk from Blackbeards chalice
1949 True Tales of Buried Treasure ("40 ft below"*)
1949 another "money pit" found in Oak Island *
1951 Woodbury's Great Days of Piracy
1952 Walsh's film Blackbeard the Pirate
1961 Hamilton 'Pirates of the Spanish Main'
1968 'Blackbeard's Ghost'
1974 Lee
1978 Botting 'The Pirates'
1986 Gilbert 'Book of Pirates'
1989 book Blackbeard's Cup *
1995 Cordingly 'Under the Black Flag'
1996 wreckage presumed to be Q Anne's Revenge found
2002 Zack's book Pirate Hunter
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean
2005 'Blackbeard: Terror at Sea'
2006 Hallmark 'Blackbeard' mini-series
2007/2008 Konstam 'Complete History of Piracy'
2009 more than 2000 artifacts have been found from ship wreckage
2014 tv series Crossbones
2014-present Curse* of Oak Isl tv show
2016-2017 tv series Black Sails
(2019 Blankenship's death aged 95 yo.) *

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 22-Apr-2019 at 12:32
Your last entry in the timeline [2019] is more important than you realize.

Dan Blankenship, the main searcher since 1965, passed away March 28, 2019, at the age of 95. He hand dug the borehole labeled 10x.
His son, Dave Blankenship remains involved in the present efforts.

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

Posted By: Arthur-Robin
Date Posted: 23-Apr-2019 at 02:24

Why is it important? (I haven't done extensive research on this yet.)
Edit post: Oh i see now from a search. You must be referring to "The 7th has died" and the alleged prophecy. I had thought only 6 had died so far.

That would make him born in 1924 exactly 100 yrs after 1822/1823/1824 Smith/Stone & Smith/Mormon date?

1939-45 Blankenship "war hero". Did Axis or Allies hide something there in the war?

1965/1967 is close to LaVey & Blackhouse 1966?

2019 close to 2020 the planned broadband deadline and Bill Gates' year?

Dan Blankenship & Dan Brown?
White Ship of Norman times?


The only other thing i thought of is a possible Atlantis connection (in the people involved minds). But i can't see why anyone would seriously think Atlantis is there (since no remains evidences) unless just a psychological game.
10x (and/or "9 knights templar) ~ 10 kings?
"The Power of the Prophecy of Aztlan"?
"U-shaped structure"?


Wonder if the 7 people dying has anything to do with "buried by 7th king's foot" in 1847 in Deadman's "island" (Halifax)? There is also a Graves island nearby Chester.'s_Island_(Nova_Scotia),_Nova_Scotia.png

There is another island called Sable Island abit further away. Name means sand, and it is also called the Graveyard of the Atlantic (cf Kidd buried bible in sand, and compare sable with the black of Blackbeard). Is the final location of the Ark in one fiction book called The Templar Throne (cf Oak island supposed to be connected with templars and ark). Island is crescent shaped, maybe like the heart in Blackbeard's flag?

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.

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