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Turkish Movies (after 2000)

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Topic: Turkish Movies (after 2000)
Posted By: Ollios
Subject: Turkish Movies (after 2000)
Date Posted: 11-Jul-2012 at 13:05
This topic is about Turkish movies and serials (after 2000) which are relevant with history.
(Sorry for Turkish sources but it is hard to find english ones for each movie)

Arkadaşlar lütfen gerçekten tarih konulu filmleri paylaşalım

Harem Suare (2002)


Abdulhamit Düşerken (2003) - When the time, Abdul Hamid is falling

Both of these are telling period of Abdul Hamid II

Mavi Gözlü Dev (2004) -  Blue Eyed Giant/Man


Life of Turkish poet, Nazım Hikmet(1902-1963) -

Güz Sancısı (2008) -
Pains of Autumn

[TUBE]YWvA-dqttSk[/TUBE] -

A Love story of a Greek-Turk couple in Istanbul Riots -

Ellerin Kabe'si var,
Benim Kabem İnsandır

Posted By: Ollios
Date Posted: 11-Jul-2012 at 14:37
Devrim Arabaları (2008)- Devrim/Revolutoin Cars


Devrim is the name of the first cars produced in Turkey. The movie is telling their production process

Veda (2010) - Adieus - -
The life story of Atatürk

Dersimiz: Atatürk (2010) - Lesson: Atatürk


Thema is Atatürk again

Ellerin Kabe'si var,
Benim Kabem İnsandır

Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Date Posted: 11-Jul-2012 at 15:45

In Iran people really love to watch Turkish TV Series, I have recently watched "Forbidden Love" (Ask-i Memnu), "Bitter Life" (Aci Hayat) and "Love and Punishment" (Ask ve Ceza) but the best one seems to be "Magnificent Century" (Muhtesem Yuzyil) about Suleiman the Magnificent.

I think Iranians know most of Turkish actors and actresses, some of them really look like Iranian ones, like the actor of Behlul in "Forbidden Love" and the famous Iranian actor Pejman Bazeghi.
Kivanc Tatlitug:
Pejman Bazeghi:


Posted By: Ollios
Date Posted: 13-Jul-2012 at 14:24
It is nice to heard it.  We are closed neighbour countries. That increases the relation. Actually, I don't know anythink about modern TV of Iran without the movie Persepolis


Ellerin Kabe'si var,
Benim Kabem İnsandır

Posted By: Ollios
Date Posted: 13-Jul-2012 at 14:39
Dedemin İnsanları (2011) - People of My Grandpa


A life of Creatan Turk,

Fetih 1453 (2012) - Conquest 1453

[TUBE]5HoR9_VdAXc[/TUBE] -

the Fall of Constantinopole

Ellerin Kabe'si var,
Benim Kabem İnsandır

Posted By: Ollios
Date Posted: 19-Aug-2012 at 15:15
120 (2007)


A story of 120 children who were voluntary to fight during the 1WW in East Anatolia.

Ellerin Kabe'si var,
Benim Kabem İnsandır

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