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A flash of stocking top !

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Topic: A flash of stocking top !
Posted By: Marlin47
Subject: A flash of stocking top !
Date Posted: 13-Jun-2013 at 11:52
 Late afternoon.    It's chucking it down and the winds gusting Force seven, so it's no more fishing and back to the hotel soaking wet, thoroughly bladdered and blissfully happy.  Mein host chose to drive his Range Rover in his waders, so instead of stopping at the A 4, he managed to step on the accelerator pedal instead.
Straight across all four lanes and the grass central reservation, into and beyond a layby ( thankfully missing a parked up and busy burger van ) and into the field beyond sunk up to the axles.  Fortunately, several highly amused truckies pulled/pushed us out so it's free burgers for all !

Hot bath at the hotel and time for a large whisky and forty winks. Clad in my Sea Island cotton jimjams
( dark blue, just like James Bond..................actually, he copied me ! ) I strolled over to the mini bar. Buggeration !!!!! No ice in the freezer compartment.   So, I ring down to Reception to ask for a bucket of ice, put a shoe in the door so's I don't have to get off the bed to open the door ( I have the King Charles suite, so the bed is about forty feet from the door ), and stretch out on the bed looking languid, tanned ( this morning, at least, was sunny ! ) and expectant.

I see a flash of blonde hair at the door and hear the tinkle of ice cubes. One of the junior managers, a trim and shapely German girl whose card I had marked last night ( unfortunately, I think that she'd
also marked mine since she caught me leering at her several times ), stood in the partly open doorway with an ice bucket and a tray of canap├ęs. Seeing me stretched out on the bed, she immediately did an about turn and walked backwards into the room. For a moment I thought that maybe I was obscenely 
exposed, but, no, everything was tucked neatly away, all shipshape and Bristol fashion, but yet she continued to walk backwards towards me !   Even the Germans haven't yet bred babies with eyes in the back of their heads, so it was hardly surprising that she failed to see the partner of the shoe I had left to keep the door open. 

I can see it now, and as if it were in slow motion - a cascade of long blonde
hair, a shower of ice cubes and a positive hailstorm of cheese biscuits, salted peanuts and hickory smoked crisps all heading skywards, and about five foot five of trim and curvy Germanic totty revolving base over apex, legs in the air and with about three inches of creamy thigh above black lace stocking tops, all descending slowly towards me stretched out on the bed and with open arms, and awaiting that which Fate had in store for me !

Posted By: TheAlaniDragonRising
Date Posted: 13-Jun-2013 at 12:58
I've been known to enjoy the wearing of dark stockings. Saying that I hope nothing untowards happened due to the misshap.

What a handsome figure of a dragon. No wonder I fall madly in love with the Alani Dragon now, the avatar, it's a gorgeous dragon picture.

Posted By: Marlin47
Date Posted: 13-Jun-2013 at 17:39
Originally posted by TheAlaniDragonRising

I've been known to enjoy the wearing of dark stockings. Saying that I hope nothing untowards happened due to the misshap.

Nothing untoward that couldn't be resolved by a bottle of " Makers Mark " fine old Kentucky bourbon, and the Heaven sent chance that she was only five minutes from clocking off for the day !.......even so, it was only when she produced a splendid spliff  from inside her jacket pocket that I really knew I'd struck 
lucky............BIGTIME !

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